Debunking the Myths of “Nazi Occultism” – National Socialism was Christian!

On Friday, August 2nd, Deanna Spingola‘s guest Dr. Karl Radl discussed and debunked myths concerning the National Socialism, the Third Reich and the Occult, and how the self-described “Jews” created and used such disinformation to facilitate “Christian Zionism” (which itself is a bastardization of the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles).  Indeed, it is a myth promoted to discredit and demonize National Socialism, and to keep people from looking deeper into the real issues surrounding the war, but many “Neo-Nazi” types have gladly embraced it too, along with many other myths and blatant lies.  Whose agenda do they really serve? Karl Radl also addressed the myths concerning the Thule Society etc which are widely repeated in the half-truth movement. He said there was “freedom of religion in the Third Reich, but that it was not permitted to politicize religious beliefs”. Indeed,  to use a church to undermine the German nation, which a number of ministers did and found themselves in jail.

I have previously posted a number of articles already concerning Hitler, National Socialism and Christianity and I have had quite a number of self-professed  “Hitler Fans” and Hitler Haters”,  including Christians, atheists, pagans and even satanists take offence to that. Too bad!  Find another hang out with some lying guru to tickle your ears with more myths about Hitler, created by his enemies.

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In addition to Radl’s brilliant discussion in the above interview, I offer the following:

Here (below) is an example of the “Nazi Occult”and the “Anti-Christian” myths described by Radl that were being promoted during war time in Australia. The same, of course went on in Britain, the USA, Canada and other allied countries.  While the “atrocity propaganda” already began in early 1933,  the mudslinging and fear-mongering did not stop there. This new pack of lies seems to have started in 1937-38 at the time of the Sudetenland crisis which eventually led to the Munich accord, as well as, with the  so-called “Anschluss” with Austria.  Suddenly everyone was jumping on the bandwagon pointing to “Mein Kampf” and trying to make the case that Hitler was an imperialist, an occultist, and war monger who wanted to “take over the world”, thanks to the likes of Winston Churchill, Duff Cooper, Hore Belisha, Lord Halifax, Sefton Delmer and many German born Jews in exile, and it was propagated and believed.  Note that this article is in sharp contrast to the previous article I posted yesterday from 1933.

Nazi Philosophy And Christianity

The Advertiser, Adelaide, Friday 18 April, 1941, page 15

In his second lecture in the series “Nazi Philosophy and Christianity,” Dr. D. K. Schechner showed how the materialistic trends — Darwinism, Marxism, Nietsche’s philosophy— paved the way in German thought for the acceptance of Aryanism and gave essential weapons to Nazi philosophy.

Darwinism and Marxism revolutionised German thought; the first by bringing new conceptions of competition pointing to the necessity for permanent conflict and wax in human life; the second by explaining all political life in the terms of class conflict generated in the process of production.

And at the same time Nietsche questioned the validity of even the Christian values. He saw that faith had perished, but morality survived, and it was therefore against Christian morality that he directed his attack. He preached, not a happy, but a heroic life.

Professor McKellar Stewart presided over the meeting. The concluding: lecture of the series will be given tonight.  Source:

That, of course, is a load of rubbish! Hitler always opposed Marxism and Bolshevism from the very start, and that is plain to see in “Mein Kampf” and dozens of his speeches. Hitler and the Germans were in horror by what had been done to the Christian peasants in the Soviet Union. Just who is this mad doctor anyways, and what is his source of information for this hysterical and ludicrous pack of lies which he peddled to the Christians in Australia? Well,  as it turns out, Dr. Kurt Schechner was a German born Jew in exile and an admitted,  ardent,  long-time foe of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism from 1923 Vienna! And he was an ardent defender of the Weimar Republic, which of course, had been very good for the Jews, and disastrous for the German people as I’ve previously noted.

And what was his solution to this alleged problem? Let him speak for himself:


The Courier-Mail (Brisbane) Monday 16 June 1941, p 2

‘Disarm Prussia to the last rifle, but invite the South German Federation to join the Commonwealth of British nations as an equal member’— a settlement or post-war problems on these lines is advocated by Dr. Kurt Schechner, formerly doctor of philosophy at the University of Vienna, who arrived in Brisbane on Saturday.

While here Dr. Schechner will address members of the Students’ Christian Movement at the University of Queensland on ‘Nazi Philosophy and Christianity’ and ‘Democracy and Christianity.’

