Freemasonry, Bolshevism and Dirty Little Secrets You Weren’t Supposed to Know: The Stalin-Churchill Pact

The following video is a 15 minute long excerpt from ‘In the Shadow of Hermes’ by Estonian Journalist / Historian Jüri Lina concerning some certain little known aspects of WWII, including: the Stalin-Churchill Pact, the reasons for Operation Barbarossa, the Soviet occupation of the Baltics and how the Germans were greeted as liberators, the Soviet War against Finland, Soviet Bolshevik terror and slave camps with knowledge and tacit consent of the Allies, and Allied Freemasonic document archives seized by the Germans, later taken and hidden by the Soviets. The original audio is Swedish with English subs. I have re-narrated this portion into English.

The facts are, as I have previously covered, and which is well documented, Hitler did not want war with Poland, much less with England and France.  He tried for many years to come to a reasonable, honourable and peaceful settlement with Poland, with the assistance of England. The British, French, Soviets and Americans seemed to only have been looking for an excuse to war again with Germany, and to provoke one with their belligerence regarding the Versailles Dictates, and overtly through their proxies, particularly in Czechoslovakia.  That was thwarted, at least temporarily, with the Munich Agreement. But the Poles who had regressed into stubbornness following the death Marshal Pilsudski,  became increasingly more belligerent concerning Danzig and the corridor issues, once they had received military assurances from France and England. No attention was paid by the world media or the League of Nations to the suffering of the ethnic Germans in Poland whose human rights were increasingly being violated, followed by brutal pogroms, with thousands upon thousands of refugees streaming across the frontier into Germany.  There were also numerous reported incursions into Germany by Polish forces. Hitler, who had been more patient and diplomatic than even many in his own party could comprehend, could no longer allow this situation continue. It was then just a matter of how to deal with it, without immediately bringing down the wrath of the international war mongers upon Germany.

Right from the beginning, in the early days in Munich, Hitler had declared himself at war against Bolshevism, which already had its tentacles well established in Germany, and particularly in Bavaria. He never ceased to fight them throughout his years of political struggle and in street battles, nor to root them out once he finally achieved power in 1933.  Indeed, Bolshevism had some roots in Germany, as well as Paris, London and New York, and not to mention Washington, DC, where the Roosevelt administration was oozing Red.  Jüri Lina’s documentary, based upon his book and his deep research, proves that Communism was the product of Freemasonry and High Finance (the International Bankster Gangsters) and completely supportive of the barbaric Bolsheviks, who profited immensely from it.

In many public speeches, Hitler had also declared himself at war with High Finance, “International Jewry” and Freemasonry.  So, again, is it any surprise that they declared war on Germany in 1933? Obviously, he was NOT one of theirs, and he had other ideas about how and by whom Germany should be governed and financed, and whom the new German government should serve: das Volk!  Thus, it was no small or easy decision for Hitler to sign a “Friendship Pact” with Stalin, whom he had no illusions about. But after all, England had refused Germany’s friendship, while the French leadership involved itself in various anti-German intrigues. After the invasion of Poland and especially, after victory over France, Hitler made mention of the documents he had found, which laid out clearly a great conspiracy.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, signed on August 23, 1939 gave Hitler a free hand to deal with Poland militarily, in a way that might prevent a larger and more catastrophic war, or so he hoped. It also opened the door to trade with the Soviets, in particular for much needed resources in return for German weapons and technology, but also in terms of “spheres of influence” which Hitler also hoped would keep the Russian Bear at bay, perhaps long enough to buy himself some time in a potential war with the West. But I do not believe for a minute that Hitler, in spite of his public rhetoric, ever took his eyes off of Stalin via his military and other intelligence branches. Indeed, it would not have been lost upon him that when the Soviets joined the battle in Poland on September 17th, 1939, that neither France nor England declared war on the Soviets. Obviously something was wrong with this picture, and you didn’t need to be genius to figure it out.

Stalin had his own agenda, which was always the Bolshevik Communist agenda to take over all of Europe, and the world. He was a “wild card” and a whore who knew that virtually everyone had an interest in obtaining his services in the interests of serving their own agendas. The British knew all too well what had taken place in the Soviet Union, not only with the overthrow and murder of the Czar and his family, but the years of brutal tyranny, mass murder and slavery, as did the USA, but they hid it from the masses as best they could. Yet in 1939, while the Royals and the “upper crust” of British society quietly backed Hitler whom they saw as a defence against Bolshevism, the British Government secretly entertained the butcher.  He wanted a bidding war for his services and his allegiance, and was playing everyone. The Bolshevik Communist goal was always to have the Western powers fight each other into exhaustion, and then to quickly roll over them.  The National Socialists were wise to that plan and I believe this is why Hitler always sought friendship with England, with whom Germany had much more in common, on economic and cultural levels, that is, unless you count in Fleet Street and the City of London.

