A Plea for Support for German-Canadian Farmer Werner Bock

Regular listeners to Deanna Spingola’s radio show will be familiar with a German-Canadian gentleman known as “Werner from New Brunswick” who calls in regularly and offers very intelligent and informed insights on a whatever subject is being discussed, and he is very articulate.  I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated his commentaries and he is also a supporter of my efforts, but now he needs our support.

His full name is Werner Bock and he lives in Petitkodiac near Moncton, NB.  For at least ten years now he has been systematically harassed and terrorized by persons unknown and many of his animals have been killed in the most cruel and barbaric manner. During this period he has lost over 250 cows in this fashion.  He made a documentary about this “Agricultural and Eco-Terror which I have included the video below.  It is quite shocking to say the least, and certainly not the figment of his imagination!

Werner Bock

German-Canadian Farmer / Rancher Werner Bock

Government, Veterinarians, RCMP and media (CBC) have not only refused to investigate his many complaints properly, but actually maintain a systematic campaign of vilification and ridicule. They succeed in this because the nature of these killings strongly suggests that sophisticated technology is at play. Werner suspects some kind of laser or bundled energy radiation is what kills his animals in such a way that it amounts to torture. There was also arson committed on his farm and he has been injured himself as well. He has a website that shows countless instances of cases that allow no other explanation than his own.

Werner loves farming and ranching, and he certainly did not and would not neglect or mistreat his own animals! Yet, on Thursday, September 19, he was arrested by RCMP on trumped up and totally implausible charges of not having fed and watered his animals properly. On Friday, Sept. 20, he was taken into custody because he refuses to submit to psychiatric assessment.

It appears that there are sustained attempts underway to drive Werner off his land. The behavior of the authorities strongly suggests a possibility of conspiratorial corruption right up to the highest levels of provincial government, as well as the RCMP, members of which only a few days ago, in a telephone conversation with one of Werner’s friends laughed about his complaints and basically called called him delusional.

Since I and various other acquaintances do not know anybody in New Brunswick, nor any lawyers there who might be willing to take his case, we are seeking public assistance. Werner doesn’t trust lawyers and he has attempted to defend himself in court, but we know how that will go under their circus tent.  He is practically and completely defenseless and surrounded by hostility and ridicule.

There is a great danger of a miscarriage of justice here and his friends and associates are worried that he might disappear in obscurity, never to be heard from for years; and perhaps even medicated into insanity.

There is a parallel case, similar to Werner’s in Germany, where Gustl Mollat, a whistle blower, disappeared in a psychiatric ward for seven years and was recently released on account of public pressure. The similarities of these two cases are striking.

Werner has been interviewed on the Deanna Spingola radio show on RBN and been phoning in on a variety of issues. He is well spoken and his English is excellent. He also seems to have a very good grasp of chemistry and bio-physics.

He is a trained farmer and a very decent and rational man, and NOT a “nut” as the RCMP, local “authorities” and the media have portrayed him. Werner went to agricultural college and business college in Germany before he immigrated to Canada and is a ‘certified farmer’!

Monday Sept. 23, 2013  Werner is scheduled to appear in court again in Moncton.  It is also happens to be his birthday! 

Friends of Werner Bock are appealing to anyone in New Brunswick who can offer to help with legal assistance, and also to those in the alternative media to try and ascertain his location, to visit him, interview him,  and to report on his case.

If you can help or know someone who lives either in or near New Brunswick and who may be able to help, please e-mail me via my Contact page, or contact Deanna Spingola through her website.

Please also call the Moncton, NB Law Courts, Telephone: 1-506-856-2307 and inquire about Werner’s case and his well being, and tell them to wish him a Happy Birthday!

UPDATE #2 – 09.23.13  Werner was released late this afternoon. He called several friends and he is doing OK.  I will post more as I get the details. Thanks to all who made phone calls on his behalf!

UPDATE #1 – 09.23.13   Please call the Sheriff’s office. The number is 1-506-856-2315 to inquire about Werner Bock. They are saying he was released but no one has heard from him and he cannot be reached, so it seems they are lying.  NOTE: A “Sheriff” in Canada is NOT the police department as in the USA. It is the same as a Bailiff. They are responsible for those who are remanded in custody.

Radio Interview:  Werner Bock was Deanna Spingola’s guest on June 18th. Here you can download a free mp3 archive of that program.


FACEBOOK PAGE …. please give it a “like” and check for any updates


Video:  Deanna Spingola appeals for help

Video:  Werner Bock’s documentary about what has been happening to his livestock

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9 Responses to A Plea for Support for German-Canadian Farmer Werner Bock

  1. Markus says:

    Auszug über Mikrowellen-Waffen:

    Bei den Auswirkungen auf Menschen sind die biologischen Effekte von Mikrowellen, zum Beispiel der Heizeffekt, zentral: “Dieser Heizeffekt stellt im allgemeinen eine Gefährdung biologischer Systeme dar. Der Körper und insbesondere einzelne Organe können durch ein Aufheizen ge- oder gar zerstört werden… Besonders das Gehirn ist gegenüber Erwärmungseffekten empfänglich… [außerdem] kann die Haut verbrannt werden” (Nitsch 1998, S. 24 [54]).


  2. me@me.nothing says:

    Will a paypal or other type of fundraising account be set up for Werner?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment / question. At this point, I am unaware of PayPal account for him. I am waiting for an update on his status and if necessary, we will set something up for him.

  3. When anyone is group-harassed for many years, you can be confident any charges brought against that targeted person are FALSE.

    Visit for details: http://www.stopos.info/os2.pdf

    Eleanor White

  4. RickB says:

    This is a heart breaker. Who doesn’t love Werner? Oh, I know… the enemy of mankind.

    Please keep us posted. I will make the call.

    • Yes, his story is indeed a “heart breaker”, however, there is good news. I just found out he was released late in the afternoon and is OK. I will post a full update when I have the details. So … hold the calls! 🙂

      • RickB says:

        Thanks for the quick update…. too late on my calling. I called immediately after posting my comment. In cases like this, mass call-ins is the first recourse… to let the authorities in question know they are dealing with someone who is known and popular, and that their actions are also known and being followed.

      • The full update is now posted

  5. Cindy says:

    I have been gang-stalked, been harassed relentlessly by neighbours, been workplace mobbed out of my job. Criminal harassment by groups is real folks. I have had numerous home entries with not only malicious mischief but my pet dogs have been tortured, all the leashes cut up, and numerous unusual and unexplained injuries. These organized stalking participants are the ones who deserve to be locked up. Instead they taunt and torment and do anything to push a law abiding citizen into the mental health system. I visited Moncton New Brunswick twice and was heavily gang-stalked by coworkers, and even some hotel staff. Please support TIs in New Brunswick – please get Werner out, get the truth out.

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