War Crimes

Churchill’s Most Heinous, Barbaric War Crimes

There is not a doubt in my mind that the Lancaster, the B17 and the B24 were built for the purpose of inflicting massive civilian casualties on the German populace. It was the greatest war crime ever perpetrated. Colonel Robin Olds, surely one of the finest officers and fighter pilots ever to serve in the USAF, stated more than once that the so-called strategic bombing program was ineffective, wasteful and pointless. The eighth air force lost 80,000 men killed in the skies of Europe and the futility of the so-called strategic bombing program was illustrated very clearly by the fact that Germany reached its highest point of war material production in the last months of the war. Colonel Olds was of the opinion, widely shared, that fighter bombers carrying a single bomb flying low and fast would have been far more effective against German military and strategic targets.

Olds said that a single Mustang could have dropped a five hundred pound bomb through the window of any factory in Germany.  It is very difficult to do that when you are flying in formation at 25,000 feet. He also emphasized that this would have greatly minimized civilian casualties. His career suffered because of his outspoken criticism. One can assume  that he knew the real reason for the so-called “strategic bombing.”

It is was GENOCIDE!

The Luftwaffe vs RAF

The Luftwaffe built only light, manoeuvrable, low altitude bombers, designed for ground support and unsuitable for genocidal terror-bombing. Whereas, the British and the Americans built huge bombers, which were designed and were being built, well before the war for the express purpose of blanket terror-bombing of civilians – they could have had no other purpose.

(Above intro was written  by Randulf Johan Hansen)

WARNING: This article contains graphic images of deliberate mass destruction visited upon civilian populations, by the British aerial bombardment,  including several scenes of charred victim’s bodies. It may not be suitable for all audiences.

The following is excerpted from “Witness to History” by Michael Walsh, Historical Review Press 1996, with some additional info and graphics added)

Who Started the Blitz?

Between 1940 and 1945, sixty-one German cities with a total population of 25 millions were destroyed or devastated in a bombing campaign initiated by the British government. Destruction on this scale had no other purpose than the indiscriminate mass murder of as many German people as possible quite regardless of their civilian status. It led to retaliatory bombing resulting in 60,000 British dead and 86,000 injured. The British and the USA also bombed France, resulting in 60,000 civilian dead.

Hidden from the Public

‘It is one of the greatest triumphs of modern emotional engineering that, in spite of the plain facts of the case which could never be disguised or even materially distorted, the British public, throughout the Blitz Period (1940-1941), remained convinced that the entire responsibility for their sufferings rested on the German leaders.’ Advance to Barbarism, F.J.P. Veale.

‘It may be Inconvenient History but England rather than Germany initiated the murderous slaughter of bombing civilians thus bringing about retaliation. Chamberlain conceded that it was “absolutely contrary to International law.” It began in 1940 and Churchill believed it held the secret of victory. He was convinced that raids of sufficient intensity could destroy Germany’s morale, and so his War Cabinet planned a campaign that abandoned the accepted practice of attacking the enemy’s armed forces and, instead made civilians the primary target. Night after night, RAF bombers in ever increasing numbers struck throughout Germany, usually at working class housing, because it was more densely packed.’ The Peoples’ War, Angus Calder. London, Jonathan Cape, 1969.*

Hitler Forced to Retaliate

‘Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly three months after the RAF had commenced bombing German civilian targets. Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter. Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones… Retaliation was certain if we carried the war into Germany… there was a reasonable possibility that our capital and industrial centres would not have been attacked if we had continued to refrain from attacking those of Germany… We began to bomb objectives on the German mainland before the Germans began to bomb objectives on the British mainland… Because we were doubtful about the psychological effect of propagandist distortion of the truth that it was we who started the strategic bombing offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision of May 11th, 1940, the publicity it deserves.’ J.M. Spaight, CB, CBE, Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry, Bombing Vindicated.

VIDEO: Hitler responds to Churchill’s decision to target civilians.

‘The attack on the Ruhr was therefore an informal invitation to the Luftwaffe to bomb London. The primary purpose of these raids was to goad the Germans into undertaking reprisal raids of a similar character on Britain. Such raids would arouse intense indignation in Britain against Germany and so create a war psychosis without which it would be impossible to carry on a modern war.’ The Royal Air Force, 1939-1945, The Fight at Odds, p. 122. Dennis Richards, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office.

High Street, Düren, June 1946. Shown is Victor Gollancz

The Most Uncivilized Form of Warfare

The eminent British war historian and strategist Captain Sir Basil Liddell Hart declared that by this strategy victory had been achieved “through practising the most uncivilised means of warfare that the world had known since the Mongol invasions” (The Evolution of Warfare. 1946, p. 75).It was “absolutely contrary to international law” (Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain).

‘The inhabitants of Coventry, for example, continued to imagine that their sufferings were due to the innate villainy of Adolf Hitler without a suspicion that a decision, splendid or otherwise, of the British War Cabinet, was the decisive factor in the case.’ F.J.P. Veale, Advance to Barbarism, p. 169.

Düren, 1946

Slaying in the Name of the Lord

‘I am in full agreement [with terror bombing]. I am all for the bombing of working class areas in German cities. I am a Cromwellian ­ I believe in “slaying in the name of the Lord!”‘ Sir Archibald Sinclair, Secretary for Air.

Hamburg, 1946

Industrial Workers, Wives and Children targeted

‘They [the British Air Chiefs] argued that the desired result, of reducing German industrial production, would be more readily achieved if the homes of the workers in the factories were destroyed; if the workers were kept busy arranging for the burial of their wives and children, output might reasonably be expected to fall… It was concentrated on working class houses because, as Professor Lindemann maintained, a higher percentage of bloodshed per ton of explosives dropped could be expected from bombing houses built close together, rather than by bombing higher class houses surrounded by gardens.’ Advance to Barbarism, F.J.P. Veale.

