How America Was Conned into Fighting Hitler: The Lies, Crimes and Hypocrisy of FDR

fdrThis will be the first of several posts dealing with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s secret involvement in World War II, exposing his crimes against Germany which preceded Hitler’s declaration of War against the USA, and also his criminal deceptions perpetrated against the American people, and by extension,  other allied nations which went along with him and Churchill in what was an unnecessary and unjustifiable, long, and bloody world war.

I recommend listening to the following podcast by historian Mark Weber of the IHR and reading the article linked below it. My own commentary then follows, along with additional and essential information from a variety of sources.

President Roosevelt’s Record of Lies and Lawlessness in the so-called ‘Good War’
The Mark Weber Report
June 29, 2011

Citing little-known reports and remarks of Polish, British and French officials, and other evidence, Weber traces President Franklin Roosevelt’s secret campaign to provoke war in Europe prior to the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939. By pressing Britain, France and Poland into war against Germany, the US President bears at least some responsibility for World War II. Weber also discusses the role of Jewish power and influence on US foreign policy during those years. Roosevelt’s record of deceit, lies and lawlessness is routinely suppressed by those who control the US media and American cultural life. Americans who express admiration for Roosevelt and his leadership have little moral right to complain when other presidents follow his example and lead the country into war by breaking the law, subverting the Constitution, and lying to the people.

Length: 56 min.

Download: The_Mark_Weber_Report-20110629.mp3 13 MB / 32 kbps mono

Please also read: 

President Roosevelt’s Campaign To Incite War in Europe: The Secret Polish Documents, by Mark Weber


I was recently asked, is it possible to compare the Third Reich to the modern day USA which lied her way into the Iraq War with stories of WMDs for example, and others in recent memory,  and could it be possible that the Germans were also deceived into electing Hitler, or deceived by their government into attacking Poland and other countries?

There is no comparison. National Socialism was a truly representative and democratically elected, not on vague promises, nor on the basis of imaginary threats, but in response to a disastrous situation. Weimar Germany was in shambles and a “failed state” if there ever was one. That was no secret.  The National Socialists were a true “grass roots” movement which honestly addressed the social and economic despair that all were acutely aware of, and its root causes and those responsible, and they devised a concrete plan for recovery and to rescue the nation.

Myth Busting

I have dealt with all of this in previous posts an you will find many related links on this site too which support these statements, but in summary, National Socialism was in the American vernacular “government of the people, by the people and for the people”.  Furthermore, it was truly Christian based in principles, and was based upon truth and honour. It was NOT Zionist in its nature or intent either (as many would have us believe), especially when one compares the policies of the NSDAP with the undeniably Zionist policies of western governments today, and indeed, with the false doctrines of modern day alleged “Christian” churches, and the doctrines professed by virtually all “Televangelists”, not to mention the skewed and dubious versions of history taught in our so-called “education” system.

Contrary to popular mythology, the NSDAP leaders spoke truthfully, and wanted their citizens to be educated and worldly wise, not “dumbed down” as with our politicians today. Hitler did not illegally “seize power” as we have been led to believe, and was not in it for himself, nor to benefit any “special interest group”.  He loved, respected, protected and served his people “das Volk” and they loved and respected him.  The exceptions of course being those who were self-interested, or working on behalf of special interests and “internationalists”.

Hitler’s rise to power was a slow but steady one, and he did everything legally. He and his party were duly elected. While they did not begin with a majority of seats in the Reichstag, those numbers steadily grew, and after legitimately and orderly coming to power, and as their plan for recovery was implemented,  the people saw and began to experience the fruits of their collective labours, thus, the more popular Hitler and the NSDAP became and the more support they received.  It was a snowball effect and was really unprecedented in history. In recent history, some parallels can, however, be drawn with countries such as Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran,  especially when we see  how they too are vilified, attacked openly or covertly subverted, or destroyed.

When, however, has such a true grass roots movement and political party, in U.S. Britain, or in other western democracies, ever achieved full political power and also such popularity?  Western leaders and parties only see a large spike in popularity when they claim that their nation is under attack,  and the threats are invariably contrived or highly overblown.  That was NOT the case with Hiter’s Germany.

