Official Announcement: The founding of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society

TJGSWhen I first started this blog in the Fall of 2012, I had been greatly inspired by many revisionist historians who, over the years, had been uncovering the real facts about Hitler, National Socialism and World War II, and the war crimes of the allies and presenting this material in books, films and radio interviews.  But I was also motivated by the history of that era which my parents, relatives and family friends had shared with me about growing up under Hitler and National Socialism, and of their personal experience of World War II and of the aftermath, of their participation, and of their struggles for survival. I was also further motivated by my childhood experiences as a German boy growing up in Canada, and by the decades of propaganda in the media and education system, and the Anti-Germanism which it produced, and which I also experienced.  From my childhood onward, and throughout my adult life, I have carried with me the pain and suffering of my people, from what was done to us after World War I and again during after World War II (which the people I knew, loved and trusted had experienced first hand) but also, their memory of the few short years of independence, prosperity, dignity, honour and culture which they had experienced under Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.

Very early on, I developed a certain affinity with and empathy for the Native peoples of North America, some of whom were my friends. Later, through my professional life in the field of Criminal Justice and Social Work I also worked with and observed some of them; a defeated people who had largely lost their land, languages, culture, spirituality and heritage.  I saw the effects which this had on them with substance abuse, broken families, violence, high rates of suicide and over-representation in the prison populations. Much later, as an activist, I became close friends and a co-warrior for truth and justice with the late great Dacajeweiah “Spliting the Sky” (aka John Boncore) and his struggle for his own people, and for humanity, who inspired me greatly.

In my professional, social and activist life, I also occasionally came in contact with refugees from countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as, Central Americans who were also the victims of unjustified U.S. led wars of aggression. I observed the horrible crimes against humanity committed against the Palestinians and in other Arab nations.  I learned of the brutality of the French and the British in their African and Asian colonies, as well as of the Boer Wars, but also of the carnage and atrocities of the French against the Germans, long before Germany was united.  I learned of the bloody Russian Revolution and, eventually, who was behind it, financed it and carried it out. I learned about the Holdomor in the Ukraine.  With this knowledge, I sensed a certain commonality with all of these peoples, and I still do.  I was  active on many issues, for many years, including as an activist for 9/11 Truth. Sadly, due to the horrendous and voluminous black propaganda which continues to be perpetuated unabated to this day about the Hitler, National Socialism, World War II and about the German people, the same level of understanding and mutual sympathy for what happened to my people has been scarce or reluctant, especially in any sort of an organized fashion, even while the bombing of Dresden has been fairly well acknowledged as a war crime in most activist circles.

Many have been too afraid to go beyond that for fear of losing friends, support and funding, or they have in fact, chosen to adopt the propaganda view of WWII history to promote their own cause, while claiming to be fighting the same very well organized and powerful “global enemies” of humanity: the International Bankster Gangsters of Fleet Street and Wall Street, aka self-described “International Jewry” aka self-described “Judea”. Yet, few will even use those terms, preferring instead “the Illuminati”, “the Zionists”, or “the New World Order”. Many are disinfo agents and shills, or have a personal financial interest in perpetuating the lies and the fear, for the  furtherance of their own agenda. Some have probably also dug a whole so deep for themselves with these lies that they cannot go back and admit that they were wrong for fear of losing face, credibility and donations.

I have personally been involved in many movements over the years and have initiated a number of them, usually with nothing, and little or no support or resources; only my research skills, multi-media skills, and my ability to network with others. I have accomplished a lot with nothing. This website and the reach it has achieved is another testament to that. Telling the truth about the subject matter which I cover is not profitable, as many revisionist authors will confirm. But there is a lot of money to be made and popularity to be derived from regurgitating the World War II lies, or indeed, creating new ones. If that were not true, then it would have stopped long ago!

Even knowing as much as I knew, I still had to do a lot of research in order to deprogram myself from a number of fundamental lies that I had also absorbed (as we all had) before I could ever begin to commence publicly defending Hitler and National Socialism, and exposing the lies, myths and propaganda about World War II publicly.  To that end, I am very much in debt to many brave academics and scholars of various nationalities who, working alone or under various umbrella groups such as the IHR, began uncovering the facts and dissecting the lies, myths and distortions that have come to be accepted as “history”.  Many individuals, like myself, have benefited from this knowledge in terms of their own personal understanding of history.  My aim, however, has always been to galvanize individuals into a worldwide grassroots movement calling for Justice for Germans, though not merely for the sake of my people, but rather, for the sake all humanity, because these same lies and the same M/O are used to this day to wage war against other nations all over the world, by the very same interests. I have always said that, “if we hope to truly achieve ‘peace on earth for all mankind’, then we must seek and speak the truth about World War II, and all that which led up to it”. And through these truths will we also know who the liars are, and who benefits from the lies to this very day. And moreover, what agenda is truly being served, and to whose detriment.