Hamburg, 1946

So cowardly it had to be hidden

‘One of the most unhealthy features of the bombing offensive was that the War Cabinet ­ and in particular the Secretary for Air, Archibald Sinclair (now Lord Thurso), felt it necessary to repudiate publicly the orders which they themselves had given to Bomber Command.’ R.H.S. Crossman, MP, Labour Minister of Housing. Sunday Telegraph, 1 October 1961.

By weight, more bombs were dropped on the city of Berlin than were released on the whole of Great Britain during the entire war.

All German towns and cities above 50,000 population were from 50% to 80% destroyed. Hamburg was totally destroyed and 70,000 civilians died in the most appalling circumstances whilst Cologne was likewise turned into a moon-scape. As Hamburg burned the winds feeding the three mile high flames reached twice hurricane speed to exceed 150 miles per hour. Trees three feet in diameter on the outskirts of the city were sucked from the ground by the supernatural forces of these winds and hurled miles into the city-inferno, as were vehicles, men, women and children.

‘What we want to do in addition to the horrors of fire is to bring the masonry crashing down on the Boche, to kill Boche and to terrify Boche’ ‘Bomber’ Butch Harris, quoted in the Sunday Times, 10 January 1993.

Hamburg, 1946

Dresden: Children machine-gunned

The strafing of columns of refugees by both American and British fighter planes was par for the course: “it is said that these [zoo] animals and terrified groups of refugees were machine-gunned as they tried to escape across the Grosser Garten by low-flying planes and that many bodies riddled by bullets were found later in this park” (Der Tod von Dresden, Axel Rodenberger, 25 February 1951). In Dresden, “even the huddled remnants of a children’s’ choir were machine-gunned in a street bordering a park” (David Irving, The Destruction of Dresden). “I think we shall live to rue the day we did this, and that it [the bombing of Dresden] will stand for all time as a blot on our escutcheon” (Richard Stokes, M.P.).

‘… the long suppressed story of the worst massacre in the history of the world. The devastation of Dresden in February, 1945, was one of those crimes against humanity whose authors would have been arraigned at Nuremberg if that court had not been perverted. Rt. Hon. Richard. H.S. Crossman, MP, Labour Government Minister.

Firestorm of Hamburg

‘Its horror is revealed in the howling and raging of the firestorms, the hellish noise of exploding bombs and the death cries of martyred human beings as well as the big silence after the raids. Speech is impotent to portray the measure of the horror, which shook the people for ten days and nights and the traces of which were written indelibly on the face of the city and its inhabitants. No flight of imagination will ever succeed in measuring and describing the gruesome scenes of horror in the many buried air shelters. Posterity can only bow its head in honour of the fate of these innocents, sacrificed by the murderous lust of a sadistic enemy.’ The Police President of Hamburg.

Hamburg, 1946

Hamburg, 1946

‘Three-hundred times as many people died in Hamburg during the ten-day blitz as died in Coventry during the entire course of the war… Not even Hiroshima and Nagasaki, suffering the smashing blows of nuclear explosions, could match the utter hell of Hamburg.’ Martin Caidin, The Night Hamburg Died, Ballantyne Books, NY, 1960.

The Children

‘Of the children these dreadful nights, what can be said? Their fright became horror and then panic when their tiny minds became capable of grasping the fact that their parents could no longer help them in their distress. They lost their reason and an overwhelming terror took over. Their world had become the shrieking centre of an erupting volcano from which there could be no physical escape. Nothing that hell offered could be feared more. ‘By the hand of man they became creatures, human in form but not in mind. Strangled noises hissed from them as they staggered pitifully through the streets in which tar and asphalt ran as streams. Some of these tiny creatures ran several hundred feet. Others managed only twenty, maybe ten feet. Their shoes caught fire and then their feet. The lower parts of their legs became flickering sticks of flame. Here were Joans of Arcs… thousands of them. All who had perished unjustly on the fires of the Middle Ages were as nothing when compared with what was happening that night. ‘The sounds of many were unintelligible and undoubtedly many more called for their parents from whom they were parted by death or by accident. They grasped their tortured limbs, their tiny burning legs until they were no longer able to stand or run. And then they would crash to the ground where they would writhe in the bubbling tar until death released them from their physical misery.’ Martin Caidin.

Phosphorous, Used Contrary to “International Law”

‘Men, women and children too, ran hysterically, falling and stumbling, getting up, tripping and falling again, rolling over and over. Most of them managed to regain their feet and made it to the water. But many of them never made it and were left behind, their feet drumming in blinding pain on the overheated pavements amidst the rubble, until there came one last convulsing shudder from the smoking “thing” on the ground, and then no further movement.’ Martin Caidin, The Night Hamburg Died.

‘Phosphorous burns were not infrequent.’ U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey.

‘Phosphorous was used “because of its demonstrated ability to depress the morale of the Germans.”‘ Official British source.

‘Even the senseless and highly culture-destroying terror acts, against for example, Lubeck and Dresden, carried out by the Allied pilots, should have been investigated and brought before a proper court of justice.’ Major General H. Bratt, Royal Swedish Army.*

‘A nation which spreads over another a sheet of inevitably deadly gases or eradicates entire cities from the earth by the explosion of atomic bombs, does not have the right to judge anyone for war crimes; it has already committed the greatest atrocity equal to no other atrocity; it has killed ­ amidst unspeakable torments ­ hundreds of thousands of innocent people.’ Hon. Lydio Machado Bandeira de Mello, Professor of Criminal Law; author of more than 40 works on law/philosophy.*

‘As for crimes against humanity, those governments which ordered the destruction of German cities, thereby destroying irreplaceable cultural values and making burning torches out of women and children, should also have stood before the bar of justice.’ Hon. Jaan Lattik. Estonian statesman, diplomat and historian.*

Hamburg, 1946






The remains of German town of Wesel after intensive allied area bombing in 1945 (destruction rate 98% of all buildings)

This article is excerpted from Michael Walsh, Witness to History, Historical Review Press 1996.
Edited, with additions marked * by the “National Journal”.
Photographs from Victor Gollancz,
In Darkest Germany, Victor Gollancz Ltd, London 1947.
Re-posted from  http://www.armahellas.com/?p=1828

Now meet the fiendish, diabolical Mad Doctor and Architect of these British War Crimes: Dr. Frederick Lindemann  aka “Bloody Red Baron” Cherwell.


