VIDEO: Christopher Sandau Testifies in his Own Defence to Bogus ‘Neo-Nazi’ Claims

A 33 year old Canadian man was falsely accused of being a “Neo-Nazi” and fired from his position as a paid Minor Hockey Coach in North Delta, BC, Canada in early November, 2014.  He was never charged with any crime, but has vilified in the media (locally, nationally and internationally), and defamed by unscrupulous reporters looking for an easy target to bait and to smear for a sensational headline story. They got it. But they did not count on this!

In this video, filmed on November 11th, 2014., Christopher provides his own testimony as to what happened regarding his firing while being interviewed in private by a group of concerned citizens who had never met him before, but who are concerned with his plight, as well as the power of a very corrupt and biased media.

This could have a life long impact for Chris and so we are doing everything in our power to help him. The decision to fire him must be challenged and the media must be held to account for their reckless and callous actions. They are counting on no one defending this man. Let’s prove them wrong. Let’s not let them get away with it, or they will keep on doing it.

There are always two sides to every story. Why does the media not want you to hear it? This man has his to tell, and we Germans have ours to tell. We are now telling it and we intend to hold liars and allied war criminals to account.

If the world wants peace, it needs to finally learn the truths that have been withheld, however uncomfortable they may be.

Who is it that doesn’t want you to know or to even question, and why?  What agenda is served by withholding the facts? Who benefits?

Not the common people who want to live in freedom and in peace!

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PS. As you can see when you read through all of the various articles (and there are many more) that they are not actually reporting facts, but just repeating what was said elsewhere. Nor do they give adequate room (if any) for rebuttal. Where comments are allowed. the gullible sheeple just chime in to agree, and “go along to get along”.

We ask that our readers send letters to the editors and post comments, in an intelligent and factual manner and not engage in their tactics. Insults and derogatory terms do not educate and do not help our cause. Thank you.

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2 Responses to VIDEO: Christopher Sandau Testifies in his Own Defence to Bogus ‘Neo-Nazi’ Claims

  1. Jim says:

    Much respect Mr. Sandau. Thank you.

  2. ItWasMe says:

    Salute. I have a feeling we will have more stories like these coming up very soon. Funny enough on one of the links it says that Sandau is a pro-Nazi and anti-Semite like its the ultimate evil and racist. I bet you if he were a pro-Semite (pro-Zionist) and anti-Nazi, he would have been paraded as a hero, like those a-holes from the Weasel-heim.

    Double standards mutch….

    The Zionists empire that was build on lies and blood is starting to fall apart. We need more heroes like this that do not advocate hate, but bring important topics like these to the sheeple.

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