1938 News Report Confirms International Jewish Banker Financial War Aims

Financial War Planned Against Anti-Semitic States 1938 - The Worker, Brisbane, Qld, Tuesday 4 January 1938“INTERNATIONAL JEWRY – Financial War Planned Against Anti-Semitic States £500,000,000 Fund to be Raised

‘Jewry, faced with persecution in Poland, Rumania, Germany, Austria, and elsewhere, intends to hit back,’ says the ‘Sunday Chronicle,’ according to a cable dated London, January 2.

‘The battle will be fought on the world’s stock exchanges. Most of the anti-Semitic States are burdened with debts, and they may find their very existence threatened.

‘The leaders of international Jewry will meet in a village near Geneva this week to plan a fund of £500,000, 000 with which to fight the persecutors of Jewish financiers in all parts of the world.

‘No difficulty is expected in raising such a fund, which, combined with a trade boycott, will enable the launching a counter-offensive, in which the Jewish persecutors may be defeated.‘ ”

Source: The Worker (Brisbane, Qld)
Tuesday 4 January 1938


Now we know who “International Jewry” (aka Judea) really is by their own admission. We can also see that their “financial war” had nothing to do with alleged discrimination or persecution of average Jews in Germany or other nations.  It was “persecution of Jewish financiers” that they were concerned with. This is the same gang that declared war on Germany in 1933 when the National Socialists first came to power. Why? Because Hitler and NSDAP opposed predatory Jewish International Free Market Capitalism as a very destructive force, and also opposed Jewish backed International Marxist Bolshevik Communism, which are to sides of the same coin.

lugeHitler defeated the Communists in Germany, kicked out the Bankster Gangsters, created a new carefully controlled currency tied directly to labour, and he placed tight controls on prices and wages, as well as on the stock markets to keep prices from being manipulated by international market speculators. As such, Germany’s currency was not part of their worldwide usury system, and they could not speculate against Germany’s Reichsmark on the financial markets.

National Socialist Germany, in particular, was managing just fine without these International Bankster Gangsters and their monopoly game, which controlled the Central Banks of the western nations, and the issuance of fiat currencies, loaned out at interest (usury), by which they have always driven nations into debt and servitude.  Yet they say, “Anti-Semitic States are burdened with debts”. Very interesting! With respect to the new Germany, that was a BIG LIE!  It seems, however, that by their own definition, an “Anti-Semitic State” is one which does not play ball with them, and it has nothing to do with concern for the lesser Jews as generally thought.

It was the western nations which were still saddled with WWI debt and were not paying it (in fact, they are still paying for that today in 2014). Unlike the Soviet Union, following the Russian Revolution, NS Germany never repudiated her WWI debt and was making good on it.  What Germany did not have was gold reserves. Those were stolen by the WWI Allies.  More on that later.  But it begs the question, why could the Allies not pay off their own war debts? Who were they in debt to? Of course, the same self-described “Jewish” International Financiers, who had the power to create currency and lend it to nations at interest, and control over their debts, and to exert great influence on the stock markets.  Obviously, those nations leaders were mere puppets and their foreign policies were catered to the bankers needs or wishes, and the same holds true today.  Not so with NS Germany!

But notice that they include “Poland” and “Rumania” here, as well as “Austria”. Why?  Rumania was not allied with Germany at this time. She was neutral.  Poland was not “allied” with Germany either, BUT they did have a “friendship pact” that was signed by Hitler and the late Marshall Pilzudski.  See: Excerpts of Hitler’s Speeches on German-Polish Peace, 1935-1939.

Moreover, Poland was riddled with inner ethnic strife and labour problems resulting from poor low wages and working conditions, not to mention unresolved border issues. Her products and raw materials such as coal were subject to the international market speculation.  How better to stir up the Poles (who were neither National Socialist nor Fascist, and therefore, under the financial influence of the Bankster Gangsters) than to threaten them with boycotts and financial ruin, and to drive down prices? Or perhaps, on the other hand, to dangle carrots of incentives in front of them, if they sided with England, and again, turned hostile towards Germany and the ethnic German minority in their country?

Rumania too was a basket case with sizable ethnic minorities, ethnic strife and border disputes with her neighbours, as well as, much coveted natural resources, especially oil. No doubt King Carol II was also ripe for financial blackmail to keep Romania neutral  ie. not side with Germany or trade with her.

