Hellstorm – Deutsche Version

Hellstorm - The Documentary“Hellstorm – The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany ist eine neue Dokumentation, welche den 2. Weltkrieg einmal aus der deutschen Perspektive zeigt. Hier werden nicht die Verbrechen der Nazis aufgezählt, sondern die Verbrechen der Alliierten Angreifer.

Nach etwa einer Woche ist die komplett deutsche Version von Hellstorm fertig. Hier können Deutsche endlich den Film gucken, statt andauernd auf die dämlichen Untertitel zu glotzen. Ich bin zwar kein Profi im Bereich des Sprechens, aber ich denke für den Ottonormalverbraucher reicht diese Doku sicher aus! Ich hoffe ihr wisst zu schätzen welch eine Arbeit das war und könnt euch daran erfreuen, dass es Hellstorm nun auch in Deutsch gibt, wenn auch nicht PERFEKT, gesprochen. Der Text entspricht dem Original zu 100% Es wurde nichts dazu geschrieben oder weggelassen. Alles ist so wie es im englisch/amerikanischen Hellstorm Film gezeigt wird.”~ Peter Unsterblich

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Free E-book: The Crime of Our Age (1949) by Dr. L.A. Fritsch, Ph. D

Crime of Our AgeTHE CRIME OF OUR AGE – DEDICATED TO THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE OF AMERICA: In the firm belief that the truth will arouse them to action.” Published by American Christian Historian, Ludwig A. Fritsch, Ph. D in 1947, revised 1949. This booklet was published in moral outrage concerning the “crimes against humanity” being perpetrated by the American government against the defenceless German people after the alleged conclusion of World War II by the victorious ALL LIES.

The virtual decapitation of the German Government without any offer of a peace treaty, the Morganthau Plan to starve to death millions of Germans, Eisenhower’s Death Camps for the surrendered German forces and years of enslavement of many more, the forced mass expulsions of millions of Germans from their ancestral homes, the mass rape of millions of German girls and woman, military occupation, mass theft of everything of value, and the Nuremberg Show Trials, were just a continuation of the war which the Bankster Gangster puppet Roosevelt had ultimately started, while claiming to be neutral.

Here, however, was a Christian Theologian and Historian of German descent, speaking out in America for the defenceless Germans!  Even while apparently taking much of the Victor’s narrative of the war relatively at face value and Dr. Fritsch still believed that America was lied into the war, and strongly condemned what was being done to the German people in the aftermath. Even taking into account the crimes he speaks of, allegedly committed by “Hitler and the Nazis”, he felt that these were minuscule in comparison to what had been done, and was still being done to the Germans, long after hostilities had supposedly ended.

His criticism, however, was not limited to the criminal conduct and the barbaric anti-Christian actions and policies of the U.S. Government.  He also chastised the Christian churches of America for not speaking out in protest, and for doing little or nothing to relieve the suffering of Christian Germany, which had been the central defender of the faith in Europe for over 1,000 years.  He called for “Justice for Germans”.

The Crime of Our Age - Justice for the GermansDr. Fritsch also, however, levelled sharp criticism at German-Americans, which he said made up fully one third of the U.S. population, for having not spoken up to prevent U.S. involvement in the war, and for doing nothing to relieve the suffering of their cousins in Europe, including the millions of ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe who were being driven out of their homelands.

Some readers may take exception to his reading of American history (or portions thereof) and others may call some of his perspectives “racist”. I take exception to a number of the statements he made concerning Hitler and WWII, however, these does not really detract from his overall thesis.  Remember, this was written some 65 years ago. Fritsch was not blessed with all of facts we possess today about the Hitler, National Socialism and World War II. He obviously did not understand that Hitler himself had always called himself a Christian, and that National Socialism (as I have pointed out often) was Christian based, though some of you out there hate to hear that.  C’est la vie.

Hitler Christian 2While Fritsch understood that the “Versailles Dictates” were criminal, resulting in untold misery for the Germans, and that this had no doubt spawned the rise of Hitler and the NSDAP, Fritsch nonetheless condemned Hitler, in the sense that, he believed him to be a “self-appointed saviour of Germany”, and thus, that had “placed himself above God”.  In fact, Hitler and his party were duly elected. His popularity and that of the party continued to grow rapidly thereafter, as high unemployment rapidly diminished, an economic miracle unfolded, hunger, poverty and despair were eliminated, social chaos gave way to “law and order”, and German honour and dignity were being restored, not to mention, German culture.  Hitler united a greatly divided people and gave them substance, not just hope or empty promises.

It was the average German people themselves who had prayed for a saviour, for salvation from the nightmare that was the Weimar Republic, and for relief from the chains of enslavement of the Versailles Dictate. They also feared Bolshevism. It was they who, in desperation, turned to Hitler to be their saviour, not in terms of their individual souls, but for physical salvation and spiritual renewal. He was the embodiment of the German nation in one man, who could lead them out of the wilderness and into national salvation.

Hitler delivered what he had promised, and thus, he “delivered his people” from evil. He did what 13 years of democratic chatter boxes of the dozens of parties did not or could not do.  He did nothing for his personal prestige or enrichment. Everything he did he did for the people, and that is why they loved him and would fight for him and for the Germany he built to the bitter end. Was that evil? No, he was a “God send” for Germans! Compare that to the record of Roosevelt in so-called “Christian America”. By the way, Church membership grew under Hitler and he also instituted payroll taxes to help support the churches.

