Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease Act: The Arm and Hammer / Hammer and Sickle Connection

(RT)  “By mid July 1941 the majority of tanks which comprised the 20 thousand Soviet tank fleet were lost. The Wehrmacht troops were advancing impetuously and kept approaching the Russian capital. Each tank at the Soviet army at the front was treated as treasury. And that’s when the lend-lease supplies proved very timely. The first English Matilda and Valentine tanks arrived in the USSR in September 1941, and a month later they were already tested in action during the battles near Moscow.

 In the third installment of The True Story of the Lend-Lease documentary series Paul Tadich continues to discover the unknown facts about the cooperation between the Soviet Union and the Allies during the World War II.”

20 Minute RT video report on Lend-Lease


stalin mass murderMr. President,

I have not yet received the text of your message, but on November 2 Mr. Steinhardt, the United States Ambassador, delivered to me through Mr. Vyshinsky an Aide-Memoire giving its substance.

I should like first of all to express complete agreement with your appraisal of the results of the Three-Power Conference in Moscow, which should be credited primarily to Mr. Harriman and to Mr. Beaverbrook who did their best to bring the Conference to an early and successful conclusion. The Soviet Government is most grateful for your statement that the implications of the Conference will be carried out to the utmost.

Your decision, Mr. President, to grant the Soviet Union an interest-free loan to the value of $1,000,000,000 to meet deliveries of munitions and raw materials to the Soviet Union is accepted by the Soviet Government with heartfelt gratitude as vital aid to the Soviet Union in its tremendous and onerous struggle against our common enemy-bloody Hitlerism.

On instructions from the Government of the U.S.S.R. I express complete agreement with your terms for granting the loan, repayment of which shall begin five years after the end of the war and continue over 10 years after expiration of the five-year period.

The Soviet Government is ready to do everything to supply the United States of America with such commodities and raw materials as are available and as the United States may need.

As regards your wish, Mr. President, that direct personal contact be established between you and me without delay if circumstances so require, I gladly join you in that wish and am ready, for my part, to do all in my power to bring it about.

Yours very sincerely, November 4, 1941


Please note  the names Harriman and Beaverbrook!  It is often falsely said that Harriman financed Hitler.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The NSDAP were self-financed through their own membership as V.K. Clarke has so aptly shown.  To right the financially stricken ship in Germany, Hitler cut out the International Bankers and speculators and their game of usury, and created a new debt-free currency based upon German production.  But here we see a real WWII Harriman connection,  to Stalin!

Lord Beaverbrook owned the Daily Express newspaper and in 1928 employed Sefton Delmer as their Berlin correspondent. In 1933, Delmer was sent to France as head of the Daily Express Paris Bureau. During the war he became the British chief of Black Propaganda in the Psych Warfare Dept against Germany, while Winston Churchill appointed Beaverbrook as Minister of Aircraft Production and later Minister of Supply. Under Beaverbrook, fighter and bomber production increased so much so that Churchill declared: “His personal force and genius made this Aitken’s finest hour.”  After the war, Delmer then became chief foreign affairs reporter for the Daily Express.

Now, please meet Mr. Armand Hammer

Armand HammerThe millionaire industrialist, Armand Hammer played a key role in laying the foundations of Lend-Lease. As a dyed-in-the-wool collaborator of Lenin´s and Stalin’s in procuring Western, especially American, assistance in the industrialization of the USSR. In his well-sourced biography of Hammer, espionage expert Edward Jay Epstein describes the active role played by this interlocutor in nailing down Lend-Lease. Epstein notes that in November 1940 Armand Hammer met with FDR in the White House. He and the president discussed the idea of developing American military assistance to Britain, the Neutrality Act and Roosevelt’s campaign promises not to embroil the United States in the European war to the contrary. Roosevelt thereupon suggested to Hammer that he discuss this plan with Harry Hopkins. Hopkins twice traveled to New York City, Hammer´s base of operations, to discuss this idea with officials and businessmen there.” (Russia’s Life Saver – see below)

The Arm and Hammer / Hammer and Sickle Connection

Arm and Hammer

According to Wikipedia:

Hammer was born in Manhattan, New York, to Russian-born Jewish immigrants  Julius and Rose (Lipshitz) Hammer.[6][7] His father came to the United States from Odessa in the Russian Empire (today Ukraine) in 1875, and settled in The Bronx, where he ran a general medical practice and five drugstores.

