Former German Lawyer Sylvia Stolz has been jailed again

Sylvia_StolzSylvia Stolz, the former defence attorney for Ernst Zundel has been convicted today in a Munich court, once again under the tyrannical BRD laws concerning so-called “holocaust denial” and thereby “inciting racial hatred”.  She was sentenced to 20 months in prison with no possibility of parole.

The case stems from her presentation at the AZK in Switzerland in 2012 where she spoke about “Free Speech”, and her previous conviction under §130, the court procedures, banned speech, banned evidence and banned legal defence.

It mattered not to the court that the “offence” took place outside of the BRD. The host of the AZK (Anti-Zensur-Koalition) Ivo Sasek is also facing criminal charges stemming from this event and the presentation given by Sylvia Stolz, see below.

Full translated text:

While I am outraged and disappointed by this verdict, I am not at all surprised. This is simply more proof that Germany was not “liberated” in 1945 and remains an occupied nation today. The BRD government represents foreign interests and its courts and the judicial proceedings are a mere continuation of the Nuremberg Show Trials.

Sylvia Stolz, like all others convicted under such draconian laws in “Star Chamber” like proceedings, can now only be viewed by anyone with a moral compass, a sense of justice and concern for human rights as a “political prisoner”.

Shame on the BRD!

While I welcome comments in support of Sylvia Stolz, please keep them brief, on point and thoughtful. I will delete long-winded, hate-filled diatribes, and those containing expletives. Self-moderation is appreciated. Thank you. German-baiters will also not be tolerated.

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81 Responses to Former German Lawyer Sylvia Stolz has been jailed again

  1. I have always found that if enough Germans get the word out and understand who caused this mess, (Khazarians) then perhaps AM can be voted out and another PM can take her place. One who understands what is being done to the German people. Just a thought.

    • Larry says:

      You are in the EU a Rothschilds union-Get out! ! Get some balls like Iceland, Greece, Merkel is a traitor stop the BS against Putin.

    • It is almost impossible to believe that the whole world is controlled by the New World Order! They have their secret meeting where they decide “What is up next”! Who owns all the large Chain Stores and Businesses in the World ?

    • Peter says:

      I don’t think it’s going to be easy. I spoke to a young German a few days ago and I’ve spoken to other Germans and they are the most self-hate filled group of people ever. The allies, under Jewish leadership removed all patriotic teachers, re-wrote the text books to be anti-German, beat the hell out of and murdered patriots and put in place censorship laws immediately after the war to put all the guilt on the Germans. Most of what is written is lies, but it’s enforced by law. There are some people that know something is wrong, but I don’t know how concerned they are by it.

      I do wonder if many might sense the injustice of these censorship laws and I would hope that eventually we could help Germans organize a huge march against imprisoning political prisoners. I am German and many Germans disgust me. But I have to admit, I am disgusted with how I used to be. It won’t be easy, but people can change.

  2. Henry_Graves_28 says:

    Hopefully, she won’t give up the fight against the tribe!

    • German says:

      Of course she will appeal! But it’s clear to what avail – it’s sanhedrin FRG style after all.

      • Henry_Graves_28 says:

        Thanks for the insightful comment there!

      • German says:

        All you can do at this moment is pointing out to the onlookers that the emperor is naked and this is what Sylvia Stolz is doing at the cost of her personal freedom and life.

        This is the reason why the msm are soft-pedalling and trying to divert attention from this current case to previous ones as long as they can.

  3. The Truth will set you free?
    On the contrary, it sure will land you in a German jail, just ask truthful Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zuendel, Fredrick Toeben etc…… etc………

    • Ah, but it will set you free of the enslavement of the mind. It is a shame that many are punished for speaking the truth, or even opinions. We all should be so driven, then maybe the veils would be seen by all.

  4. Johann Meyer says:

    Outrageous indeed, they try to silence the voice of reason itself with such!!!…

  5. Henry Herskovitz says:

    I would like to see if the ACLU would write an amicus brief in support of Sylvia. I would certainly like to hear their response to such a request. Perhaps someone from a prestigious org could propose the question.

    • The ACLU practices in heart of the viper’s nest, it has to contend with the puppets of the very Zionist puppet masters who instigated the whole mess.Don’t be deceived by citations in numerous US cases; the same deep, dark doodoo goes on here just as much.Oh yes there is a German justice system, it is the same as our justice system.

