World War II Truth vs the New World Order

As was indicated in the  Klagemauer TV report which I posted about the “58 Declarations of War against Germany”, the first came from self-described “Judea” or “World Jewry” in 1933, immediately following the democratic election of the NSDAP government and the appointment by President von Hindenburg as Chancellor. That is not a “conspiracy theory” nor “hate speech” (except to those who hate truth and inconvenient facts) and is not an “antisemitic” statement except to those fraudulently claim to be “semites” and are not, and also by their ignorant dupes and paid stooges.  Mainstream news archives of these events from that era (including pictures) of the subsequent worldwide boycotts abound.

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It was a financial and economic war against Germany fuelled by atrocity propaganda from start to finish. Except, it never really finished.  This “declaration of war” was not just rhetoric that was forgotten about the next day or the next week.  This was rapidly followed by a very well organized boycott and many dozens of subsequent anti-German propaganda articles intended not only to incite external hatred against Germans, but also to subvert the “democratically” expressed will of the German people, and the agenda put forth by the new government in their 25 point platform.

It was a campaign of extortion, racketeering, and economic and political terrorism through atrocity propaganda. And this is the same Method of Operations is still used today against other countries which attempt to truly assert their sovereignty; their social, political and economic independence, and their culture and religious convictions, which make them a unique and distinct nation with an inherent right to exist amongst other free and equal nations, as God intended.  Those who oppose that could only be “godless atheists” or perhaps, people who serve “another god” with another agenda, which is at odds with God the Creator, and has been since creation. It is they who have a global “New World Order” agenda and who seek to impose their will and their laws upon the world, and to enforce conformity, submission and subservience to them and their agenda, and to make the world safe for themselves, and a Hell Hole for the rest of humanity, under the guise of liberty for all.

This so-called “NWO agenda”, as many others in the “truth movement” have shown, goes back demonstrably to at least 1776 with Adam Weishaupt and the “Bavarian Illuminati”, the various orders of the Freemasons, the Rothschild banking family, the fomenting of various national revolutions, and the Napoleonic wars, and various forms of infiltration, including within Christianity (which few mention), as well as with the advent and control of the mass media, which not only reports news, but shapes opinions and drives their agenda. And of course, the Rothschilds were also behind financing opposing sides and reaping huge profits while driving nations into debt and interest servitude (which National Socialism opposed).  The political agenda really began to manifest itself openly with the Congress of Vienna, then with Marxist Communism and the Liberal Democratic movements, but these were impeded for a time by the founding of the Second German Reich, culminating in the totally planned First World War, which the German Kaiser had tried desperately to avoid, in vain.

The results of that war were the Balfour Declaration (promise of Palestine to the so-called “Jews”, the Treaty (Dictates) of Versailles, and the break up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and finally, the dark forces behind this agenda brought about the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the institution by a minority of “internationalist” Liberal Democrats and Marxists of the Weimar Republic. And of course, to the establishment of the League of Nations. Parallel to all of this, of course, was also the bloody Russian Bolshevik Revolution with the slaughter of the Czar and his family, with many more horrors in the aftermath. That was followed by the rapid spreading of that revolution and its godless creed to other nations in Europe, through the Comintern (Communist International), the  tentacles of which quickly took root in Germany, along with the efforts of an “internationalist” media brought about an internal collapse of moral and support for the troops in the trenches.

Germany capitulated and sought a just peace, but was instead handed the full blame and the enormous bill for the war, while under the gun, and through a deliberate policy of mass starvation by the British. She was forced to disarm and was rendered essentially powerless to defend herself against enemies, foreign or domestic.  The country was sliced and diced with great portions of her ancestral territories ripped away and given to others, along with the inhabitants of those territories. New, hostile and politically volatile nations were built around her. Her industrial region was occupied and hijacked by the French, and her economy destroyed. The German media became dominated by foreign elements with international agendas. German national pride, honour and dignity was imploded, while a new and insane form of government with dozens of competing parties was established, often headed by self-interested wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Chaos and bitter internal divisions were the order of the day, as in old times, leaving the country largely ungovernable, and hence, unable to come to a consensus on a practical course of action for the collective good of the German people.

This was no accident or naturally occurring chain of events. It was premeditated murder, destruction and dismemberment on a never before seen scale, carried out by the leaders of self-described “civilized nations”, while their ‘victory drunk’ and propagandized citizens went along for the ride. They surely did not understand who was at the wheel, and what the long-term consequences would be, not only for Germany, but their own nations and themselves as individuals.

