This is the blog of a 55-year-old man of German descent who is fed up with seemingly endless propaganda, lies, distortions of fact, and the defamation of the German people, who suffered more than any other nation in World War II, and is still occupied today.  And I am sick and tired of the absurd and ever-growing volume of lies being manufactured, told and sold to this day about Hitler, National Socialism, WWII, and Germany. I am tired of Anti-Germanism and of self-hating Germans.

The term “Nazi” and all of its sinister connotations is a further insult to those who are no longer here to defend themselves, their ideology and actions. It is a term coined by the enemies of National Socialism as a pejorative slur. They called themselves the “NSDAP” and that is term I shall use.  Anyone posting comments is asked to respect this as well.

I am neither a Neo-Nazi nor Skinhead, and am not “Right-Wing” in terms of my political views. I am not a White Nationalist nor a promoter of Aryanism . I am not part of the Christian Identity movement.  I am not  “supremacist” or  ‘extremist” of any kind, and I do not support or endorse anyone who is.  I have no affiliations   I am not here to promote hatred, violence or revenge against anyone or any group.  Indeed, nothing on this site should be construed as such. Nor am I “radical”, except in as far as telling the truth, sharing largely unknown facts and expressing unpopular views based upon such facts may be considered radical.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

There are two sides to every story, but “official history” is always written by the victors with a view to justifying themselves, and to wash the blood off of their own hands, down the drain of time. And although the allied leaders may be long gone, thee are still many today who have a vested interest in keeping the “official” narrative alive, and to build upon it, for their own political agenda, to justify what they are doing in the world today, as well as, to keep people from questioning what they have been taught.

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. ‘Reality control’, they called it: in Newspeak, ‘doublethink’.  “The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had been actually destroyed.  For how could you establish even the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside your own memory?” – George Orwell (1984) written in 1948.

It is high time for the truth to be told, not only for the sake of the Germans, but all who care about humanity and what is going on in this world today, where we are going (or are being led)  based upon a false narrative of history.

“Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false.” ~ Bertrand Russell

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.” ~ Gandhi



“No people lives longer as the documents of its culture” ~ Adolf Hitler

I dedicate this blog to my late father, and to my dear mother, both of whom grew up in Germany under Hitler and the National Socialist government of Adolf Hitler, and who suffered and survived dozens of allied bombings, as well as, starvation and the allied occupation and abuse, and to the honour of my people, das Deutsche Volk, and especially those who fought and died to defend Germany from all enemies, both foreign and domestic:

Thank you dad and mom for speaking the truth, for telling me the real history of WWII that you luckily survived, for teaching me about propaganda, the value of reading, thinking for myself, asking questions, speaking out, and standing up for truth and justice, and for setting an example for me to follow. I challenged their “history” when I was a teenager in school, based on what you told me, and continue to do so now.

Dad, I wish you were still here to now to share in all that I have learned, because the proof and the truth of what you said is now coming out, and vindication is yours.

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  1. angelcakes says:

    I would like to say a big thankyou for this site for proving in not completely insane when i was at School we were taught that hitler wanted everyone to have blond hair blue eyes and he would kill everyone who didn’t have it, well me being me stood up in front of everyone and said ..but that’s stupid if hitler wanted that he would of had to shoot himself he had brown hair,……i got in trouble for stating the obvious, detention and writing lines but its soooo satisfying knowing i was right 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. John Doe says:

    today the regime of national BRD socialism continues ist harted against Germans: Am 70. Jahrestag der Bombardierung Dresdens warnt Bundespräsident Gauck davor, wegen des Leids der Opfer die deutsche Schuld zu relativieren: “Wir wissen, wer den mörderischen Krieg begonnen hat.”
    the lies of the past continue unabeted and the genocide against Germans AFTER May 8, 1945 will bring you behind bars in the BRD GmbH for thought crimes dare you say the truth.

    The Economist has run a feature some time ago where sites like justice4germans are to be banned globally for “hate crimes”

    Keep your work up and continue spreading the truth. While you can.

