National Socialism as the Archetype of the German Soul

Adolf20Hitler_answer_6_xlargeArticle by Richard Wilhelm von Neutitschein – translated by justice4germans  –

Unlike Jewish-Soviet Bolshevism, which in practical terms, and also quite explicitly, openly proclaimed it’s goal of “world revolution” from the beginning, Adolf Hitler stated that National Socialism was “not for export”, and that it was intended exclusively for the German Volk.

It is, therefore, merely propaganda and nonsense to speak in such terms as an “ideologically motivated war” (as presented by the Liar’s Front, under the direction of Chief Historical Counterfeiting Officer Guido Knopp)  on the part of the the German Reich when it struck preemptively against Stalin in the face of a real and imminent Soviet threat with plans for an ever expanding Bolshevik empire.  The fact is, in stark contrast to Soviet Bolshevism, National Socialism NEVER had the intention to impose its “world view” on other peoples, or even to preach its precepts to other nations.

What Adolf Hitler had designed and set down in written form in the name of “National Socialism”, was no mere “political belief” or “world view” in the standard sense, but rather,  it was a description of the eternal inner essence of the Germanic people in its spirit of a “national community” (Volksgemeinschaft).  It is the archetype of the great Germanic nation,  expressed in the form of a Germanic man and a Germanic people, and which is of itself, when allowed to develop under the ideal conditions, the guarantor of our freedom for all time.  Just as an oak tree will grow, and in the right place and under the right conditions, develop to match the archetype of its own species-specific tree shape; but when forced to grow, under unsuitable conditions, the oak tree will wither and die.

Editor’s note:  I am reminded that, when I was a boy I sometimes worked with my father, who was a skilled German cabinet maker and a boat builder,  as his helper. I remember him teaching me about various types of wood and their strengths and uses, and of the durability of oak wood. And he told me an old German saying, which goes “An oak tree is called a 1,000 year tree. It takes a thousand years for it to grow and to mature, a 1,000 years is it’s lifetime, and it takes a 1,000 years for it to die and to fully disintegrate”.  Bear that in mind when you hear references to Hitler’s speeches in which he spoke of a “1,000 Year Reich” though there were certainly other inferences intended too.

This Germanic nature, when forced to live under the terms and conditions of Jewish inspired “democracy” is akin to planting an oak tree in the desert. Thus, the German will wither and inwardly die.

National Socialism, therefore, does NOT mean or require an actually shaping of the Germanic character, but rather, National Socialism means: to create the conditions of life in which the Germanic nature can unfold, and where the Germanic Volk Community is unhindered; free to develop into the species-specific prototype of its innermost being and its comprehensive, inherent natural form.

Therefore, National Socialism goes far beyond any ordinary form of political ideology and far beyond a belief. In the deepest and broadest sense it is “world-creating”,  manifesting the conditions under which Germanic beings may live in freedom, and in which their own specific and eternal archetype of the “national community” can unfold,  in time and space, relative to their own historical reality.  And that is WHY National Socialism is so bitterly fought against by its arch-enemies, and that is WHY the German people are so oppressed! The fight against National Socialism as a “political movement” only scratches the surface! That is WHY this enemy is so opposed to the German people, to the point of desiring our extermination; it is that Germanic spirit which incites the archetype of a certain people’s hatred toward us, in a very distinct and intense manner.


“Germany is Hitler – Hitler is Germany”

And that is why Adolf Hitler, himself,  represented the inherent historical form of National Socialism, the specific archetype of the German essence, and of the soul of the German people’s national community (ie. national consciousness). It was the indispensable condition under which this Germanic essence, the Germanic soul, and the Germanic national community could flourish, but which now, relative to the prevailing reality and conditions of our modern times, can only be manifested “underground”.  And that is WHY the war against National Socialism is STILL being waged with such fury, even now. It is NOT their goal to destroy a “political ideology”, but rather,  to destroy the German people (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Just as, TRUE National Socialism [not some bastardized form, or that ugly image of “Nazism” which is a caricature sold to us by allied “black propaganda” operatives and reinforced over seven decades by many thousands of Hollywood movies, as well as, daily tabloid news articles in the Jewish controlled media], can NEVER be thought of as existing without the German people, nor then, can the German nation (community) be thought of as existing without National Socialism. Hence, it follows that, neither can survive without this archetype, and moreover, Germany can never develop as a nation, in its natural, inherent [ie God given] German form.

