A Follow-Up to the Stalin-Churchill Pact – Ribbentrop’s Letter to Mannerheim, March 7, 1940

The following comes from a friend and supporter in Finland, in response to my previous post  regarding the “Stalin-Churchill Pact”.  He writes:  “This is said to be a letter from Joachim von Ribbentrop dated 7th of March 1940. I will try to translate here a few date’s and important points from it as an overview, though this is not a ‘professional’ translation. Hitler actually sent two ultimatums (two edicts or orders) to Stalin to stop the winter war against Finland.

First, on the 9th/10th of February 1940, Hitler wrote in a diplomatic type of message which was courier delivered to Stalin: “Stop the war and make peace with Finland.” Then, on the evening of 3rd of March, 1940, Hitler gave the following written order to a Soviet diplomat (or courier): “If the Soviet Union immediately, no later than tomorrow,  the 4th of March, 1940, does not stop military operations against Finland, then Germany will give armed assistance to Finnish groups and drive the Soviet army out of the territory of Finland.”

That was an “order” style message to Stalin. Not a proposal or diplomatic suggestion. It was actually Field Marshal Herman Goering who gave this ultimatum to the Soviet Union diplomat, who also told him verbally, at the same time: “If the Soviet Union does not agree with this requirement, we will take the German Air Force to assist Finland, even without them asking for any help. Germany has vital interests in Finland which will be monitored and protected.”

Hitler offered (or even ordered) Mannerheim to read all of the material concerning Finland which they had captured from the courier airplane on the 9th of February, 1940, regarding the Stalin-Churchill Pact. Mannerheim knew then, that he could not expect any help from the western nations. (source: Hautamäki’s book).

Details follow…

“German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop’s letter to Mannerheim March 7, 1940

[via Google translation with some necessary tweaks to make it more readable, but which will likely contain some errors. Nonetheless, it should provide the ‘gist’ of what was said in this letter.  J4G]

To: The Marshal of Finland CGE Mannerheim.

The German Government has received your inquiry, Mr. Marshal, dated March 2, 1940, to the German leader Adolf Hitler: “What is meant by the letter sent by Hitler on the 9th of February 1940 to Marshal Mannerheim, regarding the war between Finland and the Soviet Union to end, because the letter was sent after the Soviets had attacked with more than double the force of the Finnish troops?”

As a result of the changed international situation, the policy between Germany and Finland must be seen in another light, the German Government and the German leader Adolf Hitler, has authorized me to tell you, Mr. Marshal Mannerheim, the following:

First, find enclosed a copy of the photo of part of the documents which fell into German hands on the 9th of February, 1940, thanks to our interception of a courier airplane. The document is a detailed report on the implementation of an agreement between Stalin and the Soviet Union, Churchill and the British, and their Western Allies, made on behalf of Moscow on the 15th of October, 1939. The agreement is a document in which the Western powers, together with the Soviet Union, propose to defeat Germany as soon as the spring 1940, with possible military action.

Although Finland is not a German ally, the matter, however, also applies to the Finnish and the Scandinavian peninsula, in the sense that the Anglo-Soviet agreement is aimed towards Germany, the Baltic States and the direction of the Scandinavian Peninsula, in addition to the French side attacking the German military forces in the west, as well as, in the east by the Soviet Union from the direction of the Balkans. Attached to this letter is a photo of a map of the operation.

Mr. Marshal, Finland is hereby given an opportunity to explore all of the documents from the intercepted aircraft received in Germany, and the maps whenever you want. We hope that you take notice of them immediately.

Second, the Soviet Union, with which Germany has a valid ten-year “friendship pact”, and is the third Contracting Party to the Franco-German pact, but is now involved in an English conspiracy. As such, Germany now considers the Soviet Union, a rival and can no longer keep in force the Soviet-German agreements that, until now, held the German-Soviet policy binding.

When the Soviet Union, without the knowledge of the Germans, had changed their international policy, the German-Soviet cooperation is considered cancelled, without possible future sanctions. Germany now considers itself free of the contracts made with the Soviet Union, and will take measures for its own protection.

Thirdly, the above-discussed issues, on the basis of which Germany considers the Finnish difficulties and their future of autonomy, and to safeguard the German north, will take measures to ensure that the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Finnish region remain free from Soviet-British forces.

For this purpose, for the implementation of the German Government

a) in the early morning of the 10th of February 1940, Hitler gave to Stalin, through the German Chargé d’Affaires for the Soviet Union,an edict signed by Hitler on the 9th of February 1940, with the written provisions that the military action against Finland must be stopped and to strive for peace.

