Did Adolf Hitler Serve the New World Order Agenda?

In my recent series of posts, I asserted that World War II really began in 1933, with the declaration of war on Germany by self-described “World Jewry” which had instigated a world wide economic boycott of Germany, just at the time when Hitler came to power, based upon atrocity propaganda. I then showed that this was denied and denounced by leading members of the largest organized Jewish group in Germany at the time as being untrue, and furthermore, that this campaign of lies was only going cause further antipathy towards Jews in Germany.  Their efforts, however, did not stop the economic and psychological warfare being waged against National Socialist Germany.

A excerpt of a memo from Hitler to the British government in 1933

hitler memo2

Hitler and his government openly sought peaceful resolution to the injustices of the Versailles Treaty, freedom from international tyranny, and peaceful coexistence with her neighbours, and was always working towards that end, while other entities, claiming to be interested in “freedom,  human rights and democracy” were on the one hand ‘openly’, and on the other hand ‘secretly’ conspiring to (again) foment hostilities that would lead to war. In the modern parlance it is called “bullying”, yet it Hitler who in spite of all of his efforts toward a real, just, and lasting peace, was portrayed as the “bully” and still is today.

In reality,  it was a group of wealthy, powerful and influential men lurking in the background in the UK, France and the USA who through their domestic sock puppet politicians, who were mocking, scoffing and taunting Hitler while inciting Poland to an aggressive stance and aggressive actions toward Germany, creating conflicts, with promises of military support.  When open military conflict erupted, it was NOT “an act of naked aggression by the Germans against innocent Poland” as we have been led to believe, but rather a reluctant but no longer avoidable response by the Germans.  But nor was Hitler’s response to Polish aggression ever intended to start a larger war.  It is now well documented that he had always sought a peaceful resolution of the issues with Poland, and a friendship with Britain, as I have covered in precious posts, and as one can see in my links section, as well as in the film “Hitler’s War? What the Historians Neglect to Mention“.

hitler memo3

What was the real motive of those who were hell bent on a second World War? Many in the half-truth movement rave on and on about the “New World Order” agenda, and falsely assert that Hitler was somehow a minion of those behind that agenda. Indeed, some blatantly assert that the “NWO” is a “German Death Cult” and sadly, many alleged “truth seekers” have bought into this deliberate disinformation, and they repeat ad nauseum like screaming parrots, without ever doing any independent research of their own.  The fact is, however, Hitler and National Socialism opposed and was the very antithesis of the NWO “globalist” agenda.

The brilliant financial economic policies of Hitler and the NS, and the economic miracle that resulted,  not only enraged the Bankers, but made Germany the envy of her neighbours,  and showed that it was possible to have a prosperous nation without gold and without International Bankster Gangsters and their central banking system, and usury. Moreover, it gave Germany true independence, freedom and real sovereignty! And as I have stated before, far from being the ruthless and cruel dictatorship that we have also been falsely led to believe, the political system of the NS could best be described as “government of the people, by the people and for the people” (the very thing that America allegedly stands for, but does not)  with a leader at the helm who represented the German people’s interests and their welfare, and who could not be bought and paid for, and did NOT represent “globalist” interests.

It was a “third way” of governance that was neither “right” nor “left” on the political scale, and which sought to be inclusive, but only as far as the Germans themselves were concerned.  In other words “Germany and Germans first!” with a truly national community of the German people (Volksgemeinschaft), with their shared cultural heritage, interests and concerns, working for their own betterment collectively, through their individual labours, and in a way that brought industry and labour together, for the common good, rather engaging in class warfare, to their own destruction. It also promoted self-sufficiency, individually, locally and nationally. Thus, and in combination with her own currency and central bank, Germany was freed from unbridled-capitalism, international market speculation and usury on the one hand,  and from the threat of Bolshevik-Marxism, both of which result in exploitation and slavery, loss of sovereignty and inevitably, war!  Again, spend some time going through my previous posts and my extensive link section, do your own research, and make up your own mind!

hitler memo4

To those who claim to be “fighting the New World Order” I will give you the following for your consideration.  This 1940 article demonstrates clearly that the war which was declared by self-described “International Jewry” did not stop after 1933, but continued unabated until they had finally succeeded in fomenting a military conflict which rapidly engulfed the whole world, for their benefit and their “New World Order” agenda.

So, who did want a “New World Order” and whose agenda was it? Who does this agenda serve? Whose agenda did World War II serve?  

Excerpt from an article entitled

“New World Order Pledged to Jews,” in the New York Times (1940)

“In the first public declaration on the Jewish question since the outbreak of the war, Arthur Greenwood, member without portfolio in the British War Cabinet, assured the Jews of the United States that when victory was achieved an effort would be made to found a New World Order based on the ideals of ‘justice and peace.'”

1940 nwo for jews

Did Adolf Hitler serve the New World Order Agenda?  

The answer is clearly, NO HE DID NOT! However, what does serve the NWO agenda are the endless lies and the “bogeyman” image being promulgated and promoted by disinfo agents in the so-called “truth movement” who claim to be “fighting the New World Order agenda” !

Ask yourself, “who benefits” from the perpetuation of these lies?

In closing, I will add that, while military operations were (officially) halted in 1945 and victory declared by the ALL LIES, the war against Hitler, against Germany and against the Germans did NOT end, but continues unabated to this day. Germany is still, for all intents and purposes, an occupied and foreign controlled nation, and is still being held for ransom in an extortion racket which had it’s roots in 1933.   We are still waiting for “justice and peace” which obviously did NOT come out of World War II as advertised.

Only the truth will set us free!


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5 Responses to Did Adolf Hitler Serve the New World Order Agenda?

