Deanna Spingola and Brian Ruhe – The Truth and Justice for Germans Society

brianOn February 28th, 2015, Deanna Spingola’s guest was Brian Ruhe, who discussed his involvement with the newly formed Truth and Justice for Germans Society, his personal interest in revisionist history, his background as a Buddhist and the books he has written on that topic, as well as, his various activities as a World War II revisionist activist. Brian also elaborated on some of the social and professional consequences of publicizing his revisionist views regarding Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany.

The show originally aired on RBN. This show archive is edited and commercial free. You may download the free mp3 here or listen / watch via YouTube below.

Brian’s Website:

Brian’s YouTube Channel:

The Truth and Justice for Germans Society:

NOTE: Brian’s personal spiritual beliefs and practices are his own. His YouTube videos, websites, public discussions etc are separate from TJGS, which espouses no spiritual or religious views, nor opinions on any topic outside of our stated mandate, as laid out in the TJGS constitution.

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One Response to Deanna Spingola and Brian Ruhe – The Truth and Justice for Germans Society

  1. Wonderful to see a fellow Buddhist taking an active role in WWII revisionism, and fighting to dispel the great many lies about Hitler, National Socialism, and WWII. It takes true courage to risk his professional career, and social standing for what you believe is right. I have been temporarily “banned” from Facebook, for allegedly spreading “hate speech” along with making “physical threats” and “targeting people” despite not having done ANY of these things. The only “hate speech” I could be accused of, is spreading the truth, and fighting against the lies told by the blatantly racist tribe of World Zionist Jewry, about my German heritage. It saddens me that as a result of these slanderous historical lies, that honest and decent Jews who dispute them, have been subjected to a similar level of verbal, and physical assault, and even DEATH, for speaking out in defense of my German ancestors. This level of viciousness is proof of how far the Jewish far right (or as I like to say, far wrong) are willing to go to bury the truth of their crimes against the German people, and indeed, ALL of humanity, as they are willing to murder their own people if they should “step out of line.” However, the days of Jewish world dictatorship are slowly but surely drawing to a close, as their lies are being debunked one by one by this magnificent site, the brave men and women who support it, and others like them. I have high hopes for the “Truth And Justice For Germans Society” and am firmly convinced that it signals the (positive) shape of things to come. Keep up the good work mein kamerad. Auf Wiedersehen for now!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

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