In the Summer of 2013, I initiated dialogue with a number of like-minded individuals here in Canada about my concept for a legally registered society and began to draft a constitution to this effect. One of those involved was an old German friend of mine, who is also a neighbour and a war survivor, but who shall remain unnamed. The other two were Wilfried Heink who I have mentioned in several previous posts, and the other was the late Hans Krampe who also contributed to this blog on several occasions. Both of them resided in my province, though quite far away from me, and both contributed to a number of books by Veronica Clark. I previously corresponded with Veronica regularly, contributed to her web forum, and she put me in touch with both of these gentlemen. I was quite delighted to say the least and enjoyed the interaction with them.

In late 2013 and most of 2014, I had to drop out due to a myriad of personal circumstances beyond my control. When I re-emerged in late 2014 and resumed blogging, I became acquainted with Christopher Sandau (who was currently being defamed in the news locally) and also with a number of other locals, one of whom had been following my work and doing his own revisionist videos. I organized a meeting with them and with Chris on November 11th, 2014. At that meeting, I shared with them my concept and proposed constitution. A few weeks later and after further e-mail correspondence, we met again and the five of us agreed to “sign-on” and thereby, to initiate the process of forming a legal society.

We met again in mid-December to formalize the application for registration and submitted the paperwork just after Christmas, and then we waited. In mid-January 2015 we received word that the application was denied, though only for technical reasons, not political. After more correspondence and tweaking of the documents, in order to meet the legal requirements, as well as, a making a few additions to it, we re-submitted our application in late January.  A week later, on February 4th, 2015, I received word from the registrar’s office that our application and our constitution had met all of the legal requirements and was, on that day, approved and registered as legal society and non-profit corporation, under the Societies Act of the Province of British Columbia as: “The Truth and Justice for Germans Society“.  This is a “first” in world history and we hope that our efforts will inspire many others in various countries, from all nationalities around the world to join us, or to follow our lead.

On this momentous and historic occasion, on behalf of the German people, and for all others who have sought and worked so hard, often at very high cost and personal sacrifice, to uncover the facts and to speak the truth on our behalf,  I, Wayne Prante, wish to thank my colleagues: Christopher Sandau, Brian Ruhe, Greg Nadeau, and John Theobald for their courage, integrity and support  in making this happen and for helping to bring this to fruition. I am greatly looking forward to working with them in the future, and for the long haul, but also, to being able to welcome many more around the world who I am sure will also want to be a part of this movement.

Finally, I wish to thank my late friend and brother in this struggle, Hans Krampe, who left us just as this was all finally coming together. In recognition of his efforts and his support for this cause, we have inducted him as an Honorary Life Long Member and dedicate our efforts to following his fine example. We will be inviting and  / or inducting many others who came before us in honour of their work.

While we still have much work to do before we can proceed to open the doors to the public, we have at least now established a very basic website to simply announce our society, to explain what we are about, to share our mandate as established in our constitution, and the requirements for membership.  The website design and imagery are temporary and will change in the future, but our mission will not.

I must also state categorically that we are not a “Neo-Nazi”, “Right-Wing Extremist”, “White Supremacist” nor any sort of “Hate Group”, as should also be clear in a reading our constitution. We shall regard any such depiction as slander and seek legal remedy in each and every case. Any attempt at establishing a bogus website in our society name, or any fraudulent claims to be speaking on behalf of our society, or in the names of the society directors will also result in legal action.  We have worded our constitution and the process for joining in such a way that it should also quickly discourage and preclude infiltrators and hijackers. That said,

Here is our website:

NOTE: there is not yet any means for contacting the society via e-mail nor for joining us yet. This site is a work in progress and will take some time to develop. We are also working as a team, so things do take longer to discuss and to publicize. Also, due to the very high volume of e-mails I receive, which take away time from the various projects I am involved with, I have also had to deactivate the e-mail form on my Contact Page, but I will continue to blog on this site and to create videos as time permits. Your patience, support  and understanding is appreciated. Thank you!

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33 Responses to Official Announcement: The founding of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society

  1. Es ist und es war kein Verbrechen Deutsche zu sein. Aber es ist immer ein Verbrechen zionist zu sein.

  2. Bruce Hillen says:

    Thank you for your hard work in telling the world the truth.