Hammer sometimes claimed that his father had named him after a character, Armand Duval, in La Dame aux Camélias, a novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils. In fact, according to multiple biographers, Hammer was named after the “arm and hammer” graphic symbol of the Socialist Labor Party of America (SLP), in which his father, a committed socialist, had a leadership role at one time.[8] (After the Russian Revolution, a part of the SLP under Julius’ leadership split off to become a founding element of the Communist Party USA.) Later in his life, Hammer confirmed that this was the origin of his given name.[2]

During the Spanish flu pandemic, Julius Hammer performed an abortion on a Russian-born woman ill with pneumonia;[9] she died and he served 2½ years at Sing Sing.[10]
Hammer attended Morris High School, Columbia College (B.A., 1919) where he was a member of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, and then attended medical school at Columbia (M.D., 1921). When his father was sentenced to prison as he entered medical school; he and his brothers took Allied Drug, the family business, to new heights, reselling equipment they had bought at depressed prices at the end of World War I. According to Hammer, his first business success was in 1919, manufacturing and selling a ginger extract which legally contained high levels of alcohol. This was extremely popular during prohibition, and the company had $1 million in sales that year.

Hammer and Sickle

Years in the Soviet Union

In 1921, while waiting for his internship to begin at Bellevue Hospital, Hammer went to the Soviet Union for a trip that lasted until late 1930.[11] Although his career in medicine was cut short, he relished being referred to as “Dr. Hammer”. Hammer’s intentions in the 1921 trip have been debated since. He has claimed that he originally intended to recoup $150,000 in debts for drugs shipped during the Allied intervention, but was soon moved by a capitalistic and philanthropic interest in selling wheat to the then-starving Russians.[12] In his passport application, Hammer stated that he intended to visit only western Europe.[13] J. Edgar Hoover in the Justice Department knew this was false, but Hammer was allowed to travel anyway.[14] A skeptical U.S. government watched him through this trip, and for the rest of his life.

In 1976 Hammer was convicted of illegally contributing $54,000 to Nixon’s campaign.

He made the convictions under a false name. The underlying act of the conviction was in question at the time of the time Hammer made his original plea. The judge rejected the initial plea as a result of this information. Two years later, Hammer acquiesced and admitted his guilty.

Hammer, the self made millionaire doctor, received a great amount of criticism for his business tactics, but was a true philanthropist. Many thought Regan would pardon Hammer at the end of his second term, but he did not. George H. W. Bush finally pardoned Hammer, and Hammer was apparently very grateful for the pardon.”

Ah yes,  Arm & Hammer … “The Standard of Purity!”

America,  you were had!


Russia's Life-Saver: Lend-Lease Aid to the U.S.S.R. in World War II

Russia’s Life-Saver: Lend-Lease Aid to the U.S.S.R. in World War II

‘The United States is a country of machines. Without the use of these machines through Lend-Lease, we would lose this war.’ –  Josef Stalin (1943), quoted in W. Averell Harriman and Elie Abel, Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin, 1941-1946, Random House, N.Y., 1975, p. 277 The United States shipped more than $12 billion in Lend-Lease aid to Stalin’s Russia during World War II. Materials lent, beginning in late 1941 before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, included airplanes and tanks, locomotives and rails, construction materials, entire military production assembly lines, food and clothing, aviation fuel, and much else. Lend-Lease is now recognized by post-Soviet Russian historians as essential to the Soviet war effort. Wielding many facts and statistics never before published in the U.S., author Albert L. Weeks keenly analyzes the diplomatic rationale for and results of this assistance. Russia’s Life-Saver is a brilliant contribution to the study of U.S.-Soviet relations and its role in World War II.


