Deanna Spingola – Warfare By Firestorm – 70th Anniversary of the Dresden Firebombing

On Thursday, February 12th, 2015, Deanna Spingola filled in for the regular host of “The National Intel Report” on RBN and she discussed some of her own research into the Allied terror bombing campaign of World War II, on the eve of the 70th Anniversary of the Dresden Firebombing. She shared from a chapter from her book entitled “The Ruling Elite: Death, Destruction, and Domination”.

The chapter is called “Warfare by Firestorm”. I have edited the audio and created a YouTube video of it which you can watch and share on Social Media. You can also download the mp3  file here.

It is not great quality audio but a lot of lot essential information was shared.

Get the book:

NOTE: I will be Deanna’s guest today, Saturday, Feb. 21st, 2015 on RBN (3pm to 6 pm Central time) to discuss some of my latest blog posts and also, the formation of “The Truth and Justice for Germans Society“. I will be on in the 2nd and 3rd hours of the three hour show. I hope you can join us! I will also post the archive of the show later.

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One Response to Deanna Spingola – Warfare By Firestorm – 70th Anniversary of the Dresden Firebombing

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