  6. David Weaver says:

    I just can’t rap my head around the fact that this is happening more and more and the majority do not see where this is going or the implications. They will not stop with revisionist people, Christianity and morality are next

    • francismuldoon says:

      It will not stop until good people have said…..Enough!
      So far, the snares of the Jews offer more sweet candy than the harsh road of the honorable man or woman. “What would Sylvie do!” should be the battle cry of the masses. Only then can honor and integrity be restored to a leaderless morass of weaklings.

  7. Robyna says:

    One of the tenets of legal jurisprudence which should always apply, and especially in western societies, is that jurisdiction of any court or magistrate may be challenged at any time of a court proceeding by the parties enjoined. And when jurisdiction is challenged, it must be answered by the court with specificity (according to numerous case cites in the US).
    Jurisdiction in personam does not and cannot logically exist for applying domestic laws abroad where the national jurisdiction of Germany (in this case) could be argued it has standing to apply to its citizen/ nationals whom are located outside of Germany’s national borders).

    Thus whatever is said or done by a German citizen-national acting privately outside of Germany’s national boundaries, is challengeable on its face by anyone charged with committing a German domestic “crime”, while located abroad. The answer by a court to a jurisdictional challenge over the parties (in personam) or over the subject matter, must satisfy the challenge as possessing jurisdiction, and for cause.

    The argument that Germany’s non-sovereign governmental laws, as already subordinate to US military occupation since 1945, have any standing upon a German national who is located abroad and who allegedly committed a domestic crime while abroad, could only make sense if the German people as a body politic (supposedly) are mere “subjects” of the corporate government. This “subject” contention flies in the face of the fact that fleshly three-dimensional people, cannot be subordinate to a two-dimensional legal fiction called the “government”. This finding of fact, if denied in Germany, is one that is called “reversible error.”

    And if “subject status” of German nationals is the government’s claim, it’s one that’s patently absurd and thus challengeable on its face, first by civil disobedience, and then by popular insurgent uprising and by a people’s revolution (when they become pissed-off enough, and understand the hoodwink of prior false propaganda and disinformation applied deceitfully and maliciously against them).

    • German voice says:

      Did you listen closely to her presentation?

      Did you hear a word or sentence that falls under FRG denial laws?

      On the contrary, both her and Ivo Sasek explicitly stated that nothing incriminating will be uttered – for good reasons – but it did not help, the system construes “offences” and “crimes” whenever and however it pleases the ruling caste.

      Best current example: NSU Pink Panther false flag, which was created to replace the old, ramshackel house of cards narrative with a brand new “nazi” myth. Completely unknown in the Anglo-American world, except for the mainstream propaganda perhaps.

      NSU LEAKS: original files get leaked daily since almost a year now. Still totally ignored or defamed, because of its explosive potential.
      ENGLISH articles can be found on the bottom of the page.

  8. Derek Rutter says:

    A blessing on Silva for her conviction and courage against Jewish tyranny laws. It is time for the whole of Europe to rally against the Jewish Holocaust Industry.

  9. 30.06 says:

    Her presentation at The Anti Censorship Conference can be viewed here , with English Subtitles .

  10. Joe Rizoli says:

    How this continues to happen is beyond me, except that the Jews are out for blood here.

  11. anglosaxondude says:

    What a courageous woman Sylvia is, she would have known that defending the truth would ultimately land her in prison.
    Shame on the German justice system for this outrage.

  12. Cinci says:

    May Yahwah God and His Truth be with you always, Ms. Stolz, and keep you during this trial…
    My prayers are with you and those of your mindset.

  13. Mikkel Anderson says:

    One would think that given the compiles of evidence this type of thing would stop. It is a strong grip Zionists have on the world.

  14. ribbung says:

    The saddest thing in all of it, is that the German people remains silent.. That dissidents like ourselves are outraged, is normal and good. But the fact that the German people, no matter what opinion they hold on the holohoax, don’t see the blatant injustice and pervertion of the principles of justice comitted by the state here, shows how far the deconstruction of Europe has come.
    There are many who must share the shame in this!

    • German says:

      The msm, we all know who owns them, hardly reported and only in the typical hateful, fraudulent, defamatory way, which needs no further explanation. Most of the Germans thus believe that Sylvia Stolz is a ‘deranged obstinate holocaust denier, who tries to spread her weird theories in court’.

