Eighty Years of Infamy – Enough Already!

by Arthur Topham (Radical Press)

On Thursday, March 23rd, 1933 the newly democratically elected Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler and his cabinet, in a vote taken in the Kroll Opera House in Berlin by the Reichstag on proposed legislation known as the Enabling Act – the “Law for Removing the Distress of People and Reich,” were given a four year mandate to rule Germany, unrestrained by Parliament. The vote, when taken, was: 441 for and 84 against.

On Friday, March 24th, 1933 one day after this historic event, World Jewry openly declared war on Germany!

JudeaDeclaresWarGermany 700

Thus was set the stage upon which Germany and the world at large would be continually forced to bear witness to World Jewry’s endless and psychopathic vengeful obsession with their ongoing campaign of vitriolic lies, racism and HATRED toward the German people and the German nation.

2013 marks the 80th anniversary of this planned strategy of intentional conditioning of generation upon generation of western civilization’s citizens to fear, loathe and despise first and foremost the National Socialist Party of Germany (termed “NAZI” by the Jew media), its leader Adolf Hitler and then, by extrapolation, the German people as a whole.

After eight decades of defamation and endless slurring it begs the question as to why World Jewry would continue to, as the saying goes, flog a dead horse over and over and over again? To what (or whose) advantage is is to constantly harken back nearly a century in order to reinforce what is now, thanks to the tireless efforts of historical revisionists, evidently the most profoundly provocative and colossal LIE ever foisted upon the world?

A day never passes when the so-called “mainstream media (MSM)  doesn’t make mention of either Adolf Hitler or the “Nazis”,  or the purported “Jewish Holocaust”.  Relentless and hard-hearted as the tax man or the bill collector the Jew-controlled MSM, like the ancient Mariner in Coleridge’s famed poem, holds the general pubic’s attention hostage with its “glittering (TV) eye” while spinning out its slanderous tales of endless misery and woe and persecution, all of which is maliciously and willfully designed to shore up a deceit that is now unraveling before the world, thanks to the miracle of the Internet!

Only those born before 1933 could honestly say that they lived in a period of history when libel of Germany wasn’t an all-pervasive reality and the numbers of people living today who are of that age and still conscious of their former world are few and far between.

Those of us born after World Jewry’s 1933 declaration have all been subjected to the unceasing assault on the German nation that still persists today [and have even participated in it].

It was writers like Theodore N. Kaufmann, quoted above, who spear-headed the intentional promotion of HATRED toward Germany prior to America’s involvement in a war that Hitler and the German nation never wanted and never were guilty of causing. Kaufmann and world Jewry’s aim was to change the attitude of the American people; one that was then either neutral or pro-German rather than anti and twist the truth about Hitler and the National Socialist government and their amazing accomplishments from 1933 until 1939.

And so his hate-filled screed titled German Must Perish! was promoted by the most prestigious MSM publications in the USA when it appeared in 1941 prior to America’s entry into the conflict. Magazines like Time and newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post lauded the idea of absolutely destroying the German nation and the German race as a whole referring to the grotesquely contemptible concept as a “SENSATIONAL IDEA!”

GermanyPerishF&BCovers copy 3

This dynamic volume [Germany Must Perish!] outlines a comprehensive plan for the extinction of the German nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people.”

“It is a definite obligation which the world owes to those who struggled and died against the German yesterday, and to those who are fighting him again today, as it is the bounden duty of the present generation to those yet unborn, to make certain that the vicious fangs of the German serpent shall never strike again. And since the venom of those fangs derives its fatal poison not from within the body, but from the war-soul of the German, nothing else would assure humanity safety and security but that that war-soul be forever expunged, and the diseased carcass which harbors it forever removed from this world. There is no longer any alternative: Germany Must Perish!”
~ Theodore N. Kaufman, Germany Must Perish!, Argyle Press, Newark, New Jersey, 1941

Once World Jewry was successful in dragging the USA into the war via their choreographed “Pearl Harbour” maneuver all stops were pulled out and the vicious denigration of Hitler and Germany began in earnest never to abate even to this day.

Canadian children growing up during the war years were subjected to all the anti-German hatred propaganda that was carried in the media. Images of Hitler and the “Nazis” were ever-present and for all the German-Canadian citizens throughout the nation the devastating effect of such vile and systematic psychic abuse worked its way into the minds and subconscious of those who, prior to World Jewry’s intentions, had been respected members of Canadian society.

Continue reading here http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=2595


I am most grateful to Arthur Topham of the Radical Press for this piece, and for all of his hard work and dedication to these issues over many years, and at great risk to himself. Indeed it has put him into legal jeopardy here in Canada, because his opinions and the material he presents is not “politically correct”.  Freedom of  expression is a God given right and our most basic human right which “in a free and democratic society” as Canada purports to be, should never be subject to laws, prosecution and penalties, no matter who claims to be offended.   However, and what is worse, is when a select group is entitled to spew outright lies while being selectively protected from every criticism, much less from prosecution.