Frederick  Lindemann

Wikipedia tells us:

Frederick Alexander Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell FRS PC CH (5 April 1886 – 3 July 1957) was an English physicist and an influential scientific adviser to the British government in the early 1940s and early 1950s, particularly to Winston Churchill. He advocated the “area” bombing of German cities during World War II and doubted the sophistication of Nazi Germany’s radar technology[3] and the existence of its “V” weapons programme.

Lindemann was the second of three sons of Adolphus Frederick Lindemann, who had emigrated to the United Kingdom circa 1871[4] and become naturalised.[5] Frederick was born in Baden-Baden in Germany where his American mother Olga Noble, the widow of a wealthy banker, was taking “the cure”.

After schooling in Scotland and Darmstadt, he attended the University of Berlin. He did research in physics at the Sorbonne that confirmed theories, first put forward by Albert Einstein, on specific heats at very low temperatures.[2] For this and other scientific work, Lindemann was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1920.[6]

In 1911 he was invited to the Solvay Conference on “Radiation and the Quanta” where he was the youngest attendee.

Lindemann was a teetotaler, non-smoker, and a vegetarian, although Churchill would sometimes induce him to take a glass of brandy. He was an excellent pianist, and sufficiently able as a tennis player to compete at Wimbledon.[7]

World War I and Oxford University

At the outbreak of World War I, Lindemann was playing tennis in Germany and had to leave in haste to avoid internment. In 1915, he joined the staff of the Royal Aircraft Factory at Farnborough. He developed a mathematical theory of aircraft spin recovery, and later learned to fly so that he could test his ideas himself.[1] Prior to Lindemann’s work, a spinning aircraft was almost invariably fatal.

In 1919 Lindemann was appointed professor of experimental philosophy at Oxford University and director of the Clarendon Laboratory, largely on the recommendation of Henry Tizard who had been a colleague in Berlin.[2] In 1919, Lindemann was one of the first people to suggest that in the solar wind particles of both polarities, protons as well as electrons, come from the Sun.[8] He was probably not aware that Kristian Birkeland had made the same prediction three years earlier in 1916.

In 1921 Churchill’s wife Clementine partnered with Lindemann for a charity tennis match. Although the two men had very different lifestyles, they both excelled at a sport (Churchill’s was polo), and Lindemann’s ability to explain scientific issues concisely, and his excellent flying skills, probably impressed Churchill, who had given up trying to earn a pilot’s license because of Clementine’s concern. They became close friends, with the bachelor visiting Chartwell more than 100 times from 1925 to 1939.[9] Lindemann opposed the UK General Strike of 1926 and mobilised the reluctant staff of the Clarendon to produce copies of Churchill’s anti-strike newspaper, the British Gazette. He was also alarmed and fearful of political developments in Germany.[2] In the 1930s, Lindemann advised Winston Churchill when the latter was out of Government, and leading a campaign for rearmament. Lindemann also helped a number of German Jewish physicists, primarily at the University of Göttingen, to emigrate to England to work in the Clarendon Laboratory.[1]

Churchill got Lindemann onto the “Committee for the Study of Aerial Defence” which under Sir Henry Tizard was putting its resources behind the development of radar. Lindemann’s presence was disruptive, insisting instead that his own ideas of aerial mines and infra-red beams be given priority over radar. To resolve the situation the committee dissolved itself and reformed as a new body without Lindemann.[10]

World War II

When Churchill became Prime Minister, he appointed Lindemann as the British government’s leading scientific adviser, with David Bensusan-Butt as his private secretary.[11] He would hold this office again in Churchill’s peacetime administration (1951-3[12]). At this point Lindemann was known to many simply as “the Prof”.[2]

Lindemann established a special statistical branch, known as ‘S-Branch’, within the government, constituted from subject specialists, and reporting directly to Churchill. This branch distilled thousands of sources of data into succinct charts and figures, so that the status of the nation’s food supplies (for example) could be instantly evaluated. Lindemann’s statistical branch often caused tensions between government departments, but because it allowed Churchill to make quick decisions based on accurate data which directly affected the war effort, its importance should not be underestimated.[2]

In 1940, Lindemann supported the experimental department MD1.[1][13] He worked on hollow charge weapons, the sticky bomb and other new weapons. General Ismay, who supervised MD1, recalled:

Churchill used to say that the Prof’s brain was a beautiful piece of mechanism, and the Prof did not dissent from that judgement. He seemed to have a poor opinion of the intellect of everyone with the exception of Lord Birkenhead, Mr Churchill and Professor Lindemann; and he had a special contempt for the bureaucrat and all his ways. The Ministry of Supply and the Ordnance Board were two of his pet aversions, and he derived a great deal of pleasure from forestalling them with new inventions. In his appointment as Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister no field of activity was closed to him. He was as obstinate as a mule, and unwilling to admit that there was any problem under the sun which he was not qualified to solve. He would write a memorandum on high strategy one day, and a thesis on egg production on the next. He seemed to try to give the impression of wanting to quarrel with everybody, and of preferring everyone’s room to their company; but once he had accepted a man as a friend, he never failed him, and there are many of his war-time colleagues who will ever remember him with deep personal affection. He hated Hitler and all his works, and his contribution to Hitler’s downfall in all sorts of odd ways was considerable.[14]

With power, Cherwell was able to sideline Tizard; especially after Tizard did not acknowledge that the Germans were using radio navigation to bomb Britain.

