Russian Deputy of the Duma says Germany is just another US colony

This is a translation of a recent video interview with Evgeny Fyodorov, Deputy of the Duma, and friend of Vladimir Putin, which one of my readers discovered and kindly translated. The video is in the original Russian language with Germans subtitles, and the English translation is added below:

English Translation:


Evgeny Fyodorov, Deputy of the Duma, a friend of Vladimir Putin, and one of the most popular politicians in Russia, speaks about the American occupation of Germany, recorded on August 21st, 2013.

Q:  (statement) The Federal Republic of Germany rejects collaboration in the area of informational exchange with the US and EU states.

What do you think?  Will the FRG be punished by the USA?

A: Uhm, come on…. this is all lies. The FRG’s Intelligence Services have always been directly commanded by the US. We know that from many sources.

The German Military and Intelligence Generals laugh about the statements by Merkel!

Angela (Merkel) makes her patriotic statements, because of the federal elections coming up, because the German people expect that from her.

But the German people can demand whatever they want.  It won’t change the fact, that the German Intelligence Services and Military are only affiliates (of NATO etc) of the CIA and of the US Defense Ministry and nothing more.

This is the reason why German Intelligence and Military take shots at Merkel and her statements, since their positions and careers don’t depend on her, but rather, on the USA.

The German Generals and Intelligence chiefs are carefully selected and controlled, and their position depend on the Americans, and not on the Chancellor, nor on the German government.

Germany is just another US colony, like many other countries too.

By the way, there is a national liberation movement in Germany, like we have in Russia too.

And this German national liberation movement tries to publicly talk about these topics, such as German gold reserves stored abroad, the question of the sovereignty of the German people, and the rights of the self-contained administration of the German territory, and they are demanding the withdrawal of US occupation troops from Germany.

In contrast to Russia, Germany however,  is directly occupied by US troops, who are stationed there.

The USA has occupied Germany in 1945 and stationed their troops at many military bases, and we see today, the same military bases, and the same US troops in Germany, and so it doesn’t matter that these bases are renamed in “NATO bases” or simply as military bases.

Do you seriously think, that this has changed even the slightest bit in respect to Germany’s US occupation?

This is just ridiculous! The people who believe it are so naive!

Q  (Statement)  It is claimed, however, that Germany is a member of NATO and so,  for that reason, the US and British troops are stationed in Germany.

A: Of course they say that!  That is the task of US propaganda … to “sugar coat” the American occupation, and to display it to the Germans as a “nice” and “cozy” relationship.

But in reality, simple US occupation is behind it. And within NATO, Germany is treated as another US vassal state and is exploited.

There is a “master” in Washington, and there is the servant who was commanded by the master to become a NATO member!

And just like we see in the case of Mr. Snowden, Germany is a vassal state of the USA, and so all other statements by Merkel are a fiction … a lie!



I have previously posted numerous well sourced articles on this same topic of the continued occupation of Germany, and this gentlemen is speaking the truth!  BUT… until the Russians begin to come clean about World War II, and to show signs of support for a  true re-unification of ALL the German states of the Reich,  then I do not trust him or Putin. and I have to question their motives, which I suspect are political visa vis their relationship with the USA, and not really in defence of Germany. They need to go further.

As to Frau Merkel, she also recently made an issue of German art and various treasures that the Russians looted after the war and demanded that they be returned, but this was just another election ploy to appear patriotic, and of course, she was snubbed by Putin for this.  If she really wants to suddenly be patriotic, then why doesn’t she ask for full access to the Russian war archives by a team of independent historians?  She won’t and can’t because she is totally compromised, as she too clings to the victor’s version of World War II history, giving sole responsibility for the war to Germany, thereby, justifying continued occupation and the perpetual demonization of Germany.  Thus,  she has surrendered her moral right to ask questions or make any claims, and thus, she has no integrity, and is just another obedient puppet.  Merkel does not represent the German people. She is just one more in a long line of political whores and cowards, dating back 65 years, who have never represented the Germans, nor defended German honour, dignity, integrity, history or culture, and thereby, they have done immeasurable harm to the German Volk, clinging to and actively promoting all of the historical lies which have maligned us and caused so much false shame and guilt, right through to the present.


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21 Responses to Russian Deputy of the Duma says Germany is just another US colony

  1. ” She is just one more in a long line of political whores and cowards, dating back 65 years, who have never represented the Germans, nor defended German honour, dignity, integrity, history or culture, and thereby, they have done immeasurable harm to the German Volk, clinging to and actively promoting all of the historical lies which have maligned us and caused so much false shame and guilt, right through to the present.”
    I couldn’t say it better! Thanks

  2. Sandy says:

    I must be one of those naives, I used to ask my self why those Germans still feel guilty for the Jews that they keep sending them money and compensations . It was America all along .

