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A MOST UNCIVILIZED MEANS OF WARFARE – Genocidal British Bombing Policy During World War II

[J4G Exclusive, courtesy of Mike Walsh]  During World War Two more bombs by weight were dropped on the city of Berlin than were released on the whole of Great Britain during the entire war. All German towns and cities above … Continue reading

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General Curtis LeMay: “If we’d lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted as war criminals”

“The Fog of War is a film about the life and times of Robert S. McNamara, the former Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. The piece is a mix between historical footage and an interview with Robert … Continue reading

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Germany’s Klagemauer TV Reports on America’s ‘Invisible Government’ and Their Role in the World Wars

Earlier this year I stumbled upon some YouTube videos from a German news source called “Klagemauer TV” which offers alternative news reports and views on current events primarily in the German language, but also often with translations in a variety … Continue reading

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World War I: Britain’s Share of Guilt

Andreas van de Kamp 9. September 2014 For mainstream historians Britain’s declaration of war to Germany a hundred years ago was driven by dire necessity. But two recently published books are critical of this notion. The first one posits, … Continue reading

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World War I, The Balfour Declaration, Versailles Treaty, and the Set Up for World War II and III

  “World War I broke out in the summer of 1914.  Nineteen-hundred and fourteen was the year in which World War One broke out… Now that war was waged on one side by Great Britain, France, and Russia; and on … Continue reading

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