1938 News Article – German Worker’s Conditions Best in the World and They Do Not Want War


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The Advocate,
Burnie, Tasmania, Aus.
Thursday 15 September 1938

LAUNCESTON, – Wednesday. – “I am perfectly satisfied in my own mind that no one in Germany today wants war,” said Mr. Arthur Cook,  General Secretary of the New Zealand Workers’ Union, in an interview at Launceston today.

Mr. Cook, who represented the workers of New Zealand at the recent International Labor Conference at Geneva, spent some time in Germany, where, he thinks, conditions of the workers are better than anywhere else in the world, and far ahead of Australia or England.

Hours of work in Germany were longer than in Australia, he said. The largest factories observed a nine-hour day and a 54-hour week, but conditions were immeasurably superior. Germany was a highly militarised country, and that had had a big effect in destroying home life. * see my comment below

Mr. Cook said he was much impressed by the fact that no physically fit man or woman was without work. There were no signs of poverty, and everyone was working enthusiastically to build up a self-contained country and a physically fit nation.

“I made a point of discussing the question of war- whenever and wherever I could” continued Mr. Cook, “and I can honestly say that nowhere did I gain the impression that war was wanted. Everyone expressed the hope that Germany would never have to go to war again, particularly with England. The older people with knowledge of the last war, and the young men alike made it perfectly clear that they had no wish to go to war, although the military policy of the country was such that if war broke out they would be forced to take part. “

One thing I did notice was the extensive hatred of Russia among the German people. Frequently I heard it said that if another war came Russia would be the cause of it.”

Advocate - German Workers Conditions the Best in the World

SOURCE: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/91446294

*  Comments: There is NO evidence for that remark! Germans were happy and prospering, and they enjoyed the highest standard of living of any industrialized nation at that time, with unprecedented social benefits which were the envy of all other nations.  He may have been talking about earlier times under the Kaiser.  Just guessing.

Keith, a friend from the UK says:

“My Grand Parents Visited Germany in Summer 1939. They were astounded how well off the Ordinary Germans were, and how happy and content they were.  Britain’s Working people were still poverty stricken.  Children went barefoot in my home town of Gateshead till 1945, and people still had outside toilets till the 1980s.”

Indeed, my German parents who grew up under Hitler knew fellow Germans who had gone on paid cruises to England.  Upon return, they reported that the Brits were a sorry lot, and that the people there could not believe that these German tourists were merely average German workers going on a  paid vacation cruise.  The Brits had thought they must be the “well to do” types until they had engaged them in conversation.


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10 Responses to 1938 News Article – German Worker’s Conditions Best in the World and They Do Not Want War

  1. Boils my blood the way Hitler and NS Germany is routinely slandered these days, and that people unquestioning believe and repeat these lies!!

  2. Wolfenhords says:

    Hey wayne
    I was just wondering if your ever going to write an article on dunkirk?? i see that there is still a fair amount of trolls and schizophrenics who like to put that notion around that hitler is a secret illuminati rothschild.

    • I have not addressed Dunkirk specifically, however I have thisitem in my links section, and I consider it quite authoritative, covering all of the relevant issues that most are oblivious too, or choose to ignore:

      Deanna Spingola – The Truth and Lies about the Battle at Dunkirk

      Then there is this ….
      Wednesday, 2/6/13: Rodney Martin and Jim Condit debate Jim’s video, The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler MP3; Round 1
      [audio src="http://www.spingola.com/ConditMartin_2013-02-06.mp3" /]
      (Note: that Jim Condit seems to not want to debate this anymore, as he has not returned for part 2)

      As to your other question, the notions of Hitler being either a Rothschild, a Jew or Illuminati member are total BS and appeal to those who have no clue, just conspiracy theories they which they love to push. They aren’t interested in the truth and have an investment in perpetuating such crap, or are paid agents. On the face of it, considering everything Hitler did, and how he went about it, it is ludicrous (when you know the real history!).

      See my post: Hitler was a Jew? A Rothschild?? Really ???

      The fact is, Hitler banned all secret societies and was Enemy #1 for these people. He opposed them and their New World Order agenda and was setting example for the world to free themselves from their global enslavement.

      See: Deanna Spingola and V.K. Clark – Freemasonry, Communism, Illuminati, Hitler and the Reichstag Fire


  3. treesnake says:

    Here is an interesting fact. I was born Nov. 1940, so I was a very young child during those days. When ever my mother went to shop, she didn’t want to drag me all over the city , so she usually dropped me off at a state run Childcare center nearby, for a couple of hours..

    These child care centers and kindergartens were completely free and you could just drop off your kid for a while for whatever reason. They were staffed by trained professionals. I remember staying there as an always peaceful and pleasant time.

    These shelters were all over Germany


    • Thanks for your input! I have heard that, but had not read anything about it so far, so I do appreciate this. And I think we can safely assume that these daycare centres were not staffed by paedophiles, and that they were not vaccinating the children, programming them with politically correct marxist thoughts, training the children to spy on their parents or to rat them out, nor seizing the children on bogus charges either, as we often see or read about today.

  4. Netzband says:

    It is not easy to get an objective view of how life was in the 1930s in Germany. There was a book: “Hitler as revolutionary” by Rainer Zitelman: Hitler. Selbstverständnis eines Revolutionärs:
    … hat neue Quellen über Adolf Hitler erschlossen. … ob beziehungsweise inwieweit Hitler ein Revolutionär oder ein Reaktionär gewesen sei.
    quite good, but it is restricted and adapted to the after-the-war-dogmas and not in Engl. available (I think) -but some other items may show up, if you search: “Hitler as revolutionary” – to understand the social programs at the time. -one can suspect, that it is not politically correct to understand, that it was a social movement in the 1930s, with much idealism and not under tyrranny of the money neither a time filled with militarism or hate. The following may appear one-sided, but one has to judge oneself:- by Leon Degrelle
    Or http://www.jrbooksonline.com/PDF_Books/LifeIn3rdReich.pdf
    that is a speech by Friedrich Kurreck- in a pdf – file

  5. Markus says:

    From the IHR.org How Hitler tackled Unemployment

    “Consumer prices rose at an average annual rate of just 1.2 percent between 1933 and 1939,” notes British historian Niall Ferguson. “This meant that Germans workers were better off in real as well as nominal terms: between 1933 and 1938, weekly net earnings (after tax) rose by 22 percent, while the cost of living rose by just seven percent.” Even after the outbreak of war in September 1939, workers’ income continued to rise. By 1943 average hourly earnings of German workers had risen by 25 percent, and weekly earnings by 41 percent.

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