Dr. Schechner first visited Brisbane two years ago. His son is a member of a British army unit serving in Palestine.

‘If Prussia has one rifle it will always rearm, ‘Dr. Schechner said ‘Potsdam is the spirit of Prussia. The spirit of South Germany is Weimar — a town of great culture and the home of Goethe, Schiller, and the great old musicians of Germany.  South Germany is different from Prussia. To achieve permanent peace it will be necessary to leave the beaten track, take a bold step, and offer South Germany a place in the Commonwealth of British nations.’

Dr. Schechner said that he had written against Hitler and his philosophy as far back as 1923 when Hitler was a nonentity. ‘When Hitler entered Austria by one door,’ he added, ‘I had to leave by another.’

Foremost among all men in the world who realised the danger of the philosophy of Hitler and Goering was Mr. Winston Churchill, said Dr Schechner. That philosophy was the direct antithesis of Christianity and its doctrine, ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself.’  Hitlerism regarded Christianity as decadent. In its place it set up, as an ideal, the doctrine that the highest form of heroism is subjugation of other peoples.

That is so wrong on so many levels, it is pathetic!  Hitler himself was German-Austria in the south and was not a Prussian. His struggle began in the south and that is where he was based and had the most support.  Bavaria had already been under Communist rule!  Invite the south to the Commonwealth? That means “divide and rule” in marvelous (not), but  typical British fashion.

The most fundamental principle that could define National Socialism was in fact:  ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself!’  It was all about brotherly love and helping others, and thereby, helping your country and yourself!  The “subjugation of other peoples”? Really?  Germany was subjugated like no other western, industrialized nation in history after WWI under Versailles and was totally enslaved!  Buy whom?  The victorious allies and their pay masters, the Bankster Gangsters!  Moreover, she was in in danger of civil war and of being entirely taken over by the Bolsheviks and Weimar created and run by the godless Marxist  liberal Social-Democrats! This LIAR also failed to mention that Hitler had ALWAYS sought peace with the British Empire and had even offered to support it!

How many good men, Brits, Aussies, Canadians, Americans etc  went off to fight and destroy Germany over the lies told by the likes of Dr. Schechner?  Is it any wonder that such a rat had to scurry out the backdoor when he saw Adolf Hitler coming in through the front door?

And what would Hitler say to these charges?

Hitler Christian


In boundless love AS A CHRISTIAN and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and of adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before – the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross.

AS A CHRISTIAN I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I HAVE A DUTY TO BE A FIGHTER FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE. And as a man I have the duty to see to it that human society does not suffer the same catastrophic collapse as did the civilization of the ancient world some two thousand years ago – a civilization which was driven to its ruin through this same Jewish people.”

“… For AS A CHRISTIAN I have also a duty to my own people. And when I look on my people I see it work and work and toil and labor, and at the end of the week it has only for its wage wretchedness and misery. When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people is plundered and exploited.” ~ Adolf Hitler, Munich, April 12, 1922

Upon becoming Chancellor in 1933, Hitler said to the nation and before the world:

“The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and co-operation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life….” Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Berlin Proclamation, Feb. 1st, 1933

WHY don’t you know that? Why were you not taught that in school? Hmmm??

But the lies did not stop there!  Only those parasites who had been feeding off of the German carcass like vultures had something to lose and to fear from the rise of Hitler and from the resurrection of the German people.  The democratic victory of the National Socialists at the polls and the appointment of Adolf Hitler was their worst nightmare come true. It meant that “the party was over” for them! That is WHY the most privileged of that ilk ran off to Britain, France, America, and even to Australia with their tales of woe, and of “tyranny” where their willing and waiting cohorts who owned and ran the media, gave them their soapbox with which to slander and smear, and to foment war, beginning with the 1933 worldwide boycotts, and ultimately military warfare in 1939, to their sheer delight.  All at the cost of 55 million lives.  And even thereafter, their lies dd not stop, but I digress.


The Daily News (Perth), Saturday 14 December 1940, page 12

LONDON, Saturday…

The council of the Catholic Union of Great Britain today carried this resolution: ‘Nazi philosophy and action are irreconcilable with  ‘Catholic principles’.

This was done ‘in view of certain assertions of enemy origin that differences between the Holy See and Germany are being smoothed over.

