The Original Flag of the German People vs the False Flag of the FRG / BRD

It seems my new flag and logo has drawn the ire of a number of fanatics, extremists and agitators who cannot read, and who falsely assume that I am one of “them” … whoever “they” happen to be. Rest assured, I am NOT and have said so consistently. My “About” page both here and on Facebook states clearly what I am about and not about, and what my objectives are, and that I am not a part of ANY other movement and have no other agenda, and I do not post on any other issues, whether here, on Facebook, or elsewhere. So if your illusions have been shattered, you have yourself to blame, not me, and you have NO reason, nor any right to drag my name and my efforts on behalf of the German people through mud! Shame on YOU!

Some of the agitators, who I suspect are agent provocateurs, are very disappointed that I am not flying the NS Flag with the “Hakenkreuz” or the Red, White and Black standard of the German Reich, and that I do not validate them. Too bad!  I do not seek or need anyone else’s approval for what I do, nor how I go about and I am not here to support or validate them, nor their methods of operation. Nor are my efforts intended for a “niche” audience, but rather, hopefully, will appeal to the widest possible audience.  Unlike some of others, I am also not here seeking a reputation or any personal glory.  I am also a very seasoned activist and I understand very well how the enemy operates, and how they would prefer that I act, so as to easily discredit, demonize and marginalize my efforts, and thus, keep the information I share from reaching my intended audience, or worse,   be jailed, silenced and sitting in a jail cell somewhere in Germany as yet another “martyr” for someone else’s cause. No thank you!

As to the flag itself, apparently some of these people are not only illiterate morons but also blind as bats, and they fail to see the difference between ‘Black, Red, Gold’ and ‘Gold, Red, Black’.  Nor do these “wannabe Germans” know the history of this flag and or understand the meaning of the colours represent.



The original flag of the German people was Gold, Red and Black, and not that which we see today, Black, Red and Gold. On 27 May 1832 there was an illegal gathering at Hambach Castle, in the Rhineland-Palatinate. About 30,000 people attended this event, which was the most impressive demonstration for Freedom, Democracy and National Unity of its time: The Hambach Festival. This period of German history had been characterized by Political Despotism, Censorship, Social Misery. But one of the major causes of political repression and economic hardship was the national disunity of Germany, which had broken up at that time into 39 states. These divisions were fomented by external enemies.

In February of 1832, the `German Press and Fatherland Club` was founded. Its main goal was the rebirth of Germany within a free Europe. Members of the association included the organizers of the Hambach Festival. They were deemed as “radicals” or “reactionaries”. The ‘powers that be’ fought hard to cancel the event and they even issued a ban on the 8th of May. The organizers, however, persevered. And finally, in spite of the ban, the event took place. Among the invited guests in attendance at the festival were Polish freedom fighters, as well as a delegation from France, which had promised the Germans their full support in the creation of a new, unified, and independent nation state of Germany.

The Hambacher Fest’s opening speaker was Dr. .J. Siebenpfeiffer (a jurist and journalist, outspoken opponent of tyranny of Napoleon , who was one of the organizers, and he finished his speech by saying:

Ruine (painting by Helmut Collmann, 1918-1996)

“Long live free, unified Germany!
live well, the Poles, the Germans allies!
Long live the French, our German brothers,
who recognize our nationality and honor independence!

Long live every nation that breaks its chains
and swears with us, this Covenant of Freedom!
Long live the Fatherland, the Sovereignty of the People, and the Solidarity of the People”

At the beginning of the festival, the new flag with the colors Gold, Red and Black was was hoisted high on the tower of the old castle.

The participants of Hambach Festival demanded, above all else,  Germany Unity, Rights and Freedoms, and Democratic Reforms.  It was from this demonstration that the “Hambacher Lied”, the song of the Germans, was born, as an oath to our Unity, to our Rights and to our Freedom!

Black for the grief of eternal night,
It surrounds us on all sides.
As long as we are under those princely powers,
Our life of slavery continues.

Red, for the dark glow which
All around he wishes to ignite.
And erect a throne from the rubble
built with noble courage,
For the freedom to build our new empire.

Gold is of the Holy Light of Truth
Which all around we want to spread,
Where evil powers tell no more lies,
With which to buy themselves time.

