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70 Years of Unrelenting Smear Campaigns and Demonization of an Entire People are Enough – R.I.P. Reinhold Elstner

On April 25th, 1995 Reinhold Elstner, a 75 year-old veteran of the Second World War, walked up to the steps of Munich’s historical Feldherrnhalle, doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire to protest against what he called “the … Continue reading

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Relaunch of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society website with a new official logo

Back in February of this year I had the pleasure and honour of announcing the formation and registration of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society. At that time, I had designed and launched a separate website for this new … Continue reading

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86 Year Old German Woman lays charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany

Here is a story you won’t hear in the “mainstream media” nor the alternative, unless it is first put through the wash and spin cycle. Thus,  I will do my best to simply translate and present this important and very … Continue reading

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Paul Eisen announces: ‘Jews for Justice for Germans’

A friend recently brought this article to my attention which I was delighted to read, and would now like to share with my own readers and supporters, as well as, with those rabid truth haters out there: Jews for Justice … Continue reading

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Radio Interview with Deanna Spingola, September 16, 2013

I was honoured to be Deanna Spingola’s guest on her radio program on RBN today.  The topic was to have been “Positive Christianity in the Third Reich” however, from the outset, the conversation quickly evolved into a more personal discussion, … Continue reading

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