Video: the e-terrorism campaign against myself and other revisionists

They say that “when you are over the target you begin to take flak” and as I mentioned in my most recent interview with Deanna Spingola, during the month of September 2013, I have come under heavy attack in a number of ways from a variety of sources, both overtly and covertly, and manners which obviously seek to disrupt my work by stealing my time and energy,  to smear me, to tarnish my reputation, and indeed, and to put me in danger.  Why would anyone do that?  The simple fact is, I am having an impact. My website visits,  views on my videos and ‘likes’ on my Facebook page continue to rise. Additionally, more and more other blogs are re-posting my material, and the feedback which I routinely get is overwhelmingly positive and supportive. In fact, it is extremely rare that I receive negative e-mails or comments on my blog.

These coordinated attacks actually first began back in February, when a certain group of self-described “White Nationalists”, “Christian Identitists” and / or “Neo-Nazi” types began slandering me on Facebook and turning others against me with filthy and blatant lies.  Why? Because I don’t validate them, nor support or promote them. Nor would I come under their banner nor use their own particular video site to post my material.  But nor, however, have I ever wasted any time or effort in attacking them or even responding to them. Why not? Because I think they are very capable of exposing and discrediting themselves, and I really have better and more productive things to do with my time, energy and limited resources.

I have been very clear from the beginning about what my agenda is, and what it is not, and that I am not a part of ANY other movement. So why stalk, harass and slander me? One need only read my “About” page which has always been there and spells it out. It is also the same on my Facebook community page.  And I have consistently said exactly the same things during various radio interviews.  Indeed, the title of by blog “Justice for Germans” really says it all, does it not?

Interestingly, and not coincidentally, the timing of those coordinated attacks corresponded, in the same time frame,  to the attacks perpetrated against two other researchers whose work I respected, ZCF and V.K. Clark, both of whom have since dropped out altogether, due to constant attacks, harassment, disruptions and hijackings. As mentioned, these more recent verbal and cyber attacks against me and my website intensified in September and they correspond with similar attacks against some of my colleagues and associates.  Who benefits from their departure? Certainly not the truth movement.

In the above video, I have provided some screenshots to give my readers some idea as to what I am talking about and have been dealing with. I really do not like to give those responsible any measure of satisfaction or cheap thrills by posting this, however, in light of the fact that I have recently received some nasty responses from a few people who had received e-mails which they believed came from me (displaying my addy as the sender) but which I did not send, as demonstrated in this short video. Furthermore, various other revisionist colleagues who have had the same happen to them, with e-mails being sent en mass with their names as the sender.  It is all being done by the same very technically savvy culprits using an automated script, and it can only be described as e-terrorism, and it is obviously a concerted effort to disrupt the real truth movement.

This month has been hard on me for a variety of personal reasons too, though I won’t get into that here, but these attacks have certainly added to the amount of stress I have been under recently, and which was further compounded by the issues concerning Werner Bock and my efforts to support him, though I did so gladly.  Nonetheless, in spite of it all, this has been another very productive month for me and my efforts to set the historical record straight on behalf of the long-suffering German people.  I am, however,  going to have to slow down for a week or so to tend to personal matters, but rest assured this is temporary. And by the way, this is also why I have not been able to find time to respond many, many e-mails that I have received, but I will get to them eventually.

In closing, some of you out there, especially on Facebook, really need to have a close look at who it is that you associate with, and then consider also who it is that I refuse to associate with or to  promote in any way, shape or form. And then, figure out who it is that those individuals are really working for, and what agenda they really serve.  Again, the question which you must ask yourself is “who benefits”?

And to you terrorists, trolls, thugs, white trash and wankers, let me state very clearly, that while you are having your perverted thrills, you will not succeed.  I am not at all deterred and my work will continue.  It really looks good on me to be attacked by paid agent provocateurs,  extremists, rabid racists, lunatics and losers such as you.  You are merely outing yourselves while giving me more credibility and support, and driving traffic to my site.

