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Re-Post: A Memorial for the Victims of the Wilhelm Gustloff sinking, Jan. 30th, 1945 – A “hate crime” of epic proportions

The sinking of MV Wilhelm Gustloff was a “war crime” and indeed a “hate crime” of epic proportions, which the world media, court historians and justice officials have ignored, like so many others committed against Germans. Why? Because of blatant … Continue reading

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In Loving Memory of a Brother in the Struggle, Hans Krampe 1943 – 2014 R.I.P.

On Friday, December 19th, 2014 I received word that a friend, colleague and fellow warrior for Truth and Justice for Germans, the one and only Hans Krampe, had passed away.  Hans had just recently turned 71, was generally in good … Continue reading

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Hungarian Government Condemns Ethnic Cleansing of Germans After WWII

(MTI)  No crime can be compensated for with another crime and this is all the more true in the case of collective punishment for assumed crimes, Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog said on Saturday addressing a commemoration in Solymar, outside … Continue reading

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A Memorial to the Expulsion of the Ethnic Germans in post-war Hungary

(DVHH) For the first time, a central memorial and monument for the Germans expelled from Hungary were inaugurated in Budaörs (German: “Wudersch”)  near Budapest, on the 18th of June 2006. Participating in the ceremony at the Old Cemetery of the … Continue reading

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Ukrainians Honour the Service and Sacrifices of the Waffen SS ‘Galicia’ Division

The following is an edited version of a recent news story, but with certain pieces of the usual, predictable propaganda and sensationalism redacted in order get to the heart of the story.  I have then added some additional information below … Continue reading

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