  3. Johnny V. says:

    Hey just watched a three part mini series in German titled Generation War. The exact translation from the German title would have been Our Mothers and Fathers. It was a very well done production with fine acting. The 2013 production follows five friends from Berlin 1941 to the Eastern Front and finally back to Berlin 1945. It tells the war experiences through the eyes of the five main characters. If was very refreshing to see a WWII production from a German vantage point. If anyone has seen the series especially anyone who lived in Germany during the period I would love to hear your comments. I enjoyed the series but have some objections to parts of the story line as I believe the today’s occupational German government must have injected some of their views.


  4. francismuldoon says:

    Your site is a blessing and a great source of comfort when I need repose from the nonsense that is promulgated as truth today. I too, have been studying the second world war era for many years, but your site puts it all in great perspective.
    Thank you

    And here, for the recently awakened is a copy of Hitler’s magnanimous peace offering to Poland on the eve of war. It is published in the Milwaukee Journal, Thursday, August 31, 1939.
    These proposals were not published in UK or French Newspapers but as you can see, freely distributed in America.

    • Thanks for your kind words and for the link.

      • Bjorn says:

        hallo da, ich weiss nicht ob dir das schon aufgefallen ist, aber kannst du bitte unsere Flagge bitte richtig rum zeigen auf deiner homepage?

        Vielen Dank

      • Was heisst denn “unsere Flagge”? Meine Flagge ist nicht die BRD flagge! Auch nicht die Weimar Flagge, weder noch die Flagge des Frankfurt Parliaments (1848). Sondern das original Flagge des Volkes wie im 1832 bei dem Hambacherfest getragen, wie im 1813 vom den Luetzow Freikorps getragen, sowie auch die Burschenshaften von damals (und heute noch). Schwarz, Rot, Gold stammt von den Freimaurer und Communisten in 1848 und sie gehoert ihnen weiternoch. Deutschland ist ein besetztes Land und die BRD flagge (sowie DDR Flagge) beweist es, aber viele haben es nicht gemerkt und / oder sind falsch erzogen wurden. Schwarz bedeutet fremde Herrshaft und Uneinigkeit. Ist Deutschland heutzutage wirklich “einig”? Darf Deutschland wirkich wiedr “einig” sein? Ueberleg Dir das mal! Hat das Volk wirklich die Macht? Duerfen die Deutschen ueber ihre eigene art von Regierung entscheiden? Duerfen sie ueber ihre eigene Zukunft entscheiden? Ich meine nicht! Es wird alles fremd gesteuert. Alles ist falsch rum! Hoffentlich wird das Volk bald aufwachen und es langsam merken.

        Hambacher Fest (1832)


        Burschenschaften (1865)

  5. david sage says:

    Hello Justice for Germans,
    It is important to understand who Mark Weber the so-called revisionist historian is.
    He said that the Jews are not to be blamed for Communism, when we all know that Communism or Bolshevism or Social Democracy, is a movement that began with the Jews, who committed horrendous crimes in the Soviet Union, where they put their Marxism into practice. According to Alexander Solhenitzen these Jews were mainly responsible for the massacre of some sixty-six million Gentiles, that is to say, Russians, Ukrainians, and other nationalities between 1917 and the fall of the Soviet Union.
    The only religion that was permitted to be practiced in the Soviet Union was Judaism. And it was a crime, punishable by death, to be anti-Semitic. That is how Jewish the Soviet Union was.
    Mark Weber also stated that the Holocaust did occur, but not by the Nazis gassing Jews, but by other means of extermination. Although he did not say what these other means were. He said this when he was being interviewed on televion along with David Cole. It is available on You Tube.
    This leads me to the inevitable conclusion, and, that is, that Mark Weber is a crypto Jew whose objective is to mislead gentiles into believing that the Jews were not the evil communists that they were, and that the Nazis did kill six million Jews, though not by gassing them to death, but by other means, at their disposal. He pretends to be a gentile, but, in truth, he is a Jew hiding under a Gentile cover. There are many, like him, around. And truth seekers must be very wary of them.

    • I was very tempted to simply delete the comment rather than post ludicrous claims and have to waste time responding, and to be drawn into some sort of debate, for which I have no time. Your comments are not appropriate for this page, nor is my site to be used for flame wars.