Congratulations morons!

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18 Responses to Video: the e-terrorism campaign against myself and other revisionists

  1. hasbara buster says:

    Dear Wayne,
    its so good to hear, that you are not easy to discourage by this filthy internet-thugs and that you are determined to continue your very important work for truth and justice that our fathers and grandfathers so much deserve.
    You, Deanne, Rodny Martin, Mark Webber and all the others involved in bringing the truth out for the German people are the real hero’s in the spirit of Rev.Ludwig A. Fritsch “Crime of our Age” from 1947.
    My deepest respect and admiration
    Regards from SE Asia

  2. Markus says:

    Haha, I love the Gagamel in the cave and “jewniverse” on the dating website.

    Interesting are also these “for a cause slogan” websites. “RedLineForIran” is a talking point in the media and of Obama. The Hidden Hand revealed.

    The Stinke-Finger facebook icon is also outstanding counter-propaganda.

  3. Vic says:

    Dear Wayne,
    Your website is like an oasis in the dessert for me. How fast the lies can run, the truth finally will come out. Thank you thousand times for the work you are doing.
    Kind regards from Flanders

  4. Khodor says:

    @hasbara: Mark Webber (IHR) ? Mmmm….
    Wayne, congratulations for your daily Kampf !. (I saw that Dr. Fredrick Töben added you to his site´s links).

    • Thanks for the comment and support. I know that some people have issues with Mark Weber, but I must say that I have learned immensely from him; his writings and podcasts, I have often cited him or other writers at the IHR in my posts, and I have benefited in terms of my own knowledge base from the wealth of information that is freely available at the the IHR. But I also correspond with Fredrick Töben, Rodney and many others frequently. We don’t all agree on everything and nobody is perfect or beyond criticism, but we must make the enemy’s work light by self-destructing through ‘in fighting’ and ego problems either. Danke

  5. Brian says:

    Hi Wayne, better to slow down than disappear, that would be terrible! Hope all works out for the best.

  6. BMan says:


    I have been attacked by many of the same, insane people. The CI folks are mental cases, for sure. Not necessarily because of what they believe (even though, on its face, it is accepting the very mantle of Jewishness they seem to abhor). In other words, they want to be the ones that are the cut throat “chosen ones”.

    My YT channel has been under constant attack and I am now under my second TOS strike, which menas when I come back after a two week ban from my and other channels, another jew (they are saying i the comments they are after me) will make a claim and then whammo, the YT channel is deleted.

    I have to monitor my comment section closely, because I get a few morons there, as well. But nothing like what you are getting.

    I have learned so very much here. Don’t stop!

    • Thanks. No, I won’t stop until I think I have done and said everything that I feel needs to be done and said. And that won’t be any time soon. But I do have some personal things I need to take care of over the next few weeks, and also have to work on some other projects. Cheers!

  7. aj says:

    Wayne, sorry to hear about the harassment. Think we need to educate people on these tactics. No one should fall for the bogus email move at this point. Anyway, hang in there. Tremendous site and the Truth is on the way out into the light of day.

  8. Dear Wayne,

    Thanks for all of your energy and efforts. We shall overcome in the end. No doubt. One small but important point that you mention in your article. Zander C. Fuerza. It must be pointed out that Zander is alive and well and coming back strong with many recent posts on his new blog site located here: Those of us working in communal accord ought to be advertising and promoting Zander’s new site so others who mistakenly think he’s dropped out of the scene will be able to once again enjoy and appreciate his valuable insights and work.

    Don’t overwork now son. We’re in this for the long haul. 🙂

    Love and Peace and Justice for All,


    • toinennakemys says:

      If Your name is not Topham, Spingola or something like that, In his new site You’re a neonazi, if You are a revisionist. I think that ZCF’s new site does not good fort the truth.

      • Zander C. Fuerza says:

        toinennakemys says:
        09/25/2013 at 7:54 pm

        In his new site You’re a neonazi, if You are a revisionist.I think that ZCF’s new site does not good fort the truth..