So, those misconceptions by Dr. Fritsch notwithstanding, here are a number of his admonishments to the Clergy of America:

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that it is not true that Germany is the most warring nation. The historical fact is that she is the most peace loving of all the great nations because she waged the least number of wars.”

TELL OUR PEOPLE that our propagandists are the greatest misleaders and thus the greatest hate-mongers, for they claimed contrary to their better knowledge, in thousands of radio speeches and articles, that the Germans are the most “war- loving” nation and that they started the two World Wars.”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that they were belied and misled by the satanic propaganda that the Germans are aggressors. A look at the map shows the real aggressor nations. The formerly 100 million German people in the heart of Europe live in a land which is not quite as large as Texas with her 3 million inhabitants ! Had the Germans been aggressors they, too, would have an empire such as England, France, Russia, little Holland and as we Americans have!”

TELL OUR PEOPLE for truths sake, that we Americans, in comparison with the Germans are a more “war-loving” and more “cruel” nation. It is a historical fact that we in our short national history waged comparatively more wars than the Germans did in their 2000 years history. We conquered this great and blessed country from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada (a territory about 20 times the size of Germany!), took everything we wanted unpunished and exterminated the aboriginal inhabitants by starvation, whisky, and disease.”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that the Germans never had any intention of conquering the world, as confirmed by General G. C. Marshall and the Nuremberg lynch trial!”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, the Germans never interfered in our affairs as we waged aggressive wars against the Indians, Spain, Mexico etc. and took everything we wanted”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that the Germans never were our enemies but our friends and benefactors in our whole national history; that we could not be the world’s greatest and richest nation without German blood and sweat; that there is German blood flowing in the veins of every third American!”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that the Germans never wanted war with Us, but it was we who set out twice to destroy them because our leaders feared that German ingenuity and diligence would conquer the world in a peaceful way’.”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that we were lied into this war through Roosevelt’s “smart way” over Japan, not on ideological grounds but out of greediness and power politics, just as we are now stirred up against Russia not because of Communism, but because of the oil fields in Iraq and Iran, and the great might of the Russians!”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, what Oliver Lyttlet, on British Minister of Production, told the Chamber of Commerce of America June 20, 1944, as reported by the United Press: “Japan was provoked into attacking the United States at Pearl Harbor. It is a travesty on history ever to say that America was forced into the war.” And how did our propagandists, led by President Roosevelt, misuse the “sneak attack” story and thus stirred hatred against Japan?”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, what cruelties our troops committed against the heart of the world, how our flyers destroyed everything mercilessly, killed millions of civilians, how enlisted men and officers have stolen and raped, how our government set up a systematic starving campaign, how millions of innocent Germans were driven from their centuries old homes into death by freezing and starving!”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that before God and history, the had of responsibility for the chaotic conditions and the indescribable misery all over the world rests on our conscience: because we played havoc with prehistoric brutality and saved Bolshevism making it a world menace. Without our intervention there would have been peace and order in Europe and the world long ago !”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, how hypocritical and selfish we act forbidding non-Americans through the “Monroe Doctrine” to intervene in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere, while we because of our power mix into the affairs of all the other nations and continents !”

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that after we have destroyed the bulwark of Christianity and of the white race, the great stabilizer in world affairs, the biggest educated and most cultured nation on earth, after we have pierced the heart of Europe – now we have to shoulder the great responsibilities for all that, for which Germany stood in all her glorious history in the last thousand years. We have to become a militaristic nation to be enabled to defend the most precious treasures of mankind: Christian culture and civilization!”

TELL OUR PEOPLE what the most famous American historian, Professor Harry E. Barnes, says: “President Truman has well said that constructive public acts must be based on truth. It is too bad somebody could not have whispered a little truth into his ear before he left for Potsdam. There is little prospect that a structure erected wholly on lies in 1945 will endure any better than the one that was wholly based on lies in 1919!” ”

TELL OUR PEOPLE to study “PEARL HARBOR, THE STORY OF THE SECRET WAR” by George Morgenstern; “HISTORY’S MOST TERRIFYING PEACE” by Prof. Austin J. App Ph.D.; “GRUESOME HARVEST’ by Ralph F. Keeling, of the “Institute of American Economics” in Chicago, and “THE PLANNED FAMINE” by A. O. Tittmann, in order to learn the truth about the chaotic conditions which our leaders brought deliberately over mankind!”


Roosevelt knew exactly what he meant when be demanded “unconditional surrender!” According to his barbaric interpretation that term included the right of the victor to dispose of everything, man and material, property and spiritual goods. The patents and secrets alone, which our troops have stolen and brought over here, counterbalance the billions we spent for waging war. The kidnapping and forced importation of German scientists and technicians to the East and West is taken for granted. – In the presence of God I ask our nation, I ask you, ministers of the Gospel: Did the Germans in all our histories ever inflict such injuries on us as we did in the two World Wars sent still do inflict on them? What wrong did the German nation do to us Americans that we punished them twice in a generation in the most cruel and inhuman way such as history never saw before? Do you call that American gratitude for all the hard work sent faithfulness by which German people here built up our country and won our victories?”

Roosevelt demanded “unconditional surrender.”