Now, to further validate that these are indeed the true colours and correct array, the following picture is a scan of an original reserved ticket for the 50th Anniversary of the German “Burschenschaft” from the year 1865.

Please notice the flags being held up by the two men:

See the colors of the flag???

Gold, Red, Black, in 1865,   and not Black, Red, Gold!

Encyclopedia Britannica states:

This is from the Burschenschaft, (German: “Youth Association”), student organization at the German universities that started as an expression of the new nationalism prevalent in post-Napoleonic Europe. The first Burschenschaft was founded in 1815 at the University of Jena, and the movement spread all over Germany. The early groups were egalitarian and liberal and favoured the political unification of Germany.

After joint student demonstrations at the Wartburg Festival in October 1817 and the assassination of August von Kotzebue (a German writer who served the Russian tsar) by the nationalistic Burschenschafter Karl Sand in March 1819, the alarmed German governments passed the Carlsbad Decrees (1819), which in part provided for the official suppression of the Burschenschaften.

Thereafter, the clubs went underground until 1848, when they actively participated in the German Revolution. After German unification (1871), they adopted a new and aggressive nationalism that led many of them to subscribe to anti-Semitism and Pan-Germanism. Suppressed under Hitler, the Burschenschaften were revived in West Germany after World War II but no longer played a significant role in German politics.

Black, Red  and Gold were adopted by the Weimar Republic, which was born out of the defeat of the German Reich in World War I,  the Treaty of Versailles, and the forced abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II, and it was inspired by foreign elements, creating a sham democracy and a basket case nation, that was doomed to fail.  Of course, we all know that Hitler and the National Socialists, upon their election, with a majority government and firm support of the people, abolished Weimar, instituted the Third Reich, and replaced the Weimar flag with the National Socialist emblem (Hakenkreuz not swastika).

After Germany’s defeat in World War II, the Hakenkreuz was banned. For maritime commercial purposes, a new but temporary flag was  used from 1946 to 1950.

Thereafter, the old Weimar flag was again instituted by the occupational government upon creation the Federal Republic of Germany. Though most of the foreign troops have departed, Germany remains an occupied (not “liberated”) nation to this date, and they put it right in our faces:

german false flag

A massive military presence is no longer needed to control the Germans when you have had 70 years to brainwash them and you have all of your minions in place in all political parties; when you have written laws that their minions will enforce; when you control the money, the media, the education system, legal system, etc and when you have forced them into the UN, EU, Nato, etc Not to mention the availability of long range bombers, missiles, drones, etc. 

Thus, you have appearance of “independence”, while still keeping the Germans firmly under the boot. Of course the propaganda war against Germany has also never stopped. We Germans are constantly reminded of our alleged “collective guilt” and are shamed into compliance and extorted to the hilt. Most will simply along to get a long, even if they know the truth, or question what has been taught to them. They have also had 70 years to destroy German culture. First it was Jewish- Americanization, now it is more “globalist” and “communistic” (NWO), which National Socialism was opposed to.

I found a great little video on YouTube made by a German, and which is in the German language and also addresses the flag issue, so I took the liberty of re-uploading it to my account and added text translation using the C.C. function, so you can get the gist of it in English and other languages:

In spite of the “fall of the wall” in 1989, West and East are still divided in many ways, and our former territories remain occupied.  Then there is the immigration issue and “multi-multiculturalism”, creating further inherent divisions amongst the Germans, leading to the eventual eradication of our rich German cultural heritage and history. I, however, DO NOT blame the foreign immigrants for that, but rather, the “minions” and “shills” who do not represent the people, and do NOT do their will.  It is part of foreign imposed “final solution” to “the German question” which our enemies have talked about for a hundred years now, and have implemented of through to horribly destructive and unnecessary wars of their own planning,  only now, it is covert.

This is tolerated because the German people have been subjected to massive brainwashing about World War II and their “collective guilt” and “sole guilt”.  It is high time that the Germans learned the truth, woke up and spoke up, and stopped fighting themselves in a fake, foreign inspired battle of “left” vs “right”, and became the masters over their own house and of of their own destiny.  (And NO, that is not code for “master race”, nor is it said in hatred of any people, nor as an incitement to hatred or violence. I neither condone nor endorse no such thing!).

