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Deanna Spingola interviews Michael Walsh author of “Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph”

On February 16, 2015 Deanna Spingola interviewed author Michael Walsh about his new book entitled “Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph”. (Spingola and Friends Radio Show). The book “questions the wisdom of defaming Europe’s most gifted men simply because they go … Continue reading

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Free Book: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich, by Professor Cajus Fabricius

Professor Cajus Fabricius was a Christian Theologian,  an NSDAP party member and a member of Hitler’s government.  So who better to understand and to explain Positive Christianity and the role of religion within National Socialist Germany?  His book was first published in German … Continue reading

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New book exposes American WWII GIs were dangerous sex-crazed rapists

Explosive new book: Debunks myth that the ‘GI were manly and always behaved well’ By 1944 women in Normandy ‘filed complaints about rapes by US soldiers’ Debauchery, lawlessness and institutional racism are chronicled in book Penned by Mary Roberts, a … Continue reading

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Official German NSDAP Govt Booklet (1933) “The New Germany desires Work and Peace”

This is booklet was an authorized English language translation and publication by the newly democratically elected NSDAP government, whereby Hitler had been duly and legally appointed as the Chancellor, by President von Hindenburg. It was also translated and published in … Continue reading

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