      For the record, I have the utmost admiration for Mark Weber as an historian from whom I have learned a great deal over the years, and also once had the pleasure and honour of meeting in person. That is not to say I agree with him on every single thing he has ever said or written, but his contribution to revisionist history has been immense, and the IHR is a treasure trove of information which I have often resourced and occasionally still do.

      If you had taken the time to search the IHR, you would have found these two items, possibly more, which discount your claims:

      The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime – Assessing the Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism by Mark Weber (published in 1994) http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v14/v14n1p-4_Weber.html

      The Mark Weber Report – Communism’s Death Toll, and the Jewish Role in Bolshevism (January 18, 2012)

      As to his comments on TV show, I do not have time to go back and watch that program in search of the comments you claim he made and to give you my interpretation of what he may have said. Much better for you to go to IHR website and contact Mark Weber yourself directly and ask him about what he said and what he meant, then go find another playground on which to post your comments and theories, or create your own.

      Finally not all revisionist historians and researchers agree on every detail. Sometimes there are major differences and it occasionally results in mudslinging, which does not help the cause. I have never engaged in such behaviours nor publicly cast doubt upon anyone, even when I have vehemently disagreed with their historical opinion, religious views or political views.

      Please refrain this sort of thing on my site!

  6. George says:

    My goodness, I searched through every blog post here looking for a place that allows a comment. Finally found it under the “About” category. Sorry, no offense intended, but you (or WordPress?) do not make commenting an intuitive process! However that may be, I originally wanted to comment on one of your posts where you state that you were harassed as a child ; being called a “Nazi” and so forth. Believe me, as the son of a German mother (who lived in Germany during the 3rd Reich) and whose father was an American soldier, I went through the very same ordeal.
    Thanks to the advent of the internet, more people are becoming aware of the political and propaganda mechanisms that were used to bring this sorry state of affairs about. Thanks for your blog efforts. It is surprising to see a voice from Germany (occupied territory for the last 70 years!) speaking out on this subject. Here in the US, there are a certain group of people trying hard to chip away at what remains of the 1st amendment “right to free speech” so we are not so far away from the same situation that you face in Germany with regard to voicing one’s opinion on matters that are “controversial”.

  7. cartiermccloud says:

    Bravo for your site.

  8. İMPORTANT, Russia, 8.500.000 million (eight and a half million German soldiers took prisoner) by Belarus, was taken prisoner, 420,000 thousand German soldiers were killed prisoners by Russian troops,soldiers!!
    1.) Russia has acted contrary to the Geneva Convention,
    2.) very serious crime against humanity were committed,
    3.)Russia is committed war crimes, (the prison camp in Russia)
    4.)Russian moral and material compensation paid) for German prisoners of war military families)
    5.)Russian, 20,000 thousand Polish officers killed ın Russian camp in Ukraine,
    5.)Russia, compensation paid,

    *****Where to get the prime minister? Merkel!!

    ****Where is the Polish Prime Minister?

    American, British, French, Dutch, where European prime ministers ???

    This is not a genocide *only to the letter of the mother, taking prisoners to punish soldiers, kill!! Please watch As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me, Clements Forel films!!!!!

  9. Max says:

    Why is the german flag wrong way round ?

    • You would really have to ask Angela Merkel why the BRD flag is upside down. I have covered this in previous posts, long ago. Use the search box to find them. The original true flag of the German people (not the BRD) was Gold, Red, Black, as depicted in the painting from the Hambacher Fest of 1832, and its origins go back to the Lutzow Freikorps of 1813 during the Napoleonic wars.

      Gold stands for the memory of our Freedom
      Red for the Blood of patriots who fought for our Freedom and Independence.
      Black for the long dark night of Foreign Rule and Disunity.

      In 1848, this flag was inverted to Black, Red, Gold by Freemasons and Communists during the Marxist revolution resulting in the short lived Frankfurt Parliament. That flag was discarded when Germany was united by Bismark in the Second Reich. It was reinstated by the Freemasons and Communists (November Criminals) following WWI during the Weimar Republic. It was again discarded by the National Socialists, only to be reinstated by the Freemasons and Communists of the BRD after WWII. It remains upside down as Germany is an occupied nation under foreign rule, as represented by the Black on top, for the loss our freedom and for blood of patriots spilled in vain. Angela Merkel and Co. will not tell you that. Most Germans today do not know it, but there is a growing movement of Germans who do know.

