1945 Article: “HOLOCAUST IN DRESDEN – City Wiped Off the Map”

HOLOCAUST IN DRESDEN - City Wiped Off the Map - The Advertiser, Adelaide, Tuesday 6 March 1945, page 4AAP And British Official Wireless LONDON, March 4 (1945).

Dresden was completely wiped out by the massive Allied air blows on February 14 and 15. Not a single building remains and tens of thousands of citizens are buried under the ruins, reports the German news agency, in what Reuter’s describes as the most revealing admissions of devastation ever to pass the German censorship.

The news agency’s war correspondent writes:—“The Dresden catastrophe is without precedent.  There were a million people in Dresden on the night of February 15, including 600,000 refugees from the east. Raging fires spread irresistibly in the narrow streets, killing a great many for sheer lack of oxygen. Even identification of victims was hopeless.”

“Two more British formations appearing on the blood-red horizon after midnight, spread further devastation and added to the holocaust. The town area is devoid of life and the buildings are beyond reconstruction. Dresden has been wiped from the map of Europe.”

Source:  The Advertiser, Adelaide, Tuesday 6 March 1945, page 4


A few things to note here:

We are told nowadays that the “evil Nazis” were always spewing lies, propaganda and exaggerations. So, why then did Reuters in 1945 indicate that they were normally guarded (heavy censorship) in their reports of damage and casualties? Why would they suddenly change policy with respect to Dresden? And if Reuters, at that time, felt that the German side was telling the truth about Dresden in February of 1945, why is that not believed today, hmmm? Maybe it’s because it would be an admission of a true “Holocaust” and of an ALLIED WAR CRIME of epic proportions!

Furthermore, it should now be clear that the world “holocaust” has since been hijacked by another tribe. Their trademark of that term is, thus, null and void. Here is where “The Holocaust” took place, what the “Holocaust scene” looked like, and what “Holocaust victims” look like:

(Click to view the slide show)

So, now we know that the “Holocaust” is what happened to Germany. And now we know what a “Holocaust” looks like because “we have seen the pictures” and we have heard from the eyewitnesses (see my previous posts). None of the “Holocaust Survivors” from Dresden has ever been compensated in any way by the bloody British and American perpetrators of this outrageous “War Crime”.  No “Holocaust Museum” was ever erected to preserve the memory of these unprecedented “Crimes Against Humanity”.  No Hollywood films have ever been made and blasted out to the world to demonstrate the horrors of this epic “Holocaust”, to the masses. Not a single British or American “War Criminal” in leadership position at the time, nor the officers or any enlisted men who “were just following orders” were ever brought to justice for this barbaric, pre-planned and scientifically calculated “Hate Crime” by the evil Ratzis.

Those who “deny the Holocaust” of the Germans are not arrested and charged with any hate crime and imprisoned for “dishonouring the dead”. They are not  jailed for denying a world shaking event that is so “obvious” as to make it “undeniable”. Indeed, the leaders of the BRD government deny it regularly with complete impunity, while those with the human decency to honour the “holocaust victims” are scorned by the politicians and the media, and are met with counter-protests by masses of brainwashed, left-wing radical terrorists who call for yet another “bombardment of Dresden”, which in itself ought to be a “hate crime”. Such creatures have the audacity to call themselves “human” and to breathe the same air as the rest of us sentient beings on this planet. Well, indeed, let them have their wish then! Lock them into some apartment buildings that are slated for demolition, give them two-way radios and let them call in the airstrike upon themselves. Let the sirens wail for a few long minutes, and let’s see how they like it. And then, good riddance to the lot of them! Hasta la vista baby!

My hat goes off to the 500 or so who marched in Dresden this past weekend and held a vigil to honour the real “holocaust victims”, and who conducted themselves honourably in the face of overwhelming and at times violent opposition. God bless them all for their courage, honour and dignity. On the whole, however, it is a pitiful that so few know or care enough to participate, and that really tells us about the power of the media, of anti-German war propaganda and the politics of hatred and fear.

Each year, since 1945, vigils and marches are held worldwide to remember the victims of the atomic bombings of Horoshima and Nagasaki, and rightfully so! There is also a museum to honour them, sponsored by UNESCO. But not so for the victims of the Dresden fire bombing “holocaust” which claimed more victims than both of those Japanese cities combined.