The union emphasises that British Catholics are fighting the battle of Christianity no less than the battle of Empire.

It expresses admiration for ‘the heroic resistance of the Greeks to the wicked and treacherous attack.’  Source:

Hitler was raised a Catholic, but apparently no one told the Brits!

There is nothing more revolting to me than to hear the bombastic, arrogant Brits laud themselves as a wonderful “Christian nation” and as being the worldwide protector of the weak, guarding against tyranny, and being concerned with “Justice and Freedom and Truth and Mercy” oh pulllease! …. (but alas, they lost their empire, usurped by the Americans, as Hitler predicted,  and America’s view of itself  is just as arrogant. I wonder where they learned it from, hmmm?). One thing they all forgot, however, was their Anglo-Saxon roots, being the cousins of the Germans!

So where or where was the  ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself!’ ?  Oh foolish Britons  ….”Who hath bewitched you?” (Gal 3.1)  …to go and kill and bomb the Germans from on high?


The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (NSW ), Tuesday 25 February 1941

A truly Christian civilisation is still a hope that beckons to us from the far horizon of human history. No man who weighs his words could claim without big reservations that our civilisation had ever been Christian?

And yet, with whatever failure and inadequacy, we in Britain do stand at our best for a quality of life that Christianity has inspired. We have recognised ‘the glory of the “lighted mind.’

We have done homage — and not only in words —  to Justice and Freedom and Truth and Mercy for the weak.   All those the Nazi philosophy spurns, the Nazi practice destroys.

A Nazi triumph would call back the dark ages.

REALLY??  I wonder if the American Native Indians, the Chinese, the Asian Indians,  Africans, Aborigines, the Palestinians, Iraqis, Egyptians, the Irish, or the Boers would concur with the above sentiments?  And what misery have the British also not inflicted upon the European continent in the interest of a “balance of power” and of eliminating competition to their blood soaked world wide empire upon which the sun never set? And on whose behalf?

“Civilization”? My Ass! The Jewish inspired British war was  THE “call back to the dark ages!”  for the world.

Let’s ask Adolf Hitler for his opinion about this wonderful “civilized nation” ….

AH on British Foreign Policy 1941

Hitler an occultist? Really ??

Hitler was indeed a Christian,  raised in the Catholic Church, and his worldview, as expressed in his writings and speeches, was heavily influenced by Christian teachings.  Hitler did indeed make many statements that were critical of both the Catholic and Lutheran churches in his book “Mein Kampf” for their failings in helping the people and meddling in politics.  But it was not a repudiation of the teachings of Christ.  This does nothing to alter the obvious fact that the Church had great influence on Hitler’s early education and spiritual convictions.  That was very apparent in word and deed.

The influence of his Catholic upbringing helped to shape Hitler’s worldview. It occurred while attending Catholic school as a child.  Hitler’s mother was a devout Catholic who attended Mass faithfully.  Most of southern Germany and Austria are Catholic.   This foundation formed the single greatest influence on his thoughts and deeds, which was ALWAYS about relieving the suffering and improving the life of the long suffering German people, and restoring their honour, dignity, preserving them as a viable and distinct nation (ie race).  THAT was Hitler’s  struggle, ie “Mein Kampf”.

Frau Helene Hafstaengl testified that, her friend Adolf Hitler, had once said “as a small boy it was his most ardent wish to become a priest. He often borrowed the large kitchen apron of the maid, draped it about his shoulders in vestment fashion, climbed on a kitchen chair and delivered long and fervent sermons.”  It is also said, according to relatives or family friends, that young Adolf was able to deliver Christian sermons by age 7.

And it was also at that age that his family relocated to Lambach, a town rich in medieval German history and architecture.  Their new home overlooked the Lambach Abbey, a great Benedictine monastery, founded in the eleventh century, and which was adorned by a half a dozen or so of the “Hakenkreuz” symbols, and various other Byzantine frescoes.  The Hakenkreuz symbols were engraved in stone on the exterior walls of the monastery, and  obviously this fascinated him, and obviously it stuck with him:

Lambach Abbey Hakenkreuz

The National Socialists  also did not use a “Swastika” borrowed from eastern religions or pagan origins! Their symbol was the Hakenkreuz!