        You are a liar and a troll toinennakmys. I’ve never said such a thing. Revisionism as it pertains to the holocaust has nothing to do with neonazism. Not a single revisionist scholar — and I define revisionist scholars as educated, qualified historians and researchers not merely some average layman who has read revisionist material and perhaps agrees with it — is a neonazi. Revisionists come from a wide array of political perspectives. It is a Zionist tactic to equate revisionism with neonazism as a means to discredit it, which is what you are trying to do in a sly way by calling yourself a revisionist when you are in no way qualified to carry that title (nor am I for that matter). Paul Grubach, a revisionist writer, wrote about this on the following page under the heading “Are Holocaust Revisionists Fascists and Nazis? Lipstadt’s Serious Omission”

        Anybody who knows anything about me or my work knows that I do not accept the victors version of World War Two or the holocaust. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject and I am not a scientist who can describe the complex scientific reasons as to why the gas chambers were impossible to have functioned as claimed (although I can and do make logical observations as to why those alleged gas chambers were unlikely to have been used for killing mass amounts of people). But I have studied the holocaust question to a degree where I am firmly convinced that we have been deceived on a colossal scale regarding that issue. I do not, however, think it is appropriate or necessary to worship Hitler or defend his every action and policy (both foreign and domestic) and by doing so discredit myself as a juvenile cultish fanboy. If I did that I might as well put all of my work to the fire because nobody would take it seriously.


        @ Wayne J4G editor:

        Sorry to hear these C.I. cretins have targeted you in a vicious (yet typical) campaign of libel, character assassination, cyber-stalking and harassment. They have an enormous amount of hubris. They think they are untouchable and can break the law with impunity. I am convinced that this group and anyone who associates with them are operating under the direct supervision of the FBI and the ADL.

        I appreciate your dedication to clearing the good name of your people, and although I may not agree with everything that appears here on your site, I support your endeavor nonetheless, because your intentions are good, honest and just.

        Best of luck to you.

        – Zander Fuerza

      • toinennakemys says:

        I think You can call people revisionists if they think in that way and they have certain opinions. You must not be a scholar or a scientist.

        I think that Hitler was not guilty for the war at all. Poland was. There is no reason to say that both were as guilty or that Germany had been more guilty. I think that people can trust in german documents and many german people regarding this issue.

        I have read many books from VKC and I liked very much his conversations in the radio. I wonder what has happened. Now she has also accused Hitler in many ways and written in a very different way about some things than she wrote in the past. I can’t understand why the racists and extremists are a reason to change everything. The bolsheviks and the Antifa have not caused rejecting everything that reminds their thinking in some way or that they in the media have connected with the leftists.

  9. etieseler says:

    I don’t know if I would call them “technically savvy”.. after all any kid in China can produce the same SPAM with spoofed email addresses. I’m sure they feel big about them selves and are patting themselves on the back and saying “Why do we want someone like this in our community” in their smug little “I know whats good for you, you don’t” attitude. Saying you are spreading ‘hate’ when nothing I have read on here in any way is hateful… yet the attacks they promulgate are driven by hate, plain and simple.

  10. Zander C. Fuerza says:

    Toinennakemys says

    I think You can call people revisionists if they think in that way and they have certain opinions. You must not be a scholar or a scientist.

    Revisionists are historians who actually produce work that revises an accepted historical narrative. I strongly doubt that you’ve produced anything. You appear to be some guy who read some revisionist books about WW2 and now claims to be an expert on the subject, labeling anyone who disagrees with you a “shill”.

    You’re right, I’m not a scientist, which means that I cannot speak authoritatively about the scientific aspects of holocaust revisionism. You’re not a scholar, but a guy who read a few books. Yet you arrogantly claim to have all of the right answers regarding WW2 and anybody who disagrees with your narrative is labeled a “shill”, traitor, etc.You are a simpleton with a puny brain.