This issue had previously been disclosed to you, Mr. Marshal Mannerheim. Since the German Government realized that the Soviets have not complied with the request of German leader Adolf Hitler, and which you, Mr. Marshal Mannerheim, had also asked of Hitler, so

b) On the evening of March 3rd, 1940, Hitler gave the German Chargé d’Affaires the following written provisions to the Vice President of the Soviet Union: “If the Soviet Union will not immediately, and no later than tomorrow, March 4th, 1940, stop military operations against Finland, then Germany will give the Finns armed assistance in driving the Soviet army out the territory of Finland.” This was an ultimatum to the Soviet Union. Marshal Herman Goering also announced verbally at the same time, that if the Soviet Union does not comply with the demand, to deploy the German Air Force on the Finnish side, anytime Finland requests it. Germany has interests in Finland which are being monitored will see that these are taken care of.

Fourth: With the international situation changed, we see that Germany, but also the Nordic nation with them, are getting into an international theatre of war, valiantly fighting in Finland against the Soviet Union, for our countries’ common interest. In order to guarantee these, the German Government has decided to defend the Scandinavian peninsula, and Finland, and will ensure that your country, at least for the time being, is not invaded by the Soviets, or by the Western powers military forces. Chancellor of the German Reich, Adolf Hitler requested, in addition to inform Finland that, if you need quick military material and air support, to help stop the Soviets overwhelming onslaught, then Germany will be prompted to give it right away without any reciprocity.

Berlin, March 7, 1940
Joachim von Ribbentrop
Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs”

Source: : http://kriitikot.dy.fi/kritiikki/pohja2.php?v=3




So, it seems that the German high command knew from the papers captured on that courier plane on the 9th February, 1940, that Stalin had lied to them. England and the Soviets had secretly made an alliance pact. The officially “friendly neighbour governments” thus, unofficially became “enemies”, without any official “declaration of war”.

The Finnish winter war against Soviet Union stopped on the 13th of March 1940. Ten days after that Hitlers first edict to Stalin. Our groups would have soon been badly defeated if the war had not stopped then. Our ex-president Paasikivi said in his diaries that “Hitler saved us”. My opinion is that our brave soldiers also saved us.

I believe that the German war efforts had always been defensive until this time. The Germans did not want war against anyone; they didn’t want to conquer the world or even Europe. England had provoked a war against Germany by using Poland as a proxy.

This intercepted courier plane changed many things in German defence policies. Finland would fight and die alone. This is not even today officially acknowledged in Finland, only that we had asked help from Hitler, as our country would otherwise be conquered by the Soviets, and then raped and robbed. Fighting alone against a terrible and very powerful enemy, we otherwise would have been forced to capitulate at any price and begin peace conversations with Soviets; even an unfair peace offers, would have to be accepted, or die.

Finland lost much in this war, and afterwards, had to pay huge war reparations. That is unfair because the Soviets attacked us! We only defended our lives. These unfair peace offer conditions still affect our politics today. We are not really an independent and democratic country. Wikipedia and their “official truth” are a pack of lies. All important orders come from outside.
See: http://heninen.net/sopimus/1940_e.htm

Petteri (Finland)


NOTE:  Just after posting this and linking to the Finnish source article, that site mysteriously removed the page containing the Letter to Mannerheim, so link is now broken and it takes you a different page. But I do have a copy of that page, but it is in Finish.  My friend in Finland is trying to obtain a photocopy of the letter from the book. ~ J4G

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  1. eric says:

    Stain , Churchill and Roosevelt , the biggest mass murderers in history.
    The sad thing about this is that millions of sheeple around the western world still believe that these three war criminals are hero’s.
    They were the willing executioners of the tribe and for what – Money.
    They sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver to the tribe and our political whores are doing the same today all over western Europe.
    But not for long as the sheeple are now realising that they have been lied to for the last 150 years.

  2. Paul H says:

    Since the first German Enigma messages were decoded by British intelligence on 16th January 1940. I wonder if it’s possible that Churchill immediately knew about the incriminating papers being intercepted on that courier plane on the 9th February, 1940?

    On the same day, 9 February 1940, [forked tongued genocidal psychopath] Churchill stated: “We are opposed to any attempt from outside to break up Germany. We do not seek the humiliation or dismemberment of your country.
    We wholeheartedly desire to welcome you without delay into the peaceful collaboration of civilized nations.”
    Mr. Stokes quoted this statement back to Prime Minister Churchill in the course of the debate in the House of Commons on 23 February 1944; Parliamentary Debates, Commons, vol. 397, cols. 901-02. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Document:The_Expulsion_of_the_Germans – endnote_2
    Document The Expulsion of the Germans – WikiSpooks.htm

  3. Hasbara Buster says:

    Hi Wayne,
    glad you are back

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