The German people knew all to well that they were conquered and enslaved by the Versailles Treaty following WWI. They knew that there were internal enemies dividing and conquering, and controlling them. They knew their country was unjustly torn asunder. They knew the real Bolshevik threat. They knew what was being done to the Germans in the territories given to Poland and to the Czechs. They knew their money was worthless. They knew their was massive unemployment. They knew people were starving death in streets, or that they themselves were starving. They knew that their culture an history was being subverted and perverted by foreign elements and domestic traitors. They also knew that no one was addressing the real problems they perceived nor coming up with a concrete and workable solution to their plight. There were many parties that only contributed to the chaos. No one was speaking for them. They longed for a saviour to not only speak for them but to serve them and their interests. That is why Hitler became popular and eventually came to power. And he remained popular because he did what he promised and remained to true to his people.

Most modern politicians are beholden to special interest groups, they promise the sun, the moon and the stars, but never deliver. Or, they create imaginary threats which are exposed over time as lies and hoaxes.  Not so in Germany where support did not diminish when war was declared against her. The Germans knew they were in a life and death struggle and they supported Hitler and fought to the bitter end, because he was fighting for them.  There was no way that they wanted to be re-enslaved after experiencing true freedom and prosperity.  Thus, there can be no comparison made to modern day America and her leaders who are elected on false pretenses, who serve special interest groups and who, outside of the mainstream media,  are met with wide scale contempt and derision …. until the next puppet is elected.

There can also be no comparison with the likes of Joseph Stalin (or other Communist dictators) who did seize power by violence,  and not on behalf of the masses either, for whom wholesale mass murder was  the order of the day, and where expansion via wars of conquest was always the goal.

Adolf Hitler had no aggressive foreign policy,  no intention to wage wars, and certainly had no plans to “rule the world”!  That he wanted and actively sought peace is well documented, as I have covered before, and which is also demonstrated in the film “Hitler’s War – What the Historians Neglect to Mention“.  There was nothing for Hitler and the NSDAP to lie to the people about!  If anything, he could have been criticized for being too patient, to honest, too sincere, too honorable, and too slow to react to foreign aggression.

So now let us come back to Roosevelt and compare this with how the war was being fomented in the USA (and globally) from 1933 onward, due to the war declared against by (self-described) International Jewry and the unprecedented international boycotts they inspired.

The following is an excerpt from:

THE FORCED WAR: When Peaceful Revision Failed, by David L. Hoggan (1961)

Chapter 5 The Road to Munich:  The Secret War Aspirations of President Roosevelt

The German leaders correctly believed that the unrestrained anti-German press in the United States was profoundly influencing both public and private American attitudes toward Germany. Goebbels told United States Ambassador Hugh Wilson on March 22, 1938, that he expected criticism, and “indeed, it was inconceivable to him that writers in America should be sympathetic with present-day Germany because of the complete contrast of method by which the (German) Government was acting.” On the other hand, he objected to libel and slander and to the deliberate stirring up of hatred. Wilson confided that it was not the German form of government which was at issue, but that “the most crucial thing that stood between any betterment of our Press relationship was the Jewish question.


In early 1938, Jewish doctors and dentists were still participating in the German state compulsory insurance program (Ortskranken-kassen), which guaranteed them a sufficient number of patients. Wilson relayed information to Secretary of State Hull that, in 1938, 10% of the practicing lawyers in Germany were Jews, although the Jews constituted less than 1 % of the populationNevertheless, the American State Department continued to bombard Germany with exaggerated protests on the Jewish question throughout 1938, although Wilson suggested to Hull on May 10, 1938, that these protests, which were not duplicated by other nations, did more harm than good. The United States took exception to a German law of March 30, 1938, which removed the Jewish church from its position as one of the established churches of Germany. This meant that German public tax receipts would go no longer to the Jewish church, although German citizens would continue to pay taxes for the Protestant and Catholic churches. The situation established by this new law in Germany was in conformity with current English practice, where public tax revenue went to the Anglican Church, but the Jewish churches received nothing.

On March 14, 1938, Under-Secretary of State Sumner Welles complained to Polish Ambassador Jerzy Potocki about the German treatment of the Jews and praised Poland for her “policy of tolerance.” Potocki, who knew that current Polish measures against the Jews were more severe than those in Germany, replied with dignity that “the Jewish problem in Poland was a very real problem.” It is evident that the Jewish question was primarily a pretext of American policy to disguise the fact that American leaders were spoiling for a dispute with Germany on any terms. In September 1938 President Roosevelt had a bad cold, and he complained that he “wanted to kill Hitler and amputate the nose.”