  10. Randy Rach says:

    Dear Wayne,
    Thank you for telling the truth and opposing defamation of the German people!
    Is it possible to exchange email messages with you?
    Have you considered documenting the ethnic cleansing of people of German ethnicity and their destruction inside Russia? Have you heard of the Labor Army? My German forefathers moved from Posen to Wolhynien to Michigan.

    • Hi Randy, I recently removed my e-mail contact page as the volume of e-mails, particularly with questions became overwhelming and it consumed so much of my time and energy that it was difficult to get anything else done. I also have other responsibilities and commitments now with TJGS, but have also had health issues over the past month too. Sorry. As to the ethnic cleansing of Germans from Russia, I covered that with this article: An Interview with Ingrid Rimland – The personal testimony of a survivor of genocide against the Germans http://wp.me/p2Occ7-kG

  11. Kirsten says:

    Good morning, I just wanted to share that my whole world view has changed dramatically since discovering the truth. I am a German living in the US, and I feel empowered knowing I am not counting myself to the sheeple anymore, yet, I am also feeling a bit lonely. Most people don’t even want to consider that there is something wrong with the official narrative. Also, I have found a lot of valuable info on the site of radio islam. And no, I have no affiliations with Islam, but I can now see the similarity of defamation propaganda that was pushed by the main stream media against Germans as well against the Palestinian people. Very disturbing to see the power of the dark side yet very encouraging to know that there are truth seekers all over the world!

    • You are definitely not alone Kirsten, and yes, there is a great deal of good info on the Radio Islam site. What was done to us is now being done to the Arabs / Muslim world, and anyone else who stands up to the JWO and the International Bankster Gangsters.

  12. Randy Rach says:

    Dear Wayne,

    Where can one obtain a true copy of Mein Kampf in the original German language as well as an acceptable translation into English, either without German-baiting annotations galore? Are there any reliable copies available online that you have vetted to be unadulterated? I missed any hyperlinks on your web site for this title. I recall reading an English translation in my high school library for a term paper, where we were to write on a significant ideology; I chose National Socialism for my term paper and verbal presentation. Of course, this teacher would not allow me the freedom to choose my own title, unlike all of the rest of the students. He insisted on mocking it as Nazism. Still, I was able to paint my own title cover in flagrant defiance! Someday I would like to read it again but without the distractions of anti-German censorship.

    Best regards,

  13. Rudy Fritsch says:

    See this link… Seems Germans were to be blamed for WWI as well…
    Rudy Fritsch

    • Yes indeed. A very good book!

      • Soren says:

        The good news is that the world seems to have slowly come to admit that the Germans got screwed over in World War I. Or at the very least, people will have no problem admitting that was done to the nation after the war was truly unfair (or the fact that the American government used deception to drag their people into the conflict). Close acquaintances of mine used to joke that if World War III ever came about (God forbid), Germany deserved to win if only to make for their previous two humiliating defeats.

        Granted, Germans are still the demons of World War II, but I’m sure the facts will become public eventually. By the end of the 21st century, I expect a much more fair and balanced look at the second global conflict.

  14. Deutschmark says:

    It is my sincere wish that more people will supplement their US public education (Victoribus Spolia) with books written by first hand witnesses and survivors of this war (while they are still alive) to better understand and develop their own image of what happened in Germany and why. This “Nazi” name calling nonsense has to stop. I can think of another name starting with an “N” used colloquially in the US to demean, belittle, and discredit an entire race which if used would be met with utter outrage and possibly violence. Yet “nazi” is used ordinarily. 99.999% of people who use this word have no idea of its entomology and origination. I admire your work here Sir. As was said in the final Wehrmachtbericht, “in time, the world will see we were right”.

  15. Randy Rach says:

    Dear Wayne,

    Gesund heil! Who dares to say that anymore with the prevalent PC anti-German prejudice. I welcome your recent posting and could have used it in high school. We need your investigative reporting more than ever!