  3. Aaron Chapman says:

    Dresden und Hamburg war traurig, niemals vergessen oder vergeben. Heisst und treue ist Deutschland uber England. Ich bin Englische.

  4. Byron Swafford says:

    Thank You for this site, and your work here. I read the posts every week. Perpetual Holocaust propaganda is all the United States Media have on their minds. It was disturbing to me that just the night before CBS read the letter smuggled out of the Middle East from the young lady who had been confirmed to have died at the hands of ISIS. They jumped at the chance to compare it to “The Letters of Anne Frank”! Really??? I didn’t see any relation myself, just another chance by the media to force their “Never Forget” mindset on the rest of us. In my opinion, most of us just don’t care about their never ending lies about WW2 Germany. It happens so often now, that I, at least, just say “More Jewish BS” and go about my life knowing there was “More to the Story” than we will ever know.

  5. Alan Bariffi says:

    This is really good news 🙂 and I for one look forward to becoming more involved The truth and justice for Germans society

  6. Mr D.Davidson. says:

    Absolutely wonderful news.I hope this goes from strength to strength and bodes well for the future.
    Keep up the great work.

  7. Kurt says:

    As a German-American whose family both fought for the Reich and suffered before, during and after WWII, I am very heartened to hear of the Society. Wayne, you and your colleagues are to be commended. As you say, there has been never much in the way of material reward for telling the truth but the restoration of the honor and dignity of the German people and the positive effect this will have for the world will be immense.

    • Stephen Yuill says:

      Agreed Kurt – my 91 year old mother-in-law came to Canada in 1950 from an Austrian d/p camp. In the last seven months of the war she was called up, along with hundreds of other German girls to take the place of men who had been moved up to the Russian front. She ended up on the staff of General Ritter Von Greim. The tales she tells of her experiences are far different than the propaganda i received in school. That is what inspired me to research the truth of what really happened in WW2. This new site will start the process – actually it’s ongoing due to the internet – of justice for Germans and historical truth.

  8. Buthaina says:

    Dear Wayne, good luck, wish you and your people all the best.

  9. Not only germans but a lot of people of several countries. for example italian from Istria, Dalmazia croazia and slovenia was killed only because italians….. (in 1943, 1945, 1946-1954).Italy had same fate of Germany, we are not free to make our destiny.
    Americans and British from an side and russian in other way, make war for 70 years . . . . until today (afghanistan, iraq, serbia, vietnam, etc..) until last and the worst of all Libyan aggression. With puppet organization which gave authorisation to do everything, to go everywhere they want to pursue their interests through military aggressions. Now it’s time to say enough!!
    If there is terrorism every responsibility is british and american.
    Any liability of terrorism today is always and only American and his imperialist government, and this is, the real fascism!.
    excuse-me for little english
    I want to follow your activity, and help you , if possible, and if you need something from Italy I can…

  10. Brian Ruhe says:

    I am inspired to be part of this society and happy to see this come about. The truth marches on…

  11. Robyna says:

    ‘Great news, Wayne! I’m totally supportive of your agenda and commitment in establishing TJGS and its much needed raison d’étre! Thank you also for your dedication to the work of J4G, which in coordination with TJGS, are bound to bear good fruit for the critical cause of truth and justice for all Germans (while they collectively continue to endure the bitter legacy of false propaganda and disinformation that abounds, since the early 20th century)! Godspeed! ❤

  12. Wonderful! May this grow and prosper and educate and UNITE !
    Thanks Wayne, had a tear when I read this has manifested!

  13. Larry says:

    Excellent site & research, you mention other subjects of national interest, so as an Australian I would like to comment on the massacre that occured during world war one in Gallipoli, here in Australia they blindly venerate this battle which in truth was blatant murder by the Brittish establishment a total farce, with your rescourcesit would be great to get a prospective from your line of investigation, if you have time of course, Kind regards Larry.

  14. Jack Hughes says:

    Well, the decent, hard-pressed people of northern europe all share a common enemy. An enemy that has been a thorn in our side since the beginning of recorded time. That enemy – you know to whom I refer – is supremely expert in dividing us against ourselves, at getting us at each other’s throats. That must end. There is no excuse for such mutual, nihalistic in-fighting between us in this information age when well all now know the truth. We must be eternally vigilent for the inevitable further attempts our common enemy will make to once again confuse and divide us with its bare-faced lies.