The “Hakenkreuz” was a hooked “Christian cross”, with the hooks like axe heads, pointing to the right, in a clockwise direction.  Adolf Hitler obviously did not “invent it”, but rather adopted this symbol which he first encountered  as a young child attending Catholic church!

Yes, there was indeed what could best be described as a “roots” aspect to the National Socialist movement, which was about re-discovering and honouring their Germanic roots, instilling pride and rekindling the warrior spirit which would be needed to defend the German nation, not only in terms of military engagement, but also in a holistic sense in defence of the German culture, traditions, values, dignity and honour!

Why did they need a symbol?  Too counter both the “Hammer and Cycle” of the Bolsheviks who were running rampant in Germany and  the so-called “Star of David” used by the self-described “Jews” and Zionists (really the symbol of the Rothschilds and Freemasonry.

National Socialism was a “revolution” (have you high and mighty self-obsessed Americans, French,  Brits ever heard had one? )  and primarily by German Christian patriots, whose chosen rallying symbol was the “Hakenkreuz”. It was their identifier.  I think it really represented their line in the sand,  so to speak.  One can see that the Hakenkreuz of the NSDAP was not level (that is with a straight, horizontal line at the bottom and top) but rather, they turned it on and angle.  That is different from the pagan “swastika”, and it also formed a double “SS”, in the old style “Fraktur” (Gothic) script or alphabet of the Germans. It stood for Socialism!  As in National Socialism, which was  the “Third Way”

As I have pointed out in previous posts, the NSDAP did not worship capitalism or “corporatism” (as some would have you believe) but it also did not oppose free enterprise. It only opposed unbridled Judeo-Freemasonic-Capitalism and Usury …which is “Anti-Christian”  (but Dr. Schechner and those high and mighty British “Christians” left that part out of the story) … and which, of course,  enslaved the masses.  National Socialism also opposed Judeo-Marxist-Freemasonic-Socialism or Bolshevism, which also enslaved the masses.  Both are predatory in their nature and both are destroyers of nations and cultures.  Both create poverty and misery but by different means. Both destroy human rights;  one on behalf of international bankers and corporations, the other for the totalitarian Communist state.  And both were inspired by whom? National Socialism opposed “internationalism”  aka globalism as it is known today.

National Socialism brought the elite German Barons, industrialists and the common workers, farmers and peasants to the same table, as one German Folk, to work together for their common benefit, rather than as foes in class struggles, religious divisions, regional divisions, etc, that were harming the nation, both rich and poor alike. And in this way, they liberated themselves from international tyranny and enslavement, domestic vultures,, and become once again, a great, prosperous, proud and independent nation of the highest culture.

This is What Patriotism Looks Like

Suggested Additional Reading: 

“The National Socialist Stand on Christianity”

“Positive Christianity in the Third Reich”

I will be uploading an e-book on the Christian Principles of National Socialism soon

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18 Responses to Debunking the Myths of “Nazi Occultism” – National Socialism was Christian!

  1. monio says:

    The NSDAP was in fact a party that did not care much about the religious beliefs of its members. Its membership consisted of Christians of various persuasions, neo-Pagans, Agnostics and Atheists. It was, after all, a political party with a set of political goals, and not a religious sect.
    As for the Swastika (Hakenkreuz), moere here:

  2. Markus says:

    Germany’s enemies made Vril, Thule, Ahnenerbe, and SS Black Sun evil occult organisations.

    Yet, occult simply means hidden. Germany was 100 years advanced in chemnistry and aviation and probably positive eugenics.

    Germany’s enemies were too stupid to keep up with the Schauberger implosion engine and feared the study of pre-Christian Aryan Ahnenerbe from the high cultures of Sumer, Atlantis, etc.

    National Socialist geology (and before that already in various societies) suggested that the earth is hollow. The rotation effect would push the elements to the rim of the planet, while the inner earth would have a non-rotating center much like the “washer machine effect”.

    Germany was experimenting in “alchemy”. Coal to gasoline and even sand to gasoline! And more.

    All these revolutionary scientific advances were seen as “occult” by the outsiders because it was -hidden- from them and they wanted to either possess or destroy it.

    • Butterkeks says:

      Have a read. 🙂

      • Markus says:

        Mercury/Quicksilver into Gold. I heard of it. Dr. Axel Stoll of the Neu-Schwabenland Treffen talked about it. Stoll is a doctor of Physics and studies and publishes books on National Socialist and about 50 years before 1933 German and East-European (in the realm of Austria-Hungary) natural sciences and more.

