CBC – A criminal organization spreading anti-German hatred, by Hans Krampe

On Tuesday, September 17th, 2013  Deanna Spingola’s guest was Hans Krampe and he spoke about his personal experiences as a German in Canada, about the Canadian media with regard to it’s presentation of Word War II history, and his own research regarding Hitler, National Socialist Germany, WWII etc. Below, is a new article which he has written

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Hans Krampe’s  response to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)  and their recent advert inviting subscriptions to its weekly programming newsletter:

cbc_logoUntil about fifteen years ago I was an avid listener of CBC Radio One. But by then my growing irritation, if not outright disgust with it, had become intolerable. I’ve stopped listening to it since. Its only saving graces had been Alan Maitland and Lister Sinclair. After their passing away, Michael Enright became a shameless sell-out; Peter Czowsky (Morningside) remained the designated wimp, popular, comfortably soothing, but irrelevant, while puffing himself to death; and Ira Basen, his then program director, was a self-declared “journalist” who saw one of his main functions to act as “BS detector”, but alas, he was unable to detect BS where it counted, and he detected lots where there was none. Perhaps he has improved by now, but I doubt it.

The CBC today is an unmitigated journalistic embarrassment, occupied by moral pygmies without conscience. If I wanted to be continually mis-informed, dis-informed and distracted from vitally important essentials, if not outright lied to, not to mention insulted, I would perhaps consider subscribing to your “NEWS” letter to maintain my thus induced mindless trance; the permanent condition of the Canadian majority to whom you cater.

CBC SymbolIn short, the CBC, as a source of “information”, that is as useful as an umbrella in prairie snowstorm! And that applies to the ENTIRE CBC organization, including its utterly corrupt and self-serving herd of historical illiterates, feeding at the public trough. It is a self-censoring tool of blatant manipulation and hate mongering; an uncritical and obedient coterie of accomplices of criminals in high places, who haven’t got any ability, much less the guts, to bite the hand that feeds it. There are no words to express the utter repulsiveness which the CBC inspires in those of us Canadians who have not yet lost their common sense,  integrity, and their powers of critical thinking and discernment.

We want TRUTH, not half-truths, not current or historical lies and black holes, not slander and manipulation; something which seems to exceed the CBC’s capabilities to aspire to, as it blathers its way from one budget review to the other.

What I long to see, not only in your newsletter, but throughout ALL of your politically correct programs, is a sustained and prominently displayed expression of deep remorse with apologies for 70 years of anti-German hate mongering and an immediate end to the willful broadcasting and deliberate slander of National Socialist Germany and of Adolf Hitler, who I believe, after many years of research and discussions with those who lived under his administration, may well have been the greatest statesman who ever lived. Hitler’s political and social genius even inspired the admiration of then Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King (in 1937, King visited Germany and met with Adolf Hitler; the only North American head of state to do so)  and most international diplomats who met him and got to know him personally. Even JFK admired Hitler and was inspired by him!

jfk hitler

But as things stand with the CBC, however, I know there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of that ever happening!

If Canada was even remotely a bona fide sovereign nation based on truth, justice, rights and freedom as advertised, and if the CBC reflected that, it wouldn’t get away with its historical bias, distortions and hate mongering. Instead, it would be called to account before the courts, to be sentenced for the hate crimes it commits daily with impunity. After all, there is supposed to be an “anti-hate crime” law in effect in Canada: Section 319 – 2, ostensibly protecting EVERY identifiable minority from defamation and hate, though apparently it does not apply to Germans and German-Canadians. Do they perhaps count as an overwhelming majority, to whom such protection doesn’t need to apply? Not the last time I looked!  And in any event, we Germans seem to be exempted from that protection and remain everybody’s whipping boy, whom one can slander and malign to one’s heart’s content, judging by the CBC’s attitudes, behavior and track record.

But Canada ISN’T a sovereign nation!

That is just one of the factual black holes which the CBC avoids at all costs. Instead, it’s fills the resulting dead air with enthusiastically optimistic trivia, politically correct ‘chit chat’, news ,weather, sports, and officially sanctioned fairy tales and horror stories, passed off to the sheeple as “history”. Canada behaves like, and in fact is, nothing less than a “banana republic”, with all that this implies, and the CBC is there to ensure that it remains that way.