A Dirty Little Secret Revealed

Here is yet another fact that you won’t hear discussed on the History Channel, nor on the BBC.  Why? Because you weren’t supposed to know!  Secret negotiations between Churchill and Stalin for mutual co-operation in a four front war against Germany began in April 1939, and by July they had already agreed that if Germany were to attack Poland, a declaration of war by the western Allies would only be against Germany, and not the Soviets.  So Stalin’s “Friendship Pact” with Hitler was a complete charade. By the way, this is also in the time frame when Polish atrocities against ethnic Germans were ramped up. The barbarous nature of those heinous crimes, and in particular, those later witnessed in the Bromberg Massacre bear a suspicious resemblance to those committed by the NKVD and Cheka in the Soviet Union, and in the Spanish Civil War. Germany had, of course, played a major role their in defeating the Bolsheviks.

On October 15th, 1939 Winston Churchill, the International Bankster Gangster’s Boy and High Level Freemason, came to a verbal agreement with other the International Bankster Gangster’s Boy and fellow High Level Freemason Stalin. Following this agreement, Stalin had a free hand to invade Finland, while Churchill would invade Scandinavia, for the purposes of attacking Germany from the North, blocking access to shipments of raw materials, and controlling the northern sea lanes, essentially denying Germany any access to the open ocean.  The Half-American Churchill, of course, was not yet the Prime Minister, but had been one of the war mongers seeking to oust the “appeaser” Chamberlain, no doubt hand picked by the City of London. Stalin would later sign the pact in writing on January 28th, 1940 and Churchill on February 8th, 1940. How do we know this? Marshall Mannerheim’s Secret file S-32, as detailed below.

But, before we go there, I must say that there are still those out there who say “Hitler let the Brits get away at Dunkirk” and others who say “Hitler was stupid for trying to fight a war on two fronts!”  I have covered both Dunkirk and Operation Barbarossa in a number of older posts. Hitler had no choice but to attack the Soviets, as they were poised to attack Germany and to roll through Europe. Of course he never wanted a “two front war”. Who would?  It was his worst nightmare. But it got worse. What about a four front war as the Allies planned? Stalin was going to stab Hitler in the back.  He probably assumed that Hitler would lose a lot more of his troops and weapons against the BEF at Dunkirk, or indeed, may have  thought that Hitler would carry on to invade Britain, leaving the rear wide open to him.  That would have been suicide, don’t you think?.  Do we really think Hitler didn’t bear that in mind?

Hitler went into great detail about all of the intel reports he received in his speech when declared war on the Soviet Union. We also know now that this threat was really thanks to Viktor Suvorov. I am sure Stalin was very surprised at how fast Germany dispensed with the French and Brits and was caught totally off guard. Not only by the speed of the Germans, but also their skill and ability, despite the overwhelming superior troop strength, and the weapons and resources of the Allies. The Germans were also very conservative in their use of weapons (including tanks and planes) and munitions in the West. Thus, they had much more left with which to fight the Soviets later.

Some say Hitler should have just “hit Stalin and run”. Hitler could not simply hope to cripple the Soviets temporarily and then leave. And go where exactly? There was no way Stalin would call it quits and walk away. The USSR was backed all the way by the USA who were supplying them with money, weapons and machinery through Lend-Lease, and Hitler knew it. It was “go all the way” and “do or die”. And he came “oh so close”, especially with the help he got from the millions of non-German Waffen SS volunteers. Sadly, he had traitors within his General Staff who did not carry out his orders, or sometimes did exactly the opposite of what Htiler had commanded. That is confirmed by various sources, but also by his Bodyguard / Valet Karl Wilhem Krause in my film “Hitler’s Shadow

One more thing…at the outbreak of war, Britain and France moved very quickly to officially recognize the government of Spain under Franco and Churchill bribed him to not support Germany, or to give minimal and grudging support at best. Hitler despised Franco for this, after all Hitler had done for him, and wondered why he was so difficult to deal with. But the bribery story only came out in recent years.

Now to “S-32”

Erkki Hautamäki’s book, “Finland in the Eye of the Storm”

“Larger nations displayed a ruthless disdain towards smaller nations and their right to remain neutral. In its entirety are revealed, the secret agreements, political intrigue, deception and an inconceivable chain of events that led to the beginning of the Second World War and finally its end. Even Finland, a small northern republic and democracy was unwittingly drawn to this war frenzy of the lager nations.