    • Hans says:

      This was really a nice and informative interview, like usual.

      Hitler didn´t use the word god very often in his speeches, instead he spoke often about a “providence”. So I wouldn´t call Hitler really a Christian, rather more a Deist. That is he believed somehow in a kind of god but was not very specific about it.

      As you said correctly means the word occult simply “hidden”. Words can change their meaning in course of time and nowadays it is used as a negative word. So we have to reject it as just another attempt to slander. British elite also believed in the occult, just think of they case of Helen Duncan, the last witch of England who was incarcerated. Churchill, knowing of the occult, called this a tomfoolery.

      The idea, that the Aryan race somehow came from Atlantis can you find in the Thesophical Society from Blavatsky, too. In her Secret Doctrine. So this was not an invention from the German Ariosophy, this believe originated from England.

      The various societies which were condensed to the Nazi movement (Hitler was not really a fan of pluralism as we all know) had mostly “voelkisch” views but also kind of religious views. That a New Age will begin and that some kind of Messiah will usher in that Age which will last for a thousand years.

      The best word to describe this believe is imho “New Age” believe.

      Also many people today have this New Age believe. It is kind of funny that especially from this faction are today now coming the most efforts to denounce Nazis as “occultists”. Not knowing that they believed basically the same things as they do.

      Or I should better say “some of the Nazis”.

      The word Nazi is a very broad and unprecise term. In the first place it was a political big tent party with all kind of people. The term “Nazis” makes no sense at all, you have to be more precise.

      We are speaking now about the ideological roots, i.e. a small minority of Nazi movement. The average “Joe Nazi” was more concerned about the economical situation and the Treaty of Versailles. Not about any Superhuman theory from Atlanis which was maybe nice to hear but had no effect on his day to day life.

      So all this nonsense about “Darth Hitler” and the occult evil Nazis has to be rejected as just another try to slander. From people who have been THEMSELVES INVOLVED VERY DEEPLY in the occult and now try demonize others.

      All this modern New Age stuff (or should I call it occult? ) stems from England from the Theosopical Society. But who is slandered??? Germany of course. Who else?

    • irokoin says:

      Hi Markus, can you tell me what’s the truth about Vril, Thule, Ahnenerbe and the SS Black Sun ?? Or where can i find truthful unbiased information about it?

      Thanks in advance.

      • See my latest post which includes the Thule Society. Karl Radl also address that.

      • Markus says:

        terragermania. com has some articles, unglaublichkeiten. com as well, then youtube Neu-Schwabenland Treffen and Mythis Neu-Schwabenland (a Russian documentary). Dr. Stoll and Peter Schmidt explain why the UN is still at war with the German Reich and that Germany is still active in military actions against the UN with the Wunderwaffen (Vril- & Haunebu Discs, the time machine Die Glocke and other non-conventional weapons). Die himmlischen Heerscharen (heavenly host).

        They are also in contact with Silvia Stolz against the various half-truth ReichsGerman movements that want to reactivate the Weimar Republic or other treasonous models and are anti-Germany – anti-NationalSocialist.

        „Die U-Boot-Flotte Deutschlands kann stolz sein, daß sie am anderen Ende der Welt für den Führer eine uneinnehmbare Festung errichtet hat.“ Karl Dönitz. (Germany’s U-boat fleet can be proud of having established an invulnurable fortress for the Führer on the other side of the world).

        Pravda also reported on German UFOs. The American press broke the story of Foo Fighters in 1944.

        The Allied propaganda tries to make this an alien fantasy with little green men, but there are many reliable sources that suggest otherwise.

  3. As a disclaimer first I must say that the terms occult and pagan are not by definition something that is bad or evil, occult is what is hidden, not visible to our eyes and the other senses and paganism is the old religion of the Volk and part of our ancestry and cultural values as I tend not to forget.

