Radio Interview with Deanna Spingola, November 24th, 2014

Deanna Spingola


I was honoured to be Deanna Spingola’s guest on Monday, November 24th, 2014, along with my friend Chris Sandau. I talked a little bit about this past year and some things that have happened, and I reiterated what my mission is, and what it is not. We discussed my approach and the impact that my efforts have had, in spite of efforts to derail me. I also shared a few random e-mails that I have received.  Finally, I was then very pleased to introduce Chris to Deanna and to her listening audience, and he did a great job speaking about his own ordeal over the past few weeks after losing his job as a minor hockey coach.

Thank you Deanna for the invitation, for your continued support of my work, for Chris, and for your dedication to truth and justice for the German people!

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Following the show, I received the following e-mail comment from a fellow German, which I feel compelled to share:

“The charge of hatred comes up a lot when trying to defend German honour. If you don’t like that people sling mud at your heritage, you must be a “hater”. In other words: love the mudslinger, and don’t even mind the mud. So many twisted minds resulting from decades of propaganda!   Well, I have to confess that I am a hater. I hate injustice, lies, dishonesty, humiliation, bullying, and extortion. Can’t help myself. ” ~ Fritz

Well said !


PS  To the one and only person complaining to me about receiving my posts via e-mail, it is because YOU subscribed, and NOT because I am sending them out. If you no longer want to receive them, please don’t complain to me. Simply UNSUBSCRIBE.  If you are not smart enough to accomplish that, find someone who is. Because I am tired of you too.

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3 Responses to Radio Interview with Deanna Spingola, November 24th, 2014

  1. Gary says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Another great interview and excellent post. I must say that after decades of observation and thought, I have come to the sad realization that the average Anglo mindset is terribly warped. The Anglo psyche is, in fact, literally toxified. I think that this intellectual poisoning is mainly the result of deep cultural flaws, aberrant programming, intellectual laziness (and willful ignorance), as well as innate ethnic foibles: read credulity, gullibility, and a strange penchant for fantasy and delusion.
    Mix up this ideological witches brew with the drip-feed of alien media subversion, and, Bingo, you have the self-destructive, walking-talking Anglo paradox, who is not only dangerous to himself, but very dangerous to others who he misperceives as beneath his “moral plane”.

  2. Brian Ruhe says:

    Hi Wayne, The link that says mp3 is the wrong one on your link to the talk. It’s one I heard before. The correct link is the one an inch or more below the mp3 link. I’ve been listening, thanks. Brian

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