A Tribute to the Late Great Activist and Commentator Anthony Lawson – R.I.P.

Anthony Lawson1I was very saddened this past weekend to learn that the venerable activist / commentator Anthony Lawson had passed away after a struggle with cancer on January 8th, 2015, as reported in a new video posted on Jan. 31st by his son Ashton.  British born, Anthony was an audio/video “media expert” who had worked for many years in the advertising industry. Moreover, he was a critical thinker who did his own research, paid great attention to detail, was a great orator, and he made many, many powerful independent political videos. I cannot claim to have known Anthony well, but we did exchange a few e-mails in 2012-2013.

It was Anthony Lawson who initiated contact with me in 2012 to commend me on my film “Hitler’s War? – What the Historians Neglect to Mention”.  He said that it had really had an impact on him in his own understanding of the “Big Picture” of World War II and he thank ed me for it.  In later e-mail correspondence, he told me that he also enjoyed “Hitler’s Shadow – In the Service of the Fuehrer” and found it quite eye-opening, but he did reserve some criticism of my technical skills with the rendering of the film.  I was not offended, as he was a master in that craft, and myself, an amateur doing my best with what I had. Indeed, I was very delighted and humbled that he had at all taken notice of my own efforts, because I was well aware of him and his own great work, in particular the following video for which I, a self-respecting German, was most grateful.  The video was banned almost right away and it had to be re-uploaded numerous times to bypass the YouTube censors. It is still very relevant today, and undoubtedly, will be for a long time to come:

On June 6th, 2012 Anthony Lawson did an private interview with Deanna Spingola which I quite enjoyed and still fondly recall. Shortly into the interview,with respect to Israel’s constant fear mongering about Iran’s alleged nuclear bomb plans, and their demands to the world community for something to be done about it, Anthony said:

“This is ridiculous! Because we all know that Israel has up to 400 nuclear weapons. We’ve got the Germans [BRD govt] now admitting that they are putting submarines together for them, to be able to launch these weapons, and, nothing, no questions are ever asked of Israel, you know, ‘when will YOU use the bomb?’ that you you’ve got. It’s always ‘Iran, why won’t you stop building a bomb?’ Which they won’t, and it’s absurd!

The whole situation is so biased and ridiculous, that it needed something said about it, which I have now done. It probably won’t do much good, but you know, there comes a time when you have that feeling about something, and you have just got to do something about it.

Because I’ve got children and I’ve got grandchildren. And I don’t want to pass at the end of my life thinking ‘I could have done more’. Well, of course, I could do more, but I would hate to be at that point and have to think, ‘I didn’t do anything’ which is terrible!”

Listen here: https://cloudup.com/c8PxFrosbTu

Download: https://i.cloudup.com/uvL8Zr0Lia.mp3

God Bless you Sir. You had a moral compass, and you did what you could, while you could, with all that you had, and you said what you believed needed to be said fearlessly, and in no uncertain terms. With the above quoted statement, I knew that we were kindred spirits in this world. I pray that many more Anthony Lawsons will step up to follow your fine example. We need them now more than ever!

Anthony LawsonWhile you were not a “religious” man, I trust that you are now in a better place, and deservedly so, for your courage, integrity, and dedication to the truth. We are in your debt, and it is now up to us who remain, to take up that torch and to speak the truth as best we know it, following in your fine example.

Rest in Peace Anthony Lawson!


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12 Responses to A Tribute to the Late Great Activist and Commentator Anthony Lawson – R.I.P.

  1. frances says:

    Indeed, a wonderful man. I’ll miss him.

  2. eric says:

    A true son of humanity , a credit to his nation and a champion of the truth.
    May he rest in peace for he will be sorely missed.

  3. His passing is a great loss to all who love justice, peace, and truth.

  4. Brian says:

    An honorable man. ‘Were the Germans so……?’ was a significant part of my awakening.

  5. ItWasMe says:

    I read somewhere that you wanted to become a politician almost a lifetime ago. Thank Odin that that never happened. What you have done with you website is far more outreaching and effective than anything you could have ever done in a parliament, where you would have either joined the “zionist” club for some brownie points or your own little vote for change would have been drowned out by the majority in the zionist infested parliament.

    Keep up the good work and much respect to you, mr Lawson and warriors like you who face the truth without fear of personal consequence. Fighting for the truth is always a noble fight worth fighting for.

  6. joseph lawson says:

    My last name being the same I am embarrased to say I never heard of him. However I too am like him in a sense when it comes to honor, courage, activism, justice, peace and love. RIP my brother. Im sure we are realted some where in the family tree

  7. Thomas Cross says:

    Looking pampamatically at your image,
    I saw sharp pupils revealing gallantry and braverlly.
    Your lips closed yet telling the world the trueth of what you saw,believed in and proved right.
    The world at large and especially the oppressed,suppressed and indeed the instigators of evil will always remember you as not a replaceble icon.
    Though you are buried,your grave shall remain open to all the seekers of truth. RIP

  8. AlbKenshiro says:

    It’s sad that I did not know before about this mens work, RIP.

  9. lawrence gatt says:

    A great loss to those who seek and embrace the truth!

  10. A good lad, by all standards that matter.

    I hope to join him someday.

  11. hasbara buster says:

    My highest respect for this mans sense of truth, integrity and justice. His work is of equally great importance for Germans as well as there enemies in order to regain humanity.

    RIP Anthony Lawson
    from a very greatfull German

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