Hail to them who truly liberated Germany! Woe unto the enslavers and the traitors!

liberation memorial plaqueIF the ALL LIES had really wanted to “liberate” Germany, they should have done it in the early 1920s by rescinding the Dictates of Versailles, restoring traditional German lands and living up to the 14 points of Woodrow Wilson. The continuation of this policy of ANTI-GERMAN HATRED, GENOCIDAL REPARATIONS, THEFT OF TERRITORY, and FOREIGN INTRUSION into Germany’s political life and cultural affairs not only paved the way for Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP, it NECESSITATED National Socialism for the very survival of the German people and the defence of essential German “Lebensraum“. Only genocidal maniacs and global bullies did not want that. Hail to them who truly liberated Germany! Woe unto those who not only re-enslaved Germany, and in so doing, also enslaved themselves and all of humanity.

Only cowards, traitors and puppets who do the bidding of the ultimate victors (the International Bankster Gangsters) would celebrate their enslavement and call it “liberation” and partake of their victor’s lies, and likewise, would fail to honour their own fallen soldiers, mourn their dead and remember the many millions who were raped, tortured, starved, looted and expelled from their native lands. Shame on them!

Carl Theodor Koerner

A favourite poem of the late, great Hans Krampe



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