Finland was however fortunate in those years of turmoil to have as its military and political leader a figure of great foresight and determination in the form of field Marshall Mannerheim. He had a broad experience spanning many years in international politics and a network of contacts on to which Finland was able to build the military and political alliances that saved the country.

During the Winter War, having received details of a secret agreement between the Western Powers and the Soviet Union to destroy Germany, Mannerheim, along with Finland’s political leaders made crucial decisions that saved the nation and possibly all the Nordic countries from becoming one large battleground. From 1932 onwards, Mannerheim kept original documents consisting of, for example, secret reports, letters, personal notes, into a file code named ”S-32”. Political reasons stopped Mannerheim from using this file as evidence after the war.

I have used secret documents, which victor nations have suppressed for 50 years, in Marshall C.G.E. Mannerheim’s file ”S-32” as the basis of my research. This material can finally shed some light on the historical truth that was not published along with Mannerheim’s memoirs. I have strived to merge the dramatic content in file S-32 with other source material and to display it in chronological order to give a clear account of political and military development in Europe. We can thus follow a logical chain of historical events, which lead us on from the First World War. We will come to realise – as the Marshall used to say- that matters which were put forward to him were often so complex, unclear and even unbelievable that he had to pause to get a sense of what was actually meant. The same patience is asked of the reader. With this book I hope to prove, particularly to my Finnish countrymen along with readers from other countries that our wartime leaders were not guilty of the crimes they were blamed for or the wars Finland was dragged into between 1939-1945.
Erkki Hautamäki, who holds the rank of Major in the Finnish army, has at his disposal the secret files of Vilho Tahvanainen, an undercover courier and trusted aid to Marshall Mannerheim. The Tahvanainen files consist of copies of Mannerheim’s secret (S-32) files covering the years 1932-50 duplicated with the authority of the Marshall himself. The author of this book has had a unique opportunity to compare and contrast documents and files from different countries and get an idea of the behind the scenes politics of the larger nations during WW2.

“Churchill and Stalin negotiated the starting of co-operation in a war of many fronts against Germany since April 1939. In July it was agreed that when Germany and the Soviet Union attack Poland, the declaration of war of the western allies would be focused only against German actions. On the 23rd of August 1939 Stalin and Hitler signed the so called Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement. Its secret extra protocol included the so-called concept of the sphere of interest that did not mean permission to conquer the Baltic states and Finland. It meant instead the right to demand strategic bases in case of war. On the 15th of October 1939 an agreement was signed between Stalin and Churchill (the allied forces). The core of it was the plan to destroy Germany both militarily and economically. Churchill’s old plan regarding the Scandinavian operation was also accepted.
The winter war of Finland did not stop because of Stalin’s fear of a possible threat of western allies attacking to defend Finland. It ended when Hitler sent Stalin an edict that Stalin shall cease the acts of war against Finland, or Germany will bombard Soviet troops and fight for Finland unbidden. The Marshal received from Hitler information about this edict and copies of the plan of the western allies and Stalin concerning Finland. If this would have happened, the allied forces would have conquered Norway and Sweden in the name of Finnish aid. Simultaneously the Soviet Union would have conquered Finland. Finland would have drawn into war and Scandinavia would have been a front against Germany. Churchill and the allied forces thus sold Finland to the Russians.

Stalin played simultaneously an ally of Germany and the western allies. His goal was to get the western allies and Germany to wear themselves down in their fighting against each other. After this he would conquer a weakened Europe. Stalin purchased first the newest mechanical weaponry from Germany. After it he obtained from the USA an immense amount of war material against Germany (and Finland) as Lend-lease aid. No final account of these possessions has yet been made. The unconditional denial of passage for allied forces through Sweden partially saved Finland. The agreement of Churchill and Stalin allowed the conquering of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. A section was added that the conquered areas should be given their independence back after peace had come.

When the general courier of Stalin was transporting the strategic war plans from Churchill, the air force of Germany compelled the airplane to land on 9 Feb. 1940. During the examination of the air crew and the passengers, all documents were photographed. Hitler received exact information about the attack plans on several fronts of the allied forces. He thus started a preventive attack plan in Norway. Stalin did not know that the plans had been revealed. The Marshal’s so called scabbard order of the day on 9 July 1941 was born after Hitler’s edict to unambiguously express the goals of Finnish warfare, or otherwise Germany starts taking Finland under its government. ”

Read the full article here :

I highly recommend watching the full 2 hour long documentary “In the Shadow of Hermes” (Swedish with English subs). Warning: Extremely graphic images of Soviet-Bolshevik atrocities!

And see:

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