Perhaps frustration and knowledge of the domestic obstacles confronting his own policy increased President Roosevelt’s fury. Jules Henry, the French Charge d’Affaires, reported to Paris on November 7, 1937, that President Roosevelt was interested in overthrowing Hitler, but that the majority of the American people did not share his views. French Ambassador Saint-Quentin reported on June 11, 1938, that President Roosevelt suddenly blurted out during an interview that “the Germans understand only force,” and then clenched his fist like a boxer spoiling for a fight. He noted that the President was fond of saying that if “France went down, the United States would go down.” Apparently this proposition was supposed to contain some self-evident legalistic-moralistic truth which required no demonstration.”

Full Free Book:

Also consider the following quotes from this book …

The Pro-Red Orchestra In the USA, 1941, by James J. Martin

Opinions and Opinion Makers in the USA

“A vast sea of printer’s ink and a galactic volume of radio babble engulfed the U.S.A. upon the outbreak of formal hostilities between Germany and Russia, most of which concerned whether or not this country should aid the forces of Josef Stalin against those of Adolf Hitler. Eight years of towering and unremitting anti-Hitler propaganda in the U.S.A. had resulted in reducing the pro-German elements in the land to a minority so small as to be, in modern parlance, “statistically irrelevant.”

Hitler’s attack on Stalin occurred at a moment when most of the politicians in the U.S.A. were enlisted emotionally on the side of the British and French, at war with Hitler since September, 1939. Along with them were the largest part of the management and those employed in the newspaper, magazine and book publishing industries, motion picture production, and radio broadcasting (television was in its infancy in 1941, confined mainly to brief local broadcasts weekly in New York City.) Arrayed with them were an overwhelming majority of the American populace, although their sentiment in favor of a victory over the Germans did not extend to participation in the hostilities to the same degree, over 80% indicating unwillingness to join in the war as belligerents at about the time of the outbreak of the Russo-German phase of the war. Stalin’s involvement in June 1941 brought to an end a period of neutrality which extended back to the outbreak of the war, preceded by the incredible diplomatic pact of “non-aggression” between him and Hitler which heralded the outbreak of hostilities between the Germans and Poles by a week and a half.”

Again, I must ask, who were the real “war mongers” and “deceivers”? They totally covered up for Stalin, praised and him, both before and after the war.  The same was true in Britain as  I have previously posted.  The BBC and the Church of England went along with covering up the crimes of Stalin,  as they were expected to. It was total deception and this has since become the great tradition of America and Britain!

Now let Herr Adolf Hitler speak for himself as he explained in full, his reasons for declaring war against the United States of  America, in which he echoes all that I have posted above (Full Speech, 26 minutes).

VIDEO: Adolf Hitler’s Declaration of War Against the USA – English Subs


So then, how dare anyone accuse Hitler and the Germans of lying, of aggression and of wanting this world war, the true genesis of which can be found in the 1933 declaration of war against Germany by “International Jewry”.


Their war against Germany has NEVER stopped, and this same method of operations is still being used today. It is indeed a World War and it is being waged against ALL of humanity,  based upon and justified by a pack of lies which began in World War I, continued in World War II, and which continue to be spread and to grow unabated ever since 1945.  Is it not fair to say that World War III is already well under way? Do we not also see how understanding the true history of these previous world wars are essential to achieving world peace today?

More to come regarding FDR!


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37 Responses to How America Was Conned into Fighting Hitler: The Lies, Crimes and Hypocrisy of FDR

  1. Golden Dawn Party says:

    By declaring war on Germany, Judea attacked the center and source of the White races. We see declining numbers worldwide of White people from 30% just a few decades ago to 10% today.

    By declaring war on Germany, Judea declared war on all Germanic races. WW2 was really a war between Germany and Judea, with the Germanic periphery powers worldwide being deceived by the enemy to participate in a, for them, Civil War of countries of brothers.

    Russia, I heard recently, was founded by Vikings. So, Russians are Germanic as well, in a way, even though they as the most of Eastern Europe is dominated by Slavic languages.

    Prussian Germans, nevertheless, look a lot like Ukrainians and Russians.