    There is no doubt that the NSDAP promoted “a positive” Christianity as the political program explained very clearly, a must read I must add. The “Hakenkreuz” is a very old symbol presented in various forms and reshaped through the centuries and this topic alone could be long research because this symbol appears within many cultures but just in relation to central Europe and northern Europe it appeared within the Celts, Germanic tribes and Vikings. I do not think that in order to “prove” that the NSDAP was Christian based the symbol of the “Hakenkreuz” should be equated to some Christian symbol or any sort of Christian cross. Again, read the NSDAP POLITICAL PROGRAM which mentions what the “Hakenkreuz” signifies for them of course, REBIRTH, of a culture of a nation of the people. The “Hakenkreuz” depicts a movement, a direction, east to west as the Earth receives the light from the Sun in this motion also means that everyday there is a REBIRTH of things.

    Then esoteric and occult philosophies are and were always part of any culture, people and humanity overall in this case Germany was not an exception and surely it was at different ages in the cutting-edge of many different philosophies and ideas, the German history is vast in this topic. Like I said before there is a huge misconception about the occult and paganism which is not necessary opposed to Christian beliefs as and because many Christian concepts came from Volk beliefs but this is another big topic.

    There is no doubt that National Socialism revived some Volk beliefs and culture mainly among the youth. Hitler was not particularly a follower of this revival but he understood the attraction of the stories of the old Gods and the religion of the nature.

    Then among the top ranks of the NSDAP surely Himmler was attracted to the old religion of the Germanic tribes and Vikings which beliefs permeated the SS. Beyond of course Hitler being aware of how the old Volk religion revival there is NO PROOF that he was a follower or cared much about it. Surely Hitler’s knowledge extended all sort of areas, philosophies and ideas but to know about them is not the same as to be a follower, believer or else.

    Finally there is a great deal of evidence that wartime propaganda and maybe propaganda before the war built this idea and concept of the NAZI OCCULTISM. Funny thing is those accusations came from people that were part of occult groups themselves. The “occult groups” that are always mentioned, THULE SOCIETY, VRIL SOCIETY and others if they are genuine are not representative of National Socialism or Germany even though some NSDAP members were part or in relation to those groups. Those groups represented philosophies entertained not only in Germany but all around the world and surely France, England and the USA were part and still are countries with a long history in occult philosophies.

    A GOOD BOOK TO RECOMMEND – “The Secret King, The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism”. A quotation from this book, page 39, “The Myths: Conclusions”:

    “We can see that there were some aspects of National Socialism which tended toward occult views or at least provided an alternative to consensus reality. However, this was never so widespread that the whole Nazi movement could be characterized as a tool of occultism, paganism or satanism.
    Clearly, the myth of Nazi occultism, paganism and satanism was created during the war by Allied propaganda. This wartime propaganda was subsequently retooled for use in shaping a view of history that gave the Allies higher moral ground in their “crusade against evil”. This is despite the fact that this crusade had actually been against the unacceptable economic idea of National Socialism.”

    • Forgot to mention that this topic was quite well presented.

      Karl Radl did a great job introducing all the information and background of the different sources for this “occult” accusations although in his introduction he perfectly commented that people who believes that the occult and paganism are evil things will use this as a tool to attack Hitler and the NSDAP.

      There is this sort of common thread that often people use to link all with the occult area and it is the concept of the “Aryan race” which in this case Hitler and many other National Socialists intellectuals wrote and commented a lot about. The “Aryan race” is presented as a metaphysical concept and this was used by other people from the esoteric, paganism and alike as a common thread to their ideas. There is no doubt that the literature about the “Aryan race” is big and precedes Hitler’s time by many centuries as far as we could trace it thus Hitler at his moment picked-up some part of the concept or how he understood it anyway. Here we have another big topic that is the manifestation of the different races which despite the current materialistic atheist scientific Darwinism has to be understood and traced to its real origins. No doubt that the antagonism between races and finally between people is based on the ignorance of what we really are and came about then one race is not better than the other all has potentials but we are different and have different origins but in this political correctness era this is a “taboo” topic along with other thousands more as well as Hitler.

  4. Butterkeks says:

    Some more input:

    I don’t really trust these guys. But, an interesting detail on Prof Gerlach. He was captured by the Brits, and he worked before the war with a jew of the name Otto Stern. The jew got a physics nobel price in 1843, Gerlach didn’t, for the Gerlach-Stern effect.

    • Butterkeks says:

      Small correction, I made a typo.

      The Nobel prize was awarded in 1943 of course.

  5. Hans says:

    Ludendorff was an old buddy of Hitler, they made the beerhall putsch together. But they had a falling apart and later a reconciliation. One reason for this falling apart was Hitlers views on Christianity.