Even where the BRD govt acknowledges the Dresden attack, it is always with the Big Lie of “25,000 victims” and the BS comparisons to Coventry (a slap in the face) and followed by all sorts of apologies for the world war in which they obediently repeat “Germany started it”, which is also a blatant lie.  They then talk of “reconciliation” with England, and yet each day, the British media is full of anti-German war propaganda stories which seek to reinforce the lies, dishonour the dead, and to exonerate the guilty.  The German traitors and sock puppets ought to just shut up with their feigned sympathies, which only serve to further malign the German people. Indeed, Merkel and Co GmbH, move to England, France or to Israel if you really hate being German so much, and go suck up to them, and grovel at their feet as much as you want! Of course, they may not pay you then and they will likely kick you to the curb, which you roaches richly deserve anyways.

Next year,  5,000 to Dresden!

I ask all of my readers in Europe and in the UK to start planning now to be there on February 13/14 2016.  And let’s get 500,000 worldwide involved in street vigils outside British and American embassies to honour all of the Dresden victims.  Hopefully, one day in the not so distant future, we will see on the streets of Dresden; one person with a conscience for every man, woman and child who died in the Dresden Holocaust of 1945.

This world will never know “peace on earth” until the full and truthful history of World War II is known to all, and those who masterminded it are finally outed and the proceeds of their crimes are confiscated and given back to the rightful owners, plus interest.  Surely their are still some 93 year year old Ratzi Bankers, politicians, commanders and bombers out there who might be hunted down and dragged before the world court too.  Indeed, let no stone be overturned! Let no shameless editors and false reporters escape.  Let no secretary, cook, servant, maid, janitor, masseuse, chauffeur or dog walker go unpunished for being accessories to the crimes of their masters either. Hunt them down and parade them before the world, then lock them up and throw away the key. No mercy.

Demand an end to the World War II lies, and Truth and Justice for Germans! Then, let the rest humanity which has paid so dearly divvy up the spoils of those ill-gotten gains, and regain control of our own destiny in a world without them.

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8 Responses to 1945 Article: “HOLOCAUST IN DRESDEN – City Wiped Off the Map”

  1. khejr says:

    Bravo! I could not agree more with bringing the perpetrators to justice- those that committed the “real Holocaust” against the German people. It angers me to no end when I hear people say that the German people deserved what they got. That they deserved to be tortured, mutilated and murdered because they started this war. What utter garbage! They were punished and destroyed because they: recognized the enemy, routed him out of their land and then created the most prosperous and righteous country in the world. And for that they “deserved” to suffer and die? What utter insanity, what truly satanic reasoning. I also tire when I relay the horror of the Allied bombings over Germany (and Switzerland and France too) and people shrug their shoulders and say that war is hell and everyone suffered. Well, there is a grain of truth in that sentiment but only a grain. No people suffered like the Germans. No people was targeted for complete annihilation, had their land stolen, had their honor destroyed, had their identity snuffed out and remain under foreign occupation 70 years after the official end of the war. One day the truth will win out. Gott mit Uns!

  2. Elias says:

    Hello Sir
    How painful it is for me to see the images. But I have the hope that the world will know the truth.
    I can not be in Dresden in 2016 (I can not afford that expense) but is a promise that during those days, I will make a vigil accompanied by my family, in memory of those innocents slaughtered.

  3. Finn says:

    Really looking forward to take part in the next years event.

  4. Larry says:

    Merkel, you are an atrocious traitor to the heritage and forefathers of an unlawfully accused nation, you should be ousted by the German people, get out of Jew Rothschilds EU! !

  5. I don’t deny the true holocaust – the destruction of Dresden.

  6. Unknown says:

    Hmmmm, “wiped from the map” Where have we heard that before? Wasn’t that the supposed intention of the Iranians, to “wipe Israel from the map?” Once again we find the very real horror Jews perpetrate against proclaimed enemies projected on yet other imagined enemies. And why not, why shouldn’t the Jews turn their horrors into perfectly good lies?

  7. Rod Bray says:

    A true saying is, To deny the past is to deny the future. This holocaust was perpetrated by war criminals in 1945 & the same mind set exists today so when will human nature learn from history? I hope to live long enough to see justice for the German people who suffered in every way possible in those dark years.

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