  3. “national liberation movement in Germany, like we have in Russia too.”
    ORCS compare themselves with PEOPLE!
    BTW, the whore named Angela Merkel has just a short-term affair with Obama, who in his turn is a whelp of neo-soviet Kremlin. Both Merkel and Obama are long-term worshippers of russian Mordor, its horde and main orc chieftain named Putin.
    Look for the source of any trouble and it will always be Russia – the unholy land of eternal bolshevism.

  4. toinennakemys says:

    Who is behind the KGB/FSB that rules in Russia? The Jews.

    • Butterkeks says:

      I am not so sure about that.
      It was definitely true for KGB and entire Bolshevik/Soviet System, but I am not so sure about FSB.
      Despite of this, the jews certainly are still a constant source of trouble in Russia, no doubt.

      Just a few thoughts.
      Russia wears again Imperial insignia, coat of arms.
      I know Putin said some disturbing stuff in respect to WWII, but, eg when he said, the collapse of Soviet union was a big tragedy, it is understandable from Russian point of view. The years of Yeltsin(Jeltsmann) were devastating for Russia and their people. The jewish oligarchs looted the country yet once more.

      Here is a Russian documentray, I my biew it reflects quite well what happened. They just don’t say its the jews, but the Americans. But they name György Schwartz aka George Soros, very true.
      I think, Putin lives a dangerous live, and Medvedev is the dangerous one, who sold out. And there are more Medvedevs, with financial support from the jewish Oligarchs in London, like criminal Berezovsky, Abramovich etc

      And then there is this stuff going on in Russia.

      In general, I entirely agree with the comment by J4G, the Russians need to come clean with WWII history, but they are not the only ones.

      At least in Syria, they do a sane thing, and Lavrov does a good job. He is a good diplomat, and he knows how to place small sublime clues.

      Syria is a very dangerous situation for mankind.

      • toinennakemys says:

        I have heard Lavrov is a jew. You must not believe in their BS. Have You not heard of tje oligarchs in the inner circle of Putin? The Jews own still everything. I suppose Putin is a Jew himself. Otherwise he would not have jewish friends from his childhood with whom he always has been friend and who are very rich people in his inner circle.

        Theyare trying to fool every group in the West and especially all kinds of opposition-groups too.

        And if there are other countries that are lyinhg everything about the Past protecting the international Jewry and serving their criminal activities, that is no excuse.

        Syria is almost totally destroyed. And it goes on. That is just that the Jews wanted. Russia has done nothing to stop that. That is the shocking truth under all the BS.

  5. Markus says:

    Ich habe eine gute Seite gefunden, die viele erlösende Zitate für Deutsche vorweist. Manche sind uns schon bekannt, andere nicht. Auch russische Quellen und US military directives zur Auslöschung der dt. Bevölkerung und nicht etwa die Zerstörung von Kriegswerften.

  6. wilfriedh says:

    Now, now, lets not be too hard on Frau Merkel, she is only following orders after all. As for the statements by the Russian re. Germany a US colony, I also agree with the poster, this is just politics. Some like to see Putin as the “Great white hope”, I don’t, for until he opens the archives he is just another player.


    • Markus says:

      We must also not forget that also Russia has a say in the still occupied Germany. They also still have the last word in Berlin, with the US (and the other two sell outs). And Russia directly maintains Königsberg as a colony with their people colonizing the exclave and Russia also oversees the occupation of the Polish and Czech administrations of Pomerania, Silesia, South-East Prussia and the Sudetenland. I bet, in the Ostmark, the occupation BRÖ, has similar provisions to their quasi-Constitution, and we are still waiting for a real unification of Germany in its 1939 borders.

    • Butterkeks says:

      Wilfriedh, I see the Merkel thing a bit different, I think you are way too kind with her.
      She is corrupt, egomaniac, and simply does what she learned as AgitProp FDJ officer.
      Her Stasi cover name was “IM Erika”, she spied on dissidents, such as Havemann. Unfortunately google removed all the images. the literally purged the net from Merkel evidence. She is a bad human, I want to see her hang.

      Anyway, she is not the only Stasi spy in BRD, from “IM Larve”(Gauck), De Maiziere, to “IM Tulpe”(Genscher), and “IM Nelke”(Steinbrück), it is as if the CIA made the Stasi work criteria for post 1990 FRG politicians. They again stole tons of archives, Stasi archives this time, a joke compared to PRISM.

      As someone from GDR, it is very bitter pill to see Stasi at the top of Weimar 2.0, alonng with criminals who simply forget about 100000 DM in their pocket(Schäuble).