Austria? Since end of World War II, the Austrian people had desired to re-join the German Reich, and even more so as Germany began to prosper under Hitler and National Socialism, while they themselves languished in debt and poverty. But the WWI Allies forbade the merger. Austrian Leader Engelbert Dollfuss also vehemently opposed it, especially after Hitler came to power in 1933. Austria too was a political and economic basket case. Dollfuss eventually dissolved parliament and became dictator. He was conservative, anti-Communist, and tried to model himself and his government on Mussolini’s Fascism, but he was assassinated in 1934. His successor followed largely in the same model. That would not have pleased the Bankster Gangsters. Unlike in Italy and Germany, the Rothschilds were still doing business in Austria, and would naturally have been more opposed to a merger with the German Reich and the expanded influence of National Socialism.  Indeed, after Austria voted to join the Reich,  the Rothschild bank in Vienna was closed with all of its assets seized by the Reich government, as I have previously noted in an older post. See: http://justice4germans.com/2012/10/13/hitler-was-a-jew-a-rothschild-really/

It should be easy to see that virtually all of Germany’s neighbours would have been subject to the same degree of heavy handed financial influence, and as such, whatever neutrality they declared or peace agreements they came to with Germany, or foreign policy they espoused, they could easily be brought to heel and to cooperate in some way, by those who controlled their money and their debt, and the markets, and who also had such great sums of money at their disposal with which to bribe the leaders.

Far fetched? “Conspiracy theory”? This came to light just a few years ago:

MI6 spent $200m bribing Spaniards in second world war

Newly released documents reveal secret services paid out fortune in bid to stop Franco joining war on Hitler’s side

MI6 spent the present-day equivalent of more than $200m bribing senior Spanish military officers, ship owners and other agents to keep Spain out of the second world war, files released today disclose.

More and more money was delivered, mainly via a Swiss bank account in New York, as Sir Samuel Hoare, Britain’s ambassador in Madrid, warned London that unless it was paid, there was a real and immediate danger of Spain abandoning its neutrality and of Franco joining forces with Nazi Germany.


Hitler was extremely disappointed by the lack of Spanish support, or meagre support. Franco owed Germany. It could have made a huge difference to the defence of Europe. Now we know why it was not forthcoming..

So did  “International Jewry” come up with the £500,000,000 which they “would have no difficulty raising”, and what did they do with it?  Now I think we have a pretty good idea.  My guess is that a lot more went into international “Anti-Nazi” hate propaganda, funding various subversive groups in Germany,  inciting Anti-German hatred in Poland, as well as bribing or blackmailing other nations, and funding the Soviets.

Why didn’t these “International Jews” put their £500,000,000 into helping those oft cited (pre-war) “6,000,000” poor persecuted eastern Jews in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and elsewhere to immigrate to Palestine, hmmm? I will let you the reader think about it and make up your own mind on that.  Why did they not put into creating much needed employment in the UK and USA? The answer should be clear, that they do not give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves and their financial interests, and that is what was at risk, why they wanted war and did everything in their power to destroy and enslave Germany, permanently. Moreover, it was also to set a precedent for future wars. That is what is really going on when they call a nation “Anti-Semitic” or when they say, in regard to some nation’s leader who is bucking the system, “he’s another Hitler!”

I was going to end there, but please bear with me. Let’s play “follow the money”.  Interestingly,  in July of 1939, the Bank of England (The Rothschilds) tucked away gold in the same amount of £500,000,000  in preparation for war with Germany.

British secret gold vault 1939“SECRET VAULT FOR £500,000,000

Governors of the Bank of England have drawn up plans for transporting £500,000,000 of the nation’s gold reserve to a secret vault in the country in the event of war.
This vault is hundreds of miles from London, and comprises a bomb-proof safe deposit.

The convoy , will be escorted by an armed guard of both police and  soldiers.
The gold, represents Britain’s staying power — the basis on which war loans might be raised, and the purchasing power which will ensure supplies of food and raw materials, from overseas.


As I alluded to earlier, Germany had NO gold, and was NOT part of the International Bankster Gangsters monopoly game. Hitler did NOT and could not print money at will as the whole financial and economic system would have quickly unravelled. Germany did NOT have access to international loans from London and New York for the purposes of war. Indeed, “International Jewry” was telling us that Hitler opposed THEM.  So, obviously he was NOT a tool of the Rothschilds, nor “a Jew”, as so many disinfo agents and their moron followers have claimed, and which I have previously debunked.