    Not all revisionist historians and writers agree on everything either, but apparently you have everything figured out and everyone else should just shut their mouths and accept everything you say as fact.

    Toinennakemys says

    I think that Hitler was not guilty for the war at all. Poland was. There is no reason to say that both were as guilty or that Germany had been more guilty. I think that people can trust in german documents and many german people regarding this issue.

    That’s an opinion, not a fact. According to you people should believe the German side of that issue. I’m sure a Pole would have a very different opinion about that. You are obviously not familiar with the concept of objectivity and looking at both sides of an issue. You would be a terrible historian and a terrible journalist. Thankfully, you are neither.

  11. toinennakemys says:

    I had two revisionist blogs for years. Over a hundred readers per day read them and i received much positive feedback. There were olnly one or two revisionist bgoggers in Finnland. Now there is only “Moranen” left. I had to stop because of the new laws and the recently starting persecution (Magneettimedia u.a.) I am a common man and f.e. Vesa-Ilkka Laurio is much more talented and he has much more knowledge. He shut also his blogs recently. But I had to say something and many people were satisfied and thankful.

    My opinions are based on facts. Objective persons rely on them. You can not choose a halfway between the poles and the rgermans or reject both of them or all of their stuff. Of course everybody knows this.

    I have only told my opinions in your blog. It was not me who was arrogant. In the end I could not stand anymore and I told my opinions about You and VKC. I don’t think that she really believes in her new stuff and therefore I think she is not honest. She also said that she does not tell the truth if it is good for the “neonazis” etc.

    Defending polish lies is something thaty I usually can’t stand. But maybe You are honest and jus don’t know enough ore You are mistaken. I think You should tolerate more people who don’t share Your opinions. People don’t like blogists whose answers are hateful and insulting. I knew a person in Finnland who tried to write some comments to ypur blog when You still were a friend of Delaney’s and co. He was called a jew (I don’t remember who was the caller but he was very disappointed of Your answers and attitudes too).

    I found many of Your comments in Your new blog ridiclous. I was amazed the poor logick in them. And they were comments to other persons’ comments. I know that You are a clever young man and because of Your appearences in radio I think that You have written Your books Yourself. That is why I’m still suspicious. But maybe You are really changed and maybe You opinions are honest. I don’t agree with You. I think You defend too much Jews. But teher are al kinds of people and You are still very young. Maybe You have not concentrated very seriously to all your comments.

    • Zander C. Fuerza says:

      toinennakemys says:

      I found many of Your comments in Your new blog ridiclous. I was amazed the poor logick in them.

      Yet you’ve failed to point out where my logic is “poor”. I’ve pointed out how predictable and robotic your opinions are: either Hitler was right or he was forced into it by others. That shows that all of your opinions on that subject are geared toward the preconceived notion that Hitler could not do wrong, no matter what.

      I tolerate all kinds of opinions. You came to my blog and accused me of being a “shill” because I don’t agree with your position that every policy and action Hitler took was righteous and justified, good and correct. If you have a reasonable opinion I have no problem with you expressing it. But I don’t tolerate shit-disturbers and let them run amok on my blog. You insult and accuse me of nonsense on my own blog, and then claim I’m not tolerant enough of your opinions.

      Pure chutzpah!

  12. toinennakemys says:

    My fault (as usual): I could not keep my mouth shut. I read english books but good writing (os at least less faults) takes too much time for me. I don’t bother and i have no time. I thought that almost everyone knows enough about the road to the war u.a. in these kind of sites and specially You. I could not know that I should provide every proof. I thought that I could say only my opinions and something evidence,

    Also I could now and then provide all the evidence in the finnish language. My fast english is very bad and I think there is very much stuff in english in the books and in the internet.

    I did not got angry straight away. But I agree should hava been more polite. But I found it very strange that You had become an example for a renegade in many views. The infighting with the WN:s went on and on. I thought You were wrong on many issues about the history and You have links to the sites of putinists (The Ugly Truth, RT). But I undertsand because you have said that You have not studied enough history.

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