    • toinennakemys says:

      The germans were the only ones that reisted jewish tyranny. The others destroyed their country and killed and tortured millions of them. The germans have their laws. The others should do more than them.

  15. AlbKenshiro says:

    This is happening on the heart of Europe, and thats what hurts me the most.
    Indeed we where not liberated but made prisoners.

  16. francismuldoon says:

    Tragically, it shows who is really in control in Germany. I can’t believe true German’s see this as any form of justice. For a charge of incitement of racial hatred to be levied, it would seem that someone or some group would have to have been “incited” to act out as a direct result of her speech.

    I don’t see that as the case.

    So if no one has been specifically harmed by someone who has been incited by her speech, how can such a case be proven? In reality it can not, but in the Bizarro world of Jewry, anything is possible. It is time for Germans to express their outrage at these Auslanders and again remove them from the country.

    • German says:

      As I said before, the aligned msm in the FRG hardly reported, and those who did published the usual mendacious hate propaganda, so the majority of Germans is completely ignorant of what is really going on in their own occupied country.

  17. Perun says:

    Secret agreement (der geheime Staatsvertrag von 21.Mai 1949-die Kanzlerakte) between Kanzler Adenauer and western Allies expires on 21.may 2099. Seventy years after the WW2 Germany is a political cripple-state, without souvereignity, without the Constitution. 5th world state in every aspect other than economic.

  18. gustavo says:

    So there is no freedom of conscience in Germany. That is against all constitutional laws. If you need a law to impose an historical fact it is because that fact is not true.

  19. AlbKenshiro says:

    The Whole Europe is under occupation While The Hypocrisy over ‘free speech’ continues.
    Vincent Reynouard: Sentenced to Two Years Prison.

  20. david sage says:

    It is clear that the German people have to take matters into their own hands and expel their foreign oppressors from Germany, if they want real justice, based upon establishing the truth, and allowing the truth to be the deciding factor in their legal system. To do so, they need the right leadership. Therefore what is Justice 4 Germans doing in organizing Germans to overcome their oppressors. In other words, why does Justice 4 Germans not take a leadership role in this regard, and begin an underground movement in Germany, dedicated to reclaiming Germany for the German people, by expelling the foreign invaders. When this happens, the German people will be in a position to establish a properly constituted and administered judicial system, instead of the farce that now prevails.

    • If your country is run and controlled by this secret New World Order ,including the News Media ,You are constantly Brainwashed /Lied To and and Controlled. How can You have a mind of Your Own and think independently??

  21. Fritz says:

    The rape of Germany continues even after 70 years. Germans have gone numb and live in fear, because reporting the rape is considered “inciting hatred”.

  22. Henry says:

    The day will come when trouble will follow because governments can’t keep people down for ever. Merkel is not the one that will set the Germans free. If she was there would not this constand blackmailing by Israel and now Greece

  23. I feel for You Sylvia and am very proud of Your devotion and bravery!! I wish there were more People like you?

  24. Terry says:

    What a great lady! Sylvia Stolz is an example of the courage we all need to emulate in speaking the truth regardless of the consequences. When truth finally prevails, and assuredly it will, creatures like Merkel will be the pariahs, and heroes like Sylvia Stolz will be in charge! Let’s create a “Free Sylvia Stolz” campaign to get her funding and also to use her imprisonment to illustrate the glaring hypocrisy of the EU in the wake of their wailing and marching over free speech after the ” Charlie Hebdo” attack.

  25. mavrik says:

    My heart goes out to you Sylvia and to the people of Germany. The lies that have been spread about Germany during WWII are totally untrue. For those who have never seen it, please watch ‘ THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD’ ( hope the mods don’t mind me mentioning it) If you manage to get the four DVD’s, each four hrs long, it will bring tears to your eyes. It tells the REAL TRUTH. All Adolf Hitler wanted was to build his beloved Germany up again and for the German people to have food and a better life but, the likes of the Rothchilds and such, including Churchill and Roosevelt wanted to destroy Germany again, as if WW1 was’nt enough. What really gets me is what Churchill said to Roosevelt before WW11 started, Churchill said, and I quote; ‘ Germany is becoming to big and powerfull, we have to put a stop to it’. The jews have created the biggest lie ever, and this now need to come to an end and for the REAL truth to be told.