“This terrible term, born of a cruel heart, can be defined in two ways: the old barbaric one according to which the conqueror has the power to kill, destroy, lot, rape, enslave, starve, exterminate; and the Christian definition, to be as a victor magnanimous and kind to the beaten foe, to win him as a friend. Our democratic administration accepted the Roosevelt-Morgenthau plan which calls for the first conception in the most cruel and sadistic form.

Now, if we want to be just the shadow of a “Christian” nation then it is our duty before God and history to provide our unconditionally surrendered” enemies, after we destroyed and looted everything and thus made them unable to take care of themselves, with all the necessities of life until such time as they will be enabled to take over. The responsibility for the misery and chaos in the world today is ours because we decided both World Wars on the wrong side and thus destroyed the only great stabilizer and bulwark of civilization. It is high time that we see the consequences of our deeds and fall on our knees be searching the merciful Lord for forgiveness of our sins against mankind. It is high time for us to get rid of our hatemongers and hypocrites and repent, ere it is too late!”

One last thing…


“Most tragic of all, however, is the fact that our Volksgenossen, as soon as they acquire wealth, reputation and influence, betray their race and work for the enemy. We need think only of the Wilkies, the Kaisers, the Rockefellers, the Astors, of the Eisenhowers, Eichelbergers, Wedemeyers, Nimitzes etc. and of those thousands in industry, in economics, in the intellectual world and in the armed forces. If all these had fulfilled their racial duty as did the British, the Poles, the Czechs, the Irish and the Jews, they could have prevented both World Wars and seen to it that ample space required for life (“Lebensraum”) would have been given to the Germans. Instead, they allow decorations to be conferred upon themselves by the English King and by Stalin because of their assistance in laying their mother-country in ruins.”

Here the good doctor is sadly confused. Most, if not all, of those family names he mentioned are German-Jewish, and it is they who are of that race who declared war on Germany in 1933, and like many more of that tribe, also financed and profited from the war.


“I have had the bitter experience that the greatest haters of the Germans are the disloyal Germans themselves as was the disloyal disciple of the Lord, Judas. Many are so intimidated through the hate-propaganda that they will attribute the very worst to their own people because of their fear of losing their bit of bread and their comfort… I side a thousand times rather with that true patriot, that great German-American, Carl Schurz, the right hand of the martyred President Lincoln when he said: “I love Germany as a child loves his mother, and I love America as a man loves his wife.” This should be the attitude of every German-American. He who does not love his mother violates the Command of God and is not worthy to be honored by his own children.” 

(I would also disagree about Schurz and Linclon and the horrific war they waged against the South)


Little is known about the author. Metapedia states: “Ludwig Fritsch was a history professor in Romania before coming to the United States in 1921. Fritsch was pastor of the Honterus Lutheran Church in Youngstown, Ohio. In 1945 he resigned from the ministry and later moved to Chicago. Dr. Fritsch was married to Baroness Edith Gerlinde Brosig von Schwartzwasser.” No birth / death dates are included.

There certainly are a number of other things in his booklet which I disagree with.  He was not too wise to the German-Jews and Marxists in America, judging by some of his statements. This booklet was written very soon after the war, and his understanding of Hitler and National Socialism was still impacted by war time propaganda. I hope that he may later have realized much more about the war time lies, and that he owed Hitler, a Christian,  an apology.

Regardless of some his shortcomings or blind spots, however, I found this a fascinating read and do applaud the man’s honesty, courage and integrity.  He was a scholar and keen observer of the U.S. media and politics, as well as a devout Christian.  He was morally outraged regarding what was being done to the Germans by the American government and the Allies.  He spoke the truth as best he knew it, and was not just “going along to get along” in the allegedly “land of the free and home of the brave”.  He was also a proud Ethnic German!

Download the 60 page booklet for free here:

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World War II for Israel predicted in 1938 on the basis of the NOT FORGED Protocols of Zion

Jewish World Conspiracy by Karl Bergmeister (1938)A little-known 1938 booklet “Jewish World Conspiracy” by Karl Bergmeister” rejected the 1935 decision of a Berne Court (overturned on appeal) that the Protocols of Zion were a forgery. It foresaw that World War Two was an Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish trap.

“Their world war is a necessity in order that, in the name of indivisible peace, all that portion of mankind who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke, may be laid low.” Revue internationale des sociétés secrétes, April,1937


“This fight for world-domination has been in full swing ever since Italian Fascism put an end to the destructive activities of Freemasonry, that most dangerous of all Jewish secret societies, and since Germany has declared openly that it is the Jew, and the Jew alone who is the driving force behind the destruction of political order among the different peoples. In complete accordance with the sense of Protocol 7, the dogs of war are to be let loose against those states who desire to free themselves from the Jewish reign of terror, such states as Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

On the above subject the following forms an interesting extract from the “Revue internationale des sociétés secrétes, No7 of the 1st of April 1937:

“A new war in defence of democracy and of alleged law is being prepared in all haste. An alliance of all the Jewish groups is already complete; it bears the official title of the alliance of the three great democracies, the English, the American, and the French. . . . Israel requires a new world war, and soon! . . . Israel is positively of the opinion that time is getting short. To them their world war is a necessity in order that, in the name of indivisible peace, all that portion of mankind who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke, may be laid low.”

It is just the three countries above mentioned who to-day are completely under Jewish-Masonic control. Practically every member of their respective governments is a Freemason. In their case also in all key positions, men of Jewish origin are to be found, or persons who either as a result of marriage, or of financial obligation, are open to Jewish influence.”