    • You are welcome to that opinion, but for the record, as I have stated before here and elsewhere, I do not subscribe to that view. I also do not wish my blog to be used to promote views which I do not hold, or for a forum for movements which I am not a part of. As I said in my concluding remarks to the above article, I believe that all of humanity is under attack by the same entities (who describe themselves as “Jews” and “Judea”, but are not) which attacked Germany in WWI and II. Again, just look at Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, and also Palestine, to name but a few examples in recent history. It should be obvious that “white nations” or the “white race” are not the only ones under threat. Also, don’t forget that World War II was also fought against the Japanese and that it involved other Asian, Arabic and African nations. Also don’t forget that some 2 million people representing virtually all races, cultures and religions fought on the side of Hitler, not only for his sake or for Germany’s sake, but because they saw the threat to their own nations and peoples too.

      • Golden Dawn Party says:

        I certainly share your view and I am not promoting White Supremacy. I am merely showing statistical facts and voice my personal opinion on them. And while Asian, Latino and Black heritage is celebrated in America, European heritage is neglected and regarded as holidays for all people at best.

        But of course, Goyim are 99% of all people, not only the European races were under attack and still are.

        I do know that many Arabs fought side by side with Germans for a Free Arabia and many Asians joined the Waffen SS.

        But this massive self-hating indoctrination is only being promoted onto European races, imo, as a projection of Judaism onto the inherent “evil White Man”.

      • @ GDP thanks for the clarification. I do agree with you to the extent that, “German war guilt” over crimes alleged to have been committed by the Germans during WWII is, in a sense, being falsely extended to people of other European nations and western nations (for “not having dome enough to prevent the alleged crimes …” which is ridiculous on the face of it, considering what happened to Germany). And yes, it is being used to shape government policies and practices in many European and western countries, which is most unfortunate, and just wrong. BUT, it is still not to the extent that the Germans have suffered, and cannot compare with the level of false guilt, shame and punishment that our people have been perpetually burdened with. The only thing, in my opinion, that will free the Germans is when the people of the “allied nations” understand and accept the fact their nations fore-bearers were wrong to attack Germany, were in fact guilty of war crimes, and that they have, wrongly, caused us immeasurable harm and suffering, and, when they do what they can to atone for it. In doing so, they shall also free themselves of that shame, and those being now falsely foisted upon them. Yes, I agree that “we are all Goy” to those who pose as God’s chosen (and are not). I believe that what happened in Germany in WWII closely parallels the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis, as Cain (the son of Satan) slew his half-brother Abel (the son of Adam) in a jealous rage, when his sacrifice was rejected by God as unrighteous. Think about that. Over and out.

    • mikesstaffel says:

      Gdp, I’ve seen you on zioncrimefactory, anyway, the rus were vikings but that doesn’t mean they genetical fathered the russians. The russians are slavs and the rus were nordic peoples.

      • Golden Dawn Party says:

        Aren’t Slavs Nordic people as well?

      • mikesstaffel says:

        Gdp its an in depth subject but originaly there must have been one group of proto indo europeans right, this is like tens of thousands of years ago. So, as time went on they split into distinctive groups, the greek speakers which included the hittites I think, the latin/celtic people, the indo aryans(iranians and indians and possibly tocharians) the slavic peoples include poles, russians, ukranians, latvians, estonians, belaruse ect… the nordic people are effectively the germanic peoples germany, austria, danmark, norway, sweden, dutch, french, english swiss ect… so no the slavs are defenitely not nordics aka germanic, its kind of fun reading about philology and language distribution but germanic peoples are completely seperate from slavic peoples such as the serbiabs or whoever you know

      • Golden Dawn Party says:


        if you look at Indo-European Aryan peoples, you will see that the Slavs are part of it. Latvians are Baltics btw, not Slavs. And there has been a lot of mixing of Germans and Poles in the Prussian provinces also, and depending on what state ruled, they either became Germans or Poles by citizenship and in many cases language over 1,000 years history.

        You also say, French are Germanic. That is half true. While Frankia originates in Northern Bavaria, the French in general look very different from “Nordics” and don’t speak a Germanic language.

        Austrians are Germans, they are ethnically identical with Bavarians and Österreich in German means East in the (German) Reich. Bavarians/Austrians are considered an Alpine race and mixed with Nordic. Switzerland used to be part of the German Reich (actually Holy Roman Reich) as well until 1648, but here again, Italian and French are Latin languages (spoken in Western and Southern Switzerland).

        You put Latin and Celtic languages/people in one category?

        In old-Norwegian, Germany is called Southway, as opposed to their Norway or Northway. So, if Scandinavians are Nordic Germans, are Central-European Germans Southics? (just a fun question).

        I agree that Serbians and other Yugo(Southern)Slavs don’t look Nordic at all, but the typical Russian does.