    In regard to the Genocide of ethnic Germans in Russia that was begun by Tsar Nicholas II and completed by Stalin, another good survey is:
    The Deportation and Destruction of the German Minority in the USSR
    by J. Otto Pohl,
    which can be downloaded at:

    Click to access Deportation%20and%20Destruction%20Soviet%20Germans.pdf

    For more details on the infamous Liquidation Law of 02 February 1915 against all Russlanddeutschen and first used against the Wolhyniendeutschen in mid-1915, see the book by Eric Lohr:
    Nationalizing the Russian Empire: The Campaign against Enemy Aliens during World War I,
    which describes the destruction of a people solely because of their race, language and culture.

    Best regards,
    Randy Rach

  16. Victoria Malcolm-Story says:

    Dear Wayne: I first discovered your site about a year ago, and I continue to check it regularly. It is a breath of fresh air. And, I have at least a couple of friends of ‘German’ background that I sent your articles to. At least one of these sends them on to her sister who lives in ‘Germany’.
    I wondered whether or not you have ever come across the blog done by a ‘Jewish’ man, Paul Eisen? He is definitely on the side of truth, and April 25th’s article about a former ‘German’ soldier who set fire to himself in 1995, to try and bring attention to the injustices done to his people, deserves a wider audience, in my opinion. Here’s the link:


    My best wishes for your full recovery from your recent health problems, and may God give you the strength to endure. This work you are doing is of great importance. Thank you, from all of us who love Truth!


    • Dear Victoria, thanks for your kind words and personal efforts. Much appreciated. Yes, indeed I know Paul Eisen, a very honourable man, and also read the piece he posted which you refer to. I was in a lot of pain all of last week, and unable to do much of anything, but am happy to report that I am now feeling much better. In fact, since last Friday, I feel suddenly totally recovered and I am confident that I will now be able to resume posting again regularly. Thanks for your your thoughts and prayers, and those of many others. Perhaps they have now been answered, because I feel healed and rejuvenated, and ready to rock and roll. I will definitely be re-blogging Mr. Eisen’s piece. Cheers! 🙂

  17. john7 says:

    Hmmm…just stumbled into your blog and found some pretty good stuff ; thanx for posting. But, I must say that trying to distance ones self from ‘Christian Identity’ – a term hijacked and misused much like ‘Nazi , but we’ll use it here as we / you apparently understand it to be the knowledge of the True Identity of the Biblical Israelites being ‘us white folk’ as opposed to the antiChrist jew -seems to be counterproductive. Not only is such [ ‘identity’ ] demonstrably true, but these are your ‘volk’ and those most likely to support your views.
    As you have pointed out, NS began at least , as a tacitly Christian world view ; such is by necessity somewhat ‘identity’ in nature. The German[ic] people[s] are most likely the direct descendants of the tribe of Judah…such is why the jew [esau edom] hates them so. We’re all ‘Saxons’ – sons of Isaac – but the Germanic and Celtic peoples have been, and continue to be, the leading Christ bearers in the world, more so than our brethren from the other tribes roots…
    Why distance one from such folk? Afraid of the label? Assuredly not [?]

    • Thanks for your comment, but I do not subscribe to that view.

      • Johann Sturm says:

        That’s….an interesting…………..theory. *Rolls eyes* It’s like something Alex Jones would say. Right up there with “Hitler was Jewish”, “Hitler’s ancestors were Jewish”, “Hitler only had one testicle”, (yes, some people seriously believe that, please pardon the graphic mental picture) “Hitler escaped to Argentina and is still alive today as a robot with a human head in a jar”, and (possibly the most infuriating of all) “Hitler was funded by Rothschilds, FDR, Churchill, founded Isreal, National Socialism is Zionist, and Merkel is Hitler’s child.” I……just…..don’t even with some of these comments. Especially since you’ve pretty much busted most of the ones I listed. :/

      • This is in reference to what ??

