Germany’s Klagemauer TV Reports on America’s ‘Invisible Government’ and Their Role in the World Wars

Earlier this year I stumbled upon some YouTube videos from a German news source called “Klagemauer TV” which offers alternative news reports and views on current events primarily in the German language, but also often with translations in a variety of languages. I found them quite good, but generally within the normal realm of topics covered by the alternative media concerning such topics as Geo-politics, finance, vaccines, chemtrails, etc. Recently, however, I again came across several more of their reports that really caught my attention and wish to share with my audience.

Klagemauer TV has begun to distinguish themselves from the rest of the alternative media, both in Germany and abroad, by occasionally delving into the topics nearest to my heart, from an honest German perspective, rather the normal regurgitated pack of lies, written by the victorious ALL LIES, and parroted in unison by both the MSM and alternative media. They have now stepped into the “Verboten Zone” in the FRG/BRD, questioning the blame for the war and the real reasons for it. This is quite remarkable for a number of reasons, but I think particularly as it is coming from the younger generation of Germans, using modern technology in a very classy news format, almost indistinguishable from the MSM broadcasts, except that they are asking legitimate questions and presenting facts which contradict the victor’s version of history.  Also, this is not coming from stereotypical tattoo covered white male “skinheads” and black clad “Neo-Nazis” extremists that the media likes to portray.

This video was published on December 4th, 2014 and is entitled “Die unsichtbare Regierung der USA” (The Invisible Government of the USA). While only about 3 minutes in length, it goes well beyond what the title suggests, delving rapidly into some critical facts concerning Germany and both World War I and II, and the reasons or agendas behind those wars.

Congratulations to the presenter and those behind the scenes who wrote and produced this. Germans are waking up and speaking out! I will be posting another recent video and with English translation later which deals more specifically with World War II.

NOTE: It is entirely in German with no English subtitles or overdubs. I have translated the text and present it for you below.

TRANSLATION: “And now, Dear Viewers, we continue with our program from Heidelberg with the story of ‘The Invisible Government of the USA’.

Just as Otto von Bismark was finally able to unite the Germans again, the German Empire and also the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, suddenly became the thorn in the eye of the British world powers. Britain feared Germany’s growing prosperity. The economic competitor was then cleared away by fomenting the First World War. The imposed Dictates of Versailles sought to eliminate the German competition forever. Germany’s territory and gold were stolen. Because of the alleged war guilt, crippling debts were imposed on the empire. Germany had to borrow money at outrageous interest rates from the private World Bank just to exist.

Over the next 20 years, through inflation, our Fatherland was plunged into the darkest period of our modern history. Winston Churchill in 1933 stated:

“If Germany does not return to the gold standard there will be another war in five years, regardless of who fires the first shot”.

Because of Churchill’s evil plot against Europe, Germany lost the Second World War and Great Britain had lost her Empire.  Germany was reduced to rubble, more German territory was stolen and then our remaining land was divided in East and West.  All German technology and patents were stolen.  Thanks only to the Bolshevik threat, Germany was tolerated as an American satellite. The German spirit of self-sacrifice was then bound by the chains of materialism and multiculturalism.

Through the intrigues of Franklin D Roosevelt, America became the New World Power. Who really rules the American people and its government became clear before World War I. In order to alleviate the downward economic cycle and financial difficulties, the private world banks, through their gold and cash reserves, convinced the government of President Wilson to establish the Federal Reserve Board. In return, the Federal Reserve was initially only involved as a consultant in the financial and economic matters of the government.

Thus, the door was opened, and over time, through their political whores, and both real and created economic crises, wars, etc, the Federal Reserve became the “Invisible Government” of the United States. The interests of the people were replaced by the greed of the World Bank and of their various corporate bodies. America has sold his soul to the devil, and thus, lost any right to call itself a ‘democracy’

In closing, dear viewers, I leave you with a very fitting quote from Major General J.F. Charles Fuller:

“It was not the political goals of Hitler that brought us to war. It was his success in building a new financial system. The roots of this war lie in greed, jealousy and fear.”


One Dollar

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10 Responses to Germany’s Klagemauer TV Reports on America’s ‘Invisible Government’ and Their Role in the World Wars