The facts are, Germany did NOT want war, nor could afford another long war, much less wars of conquest. Germany had a military that was numerically far inferior to France, Poland, Russia and the UK. Germany was being boycotted by the USA and many other countries, had no colonies from which to extract resources, only limited trade opportunities which were conducted through barter, and few sources for raw materials needed for industry and military purposes. The International Bankster Gangster (self-described “International Jewry”also deplored that barter system, as it cut them out! So, have we figured out who this war was for yet, who financed it and who benefited? And if anyone thinks that it was just Germany, Italy and Japan who lost, they could not be more wrong.

In closing, it is  interesting to note that, after the war, in 1949, there was a massive default on debt owed to Britain to the tune of  (drum roll please…..)

£500,000,000 default£500,000,000 DEFAULT

LONDON. Feb. ll.-Foreign borrowers who have defaulted in their payments of capital and interest, now owe British investors nearly £500 million. The Council of Foreign Bond holders says this in its annual report. The council protects the interests of holders of foreign government State or municipal obligations issued In Britain.  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article63445925

Congratulations Brits.

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6 Responses to 1938 News Report Confirms International Jewish Banker Financial War Aims

  1. Robyna says:

    It should be clearly recognized that the largess raised for such nefarious purposes as war by those pre-World War II Zio-communist banksters, was to be used primarily for bribing political leaders. Those paid lackeys would then pursue an agenda for military conflict against anyone or any state that was promoting a path towards economic sovereignty.

    History reveals that arch-war criminal and Zionist Winston Churchill, as Britain’s prime minister, was indeed one such lackey whom was bribed 40,000 pound sterling by Walter Rothschild in the City-state of London, in order for Churchill to foment war against Germany.

  2. Brian Ruhe says:

    Right on Wayne.

    I love this line you wrote:

    This is the same gang that declared war on Germany in 1933 when the National Socialists first came to power. Why? Because Hitler and NSDAP opposed predatory Jewish International Free Market Capitalism as a very destructive force, and also opposed Jewish backed International Marxist Bolshevik Communism, which are to sides of the same coin.

    Talk soon, Brian

  3. Hitler’s attempt to control finance was akin to Andrew Jackson’s and Abraham Lincoln’s recognition that the public treasury was no place for extortion through usury. Both Jackson and Lincoln faced assassination as a result, and Lincoln’s death ultimately brought the U.S. under the control of the international bankers, a result that Lincoln feared would end the Republic. It did, as anyone who understands the real import of the Constitutions 14th and 16th amendments will attest.
    Hitler, along with the Reichsbank’s Hjalmar Schact ,put together a labor credit program tied to the issuance of currency that allowed the German economy to burst out of the depression and into the stratosphere. It quickly ended inflation, created employment, and allowed safe investment that made small business viable again. This small business application is always ignored by historians who merely claim that government investments in the arms industry rehabilitated the German economy, but it was actually the availability of new consumer items through mom and pop stores that made the average citizen so appreciative of Hitler, and really grew the gross national product. Suddenly, everyone could afford a radio! Then washing machines and the new Volkswagen were all the rage, and people could once again go out to eat! It scared the Jewish/British banking clique out of their wits! If National Socialist Germany, quickly becoming the largest economy in Europe, had been allowed to survive , it’s example would have overthrown the Central Reserve banking farce that has the world in it’s deadly grasp to this day. That is the real reason for WW2, as attested to by Winston Churchill himself in a private conversation.

    The denunciation of Hitler as a mere racist dictator never takes into account this seminal achievement that could have brought the whole world a new opportunity for financial freedom. The man most vilified in history was actually not just Germany’s savior, but by the example of moral administration that he represented, the world’s savior too!

    • “If National Socialist Germany, quickly becoming the largest economy in Europe, had been allowed to survive , it’s example would have overthrown the Central Reserve banking farce that has the world in it’s deadly grasp to this day. That is the real reason for WW2, as attested to by Winston Churchill himself in a private conversation.”

      If only people could understand this TRUTH. Usury would be a fairy tale that we would scare our children with, rather than it being a fact of our daily lives.

      I would also add that the original 13th Amendment would have worked to keep the traitors out of office.

  4. Markus says:

    We recognize Marshal Pilzutski, a man of honor and a true Pole. The border issue between Poland and Germany will probably last for eternity, but Pilzuski saw the bigger problem as well. He didn’t cave in on the Danzig Question either but he didn’t slaughter the German minority. When Pilzuski died, Poland turned into hell and got played by the British Jews. Carolyn Yeager and I addressed this topic on her early Slavic Question show.

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