German Ingenuity Provides a Means to Protect Earnings Against Inflation and Increase Your Wealth

Earlier this year I became an affiliate member of Karatbars International, a German company based in Stuttgart. The company was founded in 2011 serving a handful of European countries, but are now doing business in over 120 countries worldwide. Why? What are Karatbars? Well, this is pure German genius! Karatbars are are small denominations of pure gold bullion embedded into a card the size of a credit card, with built in certification, and which can be used as an alternative pure gold currency, right now or in the future, when the global financial system financially crashes. Please watch the above 21 minute introductory ‘overview’ video.

karatbar_classicI have long understand the problem of Fiat Currency and Usury, and the value of owning gold as a hedge against inflation. But at today’s prices, most people simply could never afford gold, including me. Karatbars makes it affordable! But there is much more.

With Karatbars, we can protect our earnings and have a ready made, alternative, private issue, global gold currency in our hands. These will pay for a tank of gas or a cart full of groceries, or a new set of clothes. By informing others about this, we can help to ensure the survival of our local communities and economies from the coming global financial crash. But we can also earn great residual passive income and even FREE gold for referring others!

inflationIt costs nothing to sign up as an affiliate member. You can refer others and earn straight commissions without any purchases. But if you want to earn greater commissions in perpetuity, you can acquire a affiliate package for as little as Euro 99.00 or $130.00 US which unlocks the door to a life time of earnings.

The affiliate program is like no other on Earth. It provides us a means for “compound earnings” that far exceed the rate of inflation! But this is no “pyramid scheme” or “MLM”.  The real pyramid scheme is Central Banking and the usury system.  This is a perfectly legal and legitimate  E-commerce company with a great and timely product.

There are absolutely no purchase requirements.  We do not buy products and sell them to others. We simply acquire gold and refer others to the company, and they do the same. In this system, it is entirely possible for someone below to do better than someone who is above. The beauty of it is, that this is all still in its infancy!

I must add that Karatbars International is rock solid financially, debt free, and does not deal with the banksters, except insofar as it is necessary to process payments within the current money system. The company is also not listed on any stock exchange! Nonetheless, the company is growing rapidly and recently moved to a much larger office complex in Stuttgart to keep up with the global demand.

We affiliates are in essence the real “share holders” and are its life blood. There is no usury, no debt and compound interest involved here! It is a closed system in which we can begin to exchange our nearly worthless paper and digital debt-based fiat currency for something real, which holds its value: pure currency grade gold bullion, in a secure, practical and “spendable” form.

I have researched this fully and have been doing it myself. I invite my readers to also take advantage and secure your position now by registering your free account under my sponsorship. Then, acquire your affiliate package a.s.a.p. at whatever level you can afford to get into the Dual Team system. That unlocks the door for perpetual earnings through referring others, who then do the same.

Duplication is what the affiliate program is all about! As said in the video, if you were offered a choice of 1 million dollars or a penny which would double in value, each day, for a month, which would you take? Most would take the million dollars. But the penny would increase into over 10 million dollars within 30 days! That is the power of duplication! That is why I say this is about “compound earnings” as opposed to the “compound interest” of the International Bankster Gangsters who control the paper money, print it and charge interest to enslave us all!  So now we have a real remedy and a system that benefits us, we the people, not “them”!

What is also great about the Karatbars Affiliate program, is that we activists can use our earnings to fund our projects and activities, and not have to merely rely only on donations. Indeed, there are many movements, groups and individuals who could benefit from this. Think about it!

Furthermore, if you are a business owner, you can also participate for free in the global “K-Exchange” program and register your company on the Karatbars site as a business which accepts Karatbars in exchange for goods and services.  You can also have custom designed Karatbars gold cards made up for advertising purposes, and as gifts for your customers.  There are also many “specialty cards” available which make great and valuable gifts, such as this:

So, if you are interested, whether in becoming an affiliate member or simply becoming a customer and acquiring gold, I invite you to register your free account under my sponsorship with this link:

Next, choose “registration”  and then “affiliate” or “customer”.  I also advise you to choose your “user name” wisely, as that will form part of your own public referral link.

Thank you for reading and watching the video. I look forward to welcoming you to the global Karatbars family, and am also here to provide support to those who join my team.

Finally, whether through participating in the Karatbars program, through making donations, purchasing books through my Amazon affiliate book store, or simply by sharing my posts and videos, etc  I thank you and wish you all a great Christmas holiday season!


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3 Responses to German Ingenuity Provides a Means to Protect Earnings Against Inflation and Increase Your Wealth

  1. Jane says:

    Genius doesnt even come close to describing it- it is a brilliant way to regain control of our money and take back our sovereignty and freedom! Harald Seiz is the man!

  2. Andrew Daines says:

    Wayne. What is your program through Karatbars to support those that join under you?

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for the enquiry. I hate to ‘toot my own horn’, but my upline sponsor will tell you that no one provides better support from start to finish than I do, nor provides the information and tools that I offer. It really takes up a lot of my time, but I want people to have the best chance for success. If they succeed, I succeed, and we all succeed. It’s that simple. I’ll send you an e-mail 😉

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