Banned Film: “Hitler’s War? – What the Historians Neglect to Mention” see it here!


Today is the anniversary of Germany’s invasion of Poland,  on September 1st, 1939, which we are told was the reason for World War II.  But is that true? Due to YouTube censorship, I have now uploaded this film (which I originally translated and narrated in 2011) here directly to my site.  It has been blocked on YouTube in many countries. Why? What do they want to hide? And for whose benefit?

This is a 96 minute long “Made in Germany” documentary film is the first ever to shamelessly explain from the German perspective, based upon documents, how World War II really began, and the many efforts that were made by Hitler to avoid it, and to establish a lasting, viable and mutually acceptable peace, but how he was ultimately left with no choice but to invade Poland. It documents many facts that have been deliberately left out of the “official narrative” as presented by the victorious Allies, which we have all been taught since 1945, and which the Germans especially have been constantly reminded of since the war ended; with the blame entirely upon Germany’s shoulders, which has been dutifully accepted, repeated and reinforced by ALL chancellors of the FRG through to the present.

On German Television, to this day, the Germans are constantly reminded of this alleged guilt by by the likes of mainstream historian Guido Knopp on his regular “History” program, as well as, on TV specials that mark various significant dates in WWII history, as well as on radio and in print media.  This film, however, from the outset, directly challenges Chancellor Angela Merkel and the speech she gave in 2009, as well as the version of history which Guido Knopp and other mainstream historians, both in Germany and around the world promote.  It refutes many of the claims of the victorious allies, which have been widely accepted as fact, as being patently untrue or distorted, and it includes many of the important facts which have been conveniently ignored, but  were documented in the diplomatic records in Germany, in England and various other countries.

It is high time that the Germans and the world learn the truth! Not only for the sake of the German people, but for the sake of world peace.

“And the truth shall set you (and us)  free!”

Additional Video: Hitler’s Declaration of War against Poland with English sub-titles.

Finally, for those who speak German, here is a spoof of Guido Knopp which he so richly deserves.  Knopp Verarsche. Viel Spass!

hitler new social state

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13 Responses to Banned Film: “Hitler’s War? – What the Historians Neglect to Mention” see it here!

  1. Etienne says:

    Hi ! I recently discovered your blog and I’m amazed by its content. So thanks for this, hope you’ll keep it going for long !
    I’m a French guy interested in resources on History and WWII in particular. I’m discovering this video that comes around on a regular basis here as I read the posts. I was about to watch it, even if my oral english is not good enough to get every little piece of information, and I wanted to ask you if you happen to have a digital copy of the transcript. I’d love to use it to make english subtitles with the appropriate software, then try to translate it in French.
    We have a growing community in France around “revisionism” and resources from the English/German world are hard to approach without subs.

    I’d like to have your opinion on that, so please feel free to let me know and hanks again for this great work !

    • Eduard Tieseler says:

      Perhaps you can make available some English subtitles of prof faurison’s lectures he gave in French. They can be found on YouTube. He was a great pioneer in this area and I am interested in what he said, even if it was 25 or more years ago.

      • Etienne says:

        Thanks for your reply. That would be a great idea since Faurisson has committed an impressive amount of work in that field (kind of the father of revisionism in France). But my skills from French to English are really poor and I can’t judge if a translation in that way is correct, so it would be pretty basic. I know he used to maintain a blog in English but not sure if it’s still updated.
        And to be completely honest (no offense), I’d prefer to use my free time to bring fresh and important content to my French fellows, since we are really really lacking good documentaries that sums up things quite efficientlyn that’s why I need some transcription to get started.

    • Hi,

      First forgive me if I promote other people’s work here but I think this is should not be really a competition of any kind and all is good for the cause.

      Etienne, maybe you already know him but there is a French guy named Vincent Reynouard (His YouTube channel, with pretty good information and videos. He is an chemical engineer and for a long time is being doing this revisionist work. Hope it helps to add more information besides this of Justice4Germans impeccable work.

      As French is my second language I watched many Robert Fausisson’s videos and of course another important name, I think he was the first to start this revisionist work, is Paul Rassinier, I recently bought one in English which in fact are a compilation of many of his books because in French are not easy to find at least for a relative low cost.

    • Oh, what is important about Paul Rassinier and Robert Faurisson work and characters is that they fought against Germans, were contemporary to the events of the WWII and were first hand witnesses. In addition they were also French as you are which it could be handy whenever to present their information or use as a background to present new information to people you know.

      • I am familiar with both and in contact with Mr. Faurisson and other revisionists. However, most others focus entirely on the so-called holocaust. I try to present the bigger picture.

      • Etienne says:

        Hi Tabaré, thank you for your reply !
        Of course I know Vincent Reynouard. He’s been one of the most active and virulent French revisionist of those past years, and the only one in France to go to jail because of it. He’s continuing Faurisson’s work, but from a different angle. I follow his work day by day 🙂
        Rassinier is excellent too and is, basically, the real father of revisionism in France before Faurisson’s tremendous work. I’ve read his book “Le mensonge d’Ulysse”, very synthetical book. You can find it in French on If you have an ebook reader you can read it easily.

        I’m a bit sad, I had no answer so far from admin about my initial request. Maybe it was too much to ask, in that case, I’m sorry.

      • Eduard Tieseler says:

        Etienne, I would not be too sad if I were you. You must understand that Wayne from Canada is a very very busy man. If you listen to some of the shows that he is on on “Spingola Speaks” he is kept busy 12 to 14 hours a day researching, writing, producing, translating, and responding. He seems to be an honest man and chances are he doesn’t have a transcript, and doing that would require someone to manually type it up. And to be honest, I’m sure there are more important things he would prefer to spend his time on. (As long as there are no objections, I would be willing to type up a transcript of the video.) The video was originally German and he translated it himself, so if any transcripts exist, they would most likely be in German, and that requires another translation. Also, not to mention, he is not paid for this work. Only donations. In fact, at some point this work is probably going to cost him considerably, judging what has happened to everyone else who has ventured into this topic… some people don’t want the world to know the truth.

        As a note to Wayne from Canada, is there another method you can setup for donating money to this cause? I would like to, but I am not able to use Paypal… its a long story, but Paypal is not an option for me. Also, if you ever need more sites to host video’s or documents or anything else, I have a website that I have no content on, and would be more than happy to host things as well.

      • Etienne says:

        Hey Eduard ! Thank you for your clear answer.
        I’m really confused. I’m sorry if my message has been taken this way. I’m not waiting for anything, I clearly understand Wayne is busy, and that’s a good thing for the blog and its content, so I’m glad and grateful 🙂

        I won’t wait for the transcript to watch the documentary, and I’ll try to translate it as much as I can with a friend of mine. That’s really nice to offer your time to transcript it, but please don’t, I’ll give it a shot, but thank you, really !

  2. Eduard Tieseler says:

    Thank you for posting this here. I went back to YouTube to watch this for my fourth time, only to see that it is not allowed to be shown in my country. I live in the United States of America where we have our constitutionally protected freedom of speech and no idiotic laws preventing politically incorrect thought, but I am banned from watching a history piece? I can watch all sorts of things denegrating God, Jesus, the Founding Fathers, every past and present president, past kings and rulers, I can even believe and watch “proof” that every 75 years the planet zogoid will pass earth and lizard people will rule the planet for Christ sakes!!! But they will tell me I am not allowed to watch this in the USA…. This is all terribly wrong.

  3. Bill says:

    I’m in usA and it shows up on my youtube; must be your provider blocking it!

  4. Zarin says:

    I would like to download this film. Where?

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