Lindemann wished to limit Germany’s ability to re-arm, and was an enthusiastic backer of the Morgenthau Plan, under which Germany would be partitioned and de-industrialised. [Edit: “genocided!”] In wartime Germany, Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels presented the plan as Jewish manipulation of Allied policy, and so was able to use the plan to bolster the German resistance on the Western front.[15]

Lindemann has been described as having “an almost pathological hatred for Nazi Germany, and an almost medieval desire for revenge was a part of his character”.[16]

Strategic bombing during World War II

Following the Air Ministry Area bombing directive on 12 February 1942, Lindemann presented in a paper on “Dehousing” to Churchill on 30 March 1942, which calculated the effects of area bombardment by a massive bomber force of German cities to break the spirit of the people.[17]

His proposal that “bombing must be directed to working class houses. Middle class houses have too much space round them, so are bound to waste bombs” changed accepted conventions of limiting civilian casualties in wartime.”[citation needed]

His dehousing paper was criticised by many other scientific minds in government service who felt such a force would be a waste of resources.[18] Cherwell’s paper was based on the false premise that bombing could cause a breakdown in society[19] but was used in support of Bomber Command’s claim for resources.

Lindemann also played a key part in the battle of the beams, championing countermeasures to the Germans use of radio navigation to increase the precision of their bombing campaigns.[2]


In July 1941 Lindemann was raised to the peerage as Baron Cherwell, of Oxford in the County of Oxford.[23] The following year he was made Paymaster-General by Churchill, an office he retained until 1945. In 1943 he was also sworn of the Privy Council.[24] He enthusiastically supported the controversial Morgenthau Plan, which Churchill subsequently endorsed on 15 September 1944.[25] When Churchill returned as Prime Minister in 1951, Lord Cherwell was once again appointed Paymaster-General, this time with a seat in the cabinet. He continued in this post until 1953.[24] In 1956 he was made Viscount Cherwell, of Oxford in the County of Oxford.[26]


What does Wikipedia fail to tell us on the main Lindemann page ?

Well, they accuse Joseph Goebbels of propaganda, insinuating that he was lying: “Joseph Goebbels presented the plan as Jewish manipulation of Allied policy”.

Well, was Goebbels lying?

Lindemann was a Jew!  (as was Morgenthau).

Wikipedia buried this info but his name appears on the following page:


His name is listed on the above page under “Peers” and it states:

Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell,[22] scientist and Government minister 

Clicking on the 22 reference takes you to:

Jewish Science and Technology Books, accessed 20 Feb 2007

Which, when you click on to that link, it leads to:


…where the reference has now suspiciously been deleted and you are presented wih the following:

“404 Not Found”   …very convenient.

Nonetheless another informative page about Lindemann can be found here at NNDB Database along with his family ancestry.

Just the fact that I mention that this man is a Jew (or is identified as such), will cause a certain ignorant element in society to accuse  me of being “anti-Semitic”?  Of course, they have no idea what that word even means, but their Pavlovian conditioning will kick in and alarm bells will be sounding in their little minds. They will forget all of the above info and facts in this article and ask “are you a racist”?

The real questions, however, which should be asked are:

WHY was the Jew Lindemann and anti-Germanic? Why did he HATE Germans?

WHY were Churchill and Lindemann not charged with waging an “Aggressive War”, based upon racial hatred?

WHY were  these obvious genocidal WAR CRIMINALS allowed to escape justice??

WHY has NO ONE on the allied side ever been held to account for these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY???

Herein lies the answer:

“History is written by the victors.” – Winston Churchill

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” ― Winston Churchill

“Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened” – Winston Churchill

I pray that you are not one of those who has stumbled upon this and will hurry off and forget it, but that you will be outraged for not having been told this history before,  disgusted by your government, media, education system, and Hollywood for the propaganda that you have been fed a steady diet of all of your life.

I hope that you will continue to research these issues and to challenge all of the lies of the past,  as well as,  all those with which we are being presented with even today, to justify bogus and senseless wars in which such atrocities are also being committed in our names.

And finally, I hope that you too will join me in demanding accountability and Justice for Germans!

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  1. Great info and videos. once a upon a time ago I thought the opposite of what is being taught here. The puzzle finally is fitting together!
    Thanks JFG!!!!

  2. KGMcB says:

    The destroyers string the fables of their victories and have murdered many millions so that their lies are well barricaded. Thanks to sites like j4g, prothink, zioncrimefactory, forbidden truth, and broadcasters like truthhertzradio and Spingola speaks we can see the light. Everybody needs to see this so that Mr. Churchill can be resurrected and receive his just desserts.

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you for trying to bring the truth to the world By chance I stumbled upon your web site and I am overwhelmed with the truth that is presented here…….Long overdue, again thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. MaxMurx says:

    What makes Dresden one of the most awful war crimes in the history of mankind is a rather unnoticed detail: the second “bomb run” after the first major attack was timed 90 minutes later to “catch fire men and rescue workers in the open”.. In all other wars Red Cross and medical personal as well as rescue worker were and are are sacrosanct to be deliberately attacked by one of the belligerents. The planned massacre on emergency personal has removed the last little bit of civilization from the attacks and the attackers and is unprecedented and never occurred again.

  5. Will says:

    Lets all light a candle, Feb 13, 10:15 pm Dresden Time.
    Thankx for the Truth.

    • Larry says:

      I sincerely appologise to the german people for being, a victim of Jewish propaganda, please Germans accept my appology, and stop donating to Israel the terrorist state. All Germans hold your heads up high, I am proud of you all . Kindest regards Larry.

  6. buthaina says:

    Thank for all the information. That is what I call history.

  7. buthaina says:

    At 10:15 tomorrow, I will light four kandles for Dresden, Baghdad, Fulluja and Hiroshima

  8. Netzband says:

    Good article, also about how the English people were deceived – that bombing of citiese should have been a reaction and also about Adolf Hitler’s and other’s peace offers. With Lindemann it seems sure, also his lifelong friendship with Einstein and enthusiastic support for Morgenthau’s plan. The whole was like a taboo in Germany but I think with the boming of Bagdad the memory resurfaced.
    In the wartime, the people in the towns were driven into the cellars and bunkers, while their Heimat, streets, houses and culture were turned into burning hell. But they stood true to our Volk and Fuehrer, I mean they held together. Also they had no other choice: the goal of total capitulation was declared by Churchill and FDR and what to ecxpect of Bolshewism was clear.
    Today the people are still lied to about our elders, so, the politicians and historicans of the system declare that only 25000 died in Dresden, But these were the fully identified only and not the ones burned to ashes in the firestorm and the ones of whom only parts were found.
    It is important to tell the truth, because the same is going on all our times. And one must find out who is telling lies to hide all this.
    best whishes

    • Mary says:

      Don’t forget Dresden was the place where many people fled to. Tens of thousands of refugees were there that were never counted.

