The Struggle Continues….

Starving Germans Digging Through GarbageToday is my dear mother’s 83rd birthday. She, and my father, literally grew up under Hitler and National Socialism, and survived the years of allied terror bombings, and the deliberate  post war policy of starvation. Thankfully, my mother is still with us today, though it did not look good for her this time last year and for a good portion of 2014. She’s doing much better now. I dedicate this website to my dear mother and my departed father, as well as many of their wonderful German friends who came to Canada after the war (allegedly) ended.  Most are gone now, but they were like kin to me and my siblings. They too remembered and recounted the good times before the war, but also the living hell of the war and the aftermath.

I have a picture of my mother as a young girl, perhaps 7 years old which I would love to post here, but I know that the sickos at TruTube and others of that ilk who have stalked, harrassed and even attempted to extort me, would use it for yet another of their sick and perverted smear campaigns against me, just as they did with pictures of my sister, and of my dear departed brother in spirit Dacajeweiah “Splitting the Sky” … a great man of honour and integrity who inspired me to fight for my people. I do not wish to give these cretins any measure of acknowledgement, but many of you do know what I am talking about. Ask yourself, “who benefits?”. These scumbags have merely exposed themselves for who and what they are, and it should be obvious, especially by their tactics and the resources they have, whose agenda they ultimately serve.

My agenda has always been clearly and publicly stated on my website and in my radio interviews. They hate that, and they hate me for it, just as much as the few morons who cling to the Hollywood version of WWII and who send me their hate-mails, and who even call for the death of all Germans to this day. They should know that at least 90% of the legitimate e-mail I receive comes from people all over the world, of various nationalities, though largely American, British, Canadian and Australian, and that these are very supportive and grateful. Those who have me on Facebook can attest to that fact, as I made many of them public on my wall, without disclosing the full identity of the authors.

My motivations? What my parents told me as a child, about those years and of their young lives stuck with me all of my life. My quest and my fight for the truth began when I was very young and continued through my school years with my “in class” protests of the one-sided propaganda we were being bombarded with in the name of “history”.  That did not make me popular, but I have never been about being popular. It also put me on a career path in the field of criminal justice, as well as into private investigations and then deep research, uncovering many historical fabrications. That led me into activism on many fronts, and eventually back to my own roots, and the issues which I cover on this blog.

I was not born with all of the knowledge and understanding I possess today. Like everyone else, even with the first-hand history I was taught as a child, I was still exposed to and persuaded by a lot of the fear mongering and the popular mythologies propagated by various “gurus” in the so-called “truth movement”,  until I took the time to look deeper and to investigate the facts for myself. I then began to speak out against them. That did not make me popular either. I lost many friends and contacts. But again, I have never been about being popular. Nonetheless, I continued and with this blog, and with my videos, translations and interviews etc, and soon discovered that there were many who had their doubts and were seeking the truth, not just Germans either. Many others of similar background also began to come forward, to share with me their own family histories and experiences, and their personal research and understanding of the facts. These inspire me all the more.

It has been an incredibly humbling experience for me, to know that my efforts have been so well received and supported and to meet other like-minded souls on this journey. I do not claim to know everything and I continue to learn from many who have gone before me, and my contemporaries today. I read, listen, watch and learn as much as I can, and give credit where it is due. I also know well, the challenges, opposition, personal attacks and hatred that all of these people have endured in speaking out and putting forth their research. There is no profit in this movement. It often boils down to mere personal survival. There are also those who claim to be your friend and want to offer support, but who have their own agendas and then turn on you and become malicious in a heart beat when you don’t validate them. That, I think, is enough to drive some people over the edge and to make them throw in the towel, and even try to recant their own research. Again, who benefits? But that has not been the case with me. My website has remained up, and my videos etc are still here. So am I.

Those few who know me well, and whom I most trust, know what has gone on in my life in this past year and the challenges I have faced, thank you for your confidence and support, which I knew I could count on. But I wish to thank, with all of my heart, all of those who knew nothing of what was going on, and yet supported me, kept the faith, and battled on the front lines in my absence to defend my work and my reputation, and that of my people, here, on Facebook and other social media. I love you all! To all of those who wrote to me, who inquired of my well being, and all those who sent me so many letters of gratitude and of support for my efforts, thank you so much! I have now, finally, read almost all of the e-mails and have done my best to answer those many, many hundreds of e-mails. And to those who, even in my absence, continued to send me donations in appreciation of this body of work, God bless you all, for while I may have been absent, I have also truly been in need. I worked long and hard at this, 12 to 18 hours per day, seven days per week, to present all of this information to the world for free, while in living well below the poverty level. That continues. As said, there is no money to be made in telling the truth, while those who propagate the lies and continue to fabricate history are living quite comfortably and are heaped with praise.  In the last 6 months, I have begun to build three small enterprises which, if all goes well, will hopefully provide me with the financial resources needed to carry on with my work and with various projects that I have planned. These do, of course, also require work, time and attention. Thus, I will not be able to immediately re-establish and maintain the same pace and volume of work as before, but my work shall resume. As I said in my last interview with Deanna Spingola, I alone will decide when my job here is done and I am not done yet!