A Conference of the World Service, the international organisation for defence against Jewish aggression in all countries, took place in Erfurt from the 2nd to the 5th of September of this year. Distinguished experts, authors and political leaders, more especially from the following countries, took part: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great-Britain, Finland, Greece, Holland, Italy, Jugoslavia, Canada, Lettland, the U.S.A., Norway, Austria, Poland, Russia (Emigration), Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. After the commission appointed to enquire into the authenticity of the Protocols had rendered a report of its two years of activity, the Congress unaminously adopted the following Resolution.

“That the present Conference of the World Service taking place at Erfurt from the 2nd to the 5th of September 1937, in which many experts, authors and political leaders from more than 20 different countries are taking part, passes the following resolution relative to the authenticity of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”:

That the verdict given in Berne on the 14th of May 1935 to the effect that the Protocols are a forgery, is a faulty verdict. That it only became possible in consequence of the Judge having erroneously based his judgement upon the expertises of the two Swiss experts recommended by the Jewish side C. A. Loosli and Professor A. Baumgarten, after he had heard the 16 witnesses for the Jewish side, and after having refused to hear any single one of the 40 witnesses brought by the Aryan side.

The verdict in Berne has not shaken the authenticity of the Protocols. For their authenticity the following irrefutable fact, among many others, bears witness namely, that Jewry in the social, political, and religious sphere, persistently model all their actions along the lines laid down in the Protocols.”The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are accordingly the authentic programme of Jewish world politics. “

 Read Online  https://archive.org/details/JewishWorldConspiracyByKarlBergmeister1938

Download PDF


Additional Information:

World-Service (German, Welt-Dienst and French, Service Mondial) was an international National Socialist news agency founded December 1, 1933 in Erfurt, Germany by Ulrich Fleischhauer. World-Service issued news bulletins in eight languages. [1] The service would run advertisements in their bulletins for various Shirt Movements throughout the world.[1]

From 1936 to 1938 World-Service sponsored the international conference of the Pan-Aryan Anti-Jewish Union. World-Service was also known as the International Correspondence for Enlightenment on the Jewish Question.

Source: http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/World-Service

The Pan-Aryan Anti-Jewish Union also known as the Erfurt Anti-Comintern Conference and World Conference against International Jewry was an international conference, held in secret, and chaired by Ulrich Fleischhauer in Erfurt, Germany. The conferences sponsored by World Service news agency were held from 1936 to 1938 with 60 to 70 delegates attending from 25 countries.

Henry Hamilton Beamish (1937)[1]
George Deatherage (1937,1938)[2]
Robert Edward Edmondson
Ernest F. Elmhurst (1937)[3]
Arnold Leese

Source: http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Pan-Aryan_Anti-Jewish_Union

Robert Edward Edmondson (born Dayton, Ohio in 1872, died Bend, Oregon April 12, 1959)[1] was a journalist, researcher, and a defendant in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. He was a delegate to the Pan-Aryan Anti-Jewish Union held in National Socialist Germany in the 1930s. Edmondson was a prolific Jew-wise researcher and leading propagandist equal to Germany’s Joseph Goebbels. He described himself as an American Vigilante Patriot.[2]

Edmondson said:

“I am not against Jews because of their religion, as a race, a people or as individuals, but because Jewish leadership [i.e. the bankers] is actively anti-American, is attempting to jettison the American political philosophy and take over the Country, and that I would continue to be anti-Jewish until Jewry repudiated such subversion. Were the offender any other than the Jewish minority, my attitude would be precisely the same. This problem is the biggest and most acute thing in the world today…. “Knowing that pitiless publicity is the only cure for public evils, in 1934 I started on a campaign to expose Jewish Anti-Americanism and Talmudic Communism which has been called the “Code of Hell”: a “Rabbi Racket” that victimizes its own followers; an international “Satanic System” subverting France, Britain, Germany and Russia, causing the present depression and moving to take over the United States through the Jewish Radical administration [of FDR.] “

Jew-wise researcher

Edmondson in the 1930s and 1940s documented the Jewish control of America in banking, the press and media in a series of essays which numbered over 400[4] called American Vigilante Bulletins. His research on Jewish domination of entertainment media [1] was the forerunner to Who Rules America? written and distributed decades later by Dr. William L. Pierce.

Edmondson was prolific in the number of broadsides and pamphlets that he issued each month. Between 1934 and 1936 its been estimated he distributed over five million pieces of literature.[5]

He believed President Franklin Roosevelt to be Jewish and published the flier Roosevelt’s Jewish Ancestry to make his case.

He appears to be the author of the 1938 pamphlet B’nai B’rith: An International Anti-Christian, Pro-Communist Jewish Power. The pamphlet was issued under the name John Merrick Church.


On June 11, 1936 Edmondson was indicted by a Jew-majority Grand Jury in New York City and charged with “libeling all persons of the Jewish Religion.” In preparing his defense Edmondson subpoenaed some of the most prominent Jews of the time: Bernard Buruch, Henry Morganthau, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Samuel Untermeyer, New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, James P. Warburg, Walter Lippmann and Justice Samuel Rosenman. In response, the American Jewish Committee petitioned the court to drop the charges against Edmondson. On May 10, 1938 the judge dismissed all indictments claiming there is no group libel law.