  26. Mary says:

    Sylvia, you are my HERO. There is no one like you and you will go down in History. I certainly hope someone writes a book about you.

  27. This is not an open discussion forum. I ask again to please stay on topic, be thoughtful, and not use this for personal diatribes, and back and forth banter, nor for promotion of hate and violence. Self-moderation is appreciated. Thx

    • German voice says:

      Re headline:

      Sylvia Stolz still is a lawyer, only the occupying forces and their (in)justice system stripped her of the title for well-know reasons.

      • Anthony Mills says:

        To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good, thereby the spirit finds the purpose of a life of reason -Johann Gottfried von Herder

    • Niko says:

      Where will she be spending her prison term at? Do they have a canteen service where we can send her money so she can have small creature comforts to make her stay a little better.? The more people show her support, the more others will open their eyes.

      • we have no such info, sorry

      • Anthony Mills says:

        I’m in

      • German says:

        She, her lawyer respectively, will most probably appeal, so a long time to go until she will be imprisoned. The judge only cleared the way for her to appeal to a higher court and of course thus cowardly got rid of his duty and liability at the same time. Many people still seem to be unable to understand her motivation. Find her e-mail address below:
        Published in the video description of ‘Sylvia Stolz AZK – Banned Speech, Banned Evidence, Banned Legal Defence’ by hippie hoppie.

  28. Peter K. says:

    I can’t believe they’re jailing lawyers in Germany. This is outrageous. Does such a thing even happen in 3rd world shit-holes like Zimbabwe? The Germans need to wake up and shake off this foreign oppression. These filthy liars must be made to pay for what they’ve done.
    Let’s find a way to get some support to Sylvia and let her know we care about this monstrous injustice.

    • German voice says:

      How would you “shake off” foreign oppression with an ignorant, disarmed majority, brainwashed by lifelong msm propaganda, who do not even know that their country is NOT the FRG, NOT sovereign and STILL occupied by 70,000 US troops and with a most ineffective mercenary army housed in barracks honorarily named after Jewish personalities ?

  29. Please post an address for Sylvia Stoltz if you have one.

    Send a Card to a JAILED REVISIONIST

    1.Wolfgang FRÖHLICH -JVA Stein – Steiner Landstr 4 – A-3504 Kreims-Stein / Wachau – NO – AUSTRIA

    2.Horst MAHLER – Anton Saefkow Allee 22 – D-14772 Brandenburg /Havel – GERMANY

    3. Axel Möller – JVA Bützow – Kühlungsborner Str. 29a – D-18246 Bützow – GERMANY

    3. Gerhard Ittner – JVA St. Georgen – Markgrafenallee 49 – D-95448 Bayreuth – GERMANY

    You can also send money in an envelope to the following address for Vincent Raynouard recently convicted in France.

    Vincent Raynouard
    c/o Siegfried Verbeke
    Italiëlei 203b
    B-2000 ANTWERPEN (Belgium)

    Or send it to Vincent Reynouard by Western Union.

    • chris Livingstone says:

      Thank you for the information and if you are able
      to maybe talk at an event supporting these peoples in London please let me know

      Regards Chris

  30. Cinci says:

    Amen and AMEN !!!!!

  31. eric says:

    Another injustice perpetrated by the tribe and their supporters within the German elite.
    The problem is that Sylvia Stolz is but one person and is easy prey for the tribe . The tribe can easily prosecute one or two truthseekers at a time and it barely registers on the sheeples radar but what if the figure was 50 , 100, 500, 1000 at a time and when these people are sent to prison another 500 step forward to denounce the same lies, people would start to sit up and take notice.
    But the question has to be asked is there 10,000 German citizens willing to go to prison for their fellow Germans.

  32. A. Reinhardt Knapp says:

    Perhaps it is time for Germans to do what was done in 1932. Sylvia Stolz needs to become political, and make an attempt at winning seats in the Bundestag. Then she will have the means to do what is right for Germany, as The Fuhrer did. Once the people find out the facts, they will be more receptive to a real government of the people, and for the country. She needs the support of ordinary Germans now, more than ever. Germany needs more people like Sylvia Stolz.