    • Cathy says:

      Jack, my thoughts exactly. I’ve tried so hard to convince my European brothers and sisters that regardless of which country we are from, we have got to stop falling for the *media* (ahem) propaganda. But, here is the USA the right wing Christians are so entrenched in Zionism that they will put Israel before America. Very disheartening. There is not one person in my entire family that I can talk to about the Zionist lies and BS or the defense of the Germans. I have no problem wearing either tag. I proudly exclaim I am a racist and love my white race more than any other. My step father was German and he was so admired by me, I truly loved that man. From NW Europe stock, I realized about 10 years ago that we fought on the wrong side during WW2 (I don’t know much about WW1). My heart breaks for the Germans and the suffering they’ve gone through all because of the Jews jealousy of them.

  15. Arashi says:

    I love this site and I really appreciate your hard work. Thanks to you many people know the truth. Germans don’t deserve to be blamed for something they didn’t do. Hitler was an amazing Führer and a great man. It’s our duty to spread the truth and revindicate his name as well as Germany’s name. I’m with you, comrades. Go ahead and never surrender! Es lebe Deutschland! Heil Hitler!

  16. Flanders says:

    The new site looks perfect. Let’s not forget that most true Americans have German blood and heritage that has been assaulted and suppressed, also.

  17. AlbKenshiro says:

    Meine Ehre heißt Treue
    I will follow your work wherever you go my friend because i’m passioned about the Third Reich history

    Cheers from Albania

  18. Larry says:

    Word must be available to Angela Merkel, to embrace the German peoples suffering and deformation by the Jew Bolsheviks,of the German people even the Scum Church hill in his arrogance stated history will treat him well because he wrote it! These are the self appointed scumbags who will be exposed. Eu Is Rothschild Greece get out the rest will follow, Print your own money, and start the process, its time for human evolution to advance, beyond our wildest dreams, one the problem is acknowledged!

  19. Nikolai says:

    I will support you as much as possible.

    With respects.

  20. wilfriedh says:

    Well done, Wayne, congratulations. Hopefully this will be the start of something big, I’ll help when and where I can. My regards to the other Gentlemen as well.

    Wilfried Heink

  21. Cathy says:

    Wayne, I found your sight last night when browsing and reading about the new FB page that someone started titled ‘Open Borders for Israel,’ it basically is a sight using the same words the jews use on us; immigration is good for your country, the blacks immigrating there will do work that israelis won’t do, and so on.

    I will join the Justice for Germans as soon as you get it up and running. I appreciate your work and realize that one day you could end up in prison for your words. Bless you greatly, Revelations says some of us will be thrown into prison and if that’s what happens to me I refuse to buckle and apologize to the courts and media for anything I’ve said about the jews while online.

    To the Germans who posted, I can’t read German, but I want you to know there are many people praying for you, there are many of us who have come to the truth. I’ll be 60 on my next birthday and only came to the realization about who the true Israelites were about ten years ago. Before that I was a raving Zionist backer and used the vile term Judaic/Christianity, shame on me. On my FB I once posted that anyone who calls their selves a Judeo/Christian was actually saying that they were an ANTI CHRIST/Christian. Not one person commented or liked the post. But, JESUS said they were the children of Satan and in one of the little Johns it says whoever doesn’t believe in Christ is THE ANTI CHRIST. How much more plainer can it be? BUT, the jews have got such a hold on our churches that all of that is explained away as if that isn’t what it really means.

    In the end, Germany, you’ll be as the stars that shine bright at night, you are already the apple of his eye, you Germans are engraved in the palms of His hands, you are chosen, Germany, you are very, very, very special to our God. Justice WILL be done for you my German brothers and sisters, God will see to that. The lies of the holohoax has been on God’s mind for decades now, He will avenge you.

    Bless you Germans, bless you, bless you, bless you.


    • Brian Ruhe says:

      Cathy, What you wrote is very heartening! I appreciate and feel that same belief in the higher realm blessings of our cause.
      That is kind of you!
      Brian Ruhe

  22. Wayne you are the bravest and most intelligent person I ever came in touch with. Born 1937 in Hamburg Germany , displaced to Eastern Europe (Pomerania) experienced the Russians overrunning Greifswald ,NE Germany ,raping and killing 1944, no food available, we fled to west Germany .Everything overcrowded ,little food ,no housing ,my mother with three children. I went to school from 1947 to 53. Very depressed ,couldn’t concentrate, hard to find a job, worked on a Farm sunrise till sunset for board /room and $5. a month. I n 1956 I decided to follow my nephew to Canada wherever that was. Same again, no education , work in coal mines, railroad etc. for $.95/hour. Depressed ,always being called DP. Square Head ,Dummy etc. till some one suggested ,” Make your Class one Drivers License ” and then I was a happy Truck Driver in Calgary for 40 . MY website Ted Mellenthin will show you Tundra Canoe Trips no one else has done. my present wife will have her book done soon.