The so-called “peace treaty” was not the “war to end all wars” as advertised.  It was a continuation of war by different means, though not merely towards Germany, as would be demonstrated in due course. If by some miracle, Germany was able to finally unite and begin to wrest back control of her own destiny from the global masters of terror and tyranny, those forces would ensure a second World War to finish her off. And that is what eventually happened, though not merely for the sake of destroying Germany.

Let us not forget (or in case you did not know), National Socialism was firstly “national” and not “international” and truly “socialist”, not Marxist Communist, concerned with the welfare of the nation as an organic whole, working together for their mutual benefit, NOT for a particular class, and also NOT with a “global agenda” as the liars have led the world to believe. Communism is a “global agenda” and they were well represented in Germany. National Socialism was not financed by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers as so many liars in the “truth movement” would have us believe. Nor did the NS happen overnight. It was a truly “grass roots” movement and took 13 years of hard work and even bloodshed to come to fruition. Success was also never in any way guaranteed. It almost didn’t.

What made the National Socialist movement unique? How was it different from those who sought a world revolution? Hitler always said that his struggle was against international Bolshevist Marxism and unbridled international Capitalism or “High Finance”, as well as, against freemasonic “internationalism” which deludes the world about its true goals of domination through “world government” for the benefit of a few. And of course, his struggle was for justice for Germans and freedom from the devilish Dictates of Versailles brought about by the same “internationalists”.  He and the NSDAP saw who was behind it and was pulling the strings, and whose agenda was being served at the expense of the Germans, and he called them out.  So, is it any wonder then that they fought him and the National Socialists tooth and nail in the streets, in the beer halls, and in the courts and halls of power? Or that they slandered him and his party, and distorted what National Socialism truly stood for in the domestic and international media? By the way, Hitler also said “National Socialism is not for export!” It was intended for Germans and by Germans, and of the Germans.

See my posts: The National Socialist Philosophy explained in the foreign press in 1933
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I should add too, that many people still suffer from the delusion that all of the other parties were non-militant, peace-loving, law abiding democrats. But other parties also had uniformed paramilitaries, and the Communists especially resorted to violence.  Indeed, Germany was on the brink of civil war.  Most people still know nothing of the despair, poverty and hunger of the Germans, rampant political corruption, the moral decay in the cities, and the hundreds of thousands who starved to death or who took their own lives. But the world shed no tears for the Germans. The world’s media was already firmly in control of the “internationalists”, and secondly, most were reaping their own bitter rewards for the insane Versailles Treaty which destroyed the global economy resulting in a global Great Depression. A full recovery for Germany, cancellation of war debts, with full access to the import and export  markets, and possibly of a return of her former colonies, would have helped to not only revive Germany, but also the global economy. Who did not want that, and why? Hitler stated in his first address as Chancellor that all Germany wanted was “Work and Bread” and he  stressed a desire for  “Peace” in the world.  Again, who would not want that? He also did not repudiate Germany’s war debts, as for example the Communists did in the Soviet Union, with full impunity.

To the shock and horror of the true ‘ultimate victors’ of World War I, and in spite of all of the street battles, political obstacles, smears and slanders that they could throw at him and the National Socialist platform over many years, Hitler’s German revolution succeed at the polls.  The Germans had had enough of political chaos, economic strife, hunger and misery, and were sick and tired of international slavery and tyranny. They wanted their country, their honour and dignity back, and someone with a plan of action to restore order and prosperity, not mere promises.  Who, with a “heart”, could blame them for that? Average people? Hardly.  But who would oppose him right from the very start, within just weeks of taking power, both nationally and internationally? The very same forces who had opposed Hitler all along and who indeed had a “global agenda”:  self-described “World Jewry”.

National Socialism was a threat to their global financial system and to their global Communist agenda, and their plans for a “Jewish” state in Palestine.  Their “declaration of war” against Germany (not Hitler) was followed up with unrelenting atrocity propaganda in the world media which they largely controlled, and thus, they could always control the narrative. And they got their wish for a second World War and the total destruction of Germany. They also got their other wish, the U.N. and a Global Army or Police Force, as well as a World Court, not too unlike the Nuremberg court.

The “declaration of war” against Germany by “Judea” was never withdrawn, nor their campaign of atrocity propaganda which has continued to reap them a rich harvest, and a bitter harvest for the rest.  Not a single other country of the “United Nations” has offered Germany a peace treaty either.  Why? I have demonstrated that, even through some German government admissions, those of whistle-blowers and other world leaders that Germany is still occupied today and not sovereign.  But it did not stop with Germany.