  9. quiet observer says:

    so typical for the the Jews: bright mind, but at the same time believing they can solve all the problems “under the sun”.
    The German POWs in Britain were cheering when told the war is over. The Jews in power seeking revenge: Cherwell, Morgenthau, Eisenhower, and God knows who else from them was pulling strings to make the suffering of the people without home and food even bigger.

  10. Thanks for this most important article. I’ve forwarded it to my email list. God bless the German people, and shame on our media and education system for keeping this from us for 70 years now.

  11. eolos says:

    What the Allies did to Germany is a disgrace to civilized world.It is an unspeakable loss of honour.They destroyed a whole nation.A nation that only wanted its freedom.They obliterated cities without mercy.If this is not a genocide then what is genocide?The unimaginable crimes against the Germans will always haunt us.I am 40 years old.I come from Hellas and if the time could be turned back i would without any doubt fight at the side of Germans.

    Shame on our educational system.Shame on the Media.

    • Mark Peters says:

      This is the prime example of the dangers of nations allowing the jews to monopolize their medias.It has only worsened since.This is why they want to control the internet.

  12. Mtths says:

    interesting material. history might be written by the winners but eventually and of more importance, history ultimately has two sides.

    But during the time that only one side was permitted, the popular image of Nazis has been one of an almost founding myth for NATO.
    Nazis as portrayed in popular culture as a highly technocratic pragmatic ruthless empire seem more like a mirror of the biggest and most technocratic empire in reality: one that inherited the British one and surged precisely between 1942 and 1945 to become the World’s most powerful.

    I hope more people will know the plain facts about the destruction of European, German cities, culminating in the Könisberg / Kaliningrad travesty.

    • Thank you! Indeed, there are two sides to every story, and it long overdue for the German side to be presented. “The popular image of Nazis” is a total fiction. The term “Nazis” is a pejorative term was created by the enemies of National Socialism who never described as “Nazis”. That false popular image represents a group of unelected, right-wing, extremist, capitalist “fascists”, led by a crazy, power mad, war mongering, satanic or occult worshiping, evil dictator, who ran a ruthless, brutal, top-down regime, primarily for his own benefit and glory. Nothing could be further from the truth! Indeed, that more aptly describes some of the current leaders in the new empire which you described. I should add that most people are also just as clueless concerning “fascism” which was also not at all what most have been conditioned to believe, yet also not synonymous with National Socialism, as is widely presumed. Cheers!

    • Butterkeks says:

      Lord Ismay, first secretary General of the terrorist NATO said on the purpose of NATO:

      “…to keep the americans in, the Russian out, and the Germans down”

  13. Eduardo says:

    I will start to read all this material, but anyway I already know that Germany and the Germans should be proud, not afraid to show their flag, allies were not saints

  14. Raymond Dunn says:

    I stumbled onto this blog today. What I’ve seen so far is well written and educated.

  15. Tim Bloxham says:

    I found this Blog the other day thank you for creating this and giving us a more realistic perspective of what happened during the second war .I have sent this to all my German Friends and many are extremely appreciative ,i also found the greatest story never told ,i know you conveyed there were a few discrepancies but over all that to gets one thinking

  16. irokoin says:

    What makes Dresden one of the most awful war crimes in the history of mankind is this…


    “The bombing of Dresden is a strange case, mlitary unexplained. It happened when the Allies had already won the war, two and a half months before the signing of the unconditional surrender. And yet it totally lacked Dresden military targets…The case becomes more inexplicable because Dresden had 600,000 inhabitants, and then was crowded by thousands of women and children who were fleeing from the atrocities of the Soviet army invaded eastern Germany…

    …Women, with their children, were turned into human torches, some were thrown into the river Elbe, but still continued to burn because the water does not extinguish the fire of liquid phosphorus…

    …Was it a ritual bombardment?, taken from the Old Testament? According to Exodus 29, Jews say Yahavé asked burn animal (1) meat because he was very pleased the smell of burning flesh. In Dresden the meat smell ‘burnt rose thousands of feet high.”

    — Alemania pudo vencer (Germany Could Win), Salvador Borrego Escalante, pag. 27

    (1) Remember that the Talmud is the one that actually tells the Jews how to interpret the Torah

    “All gentile children are animals.” (Yebamoth 98)

    “Consider the Goyim (non-Jews) as an animal, bestial and ferocious, and treat it as such. Put your zeal and your wits destroy him.” (Volume 3, Book 2, chap. 4, Art. 5)

    “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew is not served by beasts. Therefore the non-Jew is AN ANIMAL in human form, condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” (Midrasch Talpioth, 255 l, Warsaw 1855)

    When Jehovah ask the jews to burn animals, -or to use the term used in the Torah, which is curiously Holocaust- He is in fact asking them the holocaust non-jews, NOT sheep or cattle has the jews has made us people believe.

    Click to access alemania%20pudo%20vencer.pdf

  17. Altepeter says:

    This site is very informative. I have to suppress the strong feelings that well up thinking about the suffering Germans endured because they can overwhelm one. Today people do not care about the truth of yesterday not knowing the lies of history affect them too.

  18. Mark Peters says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your great work helping spreading the truth.I have been trying to do the same via youtube for about 3 years now.You bring some new and hard hitting material to the battlefield.Keep up the good work!

  19. Ben McIlroy says:

    Thank you for this article. My Grandfather is an Irishman who flew 49 missions over Germany in Lancaster Bombers. When I was a boy I was taught he was a hero. I am now disgusted and ashamed. But I know the truth.