  33. ontogram says:

    This is unbelievable in a Europe that marches around proclaiming free speech. Apparently, free speech — which those millions hold so dear — is only available to dead people. Incredible hypocrisy, incredible totalitarian control. The blowback must be civil disobedience and finally civil strife. We can’t let this continue.

  34. Carl says:

    As Napoleon Bonaparte wrote some time ago “There are no good-natured or more gullible people as the Germans.No lie can be rude enough devised. the Germans believe it. For a slogan given to them. they persecute their own people with greater exasperation than their actual enemies”

    This also can be said about the majority of american Christians who are being told of the Fairy tales that the Jews are Gods chosen people and the six Million Holohoax.

  35. Kevin says:

    How sad. Could you forward Sylvia’s new address so we could write to her please?

  36. It always surprises me that even a lawyer like her does not know that there are no more state courts of law in Germany since around 1960 and that the whole legal system was made invalid in 2007. The whole legal system in Germany is based on the trade law (admiralty) where BOTH parties have to accept the judge. No judge working for the FRG has any power and is an impostor. There are a few requirements to accept the judge: Stating your name and address and sitting down are the main ones. Just asking the “judge” for his/her ID as a state judge will end the “court case” as he/she will not be able to produce this. Why does nobody tell her?

  37. Beloved Germam says:

    Holocaust denial a crime? The World War 2 propaganda deception has gone on for too long. How can we help Miss Stolz? Seems like anything negative said about Jew crimes is a crime. What is wrong with this stupid tribe who worship a golden calf? Jews are like the Morlocks from the book the “The time Machine” BY HG Wells .

  38. chris Livingstone says:

    A support protest is being discussed in London England, no dates or locations as yet but should J4G wish to send a speaker I would be most grateful

    • Dear Chris, that’s great news, thank you! Unfortunately it is not possible for me to travel to the UK, but I am encouraged that such an event is being planned over there. Please keep me posted. Cheers!

  39. John Weston says:

    Sylvia Stolz you are not alone. What is happening to you is not a result of Justice–but tyranny and its power. We are waking.

  40. Jean Coché says:

    A crime to deny lies? or not proven facts? or half truths? never mind what they do to Gaza, that’s not a crime, is it???

  41. Jim Baker says:

    As an Englishman who’s parents’ generation fought (and died) in the second world war, I would like to express my heartfelt admiration for this brave and courageous woman, who’s strength and bravery in the pursuit of truth is an example to all Europeans who understand the senseless sacrifice of the countless brothers and sisters who dies in two needless wars. May she receive the justice and recognition she so richly deserves.

    James Baker


    • chris Livingstone says:

      An event in London is being planned to support Sylvia should you wish to attend James

  42. Old Pit says:

    Damn. Whats wrong with you people? You must hit the streets and let those evil doers know that she is not alone. We had reached a point where sacrifices have to be made.
    Very sorry for the german people…

    • chris Livingstone says:

      An event is being planed for London should you care to attend chap

  43. jjpcondor says:

    German legal system is obsolete and intimidatory Inqusition Laws and perhaps adequate for 1945, but not for 2015. Stolz should complan to European Court, since her Freedom of expression is blatantly violated by OBSOLETE laws which should be changed and harmonised with EU laws.

    “Freedom of expression…is applicable not only to ‘information’ or ‘ideas’ that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population”

    European Court on Human Rights in Handyside v. UK

  44. jjpcondor says:

    Leading German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claims that Germany is banana republic, and that there is no freedom in media. All lies, according to Mr. Ulfkotte.
    listen him ..

    • Thank you, I have covered that in a previous post several months ago.

      • jjpcondor says:

        Germany does not have its constitution, they have something like Iraq or Afghanistan legal system, which is called Grundgesetz, it is surrogate for real constitution written more than 60 years ago, it was drafted for the Western zones of occupation after World War II under “legal” guidance of WWII winners. Now it is time mature that modern reunited Germany is to some extent free Europe gets new REAL constitution, written by their native people and not by foreign powers.

  45. jjpcondor says:

    Free speech remarks can create some irritation for some people, sometimes labels, derogatory comments and slanderous remarks are not nice.
    In civilised countries defamation should be treated as a civil wrong matter and should be depenalised and decriminalised.
    But tide is turning for pro inquisitory legislation even in some civilised countries ..

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