This declaration of war is applied, by extension, to any and all who question the “victor’s narrative”, because the whole global agenda of those who started it and whose power is resting now upon it. Why else would individual allegedly “sovereign” and “peace loving” nations not make peace with Germany? The declaration is further applied to any other countries who step out of line, by denouncing them as “Neo-Nazis”,  “Fascists” and / or “terrorists”, or with “he’s the next Hitler, we must stop him!” …followed atrocity propaganda or vague “threats to global peace and security”, bombings, armed invasions or fake revolutions, and the overthrow of national leaders, followed by unending occupations, domestic political turmoil, and exploitation of resources, as demanded by “democratic world leaders” (corrupt gang leaders), paid for by eternal debt and interest servitude of the masses, and all sanctioned by the corrupt and all powerful “United Nations” in the name of “peace” and under the guise “humanitarianism”.

The U.N. was NOT founded on the basis of “peace”, but upon “war against Germany”! That was never withdrawn, Germany’s elected government and leaders were exterminated in Kangaroo court proceedings under “international laws” which were not created until after the war, upon the basis of thousands of false documents, fake images, confessions obtained by means of horrific torture, uncorroborated “eye witness testimony”, most of which would never have been admissible in U.S. or British courts. No one amongst the ALL LIES was brought before any tribunal for their barbaric “war crimes”, of which there were too many to mention. There have been NO peace treaties, a continuous military occupation of Germany, with NO return of territory, not to mention massive ongoing debts and “compensation” claims, and a forced participation in the U.N., E.U., NATO, etc and coerced participation in the bogus “war on terror”.

Now we see this un-elected global entity further perpetuating this war against every nation, group and individual, regardless of nationality, who would challenge the victor’s narrative of World War II history, the reasons for it, the means by which it was prosecuted, and the conclusions reached.  Again, who does not want the true facts revealed, and justice done. What agenda is served by perpetuating lies and suppressing the facts which expose it, unto eternity ?

“UN General Assembly’s Third Committee passed a Russia-proposed resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes. The US, Canada and Ukraine were the only countries to vote against it.

The resolution was passed on Friday by the committee, which is tasked with tackling social and humanitarian issues and human rights abuses, by 115 votes against three, with 55 nations abstaining, Tass news agency reported.

The document voiced concern over the rise of racism-driven crimes around the world and the influence that parties with extremist agendas are gaining.

It called for a universal adoption of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Many nations including the US, the UK, China and India, signed the convention but did not recognize a mechanism resolving individual complaints it establishes, which makes the convention unenforceable in their jurisdictions.

The resolution also decried attempts to whitewash Nazi collaborators by depicting them as fighters of nationalist resistance movements and honoring them as such.

It condemned any form of denial of Nazi war crimes, including the Jewish Holocaust. ” Continue reading here:

I am already on record, from the beginning, as not being a supporter of Mr. Putin who many in the “truth movement” and “peace movement” believe is so wonderful and is being demonized. I say it is all staged. What agenda is truly served by Mr. Putin’s recent actions? I think people need to think long and hard on that, and reconsider what the “truther gurus” have sold them about Hitler and National Socialism,  as well as about Putin, and about the NWO agenda. Then consider the implications for themselves and for peace, truth, justice and freedom in this world, for ALL mankind.

“Is it possible for an international organization to deliberately maneuver nations into a world war? The answer again must be
in the affirmative. What type of organization would be capable of succeeding in such an action? Only an organization devoid of
any allegiance whatever to any nation and whose objectives exclude the interests of the organized states of the world. Its particular
interests and objectives must be served in some manner by the devastating aftermath of war. It must have exhausted its efforts in the fields of propaganda and diplomacy. Such an organization must be judged by men who are international in thought and action. They must be men who are incurably hostile to the world and who are convinced that the world is hostile to them and all they represent. They must, of necessity, believe themselves superior to all others and have an abiding faith that their objectives are sacred. They must be convinced that the end thoroughly justifies the means. They must be possessed of unlimited funds and supported by innumerable loyal agents. They must have access to the ears of the mighty and their agents must have the confidence of the powerful in every important post throughout the world. They must be able to manipulate the mysteries of finance and control the minds and actions of people everywhere. They must be in control of the means of communication and dominate the propaganda media throughout the world. And, finally, they must have
a well conceived plan that allows for errors and failures; a plan that reckons the possibility of road-blocks and delays, but charts
the methods of demolition where possible and the shortest detours where other devices fail. They must be men who are endowed with
oriental patience as well as oriental cunning; men who might spend a life-time picking a lock so that their successors might enter the door.” United States Senator Jack B. Tenney in 1953

His booklet “Zion’s Trojan Horse” (Approx. 75 pages) is well researched and sourced. You can read it or download for free.