  20. Ben McIlroy says:

    To add to the above comment; when my grandfather was captured by the Germans, they put him in a camp where he was treated with decency for years – proper clothing, heating, accommodation and food. This was despite probably having murdered hundreds of their children with bombs.

  21. Edward says:

    Churchill used to be my hero, the internet has taught me otherwise. As time goes by and Hollywood propaganda and government misinformation is exposed, history will record the villainous deeds of the 2nd world war on a far more balanced perspective. The bombing of Germany is beyond evil and is without doubt one of the most callous acts of history. I am ashamed it was perpetrated from the Allies side.

  22. Mike says:

    I’ve always said that the definition of terrorism depends on which end of the bomb you’re on. Indiscriminate bombing of German cities and civilians was definitely a war crime. A war crime the U.S. government perfected with the invention and use of the atomic bomb. There can be no doubt that the atomic bomb was designed specifically for the destruction of civilians. Unfortunately it’s the winners who write history and the losing sides story gets swept under the rug.

  23. mymotherwasright says:

    What a great site Wayne – Truly!!!! My research started a few years ago – (I am 1/4 German – having a German grandfather on my mothers side – born in Dusseldorf in the late 1800’s – he married my Scottish grandmother in Cape Town, South Africa in 1924, my mom was born in the then – Northern Rhodesia – now Zambia – he died at aged 37 – from Black Water Fever – my mom was a baby – I know NOTHING of my German ancestry and keen to search it out. I have always had a fascination with the Second World War – particularly Hitler – I never believed the lies – on South African TV in the 1980’s – we had a programme on Tuesday nights called “The World at War” – showing the bodies been bulldozed etc. Something, somewhere deep down inside of me – I never really “bought into this” – this was never discussed in our house as S.Africa was going through it’s own problems. My mom used to say (being half German) – don’t believe the lies, Hitler was a good man. What you are doing is admirable – and I got tears in my eyes reading how much you love your Volk – and how you will defend them. I no longer live in South Africa and left 3 years ago. Wayne – something to consider – do you know that there are STRIKING and UNCANNY similarities to what was done to women and children in Germany and what is happening (and has happened past tense – just pre-1994) to the minority white Boers (English and Afrikaans speaking)? The demonization of the “white” minority and how South Africans today suffer from guilt, hate their culture, their accents and their roots! They quickly try to lose their accents and pick up the local sayings of host countries – do you see the similarities of an ex President (of S.Africa) made out to be a saint / and Hitler made out to be a beast. The same media behind it – the films, “documentaries” made about him as a “saviour” of S.Africa – on and on it goes. Sorry for digressing – your site is great and will pass on to the one German friend I have – hopefully the lights will come on – as for me – I have lost friends and family due to my views – on the S.Africa situation and my “strong and controversial” views of not accepting popular opinion. I thus go out and enjoy coffee and a muffin by myself. But my conscious is clear and I refuse lies. Thank you Wayne.

    • Eric Dekker says:

      Hello my mother was right. The bulldozers you are writing about in the pictures please take a closer look to them. Those where not German made but American. If you can make the pictures big enough you will see that the driver doesn’t have a nazi uniform. All War Propaganda. But one comment on this article. I don’t disagree about the war crimes but Hitler did started to bomb the civilians of Rotterdam in the Netherlands on the same day as Churchill became priminister of the UK.

      • The British bombing of German cities started well before Churchill, already on Sept. 5th, 1939.

        “The attacks by the Royal Air Force (RAF) on German cities began with the attack on Wilhelmshaven on 5 September 1939. Eight months later, on 9 May 1940 began the German offensive in the West. On 11 May the British Cabinet decided to unleash the Bomber Command on the air war against the German hinterland. The following night British planes aimlessly dropped bombs for the first time on residential areas of Mönchengladbach-Rheydt. And from then on made such attacks on cities in the Ruhr area night after night. Up to 13 May 1940, i.e. two days later,the German side registered a total of 51 British air attacks on non-military targets plus 14 attacks on military targets such as bridges,railway tracks, defense and industrial plants.The first carpet bombing of a German city was in the night from 15 to 16 May 1940 in Duisburg. After that the RAF committed repeated air attacks on German cities.” ~ Adolf Hitler

        The bombing of Rotterdam was not “targeting civilians” with carpet bombing. When did that take place? May 14th. British bombing of German cities began on May 11th and advanced to carpet bombing on the 15th.

        The deliberate targeting of civilians was a war crime. The laws of warfare, however, tolerate bombing cities IF they are under siege, or on the frontline, which was the case with both Warsaw or Rotterdam. Indeed, in both cases, the bombing was not intentionally to target civilians. In Warsaw, the Polish army had retreated into the city and turned it into fortress. They were given several ultimatums to surrender, but they refused. While civilians died, they were not targeted. The aim of the bombing was to force a surrender. That was not a war crime! The situation in Rotterdam was very similar. A small group of Dutch resistance fighters fought at the Grebbeberg which eventually resulted in the German ultimatum that if the Grebbeberg resistance did not cease, Rotterdam would be bombed. The resistance reportedly stopped and the bombing raid was to be called off. However, there was a communications glitch (flares were not seen) and the Rotterdam was bombed. About 900 people died and 80,000 people became homeless. Mainstream history confirms that:

        “Student radioed to postpone the planned attack. When the message reached KG 54’s command post, the Kommodore, Oberst Walter Lackner, was already approaching Rotterdam and his aircraft had reeled in their long-range aerials. Haze and smoke obscured the target; to ensure that Dutch defences were hit Lackner brought his formation down to 2,300 ft (700 m).[27] German forces on the Noordereiland fired flares[28] to prevent friendly fire — after three aircraft of the southern formation had already unloaded, the remaining 24 from the southern bomber formation under Oberstleutnant Otto Höhne aborted their attack. The larger formation came from the north-east, out of position to spot red flares launched from the south side of the city, and proceeded with their attack. Fifty-four He 111s dropped low to release 97 tonnes (213,848 lb) of bombs, mostly in the heart of the city.[29]

        Why the formation had not received the abort order sooner remains controversial. Oberst Lackner of the largest formation claimed that his crews were unable to spot red flares due to bad visibility caused by humidity and dense smoke of burning constructions and subsequently needed to decrease altitude to 2,000 feet.[30] But the red flare, which Lackner failed to see, might have also been used by the Germans to show their location in the city to avoid friendly fire. An official German form designated red as the colour for that purpose.[31]”


  24. Michael says:

    Churchill…the Master War Criminal.