    Erich Ludendorff had views which could be described as anti-christian.

    He saw Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, as a Jewish conspiracy against the German nature. His wife, who wrote also conspiracy books, had similar views.

    Ludendorff accused Hitler in a short pamphlet called “Hitlers Verrat der Deutschen an den roemischen Papst” (Hilers betrayal of the Germans to the Roman Pope) as a traitor and to be in cahoots with the Church. He had a kind a paranoia against all “Internationalists”, i.e. the Catholic Church, Communists and Jews.

    So Nazis after their takeover seized this pamphlet. They seized also some editions of Streichers “Der Stürmer”, too by the way. And gave him house detention.

    Nazis gave the Churches privileges (in other words much money) which are still in effect to this day. So calling Nazis anti-Christian (if you equate Church with Christianity) is sheer nonsense.

    Today of course the Churches are trying to present themselves – like everyone else – as Nazi-victims. Despite the fact that they are still getting privileges like free tax collecting at cost of the state because of a Nazi law from 1933 which is still in effect.

    In my book I wouldn´t call Hitler a Christian (at least in the spirit of the New Testament) but that he had occult leanings or was somehow anti-christian is definitely untrue. Just another of the countless slanders.

    • Thank you Hans for the great comment. I will have more on this soon (I hope) . He was indeed, a Christian and indeed, in terms of the New Testament. Go back to my previous posts on the topic and read all the quotes. What he was not, was a Judaized Christian as were those in the British and America churches, which were seduced by British-Israelism. I am working on something major on this topic, but it is very time consuming, so I don’t have time to respond to every comment, and some others I have just had to just delete, because they are so misguided and full of disinfo.

      PS Use the search box on this page and type in “Hitler Christian”

      • Hans says:

        Sorry to contradict you, Wayne. (I hope you don t delete it :))

        The First Empire, the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations, founded by Otto I. can be characterized as a fight between the Emperores and the Popes. Hitler knew that (he had around 16 000 books in his private library, mostly about history) and he didn´t want a fight with the Church. So he fordbade Goebbels to leave the Catholic Church.

        Hitler was in no way anti-christian. That a big lie. But that doesn t make him a Christian.

        In my book is a Christian someone who behaves like a Christian: Turn the other cheek, don t judge and so forth.

        I am not sure if this can be applyed to the founder of a goonsquad who put his enemies into concentration camps.

        Praising the Lord or quoting Bible doesn t make you to a Christian. Just look at the “truther movement”. There a many people who praise the Lord all day long but have nothing better to do than backstabbing, attacking or slandering other persons.

        All this “Lord Lord “cryiers reckones without the host.

        Someone who slanders is not a Christian – may he/she praise the Lord as long as he wants.

        Back to Hitler: He was a “very normal” dictator like you had many dictators back then in Europe. He believed not in God, he believed in “self-forged” weapons like he said in several speeches.

        For example in the speech where he explained his reasons for invading the Soviet union. (“Adolf Hitler Explains His Reasons For Invading The Soviet Union”). Or in other speeches, too.

        In my opinion he was a materialist (in the philosophical sense of course, not in colloquial terms which means something completely different) with a slight leaning towards spirituality.

      • I strongly disagree Hans, not merely based on his words, but the fact he did constantly “turn the other cheek” and only acted when necessary, after repeated provocations or imminent threat.

  6. I believe that the hakenkreuz was a very ancient European symbol that was definitely not borrowed from any eastern religion… I have even seen a coat of arms from medieval Poland with a type of hakenkreuz symbol on it and I recall that german archaeologist heinrich Schliemann who discovered the ancient city of troy built a house in Athens Greece that you can visit to this day and it is decorated to an extreme amount with hakenkreuz symbols everywhere, if you watch the documentary by Michael wood called in search of troy you will see in the second episode footage of Schliemann’s house and many hakenkreuz on the gates and interior… Also in the book for my legionaries by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, as he describes his sojourn in France, he arrives in Grenoble and later on recounts that in the year 1925 he noticed on the ceiling of the st Lawrence church more than fifty hakenkreuz which looked ancient, the church itself dated back to the 4th century, this is on page 192 of “for my legionaries” by corneliu zelea coreanu, just more evidence to debunk the anti german propaganda that our society is pretty much based on today…

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