My unplanned leave of absence – Hope to be back blogging soon!

ouchDear Readers and Friends, I have been offline again for a while now unfortunately. I had a series of car problems which I had to figure out and fix myself, as I can’t afford to put it in a shop and I do rely on my vehicle as I live in a secluded area where there is no public transportation. In the process of fixing the car, I severely injured my back, though thankfully no bones were broken. Nonetheless, I have been in a great deal of pain and unable to do much of anything except to get medical treatment and to rest as much as possible. Even sitting at the computer was too painful and I didn’t have much ability to concentrate on anything for long periods, as this work requires of me. Even reading a book was difficult.  So I have been just laying down a lot, trying to take it easy and to focus on getting better.

I have been receiving chiropractic care recently which has helped, and will be getting massage therapy too.  I’m doing some light exercize now too to try stretch the muscles and to build up them up again. Today is the first day in several weeks that I have felt well enough to sit up and be at the computer for any length of time, to read some e-mails etc, but I am feeling it too.  So, it will take a while yet before I can fully resume my regular activities here with the blog and with TJGS. There is so much to do.

Many thanks to my friends, family and neighbours who have helped me through this difficult time, have been there for me, and who have also helped to take care of my dog when I was unable to. Much appreciated!

Thanks also to my Facebook friends for their concern and support, as well as for all the e-mails expressing concern which I have received. I will do my best to reply to some of you in the coming days, as well as to moderate the many blog comments that are pending.

Hopefully I will be back posting sooner than later. Thanks for your understanding.


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