A Memorial to the Expulsion of the Ethnic Germans in post-war Hungary

(DVHH) For the first time, a central memorial and monument for the Germans expelled from Hungary were inaugurated in Budaörs (German: “Wudersch”)  near Budapest, on the 18th of June 2006. Participating in the ceremony at the Old Cemetery of the once Hungary-German community were, among others, the president of the Hungarian Parliament KATALIN SZILI, the chairman of the German Self-administration of Hungary, OTTO HEINEK and the German ambassador to Hungary, Ursula Seiler-Albring.

The president of Hungary Laszlo Solyom, in a message read at the ceremony, apologized to the victims of the expulsion. Their families, and their descendants. During the years 1946 and 1947 about 200,000 ethnic Germans were expelled from Hungary, with the agreement of the victorious powers. Most of them found a new home in the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. 

The expulsion, some of which were characterized by cruelty, started in Budaörs on 19  January 1946 when – as the chairman of  the local German Self-administration remembered – “the first families were chased into the streets in the middle of the night and had only a few minutes to gather their belongings.” 

With the memorial in the Old Cemetery of the Germans  from Budaörs, which was saved from destruction by renovation,  “remembrance received a concrete place, a point reference, which can also provide an occasion for the younger generation to ponder about the expulsion” said the German ambassador to  Hungary,  Seiler-Albring.    

The president of the Hungarian Parliament SZILI called the government decrees on the subject of the expulsion and expropriation of the German population of Hungary “documents of shame“. These decrees had been abolished after 1989 by the Hungarian Constitutional Court.” 

To make sure that history does not repeat itself, such a memento, such a monument of  reconciliation is necessary“ she said.

In addition, she announced that the Hungarian Parliament will soon hold a day of commemoration for the expulsion of Germans from Hungary, which started 60 years ago.

From: Donautal-Magazin Jg. 30, Nr. 140 dated 1. August 2006, pp. 8-9. Contributed by Dr. Hans Gehl; translated by Nick Tullius.

[Published at http://www.dvhh.org, Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands,, Oct. 2006]

Source: http://www.dvhh.org/hu-highlands/mem-germans-budaors.htm



Sadly, in the Federal Republic of Germany, there is still no memorial to over 16 Million Ethnic-Germans (Volksdeutsche) who were expelled or forced to flee from their ancestral homes after the Germany’s capitulation in 1945, much less a national day of remembrance for the victims of these horrible crimes against humanity, committed with the full knowledge and consent of the victorious allies. According to the first Chancellor of the FRG Konrad Adenauer, SIX MILLION Germans never arrived, and were never seen or heard from again. Where is the outrage? Where is the “holocaust museum” dedicated to their memory? Where is the compensation to the survivors and / or their offspring? Instead, in the FRG, they have monuments to the butchers Ilya Ehrenberg, Winston Churchill and others, while the Germans are told they deserved such treatment. Shame on the traitors who would permit this! And shame on those who do not honour the German victims of these Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide!

VIDEO:  Dr. Rudolf Püschel – A Survivor Speaks on Behalf of German Expellees from Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European Countries . He describes the shameful political attitudes and shenanigans that are pervasive in the FRG on these issues.

It is also on Youtube a 5 part playlist but it is banned in Germany- please click here

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