  25. German nationalist says:

    finally I found a site like this
    I was born in Würzbug,Germany, just because of that I been bullied, picked on and called names
    it got worse when we where “learning “about ww2 and it got even worse when every said “I’m proud to be German and born in Germany ”
    I still am and I’m sick of the injustice and lies the allies did and say about Germany

    but I will say I have met a few Americans,even though they believe the lies, they try not offend me when we end up talking about ww2 games or just ww2 Germany

    • Eric Dekker says:

      Hello German nationalist.
      I hope you know that when Hitler came in power in 1933 Germany was completely bankrupt by on one side the jews who did own the banks mostly and on the other side by the French who where invading the rurgebiet in Germany all the time to rob money from the German citizens for the wederguttmachung in other words Germany had to pay France for the losses of the great war. A war they didn’t started. General the Gaulle was one of them who plundered Germany. 5 years in power Hitler had with the help of the people of Germany built up Germany from bankruptcy to one of the most strongest and successful countries in Europe. No other politician has ever done that. But that of course doesn’t make it right what he has done after 1938. But also thanks to the German people and Hitler af course we have highways and pension plans, health care, and in Europe a scholing system not only for the rich and things like sick leave and several other social benefits we still have today. Tell the people that who talk bad about the Germans. By the way I’m born in a country that suffered a lot by the Germans when they did occupy it during the second world war. But the facts must be known.

      • “That of course doesn’t make it right what he has done after 1938”? The war was forced upon Hitler and Germany, not the other way around. Hitler always sought peace and justice for the German people, and not anyone else’s expense. The war was entirely unnecessary, but it was planned by the Allies long in advance (for their Money Masters)

  26. Dave says:

    Lady Renouf has a phrase which gets to the point. “Inter gentile wars where neither party gains but a third party does.” Our blood is spilled so our governments can go into dept to the world Banksters which we have to pay back at interest threw out tax’s. Gentiles are impoverished while the Banksters wind up with all our money and resources. Our Politicians and bureaucracy’s have sold us out.

  27. londonbridgesharon says:

    people especially british and american need to be told the truth about how ww2 started and the massive loss of german life after the end of ww2,I looked up a site which sell german ww2 helmets,uniforms,officers hats,rings,all genuine,I wonder where all this stuff came from the rhineland camps possibly,I was even thinking about purchasing something but not now,how those poor men suffered,LIBERATED MY ARSE

  28. Shaun says:

    Thanks to you Sir, the American Dr David Duke, the Englishman Dr Irving, the Australian revisionist Dr Fredrick Toben and last but not least the Jewish ww2 revisionist David Cole ( now David Stein from attempts on his life by Jewish orthodoxy ) for showing me the true history of WW1, WW2, and the criminal psycopathy of Jewish Supremacism and the sycophantic gentile that do their dirty work.

  29. Khan Baloch Pakistan says:

    Allies and Jews together killed Germans and Japanese cruelly after world war 2. Because this time there was no Adolph Hitler to stop them and they raised their evils against other nations like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and killed innocent civilians in the name of collateral damages. They brought co-called revolutions in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt to crate more space for Israel. Yesterday I come across a topic in which they claimed that Nazi forces were homosexual. What a funny topic. If Nazi were homosexual why they clean Berlin from homosexuals and nightclubs. If Nazi were homosexual why homosexuals migrated from Germany to America. On one hand they claim Hitler killed homosexuals and on the other hand they say Nazi were homosexual. They think that all people are duffer and stupid as they would believe each and everything Jewish media would claim. We Muslims do respect Hitler because he was noble man. He was against homosexuals. We like Hitler because he was again immoral culture. We like Hitler because he always kept his promises true. We want another Hitler. We need another Saladin Ayubi. We are happy that German are waking as well Muslims are waking. Afghan resistance is the start. Hailed Hitler

  30. steven warner says:

    So wrong the German and British Citizens had to suffer at the hands of Psychopaths. I have often thought the German Volk have had a really hard time for far to long, thanks for this post, I will spread the word and hope people wake up to the agenda.

    Edited: deleting the link you posted. It is absolute BS. Otherwise thanks for the comment. J4G

  31. Gaius Magnus Germanicus says:

    I am with you JFG, This was a huge crime against our People, we need to do everything we can to bring the justice, keep your excellent work man, you make us proud, This is a site where i can really ready the true history.
    Thanks for be in the right side JFG!!!!!!

  32. If you go back a little further in history you understand why Hitler did not like the Jews. He understood these parasites are not the descendants of Abraham, (descendants of Seth) but were the descendants of Japheth also known as Khazarians. These are the same people who called themselves Jews and who took over the country of Russia killing the czar and his entire family. Then killing untold millions of Christians in Russia wanting to spread their Communist form of government worldwide. FDR was surrounded by these Jews as well as influenced by them to do the things he did. Churchill was supported by the “Focus” Group which was Jewish. The book “The Myth of German Villainy” by Benton L. Bradberry is a very good read on the true history of what had happened.

  33. Larry says:

    Thanks I,ll read that, also is it dis-information that hitler was actually a Jew?

  34. I know that Hitler was not a Jew, but the parasites that are currently pushing the Palestinians out of their land are not true Jews either. That was what I was talking about with Hitler not liking.

  35. geoff gane says:

    Dresden was a war crime and all it achieved was the tyrannical takeover of eastern Germany along with Eastern Europe, by the Soviet red scumbags. Sadly, racist attitudes towards German people persist to this very day. Am I alone in finding the “k-word” as offensive as the “n-word”? I am ashamed to be British and yearn for the day when the UK is broken up and a Free England assumes her rightful place in a community of Germanic nations.

