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Hail to them who truly liberated Germany! Woe unto the enslavers and the traitors!

IF the ALL LIES had really wanted to “liberate” Germany, they should have done it in the early 1920s by rescinding the Dictates of Versailles, restoring traditional German lands and living up to the 14 points of Woodrow Wilson. The … Continue reading

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World War II Truth vs the New World Order

As was indicated in the  Klagemauer TV report which I posted about the “58 Declarations of War against Germany”, the first came from self-described “Judea” or “World Jewry” in 1933, immediately following the democratic election of the NSDAP government and … Continue reading

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Germany’s Klagemauer TV Reports on America’s ‘Invisible Government’ and Their Role in the World Wars

Earlier this year I stumbled upon some YouTube videos from a German news source called “Klagemauer TV” which offers alternative news reports and views on current events primarily in the German language, but also often with translations in a variety … Continue reading

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World War I: Britain’s Share of Guilt

Andreas van de Kamp Staatsstreich.at 9. September 2014 For mainstream historians Britain’s declaration of war to Germany a hundred years ago was driven by dire necessity. But two recently published books are critical of this notion. The first one posits, … Continue reading

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Dominic Alexander debunks Ten Myths used to Justify the Slaughter of the First World War

Ten Lies Told about World War I November 9, 2014, Counterfire.org This Remembrance Day will doubtless see strenuous efforts by some to justify the fruitless bloodbath that was the First World War. Revisionist commentators have long attempted to rehabilitate the … Continue reading

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