If you think that “evil Nazis” somehow now run America and control the world, then I especially recommend reading this book.  Stop being dupes, do your own research, and stop giving your permission for your own enslavement, and that of future generations of humanity.


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11 Responses to World War II Truth vs the New World Order

  1. Edward says:

    This was a very informative article but the only critique I can say about it is the comment about the Revolution in Russia as “spreading that godless creed to other nations in Europe” needed to be amended as the Bolsheviks were not “godless.” They were good Jews who just happened to want to destroy anything that reeked of Christianity, as clearly stated in their Talmud, which most so-called “Zionist Christians” are so ignorant of, as well as most Christians in general. The ZC support, fund, and empower the same demonic force that aspires to these same Zionist Christians destruction. They have what I call the “Uriah complex” where they will be destroyed by the ones they are loyal to, support and fund. It’s funny how Communists claim to be atheist but do not realize or understand that they protect and operate under the religion of the Jew. To prove that, please note that THOUSANDS of Churches in Russia were burned, hundreds of thousands of Russian priests were murdered as well as millions of Christian Russians, yet not one rabbi was killed or one synagogue was burned down, nor any “god worshipping Jew” was murdered, and the very FIRST Law passed by the Red gov’t was a Law that carried the death sentence for anyone perceiving to be anti-Semitic. Yet, when you try to tell the average “Christian” these facts, you are looked upon as a “nut”!!! That moniker, “God’s Chosen People” sure works wonders as the ones who claim this can literally get away with rape, robbery, and murder. Shame I wasn’t smart enough to claim this first!!!

  2. Markus says:

    Japan is officially still at war with Russia and the two countries talk about terms of peace from time to time. Japan’s most Northern Island group is to this day occupied by Russia and quasi annexed. But you know what they say, Russia never gives land back.

    Japan is in a better position, as she still has a soveraign government and statesform, her political actions are merely limited and UN occupation of Japan pretty much follows the Hague Land Warefare Guidelines. Japan also complained at the UN assembly about the Enemy State Clauses UN Resolution 53 & 107, which list Germany and Japan as enemy states. These resolutions are currently suspended but the UN rejects to revoke them. “Germany” (Fourzonalia) would never even admit that these resolutions exist.
    Awareness for a peace treaty between the UN and the German Reich is growing in Germany though. But many “peace movement” activists are pro Putin or want 1919, 1871 back. Germany exists in her 5/23/1945 laws though, which are merely overwritten by an illegal occupation quasi state government.
    Neuschwabenland-Treffen dealt with the Putin theatre too and came to same conclusion as you, Wayne.

  3. eric says:

    The same tribe are demonising Russia today as they did to N S Germany in the 30’s.
    The difference being the N S government of Germany under estimated the power of these satanists
    where as Russia today is well aware of the tribes power having suffered their torments and murders for over 70 years. 90% of the leaders of communist Russia were of the tribe.
    People should be aware that the tribe wants to obliterate all vestiges of national pride in Europe and this is been done through mass imigration into Europe.
    Look at whats happening in Germany, united kingdom and else where in Europe .
    But woe betide anybody who enters the tribes stolen land illegally.
    Wake up people because your children and grandchildren will be second class children if the tribe has its way.
    With regards to the recent demonstrations in Germany against the islamisation of Germany i wonder who is really behind these demos. My money is on the tribe as the same tribe are behind the English Defence League.
    Divide and conquer thats the way the tribe works.

    • Great comments, thank you. I agree. They themselves have their Talmudic religion, however, they seek to destroy Christianity with a “godless” creed for everyone else.