  1. Markus says:


    As always great words and powerful propaganda.

    I can only add, even if Hitler was a Zionist agent, it is still the Jews who run the world and instructed him to become Chancellor and Führer.

    Either way, whether he fought against International Jewry or worked for it, both ways it’s THEM who run the show and they brag about it in their inner-community literature.

    Furthermore, Alex Jones and Jordan Maxwell speak of The Teutonic Death Cult.
    Why would the Teutons cut their homeland (Prussia) in half in 1919 to finally expel their own population and wipe it off the map in 1945-47, plus have the rest of Germany occupy by her enemies?

    In the end, it is a matter of believe.
    Many half-truthers choose to blame Hitler and Germany because it is kosher and doesn’t get them in serious trouble. It’s part of the American/Western/but also Eastern European and Russian collective mind that Germany and especially Nazis are to be blamed for everything as scapegoat. (the very thing the Jews claim for themselves, being the scapegoat for Nazis).

    If the half-truth movement wouldn’t exist, there would either be no significant truth movement at all, or the entire problem would have been fixed by now with a new National Socialist Movement.
    The 3 million Jones listerners would have to look the real truth in the (all seeing) eye. [which is on the US $ bill and not on the German currency).

  2. germanusgott says:

    The narrative of Hitler being a Zionist, British, New World Order, etc. puppet is because those people believe and/or want to propagate and sell (figuratively and literally speaking) Hitler as the most evil person ever. Those people never understood the historical context, never read Mein Kampf or never read it with objectivity and intellectual honesty and of course they believe in the Holohoax and of course they are political correct to the teeth. No intelligent and critical minded person could not look the other way when this constant narrative of Hitler is put everyday in contrast to the communist history, events and figures. The propaganda is so critical that the simplest idea that Hitler understood and then tried to stop the advances of communism is totally overlooked and never mentioned. We know that this topic is not rational and logic because there are many so called “educated” people that even when confronted with facts always react in an emotional manner.

    It is not a coincidence that many people as myself relates the main narrative that WWII spawn that is that of the Holohoax and Hitler being the incarnation of all evil with the 911 narrative, two historical events that defined the world and with 911 we have all the evidence out there but people still refuse to comprehend what happened. There are many psychological conditions that make people refuse to see what is in front of them and negate the reality.

    I realize that we have to setup many beacons that are out there to lead people to the information and to the truth, to those truth seekers that are motivated by the ideal of the truth and justice which during all mankind’s history were only a few percentage of the world population.

    The contrast of the mainstream propaganda about Hitler and the actual Hitler is so huge that when people willing to face the truth with objectivity and honesty start to read from Mein Kampf to the NSDAP political program should realize immediately all the lies we were and are fed constantly. Personally I found interesting that in the NSDAP political program among many things it is stated their views about Christianity just to put aside all the discussions about the subject, quote, “Our party stands upon the basis of positive Christianity”.

  3. Erwin Alber says:

    Didn’t Hitler advocate “eine Neue Weltordnung” though? If so, was it different and distinct from the NWO?

    I live in New Zealand where every year on ANZAC Day the remaining WW2 veterans convene for the dawn ceremony to commemorate the dead. To this day most of them no doubt believe they served their country and fought for freedom, not realising that they were just useful idiots in an game set up to enslave the world, which is still ongoing.

    The war was fought to terminate European dominance on the world scene by sacrificing Europe’s best men on the battlefields, to destroy Germany in order to make it a colony and to set up the UN as a tool to achieve world domination. The war also paved the way for the European Union as an important stepping stone towards a One World Government.

    • Hello Erwin, thanks for visiting and for your comments. I deleted your previous comment on another of my posts where you stated “Hitler was a puppet” and that “he was financed by the elite” or words to that effect. That is totally false! If this post did not convince you of that, please see my most recent post regarding what National Socialism was about, and hopefully you will see why. At the bottom of that page you will also see two links where you can read about the birth and funding of the NSDAP.

      As to Hitler calling for a “Neue Weltordung” it is also untrue. His agenda was strictly domestic until a war was forced upon him that he never wanted. He always sought justice for the Germans in regard to the Versailles Treaty, but above he wanted peace, and he said from the outset and repeated it many times. Even when Germany was threatened and attacked he still sought peaceful resolution until military conflict could longer be avoided. When he defeated Poland. he again called for peace. After he defeated France and the Brits in the west, he called again for peace. It was the Brits, or better said, their puppet masters who did not want peace, and were hell bent on a war to the finish. In all of of his speeches, the word “Weltordnung” was used only twice, and never “Neue Weltordung” and in both instances, it was well into the war, and was said in defiance of what the allies were planning. Hitler was fighting the New world Order which they were forcing on Germany and Europe.

      Your comments about the WWII vets in NZ is interesting. I have never heard any other allied vets say that, although I posted several months ago, that the surviving WWII Vets on Britain lamented that they no longer even recognize their country, that the UK today is not the country they fought for.

      As to European dominance on the world scene, I must disagree. France perhaps, but not Europe. France and Britain wanted to keep Germany down and Britain especially feared a strong Germany that would be a rival on the world stage. But it goes deeper. You have to understand that National Socialism, although Hitler had no plans to export it, was by its very nature a threat to International Bankers and their global hegemony. He presented a model which, if others followed suit, would destroy their global financial banking empire and through debt and interest enslavement.

      Yes it did pave the way for the EU. It was and formed to keep Germany in check and is still used for that purpose People falsely believe that Germany runs the EU and its policies. That is also false. It is also one more reason why Europeans especially need to learn the true history of WWII. I will have more on that issue soon!


  4. John Snoltes says:

    A good start to learning te true history of WWI is the Greatest Story Never Told

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