It is time for the world to leave the Germans alone to heal and to truly decide what is best for them without interference! BUT, it is not enough for the Germans to demand this. Indeed, it is forbidden for them to do so, or to even question anything regarding the bogus World War II history, written by the treacherous allied leaders, that we have ALL been sold since 1945.

The world must finally come to know the truth about Hitler, National Socialism, World War II (go through my posts and visit the links I have provided) and acknowledge what they wrongfully did to the Germans. Not only for the sake of the Germans, however, but ALL mankind.  The world must come to understand how this same ‘Method of Operations’ is being used today to demonize and destroy other peaceful, sovereign nations today who do NOT pose a threat to world peace and security, but which seek only autonomy and freedom from globalist tyranny, and who pose a threat ONLY to the elite few and their New World Order agenda (…as did Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP).  Otherwise, the Human Race is doomed to global tyranny of the International Gangster Banksters and extremist capitalists,  extremist world Communists, and quite possibly, World War III!

So, regarding the flag, I would love to see the day when the German people will turn their flags over, with the gold on top, displaying them proudly, as a symbolic gesture, especially wherever their alleged political leaders, regardless of party, are speaking publicly.

Stop fighting each other for the benefit of the enemy, stand in unity once again, and be proud to be Germans!

– Gold for the memory of our freedom
– Red for the blood of those who fought for it
– Black for the long night of foreign rule


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40 Responses to The Original Flag of the German People vs the False Flag of the FRG / BRD

  1. Flyover says:

    Very well put. Taking the high road is always the best approach. This incenses the enemies of the German people (and humanity for that matter) as they can’t drag a conversation to their level.

  2. artusofabio93 says:

    You are a honourable person and this is a glorious speech. You only miss to say that behind those Elite few…behind the degeneration of German (and European) culture and history…there are the Jews.

    • Thanks for your comments. I understand what you are saying,and agree, but add I will add this caveat: the self-described “Jews” like to call themselves that and to be acknowledged as that, but they are not. And even if they were in fact related to the biblical Jews, they would still not be God’s chosen. They are a self-chosen lot, and as far as I personally am concerned, they are the sons of Satan. I prefer to call them the Jewzis rather than give honour their deceptions. Cheers! ~ J4G

  3. . says:

    GERMANS!…”Rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number. Throw off your chains to the earth like dew, for you are many and they are few”

  4. Hans says:

    Good post, Wayne! Since nobody likes Black, Red, Gold it is necessary to discuss this topic to avoid misunderstandings.

    I keep my fingers crossed for you against the facebook-nutters where I unfortunately can´t assist you.

    When someone rages against this flag it is nothing personal, just a knee-jerk reaction. Only a cultural misunderstanding, nothing serious.

    I can´t help but I think Black-White-Red is a mellow compilation which reminds on the good old times of the Second Empire.

    Black-White-Red was the color of the Second Empire, too you know.

    Not only of the Third Reich.

    So this colors are not forbidden in any way. (Except if you put a Swastika in it of course.)

    Black-White comes from the Teutonic Knights, White-Red from the Hanseatic Leaugue so I guess this was the reason why this colors were chosen.

    In Second Empire white was prevailing, in Third it was more red.

    So Hitler, who prided himself in his book to have designed the new flag, did no really invented something new at all. Same old colors, just with a Swastika.

    (Which came from Prof. Karl Haushofer, the mentor of Rudolf Hess and the Thule Society which used that symbol in their books already in 1912. Like the famous “Semi-Gotha” or “Weimarer historisch genealogisches Taschenbuch des gesamten Adels jehudäischen Ursprungs” which was printed in 1912 by Thule Society and had a Swastika on it. Allegedly Haushofer, who was murdered by the Brits after WW2, had got this symbol from a Tibetean monk from the society of the “Green Hand”.)

    Be it as it may, today this topsy-turvy flag is an apt symbol for the conditions in which we are living: Right is wrong and wrong is right, traitors are heroes and heroes are traitors. Everything is topsy-turvy – so the flag, too!

    From the times of “Vormärz” where your flag comes from, comes also the term “Greater Germany”. In 1848 they were discussing to create a German Nation out of the patchwork rug of dozens of small kingdoms.

    The solution with Austria was called “Greater Germany”, the solution without Austria “Smaller Germany”. So when Hitler was talking about a “Greater Germany” he meant the “Anschluss”, that is a German Reich including Austria.