  18. Randy Rach says:

    Dear Wayne,

    I have discovered six more published articles that discuss the genocide, by means of the Soviet Russian premeditated “Labor Army”, “Special Settlements”, etc., of ethnic Germans in Russia during World War II using oral accounts of survivors and declassified Soviet state archives:

    1. The Dark Side of Victory: Soviet Genocide Against the Russian-Germans during World War II

    2. “In our hearts we felt the sentence of death”: Ethnic German recollections of mass violence in the USSR, 1928-48

    3. Soviet Apartheid: Stalin’s Ethnic Deportations, Special Settlement Restrictions, and the Labor Army: The Case of the Ethnic Germans in the USSR

    4. Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water: The Russian-Germans in the Labour Army

    5. A Caste of Helot Labourers: Special Settlers and the Cultivation of Cotton in Soviet Central Asia: 1944–1956

    6. Suffering in a Province of Asia The Russian-German Diaspora in Kazakhstan

    The Soviet planned liquidation of ethnic Germans (die Russlanddeutschen) en masse during World War II (1941-1945 onwards) was a sin of epic proportions. I believe that only by God’s mercy could I have had any distant relatives survive such mass murder. One might say that it was a prelude to the ongoing grinding genocide (Is there another way to call it?) of the German people and culture to befall the homeland. What is wrong with such racist fiends whether Russian or Allies, save they have already committed the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit?

    Perhaps such historical knowledge will help others to come to terms with their origins…being the descendant of Germans is not a “crime against humanity” as some would have us believe!

    Best regards,


  19. Kirsten says:

    Lieber Wayne, manchmal wünschte ich mir ich hätte das alles nie entdeckt, lässt es sich doch so schön leben in segensreicher Ignoranz! Jeden Tag lerne ich mehr über den traurigen Verlauf unserer Weltgeschichte, und das Gefühl überkommt mich dass es zu spät für jede Rettung ist. Auch sind meine spirituellen und religiösen Vorstellungen ins Wanken geraten: ich glaube wirklich dass Jesus Christus der Sohn Gottes ist und uns als Vorbild dienen soll. Jedoch, wo hat uns diese Philosophie des “…dann halte auch die andere Wange hin” und “Liebe Deinen Nächsten wie Dich selbst” gebracht? Warum sollen wir diejenigen lieben, die uns auf gräulichste Weise betrügen, missachten, und hintergehen? Ich würde gerne etwas mehr erfahren über Hitler’s religiöse Ansichten. Gibt es dazu Literatur, welche Du empfehlen könntest? Vielen Dank für Deine Arbeit!

    • Liebe Kirsten! Herzlichen vielen Dank fuer Deine Kommentare und die Nachfrage. Hat mich sehr gefreut! Deine Gefuehle verstehe ich auch ganz gut und Du bist damit auch nicht alleine. Ich glaube, was unsere Herr Jesus Christus (und Seine Aposteln) gepraedigt hat wird oft misverstanden oder sogar misbraucht. Mann muss dann auch lesen was er selbst gesagt und getan hat, sowie auch die Aposteln und im welchem Kontext. “Liebe Deinen Nächsten wie Dich selbst” Sie sprachen von Bruederliche Liebe, und nicht dass wir unsere Feinde lieben sollen! “Dann halte auch die andere Wange hin” Das hat nur mit unsere Glaube zu tun (d.h. Verfolgung in dem Sinne), und nicht dass wir alles moegliches, fuer immer und ewig, gedulden oder gefallen lassen muessen. Selbstverstaedlich duerfen wir uns selbst und unsere Volk, Land, Ehre usw verteidigen! Der Hitler, als Christ, hat jedoch mehrmals vorbildlich die andere Wange hingehalten, bis es nicht mehr ging! Was seine Glaube betrifft, er hat es mehrmals vom vorne bis zum Ende erwaehnte, dass er Christ sei. Diese Tatschen sind auch gut belegt. Der Nationalsozialismus war Christlich und hatte nur mit “Bruederliche Liebe” zu tun gehabt. Siehe http://justice4germans.com/?s=Hitler+Christian (auch “older posts” ganz unten anklicken).

      Alles Gute!


      • Kirsten says:

        Herzlichen Dank, Wayne. Habe schon angefangen zu lesen. Welch wunderbarer Mensch er doch war! Und Dir, Wayne, und den anderen Wahrheitsbringern sei ein besonderer Platz im Himmel reserviert für Euren Mut und die Liebe zur Gerechtigkeit.