In the early 1940s Edmondson was again persecuted by the Jews and was indicted along with 29 others on charges of sedition. The Great Sedition Trial of 1944, as it became known, was declared a mistrial and the charges were later dismissed.

Source: http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Robert_Edward_Edmondson

Note: Bernard Buruch, Henry Morganthau, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Samuel Untermeyer, New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, James P. Warburg, Walter Lippmann and Justice Samuel Rosenman all belonged to the very same well organized criminal cabal which called themselves “International Jewry” or “Judea”,  which had declared war on Germany in 1933, just as the NSDAP was elected to power in Germany and Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933. Henry Morganthau, unquestionably, was the architect of the plan to exterminate all Germans. (More info at the bottom)

There can be no doubt that they were the “Henchmen” for the “Learned Elders of Zion” and also, the puppet-masters of political whores and war mongers Daladier, Reynaud, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. Most are aware of the latter three, but pertaining to the French Prime Ministers:

“In October 1938, Daladier opened secret talks with the Americans on how to bypass American neutrality laws and allow the French to buy American aircraft to make up for productivity deficiencies in the French aircraft industry.[3] Daladier commented in October 1938, “If I had three or four thousand aircraft, Munich would never have happened”, and he was most anxious to buy American war planes as the only way to strengthen the French Air Force.[4] A major problem in the Franco-American talks was how the French were to pay for the American planes, as well as how to bypass the American neutrality acts[5] In addition, France had defaulted on its World War I debts in 1932 and hence fell foul of the American Johnson Act of 1934, which forbade loans to nations that had defaulted on their World War I debts.[6] In February 1939, the French offered to cede their possessions in the Caribbean and the Pacific together with a lump sum payment of 10 billion francs, in exchange for the unlimited right to buy, on credit, American aircraft.[7] After torturous negotiations, an arrangement was worked out in the spring of 1939 to allow the French to place huge orders with the American aircraft industry; though most of the aircraft ordered had not arrived in France by 1940, the Americans arranged for French orders to be diverted to the British.[8]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89douard_Daladier

“Reynaud returned to the cabinet in 1938 as Minister of Finance under Édouard Daladier. The Sudeten Crisis, which began not long after Reynaud was named Minister of Justice, again revealed the divide between Reynaud and the rest of the Alliance Démocratique; Reynaud adamantly opposed abandoning the Czechs to the Germans, while Flandin felt that allowing Germany to expand eastward would inevitably lead to a conflict with the Soviets that would weaken both. Reynaud publicly made his case, and in response Flandin pamphleted Paris in order to pressure the government to agree to Hitler’s demands.[1]:519 Reynaud subsequently left his party to become an independent. Reynaud still had Daladier’s support, however, whose politique de fermeté was very similar to Reynaud’s notion of deterrence.

Reynaud, however, had always wanted the Finance ministry. He endorsed radically liberal economic policies in order to draw France’s economy out of stagnation, centered on a massive program of deregulation, including the elimination of the forty-hour work week.[1]:503 The notion of deregulation was very popular among France’s businessmen, and Reynaud believed that it was the best way for France to regain investors’ confidence again and escape the stagnation its economy had fallen into. The collapse of Léon Blum’s government in 1938 was a response to Blum’s attempt to expand the regulatory powers of the French government; there was therefore considerable support in the French government for an alternative approach like Reynaud’s.”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Reynaud

See Also: The Kaufman and Morgenthau Plans to Exterminate the Germans prior to, during and after WW II

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Frau Ursula Haverbeck: Where were the 6 Million Killed? (The ARD Panorama Interview, with English Subtitles)

Haverbeck - PanoramaSeveral months ago, I published two articles and videos featuring the words of Frau Ursula Haverbeck, a brave, elderly German lady who lived in National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler and who had survived both the war and the aftermath. Based upon the now known facts, she had publicly challenged various departments of the FRG/BRD government as well as the council of Jews in Germany to explain where the so-called “Holocaust” of the Jews took place.

In April 2015, I became aware that Frau Haverbeck had also been interviewed on a German, mainstream, public television program called “Panorama” concerning her views, the facts she is aware of, and her motives. It was amazing for this to be broadcast to the general public in occupied Germany on ARD (national TV), with its Nuremberg inspired draconian laws concerning “holocaust denial”, “defaming the victims” and “inciting the public”.  Moreover, this one hour long interview was, surprisingly, not particularly “hostile” either. It also would have reached a huge live TV audience.

At that time I first viewed it, it was only available in the German language. Now, however,  thanks to an anonymous person’s hard work, very accurate English sub-titles have been added, and so I am very pleased to be able to present this to my readers, and to help raise greater awareness of  this courageous lady and the issues she brings to the table.

NOTE: please click on the CC button at the bottom of the video frame to see the English subs.

Further to this, in a recent e-mail received from Prof. Robert Faurisson, he stated: “[the following] 10-page article provides information on an argument that is important for those who, like any revisionist researcher worthy of the name, care about historical EXACTITUDE.

In the case of the most ordinary of crimes, justice and police officials know that a forensic examination is absolutely indispensable. However, for seventy years, in the case of what is reputed to be the most atrocious crime ever by its nature and its proportions, that of “the Holocaust” or “the Shoah”, the judges have dispensed with any medico-legal study conducted under the rules established by law and observed by good judicial practice.