    • Thanks for your comment. I think the situation with KGB agent Putin and Russia is contrived and that they want people to make these parallels and to sympathize with him, whom I am sure is still a Communist at heart. He obviously does not want the truth about WWII to come out and he supports Israel and their narrative….this religion. He is a Zionist. Those pulling the strings want the masses to believe that America is a “fascist” or “Nazi” state and that he (and China) are the good guys now. That is not to say that I like or trust the US govt either. Regardless of which party or puppet is in charge, the agenda is the same, and is totally controlled. Nothing changes. The NWO / JWO agenda goes forward. They want to destroy America and Europe, and the Arab nations too. Hitler was no puppet and did stand up to them, and provided a real alternative to their system that benefited the people. I believe Putin is a puppet. The Ruble and Russian economy are still part of the international central banking system and vulnerable to Wall Street and the City of London. Why? Why does he want their WWII narrative carved in stone for all time, and to demonize and criminalize those who question it. It was reported a few months ago that Putin had released for the first time in Russian, Hitler’s declaration of war against the USA. He ought to release Hitler’s declaration of war against the Soviets, which contained all of the reasons why, including intel reports of what the Soviets were doing and planning. Why does he not open the archives? Some have said to me “it would be ‘political suicide'”. My reply is, that that makes him a puppet with no integrity. Ahmadinejad had more courage and integrity. All of this talk about “Nazism” and the “Neo-Nazi” threat is the Zionist narrative. I think Mossad and or CIA is behind so-called “Neo-Nazi” groups. Disagree if you like, but think about it. Thanks.

  4. Elias says:

    This link is not working:
    Therefore, I cant DLoad the document.
    I will appreciate ifsomething can be done about it.

  5. Gary says:

    Jack Tenny was a very prescient and well informed man regarding the JQ. His writings are top grade and well researched and written. I do believe, if you check, that he was a California state senator, and not a U.S. senator, however. He headed a Calif. legislative investigation committe that looked into subversive Marxist groups and their Jewish leadership in the 1940’s and 50’s.

  6. Indian says:

    Indian here,

    love your excellent blog and unfearing truth. Many do not know that but Gandhi was a British stooge dumped on top of us. He was a racist, womanizer of the first class and an excellent PR guy (was a rich barrister in South Africa, far from his poor, tattered image).

    His selective Ahmisa prevented India from getting Independence 3-4 decades ago. He was send to do the recruiting of the first WW to fight FOR THE BRITISHERS ! (on the stupid promise that India would be ‘granted’ freedom if its soilders won.) We did. we were duped.

    Same thing happened in WW Two. Gandhi tricked us AGAIN into fighting WITH the britishers against the ‘evil evil’ Axis, on the same promise as before. Most of us knew what the outcome would be. In ’45, when Indian forces came victorious home, they were shocked to see the hanging of INA soilders in Delhi. INA was a separate military unit fighting WITH the Japs against the British India.

    Then the naval mutiny started and spread across the country. That was the ONLY war of independence we fought AND WON.

    But our History books, Media, Politics, etc. was dominated by Far Left Historians who shunned anything Indian. Hell even our first PM Nehru proudly called himself the “last white man in India”.

    The problem was not that the Indians were afraid to fight against the Raj, but the leadership called off the movements (civil disobidience, Quit India, etc.) whenever it slipped out of control.

    Most of the Soilderss who fought the two WWs were Indians – 1.1m in WW One and 2.45 in WW two.

    Same goes for the death casualities.

    I believe Fuhrer was MORE RESPONSIBLE for the freedom of India than Gandhi.

    The british Raj converted the richest country on the planet to the poorest in just 250 years killing over a hundred million in the process. Our Ancient texts described various methods, formulaes, etc.
    to create Vimanas, batteries, etc. Right from the concept of Atoms (wrongly attributed to John dalton) to the concept of Interstellar travels (hell , there is a reference of relativity in one of the stories of Mahabharata in which a member of a family goes to a ‘higher plane’ for a few minutes and returns back only to find seveal hundred years have been passed on earth.).

    I would love to know more about how Hitler’s Germany used the knowledge of Ancient Sanskrit texts to build various devices (since they proudly called themselves the ‘Aryans’). IN fact, Aryans aren’t a Race, it is a term in Sanskrit which means “noble, pure”.

    Aryan invasion theory has been debunked SEVERAL times archetecturally, archeologically, linguistically and recently, Genetically. Current Indians are the NATIVES of Indian sub-continent. There is NO evidence of any foreign tribe invading India and replacing us. The Aryan Invasion theory is a myth propogated by Max Muller, a German scholar BTW, to subjugate the Indians about their own history and make the barbaric British tribe feel ‘proud’ of their own lineage (there wasn’t much to feel proud about).

    Looking to hear more from you.

    Keep up the fight, make sure every German feels proud of his history, not ashamed of !

    Sieg Heil !

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