Now, all of that said… Liebe Mutter! Alles gute zum Geburtstag. Mein Kampf für Dich, für mein Vater, unsere Familie, Freunde, Verwandtschaft und Volk wird fortgesetzt. Ich werde nicht aufhören. Ich werde nie aufgeben, auch wenn Du Dir deswegen um mich sorgen machst. Ich bin zu diesen Kampf, für die Ehre unseres Volkes und für Gerechtigkeit gerufen. Um mich zu stoppen, werden die Feinde der Wahrheit mich erst festnehmen oder umbringingen müssen. So lange ich noch frei bin, noch atmen, und noch in der Lage dazu bin, werde ich weiterhin schreiben, sagen und tun was geschrieben, gesagt und getan werden muss!


PS for the few people who still think that my flag is upside down, read and learn….

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27 Responses to The Struggle Continues….

  1. BMan says:

    You have been missed!

  2. Victoria says:

    I am so happy you are back!!!!!. I visited repeatedly to see if you posted a new entrance but nothing happened.

  3. Jim says:

    Welcome back. Your efforts are needed.

  4. Steve Atkinson says:

    Hi Wayne

    Thanks for the post. I wasn’t aware of your problems but I’m glad things are looking better for you at the moment.

    I’ve only been aware of your site for a few months but was delighted to find it. I served in Germany for a few years and, as a result, hold Germans in very high esteem – I wish I’d been born German frankly! The crimes that have been comitted against them – throughout the last century and still (when you consider they are still being asked to pay reparations) – are a blight on humanity as well as Germany. God help the perpetrators of these crimes if Germans en masse wake up to the truth!!

    Keep up the good work Wayne, I’ll be donating soon.
    Kindest regards

  5. Anton Wolf says:

    Schön, dass Sie zurück bist Wayne! Ich dachte alle das Schlimmste, aber schön zu sehen, da Sie wieder aktive sind. Halten Sie die gute Arbeit! 😉 Und alles Gute zum Geburtstag für Ihre mutige und stolze Mutter.

    Deutscher Gruß, Anton

  6. irokoin says:

    Its nice to see you back, we’ve missed you… The Struggle Continues indeed, take care.

  7. khejr says:

    Wayne: I was so pleased to receive this email. I, like many others, have missed you and your efforts over this past year, it’s good to know you are alright and your mother is doing well.  My history is similar to yours- our family moved to the US in 1956 when I was 3. My dad, uncles and grandpa all fought for the Third Reich and they were the “true” survivors. My father was captured in Paris following D-day and was in American POW camps until 1947. My grandpa, who spoke German, Russian and Polish spent several years in the Soviet gulags but lived until age 93 in Bavaria. My mother grew up in Eastern Germany during the war and witnessed many atrocities by the Soviets. She is still with us at age 86 today living in New Jersey. I particularly like the last paragraph in your recent post, written in German, where you explain your mission to your mother. I have tried to articulate the same thing to my mother and she said that I should never speak such things and that she is frightened for me but I continue in whatever way I can to speak the truth, as I see it. As a side note, a cousin who lives in Celle, Germany, who I had not seen in 50 years came to visit me in Tennessee earlier this year. I had to practice my German which I stopped speaking regularly at home at age 5. Wilfried’s English was pretty good so we got along reasonably well. He is very “anti Nazi” and when I explained to him that Germans do not understand their own history he looked quite befuddled and quickly changed the subject. I love him and the rest of my family. All except the nuclear family is still living in Germany- in Regensburg, Celle and Berlin I am grateful to you for your honesty and courage. Vielen Dank. Kurt

  8. altepeter says:

    Good to hear your voice again; I thought “they” had suppressed you.

  9. Buthaina says:

    Welcome back dear Wayne

  10. john palmer says:

    Many happy returns of the day to your mother and apologies to her from an Englishman for how his country treated the German people.