    Nothing else.

    And not a World Empire as it is suggested today.

    And the phrase “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles”, which was coined by Hoffman von Fallerleben at this time, is a refusal to regionalism. (There was no German Empire between 1806 and 1871 but a patchwork rug of small kingdoms).

    So “Greater Germany” and “Deutschland uber alles” comes form this time of your Hambach flag and has nothing to do with the meaning which is today interpreted in it, especially by Hollywood movies.

    So maybe one day, when we the American Empire collapses and we live in normal, peaceful times again, we will have Yellow-Red-Black again? Or Black-White-Red, who knows ?

    • Thank you Hans, as always for your wonderful, informed and insightful commentary! And you are right about the Red, White and Black, which I have nothing against, and to my knowledge is not illegal, but associations are immediately made by the enemies of truth and of the German people, which then feeds back into the “left vs right” paradigm, and all of the fears and divisions (created and fomented by the enemy), and the people, “das Volk”, really need to get back to basics and unite, and stop allowing themselves to be divided, conquered and controlled, and our culture and history destroyed, based upon a pack of lies and false guilt and shame. They must also come to see all of the false choices they have been given. They must embrace the truth, not the lies, then get back to basics and decide for them (our) selves regarding the Reich. Even that word alone, without colours, creates fear amongst many. Therefore, it is something that is unrealistic at this time. First things first: the sovereignty, unity and rights of the German people with the freedom to decide their own future and fate, without foreign interference! And that will only be possible when the world also has come to understand the truth and they acknowledge what they have wrongfully done to us and are prepared to begin to make amends. Inverting the flag of the BRD to it’s proper form in protest, and in a spirit of unity is an easy, first step, and will not land people in jail, nor subject them to slanderous lies and defamation, and should not appeal to the extremists of the right nor left, who in my opinion, are equally brainwashed and used by as tools by the enemy, for their own purposes. Wahrheit macht frei! ~ J4G

      • Markus says:

        I agree J4G,

        inverting the flag would be perceived positively accross the German nation.

        Those knowledgable of the distress meaning are happy, regardless what flag will be used once a solution is settled.
        The “Hambacher” purists are happy.

        And for the ignorant of this issue, who feel something is wrong though, this would be a welcome “fresh air” move. A secure way to make a statement without being politically too active.

        Lastly, it is a fashion statement. With Gold on top, it looks much better!

        The Occupiers teach us and force on us that everything must change and be upside down. Beat them with their own weapons!

    • Markus says:

      Hi Hans,

      1. look up National Bolshewik Party Flag, looks exactly the same like the NSDAP/NS German State Flag (with different symbols).

      2. Deutschland über Alles refers to putting the unified Reich over any other individual German state alliances with other countries or interests first. People never listen to the verse in context, when it continues with the border rivers of the Reich (roughly Lithuania, Holland, Denmark, Northern Italy). No word of world conquest.

  5. Proud German says:

    Hello Wayne,
    I’m one of these agitators, extremists and fanatics who don’t accept black red gold in any form. As you explained yourself, I want to do it, too. Before that I want to apologise, but I can’t put in new lines. something is wrong with the mobile version of the comment box. so why do I reject it? because the revolution of 1848 was, like the French revolution of 1789, a coup of the Freemasons. The German people, who fought for freedom, equality and brotherhood, were blinded by these people. Democracy is a tool of the chosen people to gain power. Hitler not just recognised that, he explained that in a very easy and logical way in a speech of him that you can find on YT. Monarchy, like all later forms, called dictatorships, where immune to Jewish subversion and therefore had to be removed by any means. You can see that in 1789, 1848, 1917, 1918 and 1945-1949 and by the fact that the western world wants to export democracy in every authorian state . These colours stand for the decline of German culture, German freedom, and their ability to be themselves. I reject those colours with all my heart. For me they are the coffin nails of German mentality, the colours of the enemy. That’s why I do that. Of course you can do what you want. You have gained the respect of every human that really woke up. And by using these colours that is not harmed by any means. But please, when you want judge somebody, you should listen to them and know why they are doing things and have a certain opinion.
    With best regards, a proud and very thankful German.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments and views, and for expressing the very eloquently and civilly. I respect that and actually agree with much of what you say.

