Video: Christmas in the Third Reich – Weihnachten im Dritten Reich

For your Christmas enjoyment, here is a collage of video clips and still images, primarily from the war years, combined with traditional German Christmas music. It begins with an excerpt from a speech by Adolf Hitler announcing the national Winter Hilfswerk (public Winter Help Service) with my English narration, followed by a news reel concerning collection of needed clothes and goods, food, blankets etc for the soldiers on the Eastern Front (with English subs).

There are many images included here of both civilians, leadership and soldiers celebrating Christmas. There is also a clip from a U-Boot crew in the Caribbean celebrating Christmas. And finally, at the at the very end, I have included the amazing, historical “Weihnachtsringsendung” (Christmas Ring Broadcast) which took place via military two-way radio and the domestic public airwaves. With this broadcast, the entire German nation at home, and their soldiers, sailors and airmen on all fronts of the war, were joined together for a few minutes via radio on Christmas Eve 1942, to sing “Stille Nacht” (Silent Night).  It was a miraculous, and a very uplifting display of national solidarity and Christian brotherly love:  the very things National Socialism stood for, and which only the forced war under the combined might of the corrupt Allied Nations could destroy.


At this time, I would like to thank all of my regular readers, and all who share my posts on various Social Media platforms, and thereby help to spread the word. Thank you to those of you have shared with me your comments in so many e-mails, blog comments, as well as on Facebook etc. Thank you also to those who have shared information with me which I have been able to incorporate into my blog posts.  It takes courage to join with this movement and to publicly stand up for truth and justice for Germans. I really appreciate it!

I especially want to thank those of you who have donated financially to this cause and towards my continued efforts. It is a labour of love and also a duty for me as a German to do whatever I can to correct the historical record on behalf of my people, as well as for all humanity, which desperately needs to understand the true history if we are to ever achieve “Peace on Earth”.

This work requires an immense amount of time, energy, and sacrifice, and is not without personal risks.  If you have not already done, then I would ask you to please consider making a donation to help keep me going.  Cheers!

Thank you and Merry Christmas / Danke!  Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Hitler - Merry Christmas

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7 Responses to Video: Christmas in the Third Reich – Weihnachten im Dritten Reich

  1. Vic says:

    Dear Mr. Wayne,
    I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New year. I also want to thank you for all the work you do, to set right the injustice done to the German people.

    • Dear Vic, thank you very much. The same for you and yours! The following commentary is not said or in reply to you specifically, but more as an addendum to my post, and as further clarification of my position.

      My struggle “Justice for Germans” is the continuation of an almost century long struggle for my people. That too was Hitler’s struggle. But it is also the struggle for all of humanity against those who have enslaved this world: the International Bankster Gangsters, self-described “International Jewry”. Those whom the Lord Jesus Christ himself said “call themselves Jews and are not”. Thus, it is an over 2,000 year long battle against those who have insinuated themselves into our midst, in every nation, for the express purpose of destroying and enslaving humanity with every insidious method and device at their command, and who keep us fighting one another, instead of them, at our own expense, to our own demise. And it is they who would also would have us believe that Christ never existed, or who who twist his message and his sacrifice to suit and to exalt themselves. In biblical terms, it goes back much further, but I will leave it there.

      Adolf Hitler, a Christian, also understood this. That is why “they” so violently opposed National Socialism from the outset, with every lie, method and “damnable heresy” they could think of, and why they declared war against Germany as soon as he came to power in 1933, and finished it with the firebombing of civilians and barbarous rape, pillage, plunder, starvation and genocide. And it is “they” who, to this day, “call evil good, and good evil” as the prophets said. They declare themselves “righteous”. Sadly, even today, there are many who fancy themselves as National Socialists but are so deluded by the propaganda, that they gladly assume the “Nazi” epithet, believing it to have been a pagan cult, and thus, do they the will of our enemy, and the work of the devil, “the father of all lies”.

      The “Himmlerites” hate me for saying so as much as those who promulgated the lies from the start; “they” who used that false image of National Socialism to encourage other Christians to fight us (or each other). Although, in fairness, much of what is attributed to Himmler was also falsified. Such people prefer the lies and are apparently happy to be the tools of the enemy. They totally ignore all of Hitler’s statements and policies, and they besmirch the beautiful, truly Christian legacy of brotherly love that National Socialism was. It was positive, practical Christianity as preached by the apostles, and who to their deaths had also warned of the infiltration which would pervert and subvert the true Gospel of Christ, as we see everywhere now in the materialistic, mammon worshipping, Zionist infested churches today. They all preach “another gospel”, and not that of Christ. They worship those whom deceive them, and “are of their father the devil”, “a liar from the beginning”, “the father of all lies”.

      Hitler took hundreds of slaps to the face and “turned the other cheek” until war was forced upon him and he eventually declared “today we are firing back!”. We Germans, since the end of World War I, and even more so during and after World War II, have endured millions of slaps and so much worse, and have “turned the other cheek” hoping it will one day end. Sadly, many Germans today have succumbed and have given in to the lies and to the liars, their very enslavers, and worship them. Today, I am firing back, on behalf of my people, and on behalf of the world!

      I invite ALL people of conscience, with a moral compass and of integrity, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion or creed to put aside their pride, and to finally see and understand the pack of lies that have been told and sold about Germany, Hitler, National Socialism and World War II (and used as a model and method of operations to this day against others), and to join the battle for truth, justice, and peace for the survival of mankind.

      Only thus, might we ever see “Peace on Earth!” and will have a hope of maintaining it.

      Without apology,


  2. johannes3v16 says:

    Reblogged this on John3v16.

  3. RickB says:

    Merry Christmas, Wayne. Glad to see you back in the saddle fighting for truth and justice. Thank you for it. Alleluiah.

  4. Ian Black. says:

    Wayne, I am with you 100% of the way on your Journey for peace and justice for the wrongs that were brought against your great people.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful 2015.


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