There has been just one exception: in France, a forensic examination of the alleged Nazi gas chamber in the Struthof camp near Strasbourg was ordered shortly after the war and assigned to Professor René Fabre, Dean of the Paris faculty of pharmacy and a toxicologist. On December 1, 1945 the professor came to a negative conclusion: he had found no traces of hydrocyanic acid where such traces ought to have been discovered, i.e. in the enclosure called “gas chamber” and in the exhaust stack of that enclosure; nor were there any such traces in the corpses left by the Germans at the University of Strasbourg’s institute of anatomy, corpses of Jews alleged to have been gassed by the camp commandant, Josef Kramer, alone, without the assistance of a single gas specialist. Lacking any training in chemistry, J. Kramer was, in civilian life, a simple accountant! The report by Professor Fabre has vanished but I personally discovered, in 1980, a document certifying the results of his study. Even Jean-Claude Pressac admitted that Fabre’s findings were negative:

“The result [of toxicological testing for traces of cyanide] at Struthof was negative, which was somewhat embarrassing” (The Struthof Album, Edited by Serge Klarsfeld, [published by] The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, New York, 1985, p. 12).” ”

You may read the full 10 page article here:   http://robertfaurisson.blogspot.ca/2014/12/in-seventy-years-no-forensic-study.html

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Liberating Dachau From 70 Years of Allied Propaganda

Dachau BookThe following are excerpts from a very lengthy article published by the IHR in 1989, entitled Lessons from Dachau, by John Cobden, in which he reviewed the book DACHAU: 1933-45, THE OFFICIAL HISTORY by Paul Berben. London: The Norfolk Press, 1975, Hardcover, 300 pages. The book is still in print and available on Amazon.  The article is far too long to re-post in its entirety within a single blog post, however, I hope this will provide a decent overview of the contents and inspire the reader to further explore the facts presented. Mr Cobden wrote:

“Sometimes important “revisionist” works are produced, not by the revisionists, but by believers in the “exterminationist” view. A case in point is Arno Mayer’s Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?, which downplays Auschwitz as a center of gassings and admits that most deaths in the camps, including the so-called “death camps,” were the result of “natural” causes and not from gassings or executions. Another book that, remarkably, helps the revisionist case is Paul Berben’s Dachau: 1933-45, The Official History. It begins by positing that Dachau was an “extermination camp,” then implicitly demolishes its own thesis. Berben’s Dachau was first published in 1968 in Belgium, then republished by the Norfolk Press in 1975 “on behalf and under the auspices of the Comité International de Dachau.” The C.I.D. represents the tens of thousands of deportees who were exterminated in the death camp and also those who survived.” (p. xiv) It is incontestably an official history: the 1975 edition, which is reviewed in this article, contains the statement that it was “published for sale only at the Dachau Camp Memorial Site.”


NOTE: This, chart reprinted from page 281 of Berben’s “Dachau,” illustrates some interesting facts. Note that the death rate in Dachau fell slightly in 1942. In 1943 the death rate fell almost 50 per cent. In 1943 the death rate was at an all-time low, yet according to “exterminationist theory” the “final solution” should have been in full swing. In 1944, with the reappearance of typhus in the camp, deaths rose dramatically. Note that 66 per cent of all deaths at Dachau took place in the last seven months. It should also be noted that in the winter months of 1942-43 another typhus outbreak hit the camp. There is also an unusually high number of deaths for March 1944, due to Allied bombings of Kommandos which resulted in the deaths of 223 prisoners. (See p. 95).

Dachau Death Stats

It seems very unlikely that many men in this group (even after thousands had been transferred for various reasons out of Dachau, there were still 759 criminals in the camp on April 26, 1945) were there because they were fighters for human rights.

It also seems unlikely that many of the political prisoners, especially the Communists, were advocates of individual rights. In light of the atrocities committed by Communists throughout Europe and Asia from 1917 to 1945, and beyond, it is certainly naive at best, and a lie at worst, to paint these people as freedom fighters. Yet most of the prisoners in the camp were political prisoners, of whom a large percentage were Communists or Communist sympathizers. A camp census taken on April 26,1945 showed that 43,401 prisoners were there for political reasons. In contrast, the number of Jews in the camp was 22,100; 128 prisoners had been purged from the Wehrmacht; 110 were incarcerated for being homosexual; 85 were Jehovah’s Witnesses; and 1,066 were classed as “anti-socials.” (p. 221)

What of “the tens of thousands of deportees who were exterminated in the death camp,” according to the author’s claims? In the first place, Berben, while alleging that there was a homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz, states at the outset that “the Dachau gas-chamber was never used.” (p. 8) Like virtually all “exterminationist” writers who claim that the Dachau “gas chamber” was never completed, or completed but never used, Berben neither offers believable evidence that there actually was such an installation at Dachau, nor explains why numerous Dachau inmates swore that thousands had been gassed in it.

Dachau does, nonetheless, offer a precise figure for deaths during the war years at Dachau. According to a chart (p. 281), the number of deaths at the main Dachau camp and its smaller outstations totalled 27,839 for the years from 1940 through 1945 (again, the claim that some 238,000 inmates perished at Dachau, once exhibited on a sign at the entrance to the camp, is passed over by Berben in silence).

