Video: Adolf Hitler vs The New World Order

A short video I made contrasting and comparing the actions and policies of modern day America with those of Adolf Hitler. Is America now the “Fourth Reich”? Is it run by “evil Nazis”? Or has somebody been lying and fear mongering? This is a slideshow presentation of images with text overlay, including many authentic quotes by Adolf Hitler.  Run time: 11:09

I spent a day making the 12 main graphic images last week, based upon an article I stumbled across, and I posted those on Facebook, and planned to use here on the blog, but then decided to make a video out of them and to expand on the original concept.  While not an “exhaustive” study by any means, it was nonetheless exhausting for me to put this together.  I could still expand it in the future and would welcome suggestions. I hope you like it and find informative and useful. BTW, it’s also available on YouTube  (for now at least).

PS to my regular readers and supporters, due to some personal circumstances, I am going to have to slow down on posting, e-mail correspondence and various projects over the next few weeks, and as such, I may not be online much and available to answer e-mails or to moderate blog comments, etc.  Things should get back to normal after the first week of October.

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14 Responses to Video: Adolf Hitler vs The New World Order

  1. Markus says:

    They lie so much about Hitler and Germany.

    I just learned that the official abbreviation for Konzentrationslager (concentration camp) was KL not KZ. KL sounds much less Halloweenish than KZ (especially in German –
    Kah Tsett), doesn’t it?

    And there was never a Third Reich either, but only the Deutsches Reich (also official state name of Germany during the “Weimar Republic”). Third Reich is another Allied invention, so is Fourth Reich. The Deutsches Reich still exists today and is completely occupied. How can there be a Fourth Reich if the Third (that never existed, there is only one Reich) never went under? (BRD Supreme Court decision 1973).

    • Markus, “Das Dritte Reich” (Third Reich) was coined by Moeller van den Bruck and was the title of his book in the early 1920s. He was not an NSDAP party member and died in 1925. Hitler knew him and had an autographed copy of the book. I read somewhere that some National Socialists adopted it, and it was also later used in some government documents and correspondence after 1933 by the NSDAP, but apparently Hitler was not comfortable with it and at some point in time he put a stop to it. Much later of course, after Sudetenland, Austria, Memelland etc became part of the Reich, it became known officially as the Greater German Reich. As to “Kl” vs “KZ”, I think you are correct. though am quite certain that I have also seen the “KZ” abbreviation in some original documents of that period. The Auschwitz memos I posted some months ago regarding the building of air-raid shelters used “KL”

      • Markus says:

        ok, maybe 3rd Reich was also used sometimes by Germans and even KZ.

        Point is, we never hear KL, in accordance to all other abbreviations. Aussenlager AL, Transitlager TL etc.

        If there were ever a so called 4th Reich, it would be in Germany after the UN troops leave and it would never be in America.

      • Indeed. And Americans,Brits, Canadians etc need to stop listening to their “truther gurus”, look at who is really running their country, and learn the true history of Hitler, NS and WWII, and how they were duped then and still being duped now. It’s not Germans, not Arabs, and it’s not reptilians.

  2. sophiah8says says:

    ” Third Reich is another Allied invention, so is Fourth Reich. The Deutsches Reich still exists today and is completely occupied.”
    Thank you Marcus
    This info will be used prolifically .

    • sophiah8says says:

      SO! The best use of this info is where we have space to post is to use the Third Reich
      label while showing ” The Deutsches Reich ” is the legal name of Germany still.
      Perhaps there is a link to a Mahler article explaining this?
      When we have opportunity to post links people WILL go look even if only from curiousity.
      Every look resets their awareness button so subconsciously they begin to see past the veils of hypnotic enthralldom.

      • Markus says:

        Most effectively would be to show that the “Weimar Republic” was also officially Deutsches Reich because people think 1st German Reich “evil Roman Empire”, 2nd German Reich “evil Kaiser Empire”, 3rd German Reich “most evil Hitler empire”.

        The same people think Germany’s official name 1919-32 was “Weimar Republic” and now “BRD”, while both are merely forms of government within the German Reich. “Weimar” being the traitor institution from within and BRD/DDR the occupation constructs controlled by foreigners to enforce the Weimar traitor constitution by force. (that’s why the Weimar flag is flown).

        So, 1918/19-32 German Reich. Everyone can verify this, and it will destroy their believe that “Reich” itself means evil Germanic Death Cult Empire.

        In addition, we can refer to Öster-Reich or Frank-Reich (both called that way whether Kingdom, Empire or Republic) to liberate them from their “Reich-paranoia”.

      • Butterkeks says:

        There exists a translation of the famous and excellent Mahler-Friedmann interview in English.
        It is the interview which got him new jail time.

  3. Al M Jr says:

    Great Job!

  4. Russ Hook says:

    Hi Sophia, and OP! I got banned from Joutube for sticking up for the TRUTH! There are so many paid SHILLS ON THERE IT IS DISGUSTING. I muted the music b/c I am not here to be entertained, but rather INFORMED.I like this format better than A/V presentations. Very good presentation. It will be a slow process to wake up the fluoridated/medicated drones. Another 911 by the jUSA may do the trick though. It is too bad this is what it takes but I see no other way ATM. When you stand with the TRUTH, you never stand alone! Sieg Heil!

    • sophiah8says says:

      Glad your Spirit is not deleted! 😀

      We come from the most loyal,honorable, truthful stock in history and this is why we are being decimated.

      Now the Universal cycles are changing rapidly so we have to support each other and push harder to educate those who would stand with us IF they knew truth.

      Side note
      had incredible difficulties posting on the new video
      wont list them here but from loong experience they can only be interference
      Being banned on some site almost daily now
      no reason ever given
      just unable to post any more where I had been in converse

      SO! my intuits feel this is proof that our ISPs are watched constantly
      and every roadblock or downed tree is out in out path

      BLESS YOU J4G and if you wish any kind words you know where to email me
      You and all such as you are needed MORE than ever as we are entering the last phase of the siu nizst agenda, the global vi ol ent phase.

      RH wherever you are banned let everyone you can know
      if you mount another channel let me know on one or more of mine
      We carry on for HISVISION NOW ( thats another one of my channels lolz )

  5. 30.06 says:

    The lies will not always hide the truth .

  6. Hans, I don’t know if you had a chance to see this with all of the stuff going on lately. I hope you like it!


  7. sophiah8says says:

    Thank you Butterkeks
    for that LINK
    http:// shoabloger. wordpress. com/tag/michel-friedman/

    I can use parts on the limited space to post in utube threads
    but some of the young folks who are hungry to any true info
    will look and use more
    drops and drops and we have become a river and we will reach the oceans
    of mass awakening. yesss!

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