  7. wilfriedh says:

    You are absolutely right, Markus, what we have here is a not very well directed play performed to fool the masses. The players, Putin included, perform well however, and the masses are fooled, in spite of the lousy story line.

    Butterkeks, I am also from the DDR and have nothing but disgust for das Merkel. She follows her orders willingly and is an eager grave digger, burying Germans and Germany. What irks me is that the Peace Treaty issue, the absence of same, is not addressed in this parliament supposedly serving Germans. Hard to believe that they all are willing Totengräber (grave diggers), but then again, why not, the pay is good.

    A very sad situation and not a person in sight to remedy it.


    • Butterkeks says:

      I see it from the practical point of view.

      The topic the Russians talk about, are actually topics the German establishment should have talked about for 24 years now.
      I find it kind of sad, that Russians or Iranians need to regularly tell the German people the truth. It doesn’t matter it is according to plan or not, the fact is, they help us by doing the necessary talk. But they don’t do it because they love us so much, they do it to help themselves. It is in Russian interest. The Russians come more in more in the position the Germans had been in twice.
      The truth is, we need help, we simply can’t do it on our own. It requires collaboration of the peoples, in UK, US, Russia, France, and Germany.
      A political change from within FRg can’t work, it is too corrupt, controlled.
      In contrast to Weimar before NSDAP was elected, we are this time militarily occupied. No chance in my view for anything in this direction. They would ‘liberate’ us again, without even requiring UN security council decision, we are still enemy state.

      “16. In the imposition and maintenance of economic controls established by the Control Council, German administrative machinery shall be created and the German authorities shall be required to the fullest extent practicable to proclaim and assume administration of such controls. Thus it should be brought home to the German people that the responsibility for the administration of such controls and any break-down in these controls will rest with themselves. Any German controls which may run counter to the objectives of occupation will be prohibited. ”
      We should be mediator, once we achieved a peace treaty, belonging to neither side. all these foreign powers should leave us just alone, to heal. We are a people suffering from artificially induced Stockholm Syndrome. None of them have good intentions, but they all want to have a share on the ongoing plundering party.

    • Butterkeks says:

      Russia, China leave UN SC meeting on Syria after its end, no demarche

      You see now why the Russians talk about German issue.

  8. Markus says:

    Russian Federation confirms German Reich still exists and its occupation in Central-Germany remains active, regardless of BRD-DDR merger.

    Moskau/Berlin, 14.05.2010 AZ: 232/16 Ex.Nr. 3

    „Aufgrund der Bundesgesetze für Einordnungen von 2006 und 2007, veröffentlicht von den Alliierten, treten die Befehle der Sowjetischen Militärregierung automatisch wieder in Kraft. Die Russische Okkupationszone auf dem Gebiet des Zentraldeutschlands gehört geografisch zum international anerkannten bestehenden Deutschen Reich. Das Deutsche Reich hat in seinem Gesetzbuch keine Hundesteuer vorgesehen“
    „der Eigentümer des deutschen Bodens ist das Deutsche Reich laut des Paragraphen 29 des Bundesgesetzes über Arbeitslohn. Die Reichsregierung wurde am 23. Mai 1945 festgenommen. Sie war eine Organisation, die zur Führung von Verhandlungen unfähig war. Wir nehmen Bezug auf das Militärgesetz Nr. 6 der Sowjetischen Militärregierung in Deutschland.“

  9. wilfriedh says:

    This is not really relevant, but Butterkeks raised the Syrian issue and it is in fact THE issue right now.
    In my opinion this is the moment of truth. If Russia and China allow the US criminals to attack Syria, with no response, we know that their leaders are also just players. And that appears to be the case, for, if Russia would have really been interested in helping Assad, why not provide him with an ample supply of arms?

    As for China, just yesterday I found an article with the caption: “JPMorgan Hiring Put China’s Elite on an Easy Track”.

    The Jewish Morgan bank helping China??? I believe we are played for fools.

    Here is what I see happening: Obama will attack, probably a limited strike with ‘negligible collateral damage’, he has to, the Zionists want him to and also – he is the one that drew the ‘red’ line in the sand. Putin will do nothing, saying that this is not enough reason for starting WWIII.

    Both will have saved face, and a good time is had by all.


    • Butterkeks says:


      I think your considerations fall too short.
      If US attack, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah will strike Israel. From there on, everything is possible.
      Exactly what Israel wants, Balkanisation of their neighbors. Game plan is Greater Israel.
      However, sending the Moskva missile cruiser and later their air craft carrier to join Russian fleet is a strong sign, nonetheless.

      It is devil Obama, who has given in the jewish pressure and manoeuvred himself in a corner, where he only can lose face, no matter what he does.