An analysis of this figure affords some interesting insights. Of the 27,839, 2,226 are said to have died in May 1945, after the Americans liberated the camp. In other words, fully eight per cent of the wartime deaths at Dachau took place in a month that the camp was in the hands of Allied forces.

If one were disposed to citing such figures without regard to their context (that is, disregarding the reason for the deaths), a damaging case against the American occupiers could be made. According to the figures Berben provides, during the 65 months from January 1940 to May 1945 27,839 prisoners died from all causes, working out to an average of 428 per month (see Chart 1). During the first month of Allied control of Dachau, therefore, the death rate was 400 per cent higher than average.

Doubtless someone who felt compelled to defend the American “liberators” of Dachau would quickly establish, and argue, that the cause of death was not an American extermination program, but the continuation of the contagion which had racked Dachau in the months before the camp’s capture at the end of April 1945. Exactly! Dachau fell prey to a devastating epidemic (of chiefly typhus) from the end of 1944. From November of that year through May 1945, 18,296 inmates died, 66 per cent of the deaths during the war years. If one includes the deaths which took place from November 1943 to March 1944 (another epidemic), the number of the victims rises to 19,605, or 70 per cent of the wartime victims.

If the figures in the official history are correct, and deaths during epidemics taken into account, we are left with 8,234 possible victims of extermination. But Berben makes it quite clear that sickness and disease was a constant problem, and that many people died year in, year out of such natural causes. He also points out that numerous individuals committed suicide, that some prisoners believed to be working for the Nazis were murdered by fellow prisoners, and that some were killed in Allied bombings. Bergen notes that in March 1944 one Allied bombing of a factory where prisoners worked killed 223 prisoners. In another case a tunnel collapsed in a factory, killing 22 prisoners. An Allied bombing at the same site later killed an additional 6. These two incidents alone account for another 251 deaths in the camp, almost one percent of the total deaths. Bergen also claims that some executions took place, mostly by firing squad. But these executions only account for a very small percentage of the deaths in the camps about .0087 per cent (p. 271)

Berben also notes that Himmler wanted to lower the death rate in the camps as much as possible, which seems odd if the extermination of prisoners was the goal.

The death-rate in the camps forced the S.S. to take notice. With the help of copious statistics they watched its progress, not to save human lives, but to economize on man-power. On 30th September 1943 Pohl informed Himmler that the number of deaths in August was 40 out of an average work force of 17,300, that is 0.23 per cent, whereas the previous month the percentage had been 0.32 per cent They had achieved a reduction of 0.09. Results were obtained from other camps too. Out of a total strength estimated at 224,000 in August, there had been 4,699 deaths, that is 2.09 per cent, compared with 2.23 per cent in July: the improvement was therefore 0.14 per cent. Himmler congratulated Pohl on the results he had obtained even though they were difficult to check! (p. 94-95)”

What one finds in this official history of Dachau is not confirmation of the “exterminationist” view, but a repudiation of it. It is quickly evident that a very high percentage of the total deaths can be accounted for in terms other than an “extermination.” While we don’t know how many of the remaining non-epidemic deaths fell into “natural” categories, we can rationally assume that many of them were caused by disease, accidents, suicides, and natural causes. The last category is important because Dachau housed quite a few older prisoners. “Statistics made by the camp administration on 16th February 1945 list 2,309 men and 44 women aged between 50 and 60 and 5,465 men and 12 women over 60.” (p. 11) This admission is rather significant, since, according to general “exterminationist” theory, older prisoners often were not even admitted to the camps, but were separated from the other prisoners immediately upon arrival, then gassed. At a camp which its official survivors’ committee calls a “death camp,” however, we find 2,910 prisoners of advancing years who had evidently not been exterminated.

The “exterminationist” view, either that focusing on the Jews or the broader version, has long told us that, like the elderly, children were singled out for death immediately, because they were incapable of working. Dachau, however, also housed an unstated number of children. Berben states that a group of prisoners formed an unofficial governing body, called the International Committee, and that this group started a school in the camp for the children.

As has already been mentioned, there were times when even children were imprisoned in Dachau. The International Committee saw to it that they were not abandoned. A school was organized for Russian children under a Yugoslavian teacher, and the older ones were placed in Kommandos [subsidiary work camps of Dachau] where they were looked after by prisoners who tried not only to keep them in good health but to teach them the rudiments of a trade as well (p. 175).

While the older children were old enough to work, it is unlikely that the younger children in the school were doing so. Thus, according to the “exterminationist” view, they too should have been immediately killed.

An important component of the “extermination” theory is the notion that prisoners not killed immediately were subject to “extermination through work,” in which brutal on-the-job drudgery and miserable living conditions made the life in the camps nasty and short. Under a regime intent on the death of all Jews and other “undesirables” we would expect very little food, medical care, and other necessities to be available to the prisoners. There would certainly be no orders to lower the death rate, just as there would be no elderly or sick prisoners sitting around: Those capable of working would work; the others would have been put to death, the sooner the better. But, as described in this official history, at Dachau the Germans were intent on keeping the prisoners alive, even the sick and the elderly.