      I am not here to promote Judeo-free-masonic-liberal dumbocracy. Dumb-ocracy” is what you have when you have dumbed-down and ignorant people (sheeple) and who are willfully engaged in their own enslavement with false choices and labels, but the right of the German people to decide their own future. Never forget, Hitler and the National Socialists were “democratically” elected by an informed populace, who saw the reality around them, and were experiencing up close and personal what the NS were describing. Thus, they voted (real democracy) in ever increasingly for the NS until they could form the government. Hitler never made any empty promises either. He told the truth and kept his promises. The NS were working on behalf of the people even BEFORE they came to power. That meant “integrity”!! Where do we see this today? Neither the Second nor Third Reich were born in a night. Nor was National Socialism born in a day.

      The German population has, however, more than anyone else, be subjected to nearly 70 years of intense propaganda and demonization, which is reinforced and validated by the rest of the dumbed down world, such that false guilt and shame cloud their vision, keep them from thinking for themselves. And of course, some subjects are not only “socially taboo” (politically incorrect), but also strictly “verboten!” as are certain symbols.

      People need to set aside their idealism and get realistic, and not put the cart before the horse. The German need to rediscover their roots, lose their fear, unlearn the false history, unite under a banner that is not illegal, nor which has been (falsely and wrongly) tainted and discredited by their enemies, and which will put their present self-described “leaders” to shame. They must stop being divided by the false left-right paradigm, and understand who and what is behind that, and THEN make begin to make choices for themselves and their future.

      “It had to start somewhere. It has to start somehow.” (Rage Against the Machine)

      It is not my place, however, to dictate to anyone what that future without “them” will ultimately look like. Thus I will close with this quote from the movie “The Matrix”, which I think is very apropos:

      Neo: “I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”


  6. Markus says:

    To the best of my knowledge, two things need to be said:

    1. The French and Polish flags (and the surrounding story with them) in the picture are fake and are not found in the original painting. (the one in your video is the original).

    2. The Deutsche Post produced two Hambacher Fest anniversary stamps. In the first one, they flipped the flag to make the Weimar flag look as a spiritual continuation, when in fact it’s a reverse.

    In the second stamp, the Deutsche Post added the French and Polish flags to the Weimar flag. A double distortion this time, to make the Hambacher Fest look also “European Union”, so it doesn’t matter if Germany is ruled by France in Berlin and administered by Poland East of the Oder River.

  7. Furor Teutonicus says:

    “And even if they were in fact related to the biblical Jews, they would still not be God’s chosen. They are a self-chosen lot, and as far as I personally am concerned, they are the sons of Satan.”

    My respect for you just went up higher than the previous elevated level. I now know for sure that I am reading and listening to someone’s work who truly “gets it.”

    Thank you for all of your hard work and productive efforts to present the truth.

  8. Netzband says:

    Astounding it is for me, that you found out about this discussion in German blogs about the flag of the festival of Hambach, but you’ve described the theme as it is. I don’t know which flag would be the best, at the moment perhaps you’d be right. There is the parallel and long going dispute about the constitution of the Federal republic – which has not a real one, The Grundgesetz (basic law) says so itself, as did the writers of it, Carlo Schmitt and the highest court also statet e.g. in 1973 (I think) that The Reich still existst, only not able to act, and the Fed.Rep. is not successor of the Reich.
    Many arguments in the direction of juristic (judical) specialists. The Flag though is something to unite the people (Volk) again and to regard how history is continued, from and by the people and not by powers of international zionist Finance or lying, zionist media. Both the latter have become so tyrannical in these last times, that it is obvious in which direction the NWO goes.
    This Mass-immigration has been pushed into all European countries and the EU is a EUdSSR meanwhile.
    thanks for your journalistic work, that one doesn’t find on every corner today – in a positive sense- but we got to get back the connection to our history and culture, better than to consume the trash from Hollywood anymore.