1. Russia’s Life-Saver lifts the curtain on exactly how crucial U.S. Lend-Lease aid was to the USSR’s eventual success against Germany in World War II. Until now, all we in the West could really do was guess. We of course knew what we had lent (the numerator) but we didn’t know what the secretive Soviets needed (the denominator). Using new evidence from previously-closed Russian archives and new research by native Russian historians, and offering gripping conclusions, Dr. Weeks sets the record straight about this truly pivotal period of twentieth-century history… — Kenneth MacWilliams, U.S. private investor in Russia since 1991; former Wall Street executive

2. The long-time observer and analyst of the Soviet Union, Prof. Weeks documents an important chapter of US and Soviet history during World War II. Based on the latest research from Russia, Weeks presents new findings about the vital importance of US aid to the Soviet Union of Dictator Joseph Stalin. Under the Soviet Regime, especially during Stalin’s life-time, it was a rule to ignore or at least downplay the significance of any foreign aid to the Soviet victory in World War II. But the facts that Prof. Weeks is able to present to the Western reader demonstrate the opposite. Weeks cites a recent statement by President Putin, who officially acknowledged the vital importance of US Lend-Lease deliveries for the Soviet victory in World War II.

Weeks uses research by post-Soviet scholars in Russia that clearly shows crucial importance of Lend-Lease deliveries to Stalin’s USSR. There are many facts and statistics about the amount of American aid to Russia that will be new to most readers. But Prof. Weeks doesn’t stop there, he also paints a lively picture of the political developments leading to the decision of President Roosevelt to come to the rescue of the bloodiest Dictator of the 20th century, Joseph Stalin, in his fight against his opponent and recent collaborator, Hitler.

Prof. Weeks also demonstrates that Stalin was actively working through the channels of his espionage agencies to influence the US administration to deliver material aid to the USSR (he cites the Venona decrypts and material from Russia, most notably the NKVD’s “Operation Snow”). It becomes clear that the large-scale infiltration of various US government branches by the Soviet espionage agencies played an important role in the speedy decision to send vast amounts of military and civilian goods to Stalin’s Soviet Union. Stalin also ordered his agents to obtain military secrets from the US, both before and during the war, even when the Soviet Union was a nominal ally of the US…” — Thomas Titura

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  1. Raymond Dunn says:

    Fantastic article! Once again you manage to answer the questions my Zionist controlled “educators” were unable to! Keep up the great work!

    Side note: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I read the Murphy translation of Mein Kampf that you recommended. I felt that I was not cheated of the intellectual or emotional messages the original text conveyed. It was absolutely brilliant!

  2. Gabriela Cirstea says:

    I have been reading your articles for some time. I highly appreciate your efforts to inform those who are trying to understand history. I never quite understood why Orwell said in one of his books that the world was a totally different (better) place before WWI. The more I read about WWI and WWII, the better I understand (or at least hope that I do) what he meant.
    Thank you. Keep up the good work!
    Gabriela Cirstea

  3. Revelation 2:9 says:

    Excellent article! So much true history here to read.Thank you for all your efforts.
    I found this a couple of years ago and thought I would share it.Major Jordan was a Lend- Lease
    liaison officer with the Russians 1942-1944.
    From Major Jordan’s Diaries.

  4. bigcree1 says:

    This adds a whole new dimension to the World Wars. General Patton found out just how far down the abyss his bosses had gone with their sordid and clandestine actions. FDR is no hero and was in bed with ‘Uncle Joe’ and with no shame. What intrigue and hidden history NEVER taught in ‘schools’. It comes out in the wash, however, like all dirt.

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