        There was a lot of polarizing propaganda in the 3rd Reich on race, and it is not 100% factual. They depicted the Jew always as a stereotype (ugly, short, hooknose), while many Jews look just as Germans and the Nordics or like Italians etc. In many cases, they simply converted to Judaism. And Aryan really is just an attitude. It means noble and Swastika means Do Good. In other words, you can become an Aryan or Aristocrat (Aristocracy: government of the best).

        Now, aristocracy can be described by ethnicity or merit or a combination. But to say, the Nordic Aryan German nation wanted to govern the world because they are the best race is enemy propaganda. If the NS movement wanted to do that, then only as gentlemen and by merit of hard work in association with physical attributes. (you didn’t mention this but I’m just saying).

        I’m just so tired of this. Germans only wanted to be the supreme in Germany. People don’t want to understand this.

        Hitler always spoke of saving Europe as a whole from Communism to secure the existence of the Aryan races as a whole. Europeans are all brothers.

      • mikesstaffel says:

        Gdp yeah you are right latvians are balts and the balts fins and hungarians do not technicaly speak an idno european language. I’m not saying the slavs are not indo european, the slavic language family is indo european language I’m simply saying it is distinct from the nordic/germanic language family. Yeah the celtic/gaelic languages are not really part of the latin family but there was obviously a connecttion between celtic and latin at some point in the past, like a subdivision or something… I’m just going off of things I have read you know, I don’t really remember all of it but I have a fairly good memory, there is a theory called the paleolithic continuity theory that says that the indo europeans need not have come into europe from outside, they could have been here all along, with all the migrations ect… who knows? The hungarians are defenitely related to the huns linguistically as well as to the balto finnish people who I think are just as european as anybody else… I like history so I tend to babble on exchanging ideas and reinventing my own all the time…

      • Golden Dawn Party says:


        I share that with you and talk too much…


      • Hey guys, you are way off topic here! This is not a WN site. Thank you.

      • Golden Dawn Party says:


        I’m not a White Nationalist, but I think it is important to sociological discuss some of the aspects.

        Mike and I were done anyways.

      • mikesstaffel says:

        Wayne is right, we were off topic, sorry about that

  2. Lordy Hawh Hawh says:

    F. Delano [mothers name] Roosevelt [aka Rosacampo, Roosenfeld] came from a sephardic family of which there are 2 branches in murka.

  3. Everyone make sure to watch this video slideshow which includes an informative audio broadcast on how the attack on Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen intentionally on purpose by FDR, so that America would declare war on Japan, which also by default meant war against Germany via the treaty.

    East Wind, Rain: Treason at Pearl Harbor

  4. mikesstaffel says:

    The national socialist government was similar to the american founders in ideology… I agree with that, I also think the weimar republic was identical to america and canadas present day situation, abolish interest slavery and nationalize banks and corporations is the best way to reverse this current trend of backwardness in the european countries, social justice is why world jewry destroyed germany, its obvious, germanys ideology was contagious and world jewry smelled which way the wind was about to blow…

  5. BMan says:

    You should read my contributor’s (DC Dave) work on FDR. The start of the Eurpoean misadventure, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the fact that FDR dragged out WWII for Stalin all go to prove not only his criminality, but subservience to Communism (including all the Communists that surrounded him).

    Just two examples (and another regarding Stone/Kuznik’s recent revisionist lies they recently have been on will be posted on Friday).

    FDR was a scumbag who followed the Jewish directive until his death.

  6. Golden Dawn Party says:

    Hi friends,

    I have found another good article, alled “What is Fascism?”

    Very interesting how we have been lied to about that term as well, and a kneejerk reaction is almost preprogrammed in all of us, thinking of fascism as the most evil ever (right after National Socialism of course).

    • mikesstaffel says:

      Gdp good find man, I think wayne is onto something with his approach, he brings the truth to light without murking it up with the 6 million argument, its really a huge distraction as well. Are only real chance here is to drop the age old battle with the jew, in name anyway, and attack his institutions that keep him in power, this can be done intelligently and without racism or reference to the chosenites. Their institutions are criminal and against any notion of law or justice. Point out the crimes and the criminal will fall. Using the word jew is becoming an extreme disraction. The founders in the us constitution basically talked of the jews without ever mentioning them… we must play their game…

      • Golden Dawn Party says:

        Hi Mike,

        You have good points. We must also consider a multi-cultural fascism. Fascism, as you might know, does not require racial unity. If we could utilize the multi-culti reality for humanities purpose, we would be noble knights.