It’s time to face the facts!

Here are a couple of representative examples of facts and history which the CBC  willfully ignores and fails to condemn as it should, and in so doing, grants itself a licence to continue dis-inform its audience, and to malign, slander and vilify the German people without fear of criminal prosecution.

Udo-WalendyThe testimony of  Udo Walendy (author “Truth for Germany” and other books) at the 1988 Ernst Zundel so-called False News Trial, which exonerated Zundel.

“Sefton Delmer was a foreign reporter for the English Beaverbrook Press, and in that capacity accompanied Hitler on many of his election tours. After Hitler came to power, Delmer was one of the most respected foreign journalists in Berlin. In 1940, Delmer was the official news announcer on the BBC and was in a position, without even consulting the British Foreign Minister, to turn down an offer of peace made by Hitler. Subsequently, he was the propaganda leader in the British Information Ministry and had a large staff. He carried out so-called “black propaganda” after the end of the war. He was sent to the British-occupied zone in order to co- ordinate the black propaganda with the French, Soviets and Americans. (29-7883)

Delmer was the head of “black propaganda,” meaning forged documents. He managed not only groups of people working in this type of work, but also managed the relevant radio stations. He was a personal friend of the British Information Minister. In June, 1944, the Information Ministry sent out an official directive to all the higher-echelon civil servants and managers of the public media, instructing them that with the Red Army in Europe, they would have to expect incredible cruelty from which they could distract world attention only through a strengthened atrocity propaganda campaign against Germany. (28-7660, 7661)

Sefton Delmer was the head functionary who carried out this work for the British government. His main method was to lie as exactly as possible so that the lies couldn’t be uncovered right away. After the end of the war in occupied Germany, Delmer co-ordinated the “black propaganda” campaign with the French, the Soviets and the Americans. These co- ordinated lies and inventions could not be recognized as such right away. Delmer’s work in occupied Germany lasted until 1947. During that period he and his staff forged a wealth of German documents which reached official files. He described this work to a large extent in his own book. Walendy testified that most of these forged documents had the Germans committing a large number of war crimes. Delmer provided the documents to the British Ministry of Information which in turn sent them to the Nuremberg trial as official documents. The International Military Tribunal, pursuant to the London Agreement, did not check whether the documents were true or false, but simply entered them as evidence of “generally-known facts.” Because they were considered authenticated official documents, they had now been introduced into history books. In this situation, Walendy testified, even officially published documents had to be analyzed to determine whether or not they were forgeries. (28-7662, 7663)

Walendy did not believe the Nuremberg trials to be fair and impartial. All laws valid in Germany at that time were declared invalid and in their place were put the so-called Control Council laws.

The Control Council laws as well as the London Agreement provided that war crimes could only have been committed by Germans or enemies of the Allies and that the military tribunals were not to be held to normal rules of evidence. This new law was codified in a political agreement between the major powers: the Soviet Union, the United States, France and England. The defence at Nuremberg did not have the possibilities of a normal defence in a regular legal dispute. The witnesses were usually prisoners themselves and were limited with regard to their freedom. The victor ruled in its own interest and ruled what were historical facts and what were not. (28-7666)”


Sefton Delmer“I gazed into the mirror… There, staring at me, was the pallid, flabby-mouthed face of a crook” ~ Sefton Delmer, Black Boomerang p. 218

Sefton Delmer was among the men “who were given the opportunity in 1945 of making changes in Germany” (Udo Walendy, Allied Atrocity Propaganda in WW II, p. 228). What these intended changes looked like, the German constitutional lawyer Prof. Friedrich Grimm depicts in his book ‘Political Justice’ (pp. 146-148):

“In May 1945, a few days after the collapse, I had a notable talk with an important representative of the opposite side. He introduced himself as a university professor of his country, who wanted to converse with me on the historical basis of the war. It was a conversation of high standing we conducted. Suddenly he dropped the subject, pointed to the leaflets lying on the table in front of me, we were flooded with during the first days after surrender, mainly circling around the concentration camp-horrors. “What do you say about it?” so he asked me.