  11. Ragen says:

    You and your work are appreciated deeply by those who value the truth – Thank you!

  12. Kristian says:

    I’m glad to hear from you. I admit I was worried. Good to have you back Wayne !

  13. Vic S. says:

    Hello Mr Wayne, I am verry happy to hear of you again. I recognise myself a bit in your story. Altough I am no German, I live in Belgium. But my two uncles fought at the side of the Germans at the eastern front as volunteers. The only person who is still alive of my family is my mother. She is 84 and fled to Germany with her sister and parents when the Americans entered Belgium. I grew up with the knowlidge, my uncles were fighting to keep Europe free from the communists and on the other side the constant holywood propaganda on TV and film against the Germans. I admire your strenght and your currage to continue this struggle. You have all my sympathy and love. I thank you for all you have done and still will do.
    Kind regards,
    Vic S.

    • Thank you so much for this and your support. I appreciate it!

    • Anton Wolf says:

      Gelukkig om te zien dat er nog mensen zijn uit België die de kosjere onzin niet slikken. 😉
      (Happy to see that there are still people from Belgium who don’t swallow the kosher bullshit)

      Groeten, Anton

      • Vic S. says:

        Ook groeten, Anton. Woon jij ook in België? (Also greetings, Anton. Do you also live in Belgium?)
        Kind regards,

    • Anton Wolf says:

      Hallo Vic,

      Ja ik woon ook in België, maar leuk om te zien dat er in België nog mensen zijn die vrij kunnen denken. Vandaag was het maar een vrij deprimerende dag voor de vrij denkende mens, U zal het ook wel ondervonden hebben zeker… Dat ik het hier ook in het Engels bijzet is om niet associaal over te komen.

      Yes, I also live in Belgium, but it is fine to see that there are still people in Belgium who think free. Today was a very depressing day for the free-thinking people,
      You will also have encountered it… I put it also in English so i don’t become associal.

      Groeten, Anton

  14. Kristy Gillespie says:

    I am glad you are back and doing well. Happy birthday to your mother! I have missed your information, you do a great work fighting for truth. It is a struggle now, but truth and right will win in the end. “They” will have nothing.

  15. Nathan Green says:

    Wow. It was a great and happy surprise to see my inbox with a notification of this new post. Glad things are better.

  16. Brian says:

    Welcome back Wayne. You’ve been missed! 😃

  17. Karl Stice says:

    Dear Wayne,

    I am so happy to hear that you are in good health and back to posting on your website.

    As soon as I figure out how to get my funds transferred from PayPal ( because, strangely, now they ask one to go through the hoops of providing a credit card number or bank account RIB, which seems mighty suspicious….), I will be sending my support to your work.

    Best regards!,

    Karl Stice

  18. ositobonito4 says:

    I am glad that some one out there is telling the truth that has been denied to us all for so many years. All the lies that the Jewish controlled news media told us of what happened before, during and after WWII were taken for granted by the whole world. Now the truth is finally coming up. just like the truth of 9/11, the assassination of the two brothers, the Kennedys all these crimes were perpetrated by the same cabal that is now controlling the US government for the sake of a pariah bunch of nomads who never had any land in history and are stealing the land of Palestine.

  19. Noska says:

    Ever heard the old saying “History is written by the victors?” You’re up against 3 or 4 generations of people indoctrinated with anti-Germanism via Ally recounted and approved history in modern education systems. I speak as an US Citizen educated in such a system. The recurrent theme was “America is ALWAYS right”. We spent very little time focusing on learning about the rest of the world unless it was about how we allegedly saved the day and the world can’t survive without us. Then there is mass media doctoring the news we receive. Anyone who doesn’t go along with this is treated like a leper in hopes of shutting him or her up. Please don’t get discouraged and allow them to shut you up too.

  20. David Weaver says:

    As with all the others I am glad you have returned. Thank you for taking the time to answer my email. This is a hard struggle as I am sure most are in the same boat and the truth is suppressed even by our own families. I take a lot of opposition from my own wife and kids. They just don’t want to discuss anything that opposes what they’ve always believed to be true. For many it is more comfortable to remain in darkness. There is a false comfort in staying with the majority even if it is wrong. sadly this is a lonely battle for all of us. I have faced more opposition than I did when I became a Christian 34 years ago and then my family told me they would rather me be back on drugs than turned on to Jesus. So I am familiar with what is it like when you find TRUTH.
    Again thanks for your work. “Strength through Joy” KDF

  21. A fantastic site, keep up the great work.

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