    @ Hans ( I wrote an answer to your comment, but a few days late on: “How America Was Conned into Fighting Hitler: The Lies, Crimes and Hypocrisy of FDR”)

  9. treesnake says:

    Flying a flag upside down is, and has been an international symbol of distress.. As far as I can see, Germany has been ,f not, economically, but culturally and psychologically severely distressed since the tragic defeat of 1945. So I find it proper to fly the flag upside down, until the people have shed that awful inferiority complex and guilt complex. Deutschland must wake up from that ‘Dornroeschen nightmare and again become the foremost carrier of western civilisation as she was in the old Empire. Right now a pack of traitors do the bidding of the old enemies, and until they are swept away, the flag must be upside down..

    Here is a poem by Theodor Koerner who fell in his twenties in the Napoleonic wars:
    Noch sitzt ihr da oben
    Ihr feigen Gestalten,
    Vom Feinde bezahlt
    Und dem Volke zum Spott.
    Doch einst wird wider Gerechtigkeit walten,,
    Dann richtet das Volk,
    Und es gnade euch Gott.

    Let’s hope the time is soon!

    • Thanks Treesnake! I really love that poem!!!

      I enjoyed your comments, and I agree with most of it, but I feel it is up to the people, das Volk, to ‘right the flag’ and to once begin to show those “creatures” who is in charge, and to begin once again to take control of their (our) destiny.

      “Poem Translation:
      You still up there
      You cowardly creatures,
      Paid for by the enemies,
      And you ridicule the Volk,
      But once again justice shall prevail
      Then the Volk shall judge
      And God help you then!”

      ~ J4G

  10. Wolfenhords says:

    Hey, Wayne
    What are your opinions of the German Empire Flag, you know the Black, White, and Red flag?
    I’ve noticed allot German Nationalist rather use that flag than the Gold, Red and Black one.

    • I have answered that already in the blog post and in my previous comments. Please also read the other reader comments that have been posted. Thx

    • Butterkeks says:

      Black, red and gold, or inverted are the colours of the Rothschild criminals for Germany, which were carried by Burschenschaften(Student Fraternities) in 1848 “revolution” was also called “spring of nations”, like the “arab spring”.

      I personally reject Black-red-gold, as it were also the flags of Weimar and GDR, so colours of occupation and slavery. The communists even branded the GDR flag officially with freemasonic insignia.

      • Well Butterkeks, apparently you can’t read or could, not be bothered to read what I said either, because if you had, you would know that ….

        1. I too reject the ‘Black, Red and Gold’ Weimar, the FRG, and the GDR which are indeed the colours of “occupation and slavery” as I pointed out! and…

        2. You would also know that I did NOT say ANYTHING, not a single reference, to the 1848 revolution, nor did I say ANYTHING in favour of the Burschenschaften. Did I? Hmmmm?

        I do not mind criticism or opposing views, however, they should first read what I have presented and not read anything into which I have not presented. Furthermore, it is incumbent upon them to be constructive and to provide an alternative, and to tell me, and my readers, why they think their solution is best, as well as, how and why it would be effective, Also tell us how it would not be illegal or banned in Germany, and result in good citizens being jailed?

        They (the occupational sock puppets) cannot stop people from using their flag and turning it upside down (which would really mean to present it correctly) . They would have to ban their own flag if they did, and in doing so, they would show themselves for the repressive tyrants and minions of occupation that they are. Furthermore, you do not need their permission, nor any police permission, to show up en masse at events which they (govt and other political parties) have organized with the GOLD, RED an BLACK (their flag inverted), or for that matter, at sporting events or concerts, for example. Once people have legitimately gathered, ow would they stop people from chanting “Hambach! Hambach! Hambach!” for example when the politicians start to make speeches, Hmmm? Would that not be a true and peaceful “people’s movement”??

        It is imperative for everyone to understand the fake “left vs right paradigm”, an to realize that the enemy will always try to infiltrate, control and sabotage ANY legitimate “people’s movement”; to derail it, or to steer it off course with fake solutions, before it takes root and can have an effect. The sock puppets actually prefer to have extremest fringe groups around (eg. Anfifa vs Neo-Nazis) as these give THEM credibility. They benefit from it, as most people dislike and fear “extremists” (and of course, they and their compliant media use that label any chance they get). And so, they are seen as the “voice of reason”, of stability and are accorded “legitimacy” when they are really the “voice of occupation” and of the “status quo” (tyranny and repression).