    • angelcakes says:

      Don’t be ashamed of being British in British but it doesn’t matter where you come from nobody should be ashamed of there country England is a beautiful country its not Barbados but we cant have everything…its not the country anyone should be ashamed of its the idiots who run the countries we should be ashamed of and they should be ashamed of themselves,stand proud no matter where your from lies will not stay hidden forever and when the truth is exposed idiots in governments will fall ,the Jew top idiots will fall and the whole world will be grovelling and paying tributes to Germany 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  36. Tertius Wehmeyer says:

    Angelcakes, in your last sentence you say “… the whole world will be grovelling and paying tributes to Germany” followed by many smiles. So I don’t know if you meant this as a joke or you were serious.
    But as you correctly said, it is the idiots who run our countries and those who support them who should be ashamed of what they are doing. That doesn’t mean that the whole world should be grovelling and paying tribute to Germany if the real facts of WW2 is known. And neither do I think that is what most Germans want or what this website is about.

    • angelcakes says:

      The smiles are for everyone not to feel down or feel ashamed of where there from i like people to be happy & smiles cost nothing…. As for paying tributes to Germany in not saying put them on a pedestal but if everything we learned about the war is lies then the very least Germany deserves is an apology but in my eyes they deserve more then apologies they’ve gone years with being slandered,you still hear it to day after all the years that have gone by that all Germans are nazis.its about time Germany was recognized for the great country it is and the German soldiers and civilians of ww2 recognized for the heros they Are

  37. Klaus says:

    The Political Serial Killer

    There are several types of serial killers which are categorized and studied by the FBI. The backgrounds of such killers have amazingly similar backgrounds which reach back to their childhoods. As children they were unable to do well in school and they came from dysfunctional families in that they were neglegted by either one of the parents or both of the parents. Such problems indicated that their adult careers would be categorized by aggression. Another characteristic is that such individuals have a lack of remorse for their sins, transgressions and crimes.

    There should be another category which the FBI has not included in its list and that is the political serial killer, the type of which has the background of the serial killer, but is of the type who does not do his own killing but goes into politics in order to give the commands which result in the deaths of specific groups of people which the politician desires to wipe out. The reason is either that he lacks the courage to do the killing himself or he wishes that more people to be killed than he could ever accomplish for himself.

    Such an individual is none other than Winston Churchill who grew up as a child severely neglected by both his mother and father who were never around when he needed their love and affection. The parents were more interested in their own lives than to be bothered by their offspring and so they handed him off to the nannies to be raised by different personalities and he would never have that role model that children require, as if Lord Randolph Churchill was the type to be emulated. The result would manifest itself in his actions and words in the future. He would have bouts of depression and resort heavily to the bottle. His academic career at Harrow was poor, even though he had the innate qualities and high intelligence. He would marry a woman who was equally depressed with a dysfunctional childhood and with whom he could be miserable.

    Churchill’s life would be dominated by a rage within his mind for which the outlet would be to have others suffer due to his lack of a proper upbringing. He would join the army and go to Africa where, in the Sudan, he rejoiced in the slaughter by modern weaponry of the dervishers at Omdurman in 1898. He would resign his commission and as a journalist fail to condemn the concentration camps in South Africa during the Boer War where some 25,000 old men, women and children would die due to British policy. He would be the driving force to have Great Britain enter the First World War against Germany and also take action to mobilize the Royal Navy before war was even declared. As First Lord of the Admiralty he developed the policy of the food blockade which resulted in some 750,000 German civilians dying of starvation. This food blockade was continued for some six months after the November 11, 1918 armistice and as Minister for War, he did nothing to stop the blockade. And he never expressed one word of sympathy for these victims.

    During WW 1 Churchill’s policy at Gallipolli failed and he was forced to resign. He reentered the British Army and was appointed a battalion commander with the rank of Lt. Col. Evidently, he decided that he did not want to be a statistic on the western front and this lasted only for two months, January to March, 1916, and he resigned again to return to politics to further the war against civilians instead of soldiers.

    After WW 1 he had recommended the use of poison gases against the tribesmen of Iraq, even though by then the civilized world had recoiled in the use of such weapons. During WW 2 he advocated the use of anthrax against Germany, hoping that five million Germans would die as a result. He was a proponent of the Morganthau Plan which would have reduced the German population to 25 million. He sold out Eastern Europe to mass murderer Stalin and his policy to return the Cossacks to Stalin to be exterminated meant nothing the Churchill, who never once showed any remorse for the deaths of civilians as a result of his own philosophy. He never cared about the death of one Frenchman who was killed by Churchill’s order to attack the French fleet at Oran or the tens of thousands killed by RAF Bomber Command’s attacks on French cities or on the deaths of thousands of Belgians, Dutch, Norwegians, Danes, etc. by the bombing attacks. And he certainly had no remorse of the hundreds of thousands of German civilians who died in the bombing attacks, which he personally ordered. This is the same individual who claimed that he liked Stalin whom he characterized as a great man. One dysfunctional man praising another dysfunctional man.

    Churchill’s record as a political serial killer is consistent throughout his life, from his dysfunctional personality beginning with his childhood and through to the end of his life, during which time he never showed one ounce of sympathy for his victims even though he claimed that he represented Christian civilization.

  38. brent says:

    People read and see only what is in the media,guess who is in control of what is printed and published? We must be able to read between the lines and know who is printing what we read if we are ever to know the truth.

  39. nilanjan basu says:

    why don’t you write also about the 2 million rape committed by Stalin’s army of rapist.

  40. Jim Parker says:

    Hi, I’m british and after watching the newly released documentary Hellstorm am appalled by our actions during the war. I hope more brits learn the truth about our evil leaders.

  41. dritan borakaj says:

    Terrifying, when you see continued policy in Iraq Afghanistan and who knows the next conflict

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