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The Waffen SS – A European Volunteer Movement in World War II

Excerpt from an article  by Richard Landswehr (IHR) They called themselves the “assault generation” and they had largely been born in the years during and after World War I. Coming from every nation of Europe, they had risen up against the … Continue reading

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Ukrainians Honour the Service and Sacrifices of the Waffen SS ‘Galicia’ Division

The following is an edited version of a recent news story, but with certain pieces of the usual, predictable propaganda and sensationalism redacted in order get to the heart of the story.  I have then added some additional information below … Continue reading

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Russian WWII Vets say “Germans Were the Best Soldiers in the World”

pic “Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were great warriors!” Old incorrigible Nazis, telling it to curious journalists somewhere in Bolivia, or rough skinheads, shouting these words during their meeting in а gloomy Berlin suburb? Wrong! Three outstanding Russian writers, unanimously admiring the worst enemies of Communism! (Very serious intellectual … Continue reading

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