      • Bittesehr. Ich danke Dir auch 🙂

  20. I have been studying this information for about a month now, and as a Messianic Jew I find myself so very conflicted. So many individual stories have been told…. it is so hard to know the truth from the lies. It seems the ‘money cabal’ has their hands in just about every race against race, religion against religion, faction against faction war crisis since the mid 1800’s. Can’t trust the Knesset, can’t trust the White House, Can’t trust the UK, Can’t trust the UAE…….seems like a battle for the minds of people all over the world….. one war after another. I hate to say it, but it is highly likely the Jewish monopoly on central banks are the puppet masters pulling the strings.I even wonder at times if those Israelis in power now are really Jewish. I am so darn confused :-\

    • Thank you for your feedback but especially for your courage to look at the other side of the story that we have all, regardless of race, culture, religion or nationality have been subjected to. This history affects us all, and if we are to have any hope of real and lasting peace in this world which we share, than it is incumbent upon all of us to take nothing as fact or as a foregone conclusion, but to do our own research and check facts for ourselves. Moreover, to use common sense, and to question motives and agendas. Cheers!

  21. Kri30 says:

    I am not a German but an Indian.
    I love Hitler for his courage and love for his motherland.
    i believe he is manipulated by the allied’s. I support hitler and i support Hitlers Germany.
    I try to gather informations online which could prove innocence of Hitler and his Germany and try to share as much among friends, family and at workplace, so atleast Hitler could get his lost love and respect back from people around the world.
    I thank you to start this informative blog and i will use more informations from this and share among my people to rectify their facts and manipulated knowledge.

  22. Johann Sturm says:

    Absolutely astounding site! Such wealth of refreshing information detailing the other sides view of the war. Hands down one of my favorite revisionist sites! I’m absolutely convinced that the German, and ultimately the Axis powers were the REAL “good guys” of the war, but I have a handful of idiots saying that while the official version of events as told by the victors might not be true, the German side is just as biased. I’m curious, how might you suggest I respond to such statements? I’ve responded with the usual “victors write history”, along with the fact that if the alleged “holocaust” actually happened, why is it illegal to question it in many countries? They either dodge these points, or simply brush them aside calling me a “crazy neo nazi’, “facist”, or “racist hate monger”, of which I’m none of (certainly not racist). If you have any advice, I would be most grateful, seeing as you’ve had similar experiences when talking about this issue. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words. I sympathize with your experience with such wilfully ignorant people who prefer to cling to their cherished mythologies than to face facts, especially as this history affects us all to this day, and who resort to ad hominem attacks than look at evidence. I have over 215 posts here which challenge to the victor’s very “biased” version. You can use the search box on my page to look for particular topics by keyword. Several years back I also translated a German documentary and narrated it in English called “Hitler’s War – What the Historians Neglect to Mention”. You will find it here on my site, on YouTube and at Archive.org. Many people have told me that it was a real eye opener for them. Perhaps you will find that useful. But remember, as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

      • Johann Sturm says:

        Thanks for the advice. ^_^ It’s funny how certain less than educated people challenge me to provide links to back up my statements, but when I do, they refuse to click them for fear of having their illusions torn down. -_-

  23. fgrieves says:

    Thank you for a truthful ,honest site that isn’t hidden behind the sole agenda of profit and making money thru lies and deceit. I continually search for and study to find the true accounts of history ,and this is a excellent non biased example .What I’ve learned, and continue to learn thanks to sites like this one ,are the true facts that we were never taught by the education system in the united states. Their version that you don’t realize she your learning in school is so complete one sided and riddled the lies and some ” facts” are just beyond belief ,when compared to the other side of the story ,which has a unbelievably amount of evidence which anyone with even the smallest amount of reason could come to the conclusion that the history books ,various movies and the general opinion of what realm happened has been grossly fabricated and more of a account of fictional story than the actual truth.I CANT FOR THE LIFE OF ME UNDERSTAND how it has been goin on so long .and I’ve come to the conclusion that,and I’m by no means a history expert, but it doesn’t take one to figure out. That this whole horrible crime against humanity is has been driven by greed and jealousy. Adolf Hitler and National Socialism brought Germany and the German citizens from a country that was at the bottom and built them up to almost full employment,low to no crime ,better living conditions and a self supporting debt free model society. Not that it was a 100% perfect but compared to state of the rest of world at that time leaps and bounds above them ,and it seems the rest of the world and a few groups or country’s in particular felt threatened that the other country of the world might start following their lead by example. it is the utmost disgusting display how the allies treated the German people at the the end of WW2 and still go by for today this mythical fable that they’ve been drilling into everyone since birth . Hopefully soon things will change ,this injustice has gone on for far far too Long , thank you for the site and keep up the good work