Source (original German text)

Richard Wilhelm von Neutitschein is a Biologist. He was born a Sudeten German, in 1943, in Kuhländchen in Mähren (Moravia), in the Greater German Empire. 

In an interview in 2012 he stated:

“My father was a member of the Luftwaffe and was awarded the Knight’s Cross. His mother was also a Luftwaffe assistant”

“My father, my mother, and all other family members and even the majority of people by whom I was surrounded as a child, were convinced National Socialists. Even after the war. That is how it was. And that was nothing “indecent”.  It was the most normal thing in the world – and as I am now more than ever inclined to say, that was the most decent generation of Germans which ever existed.  With none of these people have I ever experienced as anything other than honest and decent people,  and never in your wildest dreams, did they compare with the outrageous lies told by the re-educators (de-Nazification operatives)  about the Wehrmacht and their alleged German war guilt, or what was said about Adolf Hitler and German atrocities as claimed in the propaganda.”

“They (parents, relatives and others) had seen what Hitler did for the German people,what he had meant to the German people, when Germany was lying on the ground, totally prostrate, how he, in the shortest time, had raised them from the dust of humiliation and led them back to a burst of happiness, which blossomed forth as a liberated people’s community, and how this was this man was revered by the German people with true devotion, loved, and adored.  There has never before or since been an infatuation with a government like that in Germany or in the world. ”

“If you let today’s leaders appear before the people as Adolf Hitler had always done,  they would not be greeted with the jubilation of the people all of their enthusiasm with stretched out hands like Adolf Hitler was.  Today those politicians would be beaten by an angry mob, and chased like as if by a pack of wild dogs through the streets, and then hanged from the lamp posts.”

“Adolf Hitler was not only revered by the German people, but he was loved by them from the heart with faithful devotion, as it had never existed anywhere in such an overwhelming way of a national leader. ”

“These are historical facts that the worst lies  propagated by Guido Knopp and his ilk can not rid the world of. Today many do not like to hear the truth in plain text and it is all very uncensored. I therefore take this opportunity to say it,  and to say because it’s the truth. That was how it was! That is true! And that was just after the war, when everything was still very fresh in the minds of the Germans. The all knew how it really was. The did not believe the lies of the victors. But there were always a few who the victors recruited as slanderers and informers, but whom the people back in their hometowns knew were those who had never amounted to much or had been good for anything.”

(The above quotes are excerpts only)



This should, hopefully, shed some light on what was meant by the concept of the “German race” which Hitler had also referred to. “Race” had little to do with skin colour, but more to do with the German soul  ie. a “spiritual race” which sets us apart from others, not above, but distinguishes us as a unique people.  Nor does “Herrenvolk” translate to “master race” in the Anglo sense with a desire to “rule the world”, but of being masters in one own’s house (one’s own flesh and blood, the soil upon which we live and from which we grew up and are deeply rooted in, our language, culture, traditions and history, as well as, our own form of government and our institutions, with a right to self-determination).  Which takes us back to the opening paragraph of the above article. National Socialism is not a mere political belief or ideology, but a reflection of the German soul, and it was “not for export”.

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3 Responses to National Socialism as the Archetype of the German Soul

  1. Markus says:

    This is another very good article.

    The archetype of National Socialism is re-activated in the German Reich right now. Up to 1 mio Germans proclaimed German Reich citizenship already and left the BRD as Bundes-citizens. It’s a diverse group, some are pro-Hitler, some against, some are pro-Weimar, some against, some are pro-Kaiser, some against. Some seek a new constitution.

    They all agree on ending Germany’s occupation and bringing world peace by signing a peace treaty with the world to end WW2, which would force the US/UK etc to declare war anew to invade countries in Arabia, Indo-China etc. And that is a lot more difficult than what they are doing now with these “surgical bombings”.

    All of them (and basically all Germans are nationalists and solidarists/true socialists), even if they deny it for not wanting to be called as such.

    Germans are also innately Positive Christians, as we learned to live as divided, yet united, Christians many centuries ago when the Reformation started in Germany.

  2. Gary says:

    That’s why the Third Reich Era poster (placard) that stated “National Socialism is the organized will of the nation” was so accurate and timely; it said it all in one short statement.

    • It would also explain the comment that Hitler made, according to Karl-Wilhelm Krause (Hitler’s Shadow), that it was not necessary for him to join the party, and that he had also overheard Hitler saying that he was considering doing away with the party altogether. that “there are now only Germans, and no party”.

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