Relaunch of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society website with a new official logo

TJGSBack in February of this year I had the pleasure and honour of announcing the formation and registration of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society. At that time, I had designed and launched a separate website for this new group to establish our initial web presence and to inform people about our goals, etc. As stated at that time, we were looking for someone to improve on the website design, as well as, to create a more professional and attractive official logo than I had originally produced (see left).

Our friend and supporter Kyle Hunt volunteered to work on the site design, while another long time friend and supporter of my own efforts, the very talented Jay Belenger redesigned the logo. A week or so ago, I was able to announce on Facebook and other social media that the new look website had been completed, however, many of my J4G subscribers may not yet be aware of this relaunch. So, I invite those of you who may have missed the announcement, to check out the new look website now.

On behalf of my TJGS colleagues, I wish to extend our sincere thanks to both Kyle and Jay for their efforts and congratulate them on the outstanding job which they have done. We are very grateful and proud of this new look!


Click to visit TJGS

Additionally, we have launched a separate Facebook community page for the group:

And also a Twitter account for news updates

We are a small, fledgling activist group, still in our infancy, but with a huge mandate, sincere intentions and high standards. We invite all who share our concerns and goals worldwide to join with us and / or to support our efforts with donations.


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