        They, or their agents, will mock and scoff, then they will try to simply slander and discredit you by making statements that are not true, misleading, or misrepresent the facts (innuendo) . When that fails, they go on the attack. The best way to prevent that is to use what they provide against them, and allow them to demonstrate what hypocrites they are, and expose themselves for the tyrants they really are,

        “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!” ~ Ghandi

  11. mikesstaffel says:

    I like the idea of the flag being righted… keep up the great work wayne, also, neo nazi(made up derogatory word) skinhead types are either extremely unintelligent and useless to the cause of social justice or are outright agent provocateurs… probably a combination of the 2…

  12. Markus says:

    I just found out that the BRD used a National Anthem other than das Deutschlandlied from 1949-52.

    It’s called “Ich hab mich ergeben” – I surrendered”

    Although the song is highly patriotic, the title is misleading. The anthem is about total surrender of ones heart and soul to Germany. But I guess, Germany’s enemies took that out of context and enjoyed having the Bonner Bundestag sing “I surrendered”!

    Furthermore, not only displaying the Hambach flag can express antipathy toward the occupation crime network in the German Reich, singing the old Holy Roman Empire/Austrian Empire anthem at soccer games or demostrations will demonstrate that Germans belong together, including Austria.

    It is based on the same melody as das Deutschlandlied and glorifies Austria. But it is perfectly fine to sing it as non-Austrian Germans, since Austria used to be the spiritual and political center of Germany until Illuminati Napoleon pressured the Holy Roman Empire to dissolve and separate.

    (All German states had their own anthems in the Holy Roman Empire and also the German Reich, and German-Austria had also its own anthem within the Austrian-Hungarian Empire that hosted many other nations like Czecks or Romanians).

    Here is a Church congregation and choir singing it. It is obvious in the anthem that Germany used to be a Christian theocracy and therefore needed to be brought down by the secularists that follow their own version of God!

    • Very interesting Markus! I was not aware of that and I really like “Ich hab mich ergeben” ! WOW. As to the second one, I cannot really make out the words. It is hard for me to tell the difference, but it is still nice to hear it. Danke schoen! 🙂

    • Markus says:

      1. Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze
      Unsern Kaiser, unser Land!
      Mächtig durch des Glaubens Stütze
      Führt er uns mit weiser Hand!
      Laßt uns seiner Väter Krone
      Schirmen wider jeden Feind:
      Innig bleibt mit Habsburgs Throne
      Österreichs Geschick vereint.

      3. Was der Bürger Fleiß geschaffen
      Schütze treu des Kriegers Kraft;
      Mit des Geistes heitren Waffen
      Siege Kunst und Wissenschaft!
      Segen sei dem Land beschieden
      Und sein Ruhm dem Segen gleich;
      Gottes Sonne strahl’ in Frieden
      Auf ein glücklich Österreich!

      4. Laßt uns fest zusammenhalten,
      In der Eintracht liegt die Macht;
      Mit vereinter Kräfte Walten
      Wird das Schwere leicht vollbracht,
      Laßt uns Eins durch Brüderbande
      Gleichem Ziel entgegengehn!
      Heil dem Kaiser, Heil dem Lande,
      Österreich wird ewig stehn!

      Actually, there are 6 verses I believe, but they leave some out.

      Furthermore, there are 5 or so other Volkshymnen, some about “Franz” or “Ferdinand”, others completely different again. Important, in Franz’s version, they sing of Deutsche Lande in one verse:

      4. Er zerbrach der Knechtschaft Bande,
      hob zur Freiheit uns empor.
      Früh erleb’ er deutscher Lande,
      deutscher Völker höchsten Flor
      und vernehme noch am Rande
      später Gruft der Enkel Chor:
      Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,
      unsern guten Kaiser Franz!

  13. Markus says:

    The “Weimar Flag” was used by the 1848-50 Frankfurt Republic, as well, which was a Freemasonic plot as far I know and collapsed when the Prussian King refused to become the Kaiser for their construct.
    So, THEY inverted the 1832 Hambach flag back then already.

    Another flag, is the so called Resistance Flag, which Adenauer tried to adopt for the BRD Occupation Union in 1949. It was the resistance flag of the 1944 Stauffenberg traitors, so be it.

    The name is very appropriate and the flag is also very beautiful, designed after the Nordic Cross flags with Gold, Red and Black in color. It somewhat resembles the war flag of our Holy Roman Empire Deutscher Nation (and not illegal to fly).

