Remembering John Rabe: A True German Hero and Humanitarian


John Rabe: Nov. 23, 1882 – Jan. 5, 1949

On July 28th, 2013  issue of the ‘Times Colonist’newspaper in Victoria, BC, Canada carried an article by Andrew Cohen:  ‘Nanking; 75 years after the  massacres.’ in which he enumerated the vast gruesome details of that grim day in 1937  when the Japanese entered Nanking and proceeded to massacre up to 350,000 Chinese men women and children.

Cohen, who is a professor of journalism and international affairs at Carleton University, elaborated extensively for three columns on the atrocities, but nowhere in his article did he mention the name of John Rabe, the German employee of Siemens AG and de facto German diplomat in that city at that time!

If you look up Rabe on Wikipedia, you will see that  he was in fact responsible for the saving of over 200,000 lives in Nanking on that day. But the really inconvenient fact, however,  is that he also was a card carrying member of the NSDAP!  Moreover, from 1933 onward, John Rabe was the head of the NSDAP branch in Nanking, and he used his party credentials in a diplomatic capacity in communication with the Japanese to try to prevent the atrocities wherever possible.

On the 22nd of November 1937, as the Imperial Japanese Army advanced upon Nanking, John Rabe helped to organize an international committee on behalf of the Chinese civilians and he came up with the idea for the Nanking Safety Zone in order to provide the refugees with food and shelter as the Japanese onslaught loomed.  John Rabe is quoted as stating:

“…there is a question of morality here. I cannot bring myself for now to betray the trust these people have put in me, and it is touching to see how they believe in me.” 

Of course, it’s always very easy for the media to seize upon the mere mention of some alleged atrocity purportedly committed in cold blood by some “evil Nazi” or another, and to milk it for whatever it’s worth, but when a true German hero such as the John Rabe emerges, it is always ‘totgeschwiegen’  (ie covered up).  Why? Because it does not jibe with the official narrative or with the stereotype of the “evil Nazis” as presented to the world by the Jewish controlled media since 1933, as well as, in Hollywood movies and cartoons, both during and after the war, right through to the present day.

In a British newspaper article John Rabe was grudgingly referred to as the ‘Schindler of China‘ . But even to compare him with that fraud (as portrayed in the Spielberg film) is an insult to this true hero, as he is still regarded in China to this day,  and where he is honoured and remembered by those who were saved with great affection.

And, thus,  it is my great pleasure to pay tribute to him, and to give hin credit, where credit is long overdue.

PS My thanks to Gerry from Victoria for the Times Colonist story and the idea for this article.   Whether or not the Nanking massacre took place as advertised is not the subject of the article. It is about John Rabe and his efforts to save an estimated 200,000 Chinese refugees from the hostile Japanese forces, and to organize international aid for them, and how this is overlooked. It is said that Rabe documented many atrocities and reported these back to Germany. They say he took all of his documentation with him back to Germany, including film footage, but the film footage disappeared. One would think that that footage would have re-surfaced by now, though it may have been deliberately destroyed or that it did not survive the allied bombings. Or could be a bogus claim with respect to the films and what these contained. I don’t know. But I believe Rabe’s efforts were authentic and well intentioned, and that he deserves credit.

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7 Responses to Remembering John Rabe: A True German Hero and Humanitarian

  1. Matt says:

    I had a dispute with a fellow lately. Google the fabricated story by the jews from a christian named “corrie ten boom” who helped save some poor jews during ww2. Like hollywood schindlers list, anne frank and all the at least 500 fabricated holocaust movies are prevalence in the western christian world. Its all propaganda and men and women of good will are brainwashed with falsehoods from the jews.

  2. When I mentioned Rabe´s humanitarian exploits to a German during dinner at the Alpine Village in Torrance Ca., he laughed & called me a liar. has a large article about Herrn Rabe. Gerry Frederics

  3. Ehre says:

    I disagree on this, please, read the Japanese revisionist on
    Remember, the Japs were fighting communist in China, experts on propaganda.
    They suffer the same defamation as the Germans.
    On youtube there are several good debunkings on the Nanking Hoax, completely fabricated pictures.


    • You disagree? You disagree that Rabe was a German hero??? THAT is the topic, and NOT whether or not the Nanking massacre happened as advertised, and which I clearly stated above! Apparently you cannot read.

  4. Jonny says:

    I’m not the original commenter but I do agree with him to some extent – if the Nanking Massacre did not happen as alleged then Rabe’s status as a “hero” is questionable.

    Saving people who were not actually in real direct danger(beyond standard battle conditions) isn’t really that heroic. Certainly he would still qualify as an “upstanding German” and human in general just for the attempt, but “true hero”?

    However based on some of the research I’ve done regarding the Japanese “war crimes” it is entirely possible in my view that Rabe’s actions may have been at least one of the reasons a massacre did not occur as alleged – the Japanese had no desire to avoid Chinese civilian casualties even if they didn’t purposefully target them as frequently as alleged

    In that case one could say your praise is actually an understatement.

    Regardless I think this is a great article, anything that calls the official dogma into question is good in my book – Thanks.


    • Markus says:

      Douglas Dietrich covered a lot of the German-Japanese relations. He is half Japanese, half German-American and was a military librarian in San Francisco for a while.

      I only recently heard of him and can’t really judge him, but he might have some good insight into this and related topics.

  5. Hans says:

    I am also not sure if the advertised story about Nanking happend as told. But I guess there was something.

    This guy Rabe was really not a coward.

    The same goes for the German diplomats during WW1 like Johannes Lepsius. They recorded the massacres of the Turks against the Armenians. Without these German diplomats nobody today would know anything about the Armenian holocaust.

    As Wilhem 2 – today we would call him a Christian fundamentalist – learend about this preceedings he wanted to “turn the cannons against Turkey”. But of course that was not possible because the German Empire was fighting a struggle on life or death and couln´d afford loosing an ally.

    The word “Holocaust” by the way comes from this time of Christian persecutians in the Ottoman Empire. The American missionary Corinna Shattuck was witness as the Turks burned Armenians alive in the Cathedral at Urfa in 1895. She called that a holocaust. The word was later used in a soap in the 70 s and is now a billions worth trademark. Today nobody thinks at the poor Armenians any more if he hears the word Holocaust.

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