A 2012 Dresden News Article Report on Mass Graves found in the City Center, but known since 2002

BildAlready at least eleven bodies found at Wettiner Platz! Why have they not told us about this mass graves? Files show that the first bodies were first discovered in 2002!

By Seb Gunther and B. Schilz (07.07.2012,  BILD Newspaper, Dresden version – my English translation)

Dresden – It’s an incredible discovery in the City Center of Dresden. On Thursday at Wettiner Platz, construction workers came upon a mass grave containing bombing victims, such as has not been discovered for decades.

Yesterday BILD reported exclusively on the gruesome discovery.

The remains from 11 dead have already been exhumed, just 1.50 meters below the road! Many of them children and women.

But now the truth comes out: The mass grave has been kept secret for 10 years!

BILD now has files in its possession that show that these bones were found already in January 2002 during construction of the canal. Already then, a child’s skull, leg bones, a female pelvis were found. Talk then was of an entire mass of people.

“The fact that bones were previously found here is not unknown. Mass graves of this dimension would have been a huge issue” says Jens Hoffmann of the War Graves Commission.

But why was the grave was concealed?

In fact, the previously discovered bones were removed. The registry office had issued anonymous death certificates. But the file (AZ 414 UJs 2249102) was never made public.

Did they want to avoid hysteria amongst local residents?

By the present finding of at least 11 additional bodies, the question arises as to just how many people are still under the Wettiner Platz.

“Because so many bomb victims have been found in only 15 square meters, there is no telling how many there may still be,” says Hoffmann.

All around the  Wettiner Platz on the night of the 13th and 14th of February 1945, the first bombs fell. The area surrounding today’s music academy was completely destroyed. Thousands of civilians were killed.

Wettiner Platz Panorama

Wettiner Platz Panorama

Who were the dead?

Unfortunately, it cannot be determined who exactly died at the Wettiner Platz. The majority were women and children. Among them, a child under 3 years, another 5 to 7 years old.

Since some of the bones in the ground around the area have been found in wooden chests (especially the children), they may have been known residents. Neighbours or the survivors apparently attempted to bury them in an improvised manner in the ground.

The masses of corpses were mainly carted either in carts to the Heide Cemetery or burned at the Old Market Square. However, since roads were partly blocked by debris and there was no longer a means of transport, the dead were also simply buried on site.

What will happen with the bones?

The volunteers of the Society for the Maintenance of War Dead Graves  carefully examine the area piece by piece and collect every bone found and try to put them individually into a container for each.

They are then given over to the Attorney General, who then pass them on to the Coroner’s Office. There, it must be determined for certain if the bodies are truly those of war victims from 1945.

Only then can they be re-interned. In this case, at the Johannis Cemetery in Tolkewitz.

Will the entire area now be ripped up to continue the search?

The Wettiner Platz is regularly a high traffic area. The search for more bombing victims would lead to the creation of a huge construction site.

City Official Speaker Karl Schuricht said “whether or not at this location a search for more bodies will be conducted has not yet been determined. First the police will have to give us their best opinion of the situation”. For now, the construction site in the Schützengasse (area) will be halted.

Only when all of the remains of the dead have been removed will construction resume. A construction company which continues in spite of the finding of human remains will be subject to prosecution.

Original German source: http://www.bild.de/regional/dresden/massengrab/das-verschwiegene-massengrab-25044036.bild.html

As to the question “Why have they not told us about this mass graves?

Maybe it’s because occupier’s government of the BRD are a bunch of traitors who don’t give a rat’s ass about German victims, and need to continue to shill for the ALL LIES and to cover up their WAR CRIMES! And to perpetuate the the 25,000 dead myth. Shame on them!

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7 Responses to A 2012 Dresden News Article Report on Mass Graves found in the City Center, but known since 2002

  1. Craig M. says:

    Churchill the vile piece of Human Garbage. His body should be exhumed as was Oliver Cromwell and his body dealt with in the same manner.
    He should have his knighthood rescinded.
    In a drunken stupor ordered 2 million Anthrax bombs dropped on Germany. That man was one sick SOB.
    The mass murdering, war criminal Churchill.
    He did actually drop one Anthrax bomb on a Scottish Island and to this day it is uninhabitable.
    I was born British but changed my nationality as I was ashamed to call myself British.
    Despite all the proof from Churchill’s war diaries the people still hold him in high regard.

  2. Embora hoje hajam se completado 71 anos que 500 mil alemães inocentes e indefesos, a maioria deles mulheres, idosos, crianças e feridos de guerra, além de refugiados, foram assassinadas desnecessária e covardemente em Dresden e Hamburgo pelos gangesters, piratas e desclassificados bastardos norte-americanos e britânicos conduzidos por chefetes judeus e bolchevistas durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial.
    Seja como for, sempre valerá à pena lamentar e homenagear todas essas vítimas e rogar a Deus para acolhe-las em Sua Paz. Amém!
    Já pelos apáticos e covardes alemães de hoje, que cresça neles o desejo de aplicarem exemplar vingança nos assassinos dos seus antepassados.
    Acordem alemães e lutem para deixar de serem os desonrados escravos em que vocês se tornaram!

  3. Those who have done these atrocities are adept at lies and subterfuges They have covered over so much truth about out history, as in whats hidden in the cellars of the Smithsonian, Vatican, Brit Museum et al
    when it comes to letting it be known that there are graves that were results of their murderous actions thy have patted down some soil believing if THEY do it, it will always be hidden
    such is the grossness if their ego belief in their own divinity
    Awaken now, Pluto is rolling HER way across this globe UNCOVERING all nefarious deeds and exposing every EVERY hidden atrocity
    Pluto remains in Capricorn the sign of hierarchy and authority form and structure until 2024

    do not be afraid its all necessary Universe moves chess pieces in ways to correct what humanity has carved out here.

    we are leaving this dimension in great masses
    its time we go onto a peaceful parallel where there is no crime, war, rape, hunger
    Those who are emotionally invested in such a world will not be able to leave out material
    being and rise to a happier level
    This is NOT Christian rapture but the eternal circling of the Soul in our endless Universe.

    now we who wish to clean up our own honor and the billions of ugly twisted lying myths told by the prevaricators will now witness more and more “unearthings” of truths in graves, documents and artifacts.

    Happy days.



  4. Mervyn Reed says:

    These are the TRUE victims we should really be remembering every year, not a bunch of whining, worthless, ungrateful Jews who detest us all anyway.

  5. Kurt says:

    On the anniversary of the Dresden Holocaust I am wont to paraphrase and echo the words of a most despicable man, one Elie Wiesel.. “Every German, and every decent human being should reserve in his heart a place of hate, healthy virile hate for the Internationalist and the British and American puppets responsible for this genocide of the German People”!

  6. AlbKenshiro says:

    Good to see you translate it for us.
    ‘The Dark night of foreign rule’ is still on top.
    But Thanks God there is a Press out there that at last Report the Obvious.

  7. EDOMS THORN says:

    Yes. Truth is not subjective. Emotions are not truth.

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