    Resistance to what cause can also be inverted. We can do that too. 🙂

    • Markus says:

      Goebbels zum Stauffenberg Attentat

    • Hi Markus, regarding the 1848-50 Frankfurt Republic being the work of Freemasons, yes that is also my understanding: an infiltration and usurpation of a true “grassroots people’s movement”, and turning it on it’s head and creating a farce. They always do this. Look at Syria! The so-called rebels there are western backed and not a home-grown people’s revolution. They did it in Iran too overthrowing the popular democratic leader Mosadek and installing the Shah. After the 1979 revolution, the Ayatollah kicked out and banned the Freemasons. Which Hitler had also done. The attempted Stauffenberg coup was no doubt their handy work too! And it is no wonder that they would use that Frankfurt flag in Weimar, and then impose it again in both the DDR and BRD, one hundred years later, and not the Hambacher “flag of the “people”. But in the DDR, they made it even more visibly Freemasonic! Thanks for the video. I will listen to the Goebbels speech as time allows.

  14. Michael Fernandez (geb. Michael Grieβ) says:

    Hallo Justice4Germans,
    Before beginning, I want to thank you for the interesting and informative article. There is much there I did not know about my homeland. I will need to read more of your postings however as some of what you write is…. I really don’t know how to say it. But ni modo, it is interesting at any rate and I believe I can learn much.
    That said, I would like to question, if I may, the accuracy of your assertion that the proper order of color for the German flag should be Gold, Red, Black, rather than the present Black, Red, Gold.
    First; in your essay above, you cite a song as part of the evidence for the color scheme. However, the song presents the colors in the current Black, Red, Gold scheme.
    Black for the grief of eternal night,
    It ….
    Red, for the dark glow which
    All ….
    Gold is of the Holy Light of Truth
    Which ….”
    Next, there is the following from the Wiki article you yourself reference regarding the Hambach festival to prove your point about the scheme being G, R, B.
    “While contemporary illustrations showed prominent use of a gold-red-black tricolour (an upside-down version of the modern German flag), surviving flags from the event were in black-red-gold. Such an example is the Ur-Fahne, the flag flown from Hambach Castle during the festival: a black-red-gold tricolour where the red band contains the inscription Deutschlands Wiedergeburt (Germany’s rebirth). This flag is now on permanent display at the castle.[21]”
    And finally, on the theme of the color scheme, is this link to a photograph of the very flag referenced in the above article, the Ur Fahne that flew above the castle.
    Thank you again, and please receive this with the respect with which it was written.
    Michael Fernandez (geb. Michael Grieβ)

    • Hello, first off, the fact the verses of the song mention black first have no bearing whatsoever on the actual sequence of the colours of the Hambacher flag, UNTIL you understand the meaning which you have totally ignored! Secondly, you are the one quoting English Wikipedia, not me. I could careless what they say, They have an interest in hiding the truth. Click on the link which I provided, and which you ignored!

      and it tells you clearly…

      Description / Beschreibung:
      “Deutsch: Zug zum Hambacher Fest. – Teilkolorierte Federzeichnung von 1832. Die Flaggen zeigen die damals so gewählten deutschen Landesfarben Gold-Rot-Schwarz.”
      “English: Procession of the Hambach Festival. – partially colored pen and ink drawing from 1832. The flags depict the then chosen German national colors Gold-Red-Black-, the reverse of the modern German flag.”
      Datum: 1832

      It is right before your eyes to both see and read!

      Thirdly, that they produce a picture of a flag and claim it is from Hambach is not evidence, or perhaps it is “planted evidence”. The Gold, Red and Black actually even pre-dates 1832! The “false flag” came into being with the false revolution of 1848. I will have more info on that in a future post.

      Finally, you can claim that your comment and questions are sincere, but the fact that you do not discuss what I have actually said in my post nor in my subsequent comments, sounds very trollish ! I will not be so kind nor so quick to indulge another such comment.

      Buenos Dias Senor! …and “ni modo” to you to!

      • mikesstaffel says:

        Wayne I think the idea of protesting by righting the flag is a most ingenious idea! I love it, I’m sure you are used to trolls and being attacked, remember that if you are not castigated in the media than you did the previous days work to no avail! And should try harder… haha

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