        The enemies’ strongest argument against us, is to portray us as haters. Aryan means noble and all races can become noble. Most self-declared “Aryans” nowadays are not noble and walk around as the personified Communist anti-Hitler propaganda. A mask, or Fratze in German.

        They do the same with Southerners, portraying them as brainless idiots, who bash Blacks all day, and many Southerners fall for the programming and act accordingly ugly.

      • mikesstaffel says:

        gdp right on man, we have to work with some of these people, we are surrounded by them and tied to them, I believe they can learn to love their own heritage and preserve racial distinction. Segregation would be in their interest as well. For instance, the original goal of the black panther party was to clean up their people and than with the aid of the us to go back to africa, this is why they were supportive and supported by the american nazi party of george lincoln rockwell. Precisely at this time we than se world jewry roll out martin luther king and the civil rights movement… this is an identifiable mode of operation of these people…

        Yeah I’m no scholar or anything I just read a lot, actually, I dropped out of school in 9th grade. I was always a resistor of authority figures who I view as liars and propagandists. As a child I watched ww2 documentaries and new that something wasn’t right. It was evident in the footage that germans were united and happy and that feeling stuck with me that I was being lied to. My grandfather telling me certain things about jews also helped, that they are deceivers ect… I’m 31 so I’m younger than the rest of you guys but I read an extreme amount of material

      • Golden Dawn Party says:


        your analysis on MLK is correct, imo.

        But, I don’t think Blacks would leave America, or anyone else.

        Hitler always spoke of Volk. This term can be broadened. It does not have to mean only one race but a united people of any kind.

        In America, I don’t see a realistic NS movement for Whites only, and it would be wrong to do so. See, Germany never participated in the slave trade. Therefore, it was mostly a White only country and demanded to preserve that heroic heritage.

        In America, there should be a Volkish Uprising of all people against interest slavery etc. A multi-cultural Fascist movement.

        When I listen to Farrakhan, I realize, they share 99% of the demands and dreams, as anyone else, who knows what’s going on. And Farrakhan’s audience is huge, plus Blacks can speak out a little more because you can’t call them Nazi. That would contradict “the Glowbalists” hate propaganda.

  7. Hans says:

    Besides the Polish documents there also have been documents found in France. Hitler was talking about them in his speech on 19. July 1940 after France was defeated where he offered once again peace. But I don´t know where these documents now are. Here a short excerpt from the speech:

    “A German soldier found a curious document while rummaging through train wagons at the La Charite station on June 19, 1940. He immediately handed over the document-which bore a particular remark-to his superiors at departmental headquarters.

    What was found were the secret files of the Allied High War Council, including the protocols of all sessions of this illustrious association. And this time it shall not be possible for Mr. Churchill to simply deny or lie about the authenticity of these documents, as he had attempted to do at the time in the case of documents found in Warsaw. For these documents feature handwritten notes in the margins penned by Gamelin, Daladier, Weygand, and so on. Hence these gentlemen are free either to admit to these or to disown them at any time. And these documents enlighten us as to the dealings of these gentlemen who have an interest in the war and in its expansion.

    They will above all demonstrate how these cold-blooded politicians and military men have used all these small peoples as a means to an end; how they tried to subject Finland to their interests; how they determined to make Norway and Sweden the theater of war; how they planned to set fire to the Balkans to procure the assistance of 100 divisions from there; how they prepared to bomb Batum and Baku under the cover of a shrewd as well as unscrupulous reading of the Turkish neutrality in favor of their own interests; how they spun their web around the Netherlands and Belgium, pulling its strings constantly tighter, and finally engaging them in general staff agreements; as well as many other things.

    The same criminals are at the same time responsible for whipping up the Poles and inciting them to war. “

    • Thank you Hans! Yes, I have heard and read that speech too, and he did in fact say that. “Where are the documents”? Is the million dollar question. I have no reason to doubt that these existed. In all of his speeches, where he addressed the German people regarding his actions, he was very meticulous in detailing his reasons for his actions, and as we see, for example, in his speech in which he declared war on the Soviets, you will also find excellent documentation attached to substantiate his statements, which were provided by the various German intelligence agencies at the time. We know that his allegations against the Soviets have been subsequently validated by modern historians. This, Herr Hitler had far more credibility than his counterparts. My guess is, that these particular very damning documents are hidden away in a vault somewhere in the National Archives in Washington, DC.