If Canadians honestly believed that they, or their soldiers,  were fighting in two world wars to protect such rights (as sold) then why, pray tell,  are such rights and freedoms subject to arbitrary limitations and punishment and selectively enforced.  It is shear hypocrisy and an affront to those who laid down their lives for such principles, even if they were misled about the reasons for the war in the first place. They too were victims of the BIG LIE.

To Arthur’s comments, I will add that the images of Hitler and the “Nazis” were ever-present and for all the German-Canadian citizens throughout the nation  … AFTER THE WAR too, and  …the devastating effect of such vile and systematic psychic abuse worked its way into the minds and subconscious of all those … forced to absorb this false history, causing continued widespread anti-Germanism!  I grew up in Canada and I experienced it many times in my childhood, right through into my adult life, and all based upon lies and absurdities!

Voltaire Quotes - Atrocities and Absurdities

It is high time that Canadians, and all others, learned the real, full, true history of World War I and II and realized how they have been blatantly lied to for nearly a full century, dating back to 1914, and understood that your soldiers were sent off to fight and die unnecessarily, and to commit unspeakable atrocities against the German people for the benefit of the International Bankster Gangsters, who in 1933 called themselves “World Jewry”.

With the help of a bunch of lying gangster friends who run the media in this country, and virtually everywhere else, and who also call themselves “Jews” (and are not)  they formed an international criminal cabal with a conspiracy to get good people, of all races, to fight their wars for their financial benefit, and for their sick New World Order agenda.  Only they benefited from both world wars, while crying victimhood, and it continues to this day, with new victims, namely:  any country which seeks independence from them and to do right by it’s people!  And the same method of operations, with the same lies, fear atrocity propaganda to manipulate the masses is employed, and time and time again, believed.

Thus I say, a full century of treachery, lies and deceit, and of genocide and crimes against humanity … enough already!  WAKE UP WORLD!

And with that, I proudly declare …


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7 Responses to Eighty Years of Infamy – Enough Already!

  1. Fabian says:

    As does 70% of the Syrian people.


    Yet again a war that has to be fought against an innocent people in the name of Humanity and Peace.

  2. Lesley Bëck says:

    We must stop this viciousness and revenge now

  3. Hans says:

    In many history books you can find pictures where SA guards stand in front of Jewish shops and the slogan is scribbled on the window “Don´t by at Jewish shops.”

    You get the impression that this was normal during whole of Nazi time.

    Like this here:

    This picture is from Wikipedia. Of course it is not mentioned with one word at the English Wikipedia site that the Jews in America started a boycott earlier and the German “Anti-Boycott action” was only the response to it.

    Hence the slogan “Defend yourself, …”

    This picture is probably from 1. April 1933. Hitler ordered Streicher, because of American smear campaigns, to organise a boycott of Jewish shops. Planned was originally two weeks but since Hindenurg was still living who was not really a fan of anti-semitic actions this anti-boycott action was limited to one day. A Saturday by the way when most of the shops were closed anyways.

    The German Jews put advertisements in big German Newspapers which opposed the agitation and lies of the American Jews. Like (I paraphrase) “We the German Zionist Jews oppose boycotts against Germany in any form.”

    On the fly I can´t find any pictures about it in internet. In the book “Judenfragen” from Dr. Claus Nordbruch are some pictures of such advertisements.

    In his testimony from Julius Streicher at the Nuremberg kangaroo court he also spoke about the “anti boycott day” from 1. 4. 19933.

    Unfortunately this 5 min excerpt with subtitles is not more available on youtube.

    Streicher stressed in this testimony that he gave a strict order that no Jew should be injured or even killed. And that he got the order from Hitler to organise this day as a response to “unbelievable smear campaigns ” against the new Germany.

    That this “unbelievable smear campaigns”, which were the trigger for this anti-boycott day, are not mentioned with one word on wikipedia is somehow – disgusting.

    And regarding the Kaufman book: It is really hard to believe that someone can write such a book if you knew how Jews were treated in Imperial Germany. She took many Jewish refugees from Russia who had to flee from pogroms. All doors were open for them. They could and they did achieve the best positions in academia and in economy. (And many of them integrated and became German patriots like Ernst Lissauer or Fritz Haber.)

    In no other country including England was less anti-semitism at that time than in Imperial Germany.

    And what was the reward for this kind treatment ? Books like “Germany must perish.”

    You really can´t make it up.

    This kind of behavior is for a normal person simply not understandable.

  4. hasbara buster says:

    The world (politic) is in permanent madness. Its time for the people to recognize

  5. Buthaina says:

    Thanks a lot Wayne, Thanks for the honorable stand. Noble as usual.

  6. Wiseoldlady says:

    The sick madness of the psychopaths in charge….has anyone ever wondered what kind of world we would have presently if America fought on Germany’s side….!!!!….????

  7. Been here in germany for over 26 years now , out of curiosity went to some books in Stadtbibliothek in Charlotenburg. There are books which still tells a different kind of story. And made me wonder if all germans has still that interest to know. German history is not being thought here. Why Hitler came up with this war? The memorabilia of jews on holocaust is here. But where is the one from Hitler? There is always the two sides of the coin, but who cares to know and see that other side. Thanks for enlightening us on the real story of 1930’s -AA

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