[ …]

Living conditions in the camp didn’t suddenly worsen as a result of a decision to exterminate. For most of the camp’s history conditions were fairly good, considering that it served as a type of prison. Berben quotes Wolfgang Jasper, legation counselor and member since 1935 of an S.S. cavalry unit

We found the camp [in 1937] and the huts in faultless condition and perfectly clean. The prisoners made a very good impression on us and did not seem to be at all hungry. They were allowed to receive letters and parcels and had a canteen where they could buy things. There were also cultural activities available. (p. 43)


“In addition to regularly scheduled meals and the second breakfast, and what prisoners could purchase at the canteen, other food was available as well. “From the end of 1942, however, large consignments of food and other useful things did reach the camp … ” Family and friends of prisoners were sending parcels of food into the camp. In addition to these parcels, “The consignments sent to the Red Cross also brought assistance whose beneficial efforts cannot be over-emphasized.” Berben said that the Red Cross shipments alone consisted of “thousands” of parcels. Dachau served as the main camp for all prisoners who were clergy, about 2,700 prisoners. According to Berben:

Food parcels could be sent to clergy and the food situation improved noticeably. Germans and Poles particularly received them in considerable quantities from their families, their parishioners and members of religious communities. In Block 26 one hundred sometimes arrived on the same day. (p. 151)

The clergy continued to receive the “considerable quantities” of food until nearly the end of the war.

This period of relative plenty lasted till the end of 1944 when the disruption of communications stopped the dispatch of parcels. Nevertheless the German clergy continued to receive food through the Dean of Dachau, Herr Pfanzelt, to whom the correspondents sent food tickets: the priest brought bread and sausage with these and sent the parcels by the local post. (p. 151)

Thus Berben, while lamenting the lack of food, tells us that prisoners had regular meals, some had a second breakfast, that “large consignments” were mailed to prisoners, that Thousands” of parcels arrived from the Red Cross, that food could be purchased at the canteen, that the clergy received “considerable quantities” from parishioners and that this “period of relative plenty lasted till the end of 1944.” All of this came to an end, not because the Nazis decided to starve people, but because “the disruption of communications stopped the dispatch of parcels.” Yet, in spite of these admissions that large quantities of food were available to the average prisoner, Berben says that “legitimate means of obtaining extras were available to only a limited number of privileged prisoners.” (pp. 164-165)

Berben tells us at length how the National Socialist government continually expanded medical services throughout the war. He notes that when the camp was first built in 1933 very few medical services were available. But as the camp was expanded, a hospital was included:

… Blocks A and B: they consisted of an operating theatre with modern equipment. Visitors were invariably shown these buildings, because they proved “the interest taken by the S.S. in the prisoners health.” (p. 104) As the war progressed the demand for health services in the camp increased. In 1940 the hospital was extended to Blocks 1, 3 and 5. But it was mainly from 1942 onwards that increasing numbers caused the sick block to be extended: in September of that year it comprised 7 blocks, one of which had no wards and was reserved for offices, the pharmacy, the laboratory and the rooms occupied by the experimental departments. In the second half of 1944, the seven blocks were linked by a long closed corridor, and then the three blocks. 11 to 15. were added … (p. 104)

The hospital care given to prisoners is praised continually in Berben’s official history.

The accommodation was complete and modern, and in normal conditions specialists could have treated all the diseases efficiently. Operations were performed in two well-equipped theatres. The laboratory was well appointed, and all the necessary analyses could be made there until, at the end of 1944, the service was overwhelmed. There was an electrocardiograph and the very latest model of a Siemens X-ray apparatus. (p. 104)

The author states that the increase in hospital service was beneficial to the prisoners.

The effect of these changes on the prisoners situation was beneficial. Generally speaking, there was good understanding between the doctors and prisoner-nurses, and their co-operation achieved good results. Thanks to the doctors’ initiative, backed up by the nurses and with the help of workmen, a special hut was built between Blocks 11 and 13 for the tuberculosis patients to take open-air cures. Sputum was examined in the laboratory and most of those prisoners in whom it was found to give a positive reaction were hospitalized and treated by rest and fresh-air cures and given extra rations. (p. 106)

Dachau: The Official History makes clear that the camp officials attempted to keep disease to a minimum. They attempted to enforce certain hygiene standards, which of course became increasingly difficult as the war progressed. Berben writes:

It is obvious that in a camp where thousands of men live in a far too confined area and in deplorable conditions very strict hygiene was vital. In the early years, when numbers were still relatively low and arrivals were in small groups, adequate precautions could be taken. “The newcomers went to the showers, were cropped, given clothes and underwear, wretched, it is true, but laundered.” The rooms were not overcrowded. The orders concerning the upkeep of the premises, clothing and bodily cleanliness were irksome and prompted the bullying of prisoners, but all in all they were useful because the vast majority of the prisoners realized that if they were to stand any chance of survival they would have to conform to strict rules. They knew that they could of course expect nothing from the camp authorities; when hygienic precautions were laid down, it was merely to protect the S.S. staff and to have the maximum labour force. (p. 109)

Even a cursory read of Dachau: The Official History shows that conditions were fairly decent and only fell apart near the end of the war, when all of Germany was in chaos.

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v09/v09p485_Cobden.html



Military Police Service (Austria) circular from 1948 confirms no one was killed by poison gassings at any of the here mentioned KZs (Concentration Camps), including Dachau, and adds that it is proven that any admissions to alleged gassings in these camps were derived from torture, and furthermore, that witness statements alleging gassings were false. This document was accepted as evidence by the EU Commission for Human Rights in a case involving an Austrian who was charged under holocaust denial laws, and he was exonerated, while German Revisionist Historian Udo Walendy was not.

No gassings

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