      I think, we as Germans cannot afford to slam doors, we don’t have many friends, and if the Russians do the important talk about German status, it is fine with me. We live in 2013, not in 1945, even though, our legal status is 23.5.1945.
      What options does Russia have? They don’t want war, but they will likely be forced into it, just like they did with Germany.

      I personally think, saying everything is controlled by the is defeatist attitude, and not really reflection reason and logic.
      It’d be the same argument as claiming Hitler was controlled by jews.

      Russia has much to lose. Bandar Bush’s visit in Moskov has enraged the russias, and his threat to activate Chechen terrorists in Sochi.
      The Russians know they deal with same Mujahedin, Bandar Bush commanded in Soviet Afghan mess.

      • TA says:


        I agree with many of your comments. Indeed the game plan is “Greater Israel”. Their (messianic) quest to rule the world from Jerusalem is what History has been all about for the last 100 years if not longer! The situation in the Middle East and in particular in Syria seems to be a repeat of the years pre-1914 and the Summer of 1914. Alas Mankind has not learned!
        I also agree that Russia (Orthodox Christian not the Khazar Communist Soviet Union) is fast becoming the National Socialist Germany of the modern world.
        I hope & pray that in the coming future that Germany becomes free and independent however before that happens (if at all) she will as a member of the (Khazar) E.U and NATO be fighting for the “Greater Israel” game plan in WW III. My wish would be that INDIVIDUAL Germans who have understood History would fight on the side of Truth & Justice allied with Orthodox Christian (Russian) led alliance against their (messianic) mission to rule the world from the Temple of Solomon. I feel that if Germans can do this, then in some small way they are continuing the good fight that their forbears engaged in during the National Socialist Era.

        By the way I am a non German, non Christian & non European person.

      • Butterkeks says:


        Thank you for these words.
        They reflect my understanding of the situation.
        Yes, we must work with the Russians, the Orthodox church is with us, I know that.
        Let me quickly explain, I really used to hate the Soviets, I hated them. They were drunk bad behaving soldiers, who enjoyed civilization in GDR they did not have at home.
        One thing needs to be said though, despite all the Soviet atrocities, the Russians love children, and they were not allowed to have contact with Germans. They were heavily punished for doing so.
        I come from a region, which was initially occupied by Americans, and few weeks later swapped for Berlin. Then came the Soviets, with their Mongol hoards …
        But later in life, I met many Russians, and they were nice people, well educated. Something missing in US for example.
        They indeed welcomed me, I spent much time with them, understood partially how they ticked.
        However, it is difficult to get to know them if you don’t speak Russian. You will always be outsider if you don’t. Fortunately, I speak Russian.

        Many westerners confuse the Russians with the Soviets, due to western jewish propaganda. The Bolsheviks hate Germans and Russians equally, they fear them. They know both peoples together can change the world to the better. The Brits have always tried to prevent a German-Russian alliance, which is a powerful combination.

        I recall Göbbels was also in favour of an alliance, once Bolshevism was defeated. Many of the Soviet atrocities were committed by Turkic-Mongolian Soviets.

        I can’t say from experience the Russians are bad people, we have lot in common, share same roots and history.
        Just these two British(jewish) instigated wars poisoned the well, which needs to be fixed, so both peoples can be free.

        Nonetheless, I personally don’t buy the Khazar story, Sephardi jews are in as well, even thogh Ashkenazi and sephardi jews don’t like each other, they work for a common jewish goal, the mentioned Eretz Israel. Despite of this, majority of jews nowadays are messianic loons, along with US “Christians”.

        And then, there is the other problem, German political Catholicism. still a prevalent problem.

        The West German establishment is heavily catholic, and Protestant Church has been totally corrupted after 1989. Before 1989, the protestant church was centre of resistance to the Communist devils.

        After WWII, they ethnically cleansed the mainly Protestant areas, gave it to arch catholic Poles, and Soviets occupied the heart land of German Protestantism. The Poles used to go to communist party meetings first, and then to church.
        As you see, there is even one more strategic problem Russians and Germans share, Poland.

        Dimitry Rogozin stated, if the Poles further serve as tool of anglo-saxon aggression once again, it will end as bad as in WWII for them, when they lost 2/3 of population.
        Rogozin was Russian chief negotiator with NATO on “missile shield”.

        Btw, many Germans would like to see a good German-Russian relationship, but it is not allowed by the US occupiers. Even west Germans realize it more and more, and overcome the indoctrination and reservations.

      • I don’t have time for a long response, but I think Germany is still a battleground between America and Russia and the Russian motives must be questioned. Just recently, they introduced a new bill in the Duma which would make revisionist history illegal and punishable with imprisonment. Nothing against the average Russian, but if that country is really on Germany’s side, then they need to come clean about WWII and not continue to try and bury the truth. I believe it is all being staged, as the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall were controlled demolitions.

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