  23. Raul Laos says:

    Thank You for this hard work. I have tried to do my best to show Communist Russia’s secret policy and plans to help G Germans to push them against England. Just for wait until German Troops are all in the west and Stalin can come from behind and ” liberate” whole Europe that really ment forcing their communism to everybody as they did already in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and tried to do in Finland. Ribbentrop Molotov Pact from 1939 was a big present To Stalin he signed that Pact with huge signature. So happy he was. Since that day Russia had plans how to take all up to France. Awful but true. And that western diplomats could not understand how Stalin manipulates them all. If You are from Canada, You probably know that there are about 40 000 Estonians who lost their country for 50 years.

  24. Steve Atkinson says:

    Great work Wayne … Let us all hope that the thought police and the powers behind them don’t manage to stifle the momentum of what you’ve started! In the UK there is talk of the issuance of ‘Internet ASBO’s’ (Anti-Social Behaviour Orders) to anyone engaging in hate speech! Considering the ridiculous power of the Zionist Lobby (everywhere it seems) I’m pretty confident that they will find a way to identify historical debate as ‘Hate Speech’ before much longer.
    I’m an Englishman who wishes he’d been born a German! I lived in Germany for 5 years and came to have great respect for your people. Having exposed myself to alternative history for the past 8 years I find myself becoming an apologist for the British nation! Of course it’s not the ordinary British people who should be blamed for the crimes of our courageous leaders – yes, you do detect sarcasm! But, the innocence of the people can only be attributed to yesteryear. Thanks to the Internet and properly courageous individuals such as yourself, Mark Weber of IHR, Bradley Smith of CODOH, all the revisionist scholars and those putting their livelihoods on the line to establish the truth of 9/11, there is no longer any basis for the ‘people’ to claim innocence. The information is at hand for hands that are not idle or absorbed in the trivia of life! While we continue to support politicians with no substance or backbone and allow our policies to be dictated by minority groups we are as guilty as our leaders for ignorance and crimes against humanity.
    Right, I’m just about to settle down to read the last 50 or so pages of Mein Kampf for which I intend (which doesn’t always mean I will!) write a substantial and probably controversial review! I do believe in the greatness of Adolf Hitler, especially in comparison to the inebriated clown Churchill whom all British people should be ashamed to still venerate!
    Good luck Wayne. I will be one of your first English members and I will continue to spread the word amongst the brainwashed masses whenever I can.

    • Thank you Steve. Cheers!

    • gpacchiagpacchia says:

      I’m so sorry to tell you Churchill wasn’t clown, he was a criminal, a killer of his people in first time and of all of european and asiatic people in second. it’s sure churchill had killed Mussolini to hide unmentionable truth (by a British agent infiltrated the partisans), without mentioning secret agreements with stalin and the many other agreements it suited us more or less secret to pursue his grandeur. I wish you did a study for example of the killing in 1943 of the Polish general Sikorsky in Gibraltar (to soften stalin). Murder committed with the consent of the american poliomelitic and other allies. There is an old book of Irving (difficult to find).
      We can find more evidence of the determination of pursuing the usual colonial policies and dominate as much as possible to the british policies.

  25. barrysch says:

    Thanks Wayne to you and your partners for your efforts. It is heartening to see other Canadians who are not sheeple and seek the truth no matter what the cost.
    From your close neighbours in Calgary

  26. Byron Swafford says:

    Another “Story” Fabricated to keep the German in their place. All total BS in my opinion. And a good example of WHY we need this proposed organization to be formed quickly, and its ranks swelled with people who have a mind to think for themselves:

    In Israel, biracial German author probes her Nazi heritage
    Associated Press
    JERUSALEM (AP) — When Jennifer Teege stumbled upon a book in a Hamburg library seven years ago, the biracial German woman who was given up for adoption as a child was stunned to discover a deep family secret that shook her to the core.

    Her maternal grandfather was the brutal SS Commander Amon Goeth, who ran a concentration camp in Plaszow, Poland, in World War II and whose cruelty was so chillingly portrayed by actor Ralph Fiennes in the 1993 Oscar-winning movie “Schindler’s List.”

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