“I replied: “Oradour and Buchenwald? With me you force an open door. I am a lawyer and condemn the wrong wherever I meet with it, more than all, when it happens on our side. I know, however, to make a distinction between the facts and the political use one makes of it. I know the meaning of atrocity propaganda. After World War I, I have read all publications by your experts on this subject, the writings of the Northcliff Bureau, the book of the French minister of the finances Klotz ‘From War to Peace’ (Paris, 1923), depicting how the story of the chopped-off children’s hands was cooked up and what profit one got out of it, the enlightenment writings of the journal Crapouillot comparing the atrocity propaganda of 1870 with that of 1914-1918, and finally the classic by Ponsonby: ‘The Lie in War’ [Falsehood in Wartime], revealing that one had in the preceding war already magazines showing artificial corpse mountains by photomontage composed of dummies.’ These pictures were distributed, with a space left for caption. It was given out by telephone later on according to the needs from the propaganda centre.”

Thereby I pulled out one of the leaflets exhibiting allegedly mountains of dead bodies out of the concentration camps, and showed it to my visitor, who looked at me taken aback.

I continued: “I can not imagine that in this war with all weapons perfected to such an extent, this mentally toxic weapon should have been neglected that decided the outcome of World War I. More so, I know it for sure! The last months before the collapse I read daily the foreign press. There was reported on German atrocities from a central office, operating in a certain turn. There was one occupied territory after the other called to mind, today France, tomorrow Norway, then Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Jugoslavia and Czecho-Slovakia.

“First were reported hundreds of corpses in the concentration camps, then six weeks later when it was the turn of this same country again, thousands, then ten thousands, then hundred thousands. Here I thought to myself: this number inflation can not possibly skyrocket into the million!”

Now I reached for another leaflet: “Here you have the million!”

There my visitor blurted out: “I see, I have run into an expert. Now I also want to tell you, who I am. I am not a university professor. I am of the central office you talked about: Atrocity propaganda – and with it we won the total victory.”

I replied: “I know, and now you must stop it!”

He retorted: “No, now we shall start all the more! We shall continue this atrocity propaganda, we shall intensify it, until nobody shall accept a good word from the Germans anymore, until all the sympathy you had in other countries shall be destroyed, and until the Germans themselves shall be so confused that they do not know anymore what they are doing!”

I terminated the conversation: “Then you shall burden yourself with a great responsibility!”

What this man had threatened us with, came true. The worst, however, was the confusion caused among the Germans themselves.

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Grimm did not know the true identity of his interlocutor: It was Sefton Delmer!



The CBC, for its entire existence, picked up where Sefton Delmer left off, without compunction. Therefore, the CBC is, and remains in fact, according to Canadian criminal law, for whatever that is worth, a criminal hate mongering organization, systematically spreading anti-German hate and contributing to a German genocide, by other means, already approaching rapidly its final conclusion. And if this process weren’t happening, the CBC would make sure that ill informed and manipulated young generations would scramble to get over there and repeat the “heroic” mass murder by their fathers and grandfathers of defenseless, surrendered soldiers, of women, children, the ailing and the old folks at the drop of a hat and with the same sadistic glee.

Here is the second representable example of the ones who are the inventors of the German “Masterrace” myth. There is nowhere any record of any German, especially not Adolf Hitler or Joseph Goebbels, who has ever made remarks even remotely like it, because such insane nastiness just wasn’t in them:

“Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, in a speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, ‘Begin and the “Beasts”, New Statesman, 25 June 1982.

The CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Flagship, which is taxpayer supported and always under threat of having its budget slashed or of being scuttled altogether, deserves no sympathy whatsoever. Indeed, it deserves to be sunk to the deepest pits of hell.

And now you know what you can do with your newsletter!

Hans Krampe

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    THIS WAS EXCELLENT!! Media in America is in a similar situation as Canada.

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    Genau Hans, how right you are. It’s always great listening to you and Deanna.

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