  24. fgrieves says:

    Great posts ! Ty. I have some questions that maybe you could help me with. first I’m not associated with any white supremacist groups or anything of that nature . I dont support hate groups of any kind .And I personally feel it should be a crime to hijack or steal another country’s symbols flags and misconstrue them for their own personal needs.You see in the news where if something is reported about white supremacist crime ,they will automatically put in the headline most time words like nazi or something to that degree.which automatically links them together , this should be illegal ,the NSDAP I dont think from doing research would have any thing to do with these organizations and would be irate at the way the symbols have been misused over the past several decades. So my question is,is there any validity to any of organizations you see nowadays that say they are NSDAP or a branch of NSDAP ????/ Or are they just thieves who dishonor the true veterans, ???and one last question is I’m terrible confused about the term ” neo nazi” ,99 % of what I read about when neo nazi comes up is about skinheads and white power and white supremacist groups or People . I dont think that would be a representation of the NSDAP OR NAZI party as a ” new nazi” going by the beliefs and rules of the original party ???? I dont know?

    • I think you have pretty much answered this yourself. “99 % of what I read about when neo nazi comes up is about skinheads and white power and white supremacist groups” Bingo. Useful idiots run and funded by CIA/Mossad operatives. And of course, they also hate me,my site and my new organization, and have conducted numerous attacks and smear campaigns against me. It should be obvious who they work for. Just ask “who benefits”?

  25. Randy Rach says:

    Dear Wayne,

    I wish to solicit your consideration of an unmet need. I do not know about the accuracy of history taught in Canadian schools, but I can tell you from my personal experience that it was nothing but outright lies taught in my American history class including the topics of WW1 and WW2. My US history class focused more on multiculturalism and social engineering propaganda rather than history.

    Perhaps an online pamphlet could be developed for American and Canadian high school students from the German perspective, that would highlight the truth and challenge the many injustices? I shudder to think what is being taught nowadays in history classes. I suggest that students with German names would welcome such moral support as an underground outline. I had a high school physics teacher who was thoroughly hateful of people and things sounding German including students. He made my attendance miserable. He was wont to spew off-the-cuff remarks about why Germany shouldn’t exist, caused all wars and so on. I do not believe he knew much about physics either. I felt like I did not belong anywhere.

    Best regards,

  26. Brave Justice says:

    We are many film (There is no escape from the truth)

    Dear Readers and activists.

    Excellent film, we must not forget, we must not stop resisting injustice, we must not allow the evil ones to divide the good ones. we must not support unjust wars. unjust wars = murder for profit. global justice = global peace.

    (Edited. I don’t disagree with your comment, but please try and keep comments brief and related to my posts. Long-winded personal rants get edited or deleted.)

  27. Johann Sturm says:

    Was refering to John7’s comment. It just seemed………odd. :/

  28. Johann Sturm says:

    Like something you would find on “Stormfront.” The racist site that’s determind to give all Germans a bad name by trying to make Hitler out to be a hateful white supremecist, and lacking anything resembling coherent thought, as opposed to providing facts like this site does. That’s all I was refering to.

  29. federico bussone says:

    Hi and thank you for the work you are doing in telling the truth about german history, NSDAP ideology and Hitler. This is a much needed site, because only if confronted with the FACTS a person can overcome the dominating lies and change his/her mind. In Italy most of the people doesn’t like germans. They are still the “cruel invaders”. What a distortion of the truth! Italy and Germany are near (i say that because for me Austria and Switzerland are Germany too) but what a difference! To the south a half semitic land and to the north the holy german soil… Yes, to understand how beautiful and great is the German nation one should cross the Alps…

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