  1. Byron J Swafford, Jr. says:

    We have all found out that just about everything that happens is because of greed and cash money. The wars against Germany were the same as the United States Civil War. Dollars were the reason for it also. The North didn’t fight to free slaves, it was over the North wanting to make sure the South remained agricultural, and not industrial. We grow the cotton for pennies, while They make the clothes for dollars. If someone had told Union Soldiers they were dying to free the slaves, most would have went home. The Norths Leadership may have wanted the slaves freed, but not to move to Detroit or NYC! You can be free in Atlanta or Memphis, don’t move up North! We don’t want you!
    Hitler was a smart and great leader, but he didn’t belong to “The Club”. He wasn’t related to the Royalty that was in place throughout Europe’s leaders. Those Royalty were scared to death of Heer Hitler. For once there was a strong leader in Germany that wasn’t in “The Club”, someone They couldn’t control! So they started a World War over Hitlers nationalism, the Germans couldn’t be allowed to regain their losses after WW1, They were going to punish Germans even more with their Treaty of Versallies. A Treaty that guaranteed another World War would happen soon, a World War to get rid of this Leader who wasn’t in “The Club”. You might say “The Germans started WW2” but you would be mistaken. France and Britian started it. If they were willing to start a war by guaranteeing to come to Polands aid, why did they do Nothing? They didn’t send troops to help Poland, and they turned a blind eye when the Communists took half of Poland. Where was their Declaration of War on the USSR? Those Countries were willing to fight and die for Poland? Not a chance!
    What they didn’t expect was the costs to do it! For once a regular person made it to the very top in Hitler and Germany. He may have lost the World War, but those in “The Club” paid dearly. France was never the World Power again, and Britain lost 3/4’s of their Empire as a result. In the USA, we paid too. All those rich Jewish Bankers ran for New York or Los Angeles when Hitler came to power. The average American has been paying the bill for their greed, scams, and vice that THEY make billions of Dollars on every day. Dollars…it’s what makes the World go around! Way back then and still today. Just ask that 1% that has 99% of the Worlds wealth…

  2. Wiseoldlady says:

    Absolutely correct.

  3. Isaac says:

    The world Jewry declared war on Germany and this title was printed on the New York Times long before the WWII. The Jews Rothschild’s did not like that Hitler started printing his own money and trading good and industry with other countries by bartering. Hitler turned Germany from the poorest country into the most advanced and self sufficient country in the whole Europe. his irritated the hell out of the Jews who want the control of the money supply in the whole world.

  4. Thomas Cross says:

    Its quiet painful and sad to see and hear how the sadist have continued to manipulate, twist and fabricate the truth about the Great German. Remember the true and strong protestants started with former german catholic priest Martin Luther who was famously excommunicated as a heretic by Pope Leo X in 1520. There are well known people who want to create the “New World Order” Knowing how versatile German has been they decided to start spinning lies to show the world that German was guilt of WW11. These people control USA ,Israel(khazar people) and Vatican (Black Pope).They control the world wealth. They have managed to plunder and disrupt Arab spring,egyptian revolution,libyan uprising,syria uprising and occupy wall street.They are using murderous mercenary army to create a Reich whose aim is One leader,One budget,One programme,One office. Can Justice 4 German contain this grope? Let us remember that
    “Tradition Changes but truth NEVER change”

  5. Jim says:

    We know the truth and it is brutal. Now what can we do about it? OK, we can continue to “wake people up”, which I agree to be necessary…but we need a plan to beat these creatures and of course an end goal. The vermin at the top of all this “have gotta go” to put it very mildly. Lamp posts and ropes would be truly lovely but we are quite a few steps from there I would think. A movement needs to be global in scope to solve this problem because the cockroaches are everywhere and just scurry away as usual unless caught. Anyone feeling (bulletproof) and Presidential?

  6. Isaac says:

    Yes Jim, I agree with you 100%. but these reptiles get their victims by the neck like all the predators, they control the governments first so they can easily control the people even against their will and against their religion and principles like in the Arab countries that more than 90% of the people are against Israel but their governments do the will of the Jews.

  7. Jim says:

    Absolutely spot on I would say…with one minor correction Isaac: there is no need to bang on about Jew this or Jew that, those kinds of words are not helpful, not warranted, not accurate and can become boring (perhaps illegal – choose your battles wisely).
    We all know, or are waking up to the facts that there is a major f’n problem and the “problem” has been caught red handed. One would be wise to be very precise in their choice of words. One can not defeat an enemy if one does not correctly identify said enemy my friend. Call the buggers zios or Martians or pinkos or whatever you please…the problem is an old one…


    Comment Edited: Jim, please follow your own advice here!

    • I welcome comments, but will post them (or not) at my discretion. I also reserve the right to edit them if they they stray too far, are factually incorrect or possibly illegal, or might bring my website into disrepute, or if they promote and agenda which I do not subscribe to.

      With respect to the term “Jews” let us be clear that those who identify themselves as “Jews” do not even agree on what they mean by that. Therefore in my blog posts I generally refer to them as “self-described Jews”. But it should also be said that everyone who calls themselves a “Jew” is in fact one. But nor should it ever be said or implied that all who call themselves “Jews” are of one mind, behave “the same” and support the “same agenda” or are all “evil”, “immoral” etc.

      I ask everyone to please stay on topic with what is presented. Thank you.

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