    • mikesstaffel says:

      Hans and wayne, if I’m not mistaked the documents are covered and reproduced in the book hitler democrat by leon degrelle, there are original documents penned by daladier and the like in the book, referring to to forcing germany once again into war… ill look up the exact passage when I get home but I’m pretty sure

      This is the book, part of the hitler century, a 14 book series on hitler by leon degrelle, sadly mark weber chose not to publish the manuscripts after hitler born at versailles and so we never saw the rest of the series, willis carto, founder of the ihr and later the barnes review published book 2 hitler democrat this year with the help of degrelles widow and hopefully the rest will follow

      • Hans says:

        Dear Mike and Wayne,

        I also think that these documents exist and are now somewhere in an archive. Probably together with the Hess files which are locked under a 100 year rule.

        The correspondence of the foreign ministry is collected in books (“White books”). This books have been edited by the allies after the war. Documents are missing, been edited or have been replaced by new ones.

        It would be great if the files from La Charite are mentioned in the book of Leon Degrelle. Unfortunately I don´t have it. If someone owns it can you take a look inside ?

        I have made a comment regarding Stalin in an recent post. Maybe it is in the spam-filter because I used more than 2 links.

      • mikesstaffel says:

        Hans, I have the book hitler democrat, I’m from wisconsin but I’m in texas right now, I’m a welder so I work on the road. As soon as I get home next weekend ill post what is contained in the book. I’ve only read it once but I’m positive about the documents penned by daladier, I’m not sure if its exactly what you and wayne are referring to but I suspect it is. Hans your from germany? Have you ever heard of das buch vom kahal? Its by jacob brafmann, a jewish rabbi in 1850s russia who became christian and was telling the tsar alexander 2 of a jewish conspiracy. It was translated into german by professor siegfried passarge. I read that possessing this book got you the death penalty in soviet russia? Do you know anything about it?

  8. Hans says:

    Yes, I am from Germany.

    I have so far not heard from this book but I found a German online version in If I have a new toner I will look into it. Oddly enough you can even buy it on Amazon. Some years ago the Jews grumbled that Amazon is selling anti-semitc books and presented a list which they wanted to have removed but Amazon said it is not their duty the censor books. At least a little bit of freedom of speech is left over.

    I can not say much about it because I haven´t read it. But I can imagine that possessing such books in Soviet Union 1917 onwards could have be indeed a dangerous thing.

    From the write-up I took that it was first published in German by Hammer-Verlag (“Hammer publishings”) of Theodor Fritsch.

    Hammer-Verlag translated the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion into German as well as Fords book “The International Jew.”

    Fritsch´ main work is “Handbook of the Jewish question” which I am reading at the moment.

    “As soon as I get home next weekend ill post what is contained in the book. I’ve only read it once but I’m positive about the documents penned by daladier, I’m not sure if its exactly what you and wayne are referring to but I suspect it is. ”

    That would be great, maybe we have luck.

    • mikesstaffel says:

      hans I am also german/austrian, I am in wisconsin usa, my family originaly came here from canada and to canada from germany at different periods, 1920s – 1940s, all 4 sides of both parents…

      Fritsch handbook of the jewish question, ill look into that; is it available in english? I’m currently reading werner masser

      • Hans says:

        I haven´t found an English translation of the handbook. I have seen on Amazon an English book called “The Riddle of the Jew’s Success” written by Fritsch under the pen name Roderich Stoltheim but I don´t know the content of the book. Maybe it is something similar.

  9. Golden Dawn Party says:

    at Aryanism . net, there is wonderful information what an Aryan really is.

    a nobleman or skillful builder, regardless of race. it is just the Indo-Germanic people (incl Iran which means Aryan) have had a credo to be excellent and noble. but anyone can be an Aryan. Hence, many Whites are not Aryan according to that definition.

    Aryanism . net also precisely differenciates between Nazism vs National Socialism. (their cartoon is hilarious).

    I can only suggest studying the page with lots of quotes from Hitler, Goebbels etc on Race vs Volk.

    The Jews are notoriously non-Aryan or ignoble, for their credo is to deceive other people and slaughter animals. Real Aryans are also vegetarians for showing compassion toward animals and not exercising a slave-master relationship like the Jew and the Goy.

    That is why millions of Indian Aryans are vegetarians and also stand under the Swastika.

    You can be an Aryan also regardles of religion. Buddhism, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, you name it or Atheist. Only importance is to be noble in spirit. Judaism disqualifies by default for macking those merits in their teachings.

    One of the best sources of information on Fascism, National Socialism, Aryanism and the various tactics to deceive people into believing that those three Weltanschauungen are evil and stupid.

  10. Hans says:

    2. Versuch

    Roosevelt even claimed that he had a secret map which showed that NS Germany was planning to occupy South America:
    “I have in my possession a secret map, made in Germany by Hitler’s government — by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America as Hitler proposes to reorganize it.”

    Goebbels made as answer fun of Roosevelt in an relatively funny essay:
    “Mr. Roosevelt sank into silence, saying nothing at all. Only one of his creatures, the former Argentinean bordello-owner and pimp Taborda, who happened to be visiting him at the time, said that he had been able to sneak a look at the map, and that all was as Mr. Roosevelt had said.

    Would that we had such a president! He is a well-meaning soul who cares for his scoundrels. Given his speeches and actions, he would not hesitate to send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to the battlefield, even perhaps sacrificing them in service to his crazy plans of conquest, but the thought of causing a fine and honorable traitor any trouble breaks his heart.”

  11. Netzband says:

    Many of the polish documents found in 1939 in Warshaw, were reprinted in originals (Engl,French,Polish ) and in German translation, by the Foreign office at the time, Auswaertiges Amt, and are still available as “White-books” (Weissbuch).

    The documents from La Chapelle (mostly in French + German translation) are the files of the French general staff are in Nr.6 (I think) – and speaks about how the Franch and British generals planned to widen or extend the war across the neutral countries, Dutch, Belgium and somewhere in Nr.4,5,7 also to Norway and the Balkans. In English, there are some info about them by Mark Weber also, which on your list on the right side:essential reading.
    They really documented everything important, and as I read published documents also in newspapers at the time, so that the explanations in speeches were well documented!
    It was only long after the war, that we were told. It was all lies – and this is going on today too.
    A good blog you have got here, to find out, how history really was.

    • Hans says:

      Mensch Netzband, Dich trifft man doch auch überall. 🙂

      We had the pleasure before, only under different names.

      Regarding the French documents: I believe they are amongst the 6oo tons of files which were impounded by the Americans after WW2. Or do they have the Brits under their infamous “100 year rule”?

      Even without this key documents I think we are able to reconstruct and to puzzle together what “TPTB” want to hide from us.

      Good to know that you are here with your specialist knowledge.

      • Netzband says:

        Freut mich sehr Hans. If you consider the many tens of years I had no idea about the fact and extent of falsifications of our history,- it is now only a short time that I’m trying to put the pieces back together mainly through the internet and with so many honest people there writing comments and blogs.
        I do believe to understand German history is important for Engl and Amerikans, if they consider what’s going on in their countries today.- although I understand how difficult it may be to see the image of “The German Enemy” dissolving by real facts.
        About the documents, for me there would be enough proof already for the Baruch-Morgenthau-FDR-conspiracy together with the British-war-party to conclude that they were driving to get worldwar going again, (e.g. Stefan Scheil or Roosevelts Krieg by Dirk Bavendamm) not to forget Bolshevism, who had the program for worlrevolution anyway.
        You are right, Hans, that there must be much more detailed documents in Brit.American
        archives – (and in Moscow) -in the case of Rudolf Hess e.g., the files are secret until the next years (2016-18 ??) it was said by Martin Allen.
        Another aspect of documents is in the Tyler-Kent affaire, who did have the telegrams Roosevelt-Churchill, enough to stop the war then, but got arrested.
        And one more point, I just learned, that Kaiser Wilhelm II. already, wrote in his Book:”:Ereignisse und Gestalten aus den Jahren 1878 – 1918″ on page 271, that John Kenneth TURNER in his book:” Shall it be again?” wrote, that Pres. Wilsons reasons to get into WW-1 were not real, really did he act for international high-finance, that is Wallstreet.
        Best, schönen Gruß and thanks for the good work to find what was true and stays so, because we inherited it from generations bevore us to pass it on.

  12. Netzband says:

    Sorry excuse if I’ve repeated some that was already written before.
    Hans, the reichsarchiv seems to be suspended at the moment (?) but one finds Theodor Fritsch at archive org, if you search there, and also: The Riddle Of The Jews Success.

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